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Hi, I'm Ayshah with your Sunday Newsround.


Coming up: Whitney's on the watch for Golden eagles.


And the wonder goal one boy will never forget.


First to Wimbledon, where it should come as no surprise to hear that


Novak Djokavic and Roger Federer are both safely through to


Second seed Djokovic beat Latvia's Ernests Gulbis in straight


sets, While Federer made winning look easy, as he dispatched German


player Mischa Zverev, again in straight sets.


Britain's Lewis Hamiliton will have his work cut out at


He'll start back in eighth place, after picking up a penalty.


His team-mate Valtteri Bottas will be on pole, with World Championship


In football transfer news, it's looking more likely that


Wayne Rooney will be returning to the club he supported


The Manchester United striker left the Liverpool club 13 years ago


but he was seen back there yesterday at their training ground.


Take a look at this. This is a golden eagle.


Chances are you've never seen one in real life before.


That's because they're really difficult to spot in the UK,


because there aren't many of them around.


Whitney's been to the island of Mull in Scotland to find


There aren't that many around and I heard if I'm going


to spot them anywhere, here in Mull is the best place to be


So you guys only live around the corner.


Tommy, have you ever spotted a golden eagle?


Bird expert Dave Sexton is here to lend us a hand.


Dave, what do you think the chances are that


we're going to spot a golden eagle today?


I think of any place we could be on Mull,


this is the place to do it, you know.


Golden eagles are notoriously difficult but we're


Can you show me what I have to do in order to get a good look?


So this is a telescope and these are binoculars and this


telescope is the big one that you can zoom right in,


so we're a long way away from the nest but we hope that


if we are patient and can sit and wait, we might


They really blend in with their surroundings so well,


Found it. Oh, you've seen it?


Yeah. Oh, my gosh.


Your first golden eagle! Yeah.


Oh, there it is. Look, above the skyline.


Oh, it's flying! Look at that!


Dominic, is that your first time? Yeah.


What was that like? Amazing.


Why is this the best place to spot them?


Mull's got it all and eagles love that.


So why are golden eagles becoming more rare?


Golden eagles in some parts of Scotland are


still killed because the habitat is being used for other reasons by


people but what we're hoping to do is to protect areas like this, where


golden eagles can survive and also to change people's attitudes, so


that they welcome golden eagles into their areas


and hopefully we'll have golden eagles back where they belong.


You normally expect to see light shows in big cities,


but check out this one in a tiny village in China.


Residents there used more than 50 million little lights


to illuminate the streets and create famous scenes like the Eiffel Tower,


It's time to head outside now where Martin's checking out the CBBC


Social event which is happening right now outside the studio


And of course, if there's a party going on, Martin's always right


Welcome to the final day of the summer social. The atmosphere is


every -- heart. Just on the main stage, you've just missed something.


Lindsay was making a lot of noise and there's a lot of pats here are


enjoying themselves, having fun. And I've got a very special guest. Chris


wrote how to train your dragon. I'm here to talk about my books and


Howard training Dragon books and the new series which is coming out in


September. Fantastic! I have to ask for any young writers who wants to


become authors, what tips have you got? My top tips, read masses. The


summer is a great time to have this free festival because it's the


beginning of the summer and the summer is a great time to read books


because it gives you a feel for the way stories are written. Two, write


as much as you can and don't worry about the handwriting. See, don't


worry if you don't finish your stories. It's about practising and


look at the summer for two things, when macro, this summer Reading


challenge which you can get online. The other thing is, beat Manchester


is bringing out a book bench tail all over Manchester, so follow the


backbenchers, get a reading and get writing. Thank you. The kids are


really excited to have you here. Thank you. I'm going to hand it back


I'm going to hand it back to the studio.


Finally, if you've ever dreamt of scoring one


of those amazing one-off, never-to-be-repeated


This stunner was scored by Noah in an under-9 tournament in Bristol.


I don't know if he meant to do it, but whatever, the mums and dads


He'll be dreaming about that gaol for weeks!


Newsround's back right here just after 2.00pm.


See you then. Bye.