07/09/2017 Newsround

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Morning guys, Hayley here with your Thursday Newsround.


The effects of one of the biggest Hurricanes ever.


It's the first day of school for Prince George, and the school


Emergency services are helping people in the Carribbean


after Hurricane Irma caused lots of damage to homes there.


The huge storm started at sea and has passed


through the islands of Barbuda, and Saint Martin causing massive


People in Florida are getting ready, as it could be heading there next.


This week has been a time of celebration for people


The Queensferry bridge has finally opened, and some


school kids have had the opportunity to walk across it...


The Queensferry Crossing cost ?1.35 billion to build, connects Edinburgh


with Fifa and will carry 24 million vehicles a year. It was like a


pretty important bridge, and it opens this week with a very


important guest, the Queen. Celebrations have been happening all


week, and 10,000 kids from schools nearby have been invited to be some


of the first people to walk across the bridge, and I went with them.


I'm excited about going over the bridge. Looking at your window and


seeing the bridge there, and thinking, I remember what this was


like when this bridge wasn't there. It's pretty amazing. My grandparents


live at the top of the hill, so they could sit and watch it being built


through their window, they have watched every step of it. Off we go!


And it's just a short drive to the bridge. We going on a big bridge,


are we all excited? It seems like it's going to be so boring, but then


it is so exciting. Were about half way across the brand-new Queensferry


bridge. As you can see, my Scottish weather, but that doesn't matter,


because these guys are quite excited, aren't you? We met the


Queen yesterday! It was awesome! What was it like being on the


bridge? It was cool, I liked it, it is nice to have the experience of


the bridge opening now when I am young and I can just remember this


day forever. Most of you are either already


back at school or just And it's not always easy


to fit in to a new school That can be even harder


if you have a disability. Hi, I'm PJ, I'm 13 and this is my


school. I like playing wheelchair basketball, I compete at quite a


high level in it. I like tennis. I wouldn't say I'm great at it but I


really like the sport. So in the past, I wasn't able to do as much as


I could, because of my old wheelchair, as it was heavy. I had


next to their independence, I have to be pushed everywhere, I had to be


supervised all the time, which was pretty awful. I needed a new


wheelchair, and thanks to a charity, I got a new one, which has helped me


in many different ways. It has made my life a lot better. Now I can


manoeuvre greatly around the school and it allows me to play with my


friends a lot more, and it also allows me to play my favourite


sport, which is basketball. When I got the wheelchair, I was like


overexcited, I was so happy that I had finally got a new wheelchair.


This is how I feel in an emoji. To anybody who was starting school with


a wheelchair, I'm just going to say, stay positive, and just get stuck


in, get involved like everyone else. Don't worry, you are no different.


You will make tonnes of friends and it will be a lot of fun in the way


through. And Prince George


starts school today. The four-year-old


will go to Thomas's His uniform includes


a red polo neck shirt, navy shorts long red socks


and black shoes. The prince will also


wear a V-neck jersey with the Thomas's badge on it,


as well as a navy jacket. That is all from me, but Newsround


is back right here in about half an hour. Don't forget, you can check


out the website folder rest of the day's stories, and I will see you in


about half an hour, enjoy your breakfast. Goodbye.


Hey there! There's a heroic helicopter search and some


whip cracked eggs in Officially Amazing next.


Classic, classic bit of Officially Amazing. Classic.


Classic Ben Shires, that. Sounds egg-cellent.


Stop it! And if you thought was egg-citing...


BADUM TISH! ..then you're going to be