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Hello, I'm Ricky and you're watching Newsround.


First, to Hurricane Irma, a huge storm in the Caribbean


which has caused lots of damage on several islands The storm has


been record breaking in its strength and ferocity -


lets have a look at some of the stats.


At its widest, Irma stretched a huge 400 miles across -


that's as wide as Germany - while the eye of the storm


At its strongest, Irma hit windspeeds of up


Only one hurricane, Allen in 1980, has been stronger.


And Irma's gone into the record books as the longest lasting


It clocked 33 hours in a row at top wind speeds.


Well, the storm first made landfall on the tiny island of Barbuda


From there it's moved north and west and has now reached Cuba.


Experts think it will hit Florida in the US as soon


Storms aren't unusual in the Caribbean but usually they're


Towns have been flooded, and lots of buildings have been


In many of these places people have lost power,


they can't use mobile phones, and there are shortages


BBC reporter Paul Blake sent us this from Puerto Rico.


Hurricane Irma's become the most powerful storm to hit this part of


the world in a decade. You can see the lasting winds and rains as it


passes by here in break. As the storm passes and in the coming days


-- here in Puerto Rico. Lots of countries have promised


to help the people affected by Irma. The UK has promised millions


of pounds to help rebuild on the islands, and a military


flight with doctors and supplies The Royal Navy has already


delivered 6 tonnes of help. Well after Cuba, Irma is set to hit


the southern US state of Florida. People there have been stocking up


on food and drink and emergency services are getting things ready


for the storm's arrival. And here at Newsround we'll keep


you updated all weekend. And if you want to know more


about Hurricane Irma, Now most of you are back


in school and while that Especially if you're


worried about bullying. We met up with one boy,


who's experienced both sides of school and is looking forward


to the year ahead. I'm Alex, I'm 11, I enjoy acting,


playing music, tennis and rugby. And playing with my doing. I'm really


looking forward to going back to school. I cannot wait.


Unfortunately, a few years ago, I was bullied and I was called very


rude names. And rumours were being spread about me. This made me feel


really sad and worried about what was going to happen the next day.


Then I was so fed up with what was happening, I decided to enter a


competition where I would write a letter to the bully telling them how


I felt. I won first prize. After I wrote the letter, I felt like I'd


got something off my chest. Because I hadn't spoken completely outright


about how I felt beforehand. Now I feel that I've come out as a much


more confident person and the issues I've had have helped shape my


independence and now that I'm an anti-bullying ambassador, I can help


people. If someone thinks someone is being mean to them, I would know how


they feel. Remember to tell someone you trust


about what is going on. It really helps that someone else knows.


Remember that it's not your fault that someone's being mean to you.


This year I'm looking forward to our school play and our school


competitions. They're really crazy and really fun every year.


Thanks for sharing your story, Alexander.


And if bullying is something you are worried about,


remember to talk to an adult and there's loads of advice online.


That's all from me, Newsround's back at 8.30 tomorrow!


Woody? What? All the kids are going back to school soon. Good.


Hey, but seriously, what are we going to do