08/07/2017 Newsround

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Hi, welcome to your Saturday Newsround, I'm Ayshah and this


The volleyball shot that's gone viral and...


The Lions have been in action against New Zealand,


Britain's Johanna Konta should be feeling pretty


She booked her place in the second week of Wimbledon,


after beating Maria Sakkari of Greece in straight


But it wasn't quite so easy for current Wimbledon


He beat opponant Fabio Fognini three sets to one after a scrappy


match from both players, and afterwards hinted that he was


Over to football now and there's a battle


Both Manchester United and his former club Chelsea have now


offered around ?75 million to buy him from Everton.


It was an odd end for an extraordinary rugby match.


If you want to catch up on all of it later, look away now.


It was close - the British and Irish Lions scored this penalty


Well, I've got one more rugby thing to show you -


a big fan of the All Blacks did the haka dance, so if you want


Number two, it'd probably be the mad face


and then number three would be sticking out your tongue!


It's been over a year since Pokemon Go launched -


it became a monster hit across the world.


But after a big update, is it still popular?


Last summer, it was all about one thing, catching Pokemon.


After the launch of the hit game, these little


pocket monsters started appearing on your street,


The game uses GPS tracking on your phone, which means it


can catch virtual Pokemon wherever you are.


It's fair to say it was pretty popular.


But after the buzz of its launch, it soon fell from the


top of the app charts as fewer people downloaded it.


Pokemon has just launched a huge update to keep


things interesting for players, so we want to know, is it


still Pokemon Go or is it more like Pokemon gone?


I think people will still play it because they played it last


summer and I think they might carry on with the new generations.


At first, when it first came out, I thought was a really good game and


I like it because when you play it, it ain't you walk around the


house more and to different places so you are not sitting down all day.


I completed the first generation so I'm trying to complete the


I used to play it but then just went really boring.


New generations are good, it is good how there are new


I thing just the same different generations.


I get to see different Pokemon and watch them evolve into new ones.


After you've found all the characters,


for a long time to get the new one out.


It's time to get social - CBBC social that is!


Yep, right outside the studio at Media City, there's a big CBBC


party going on and as usual, Martin's right in


I'm right in the middle of it. I know where the fun is and is very


sad. Betsy CBBC summer social. Just outside the CBBC in Salford. There


is loads going on. The stage. It right behind me now, at the moment,


match of the day kickabout's John Farnworth showing of all the best


skills. Just over there, there was a fantastic fiction tent with all your


favourite authors, including the author of Jamie Johnson giving talks


about all it takes to become a children's author. I don't know if


you can see just behind me, there is a big giraffe. Why not? Why would


not be? The kids seem to be enjoying themselves. The atmosphere is


fantastic. Some of the best CBBC characters are your. Johnny sheet


this year as well, my personal favourite. Yesterday, we spoke to


did they are at the summer social and this is what they had to say.


I'm looking forward to doing all the activities, rugby and maybe the


obstacle course. I really like Hacker, so I'm looking for to seeing


him. I'm really excited for all the activities. We want to see Hacker!


I've got a bit of a date with Hacker so I need to go. Buy.


And one more thing to show you - this super-cool volleyball move in


This French player stepped out of the court and still managed


Are you a big fan of Horrible Histories Gory Games?


Do you know the beastliest bits of history?


It's the messiest, silliest, brainiest,


goriest game show around and you can apply now.