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I'm Ricky with all your news this morning, including:


And after four years of waiting, wildlife experts finally get lucky.


First to the World Athletics Championships in London


where Laura Muir says she's 'gutted' after missing out in the women's


1500m final by just seven hundredths of a second.


It looked like the Brit would take the bronze medal


but she was overtaken right at the end.


I gave it everything I could. I just tied up. Before I knew it she went


past me. Considering the disruptions I've had this year, I gave it all I


could announce all I could do. Eye-macro


And that's not the only bad news coming from the athletics.


The organisers of the competition say a number of competitors,


staying at the same hotel in London have caught a severe stomach bug.


It's affected Irish hurdler Thomas Barr


and the Botswanan Isaac Makwala - both were forced to pull out


And when it comes to top sporting competitons,


the Olympic and Paralympic Games is nothing without


Now the hunt is on to find the next face of the Tokyo 2020 Games


Yet there is just over 1000 days to go until the Tokyo Olympic


That gives this lot just enough time to find a mascot


In 2012, at the London Games, Wenlock and Mandeville kept


During the Games in Rio, Brazil, last year, these


So, how do you go about finding a mascot to represent Tokyo 2020?


Well, a competition in Japan has kicked off, where ordinary


people can design and send in their own creations.


Becoming one takes a lot of training, as Newsround's Leah


found out a few years back when we sent her to


The winning designs will be selected by children


The winner announced in March next year.


It's taken four years of patient watching and waiting but wildlife


experts have finally caught of England's rarest animals,


Cameras were set up across the North Yorkshire Moors


to try to film the pine martens and the sighting is the first


The British Army are helping park rangers in parts of Africa


to protect elephants there from poachers,


who are hunting them for their ivory tusks.


These forest elephants are under threat, all because of their tusks.


They live in Gabon, a country on the coast of Africa.


Most of Gabon is covered in rainforest - stretching


for thousands of miles - and most of Africa's forest


But poachers want their tusks, which are made of ivory,


so they can sell them for lots of money.


It's thought 30,000 elephants have been poached in the last ten years,


that's more than half the elephants in Gabon.


Even though there's a worldwide ban on the sale of ivory,


there's still an illegal trade, and poachers can make a lot


But the British Army hopes it can help to tackle the problem.


Gabon has a real high density of forest elephants.


That's why it's got a poaching problem.


Out here, training the Gabonese National Parks Agency to combat that


means the British Army can make a difference in the fight


They are training park rangers on how to find poachers hiding


in the forest and help get the evidence they need to get


Poaching is a huge problem here but it is hoped


that the training the British Army are giving can make


Now lots of you are still on your summer holidays -


and even though some of you go back to school pretty soon - we want


The big question is, have you spent too much time


Well, the children's commissioner says you guys should limit


the ammount of time you spend on social media.


So head to Newsround online, and let us know what you've been up to.


We had some breaking Strictly news on the show


yesterday morning, but who will be the next celeb reveal?


The first star is Saturday's singer Mollie King.


we can now reveal the second person will be this east Enders actor. We


will see him on Strictly very soon. Now take a look at these


beautiful shots of the moon. Last night a stunning


lunar eclipse was visible Eclipses happen when the Earth


passes between the sun This one could be viewed


on several continents, although many countries could only


see part of it. # I also love Got-Got-Got


What It Takes now. #