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It is coming up to midday, on the way .Mac you tell as one Saturday


night TV show you're looking forward to, plus, the spectacular ice


sculptures onshore in China. In two weeks time this man -


Donald Trump - will become But as he's getting ready to move


into the White House, Since Donald won the election he's


been pretty busy tweeting what he thinks and not


everybody likes it. Including this guy, Joe Biden,


President Barack Obama's Grow up, time to be


an adult, you're president. Ouch, Joe but why


the playground insult? It's all to do with a big


row over the election American spies say Russia got


involved in the US election. They say that Russia hacked


into emails of members of Hilary Clinton's team to find


embarrassing information about her. They say it was to help Trump


and damage Clinton's The future president has been pretty


outspoken on Twitter. At first he disagreed


with what the American spies said. But yesterday Donald Trump


blamed his rivals the Democrat Party for allowing the hacking


to take place. He said the outcome of the election


was not affected by what hapenned. Donald Trump continues


to send lots of tweets. No one who is about to be president


has ever acted like this before. Some people are worried by it


but Trump supporters say this is why he's different


from other politicians. It's probably the only


thing everyone agrees on. And there's loads on Trump and the


row over the US election online. If you've been missing the X Factor


and Strictly Come Dancing, fear not, because tonight sees the launch


of two more reality singing contests - new show 'Let It Shine' and ITV's


version of The Voice. But with all these talent


shows on our screens, we wanted to know if you are still


interested in watching. At from burning and said I will be


watching let it shine. Rosie said I will watch the voice because it has


been on longer and has made successful singers. Katie said she


will want to let it shine because her mum site films.


Right now the biggest tech show in the world is taking place


From folding drones to smart showers, there's plenty


and BBC tech reporter Chris Foxx is there and sent us this.


Vegas, there are thousands of companies and inventors here, all


showing off their latest gadgets and try to prove that what they've got


is the next big thing. I tried this virtual reality game that you


control your whole body that makes it feel as though you're soaring


above the mountains. And then there were virtual reality shoes that


tickle your feet to make it feel as though you're stepping in puddles or


walking on sand. How about this backpack with the head and electric


skateboard inside? Perfect for carrying your schoolbag. And this


robot pics of tennis balls of your too lazy to do so after PE. There


are lots of drones on show and this one is a flying Celtic camera. If


you don't have your self-respect you can take one. Usually you can't fly


drones you people saw MOC from the company that made us. These are


really sturdy structures and also it knows where you are. If you put your


hand at the Web -- edible flyaway. But everything one short year is a


good idea, some things have been launch events and are never seen


again. There is plenty more to see so I will be.


Next to a boy who's a step closer to becoming a paralympic star as one


of the first children to be given a running blade by the NHS.


Ben needed to have his leg removed when he was younger


and until now his family would have had to pay up to a thousand pounds


But changes in the way money is spent in hospitals means


for the first time kids who need them can get them for free.


Now with the help of the blade Ben's aiming for a place


And, in just about half an hour, today's FA Cup action gets under way


when Reading will go for a giant-killing as they take


Wayne Rooney is set to return after injury and the England captain


needs just two goals to become the all-time record scorer


We'll update you with the score in our next bulletin.


And if Wayne needs any tips on getting a goal on target maybe


he should talk to these guys who really hit the bulls eye.


Tennessee Police struggled to get a calf off the highway


in the US So they got a real cowboy in to help who sat on the car bonnet


and lassoed the run-away before taking it to safety.


The video's had near three million clicks since it


Here is some ice work, if you are feeling frustrated spectacular ice


and snow festival is under way in China. Artists from around the world


are competing to make the best ace sculptures using all kinds of power


Tools. 32 teams are fighting for the top prize.


That's all from me, Newsround's back right here in about half an hour.