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Good morning, Team Newsround - Jenny here with all you need to know


The Women's Rugby World Cup kicks off today,


with England, Wales and Ireland all playing their first games.


But as the action gets underway, there's a row over


whether the England team are getting fair treatment, from


We asked Ayshah, and one rugby super fan,


to speak to some top players about what's going on.


And Miss Rebecca, I'm 14 and a massive rugby fan. I play local team


and I love rugby. Rebecca, reducing rugby as you want to do in the


future? It is definitely a dream. It's something I'd love to do. But


there is a problem. At the moment the women's England team are all


professional that means they get paid to play the game. But in the


future the people who run rugby in England say they will only pay women


who play the seven aside version of the game. Instead of the traditional


15 aside. This is different from the men who get paid to play both.


Someone who thinks this is a problem is World Cup winner Maggie. She


captained the England team to victory in 2014. As a former player


I am disappointed because understandably you want to ensure


there is full investment in both formats of the game. A governing


bodies can still invest my in their women's sports and teams because we


have seen with further investment greater success can come. We put


these points to the car and England vice captain. I think there are


contracts next year, they've talked about how they want to bring 15 's


contract back into play. I think when Rebecca reaches an age where


she could be playing women's rugby professionally, hopefully they will


be back in play and it's really important girls can aspire to be


professional rugby players. So after hearing from these two players, what


is Rebecca thing? Personally, I believe is not fair they've made


these contract changes, the men's they've kept us at the same and if


changed it for the women. I don't believe it is right. What is it mean


fewer future in playing rugby? I think eventually it go back but at


the moment it is a bit worrying to see whether I could make it onto


sevens. He's on a mammoth mission


to cycle around the world, And he's just about at the halfway


point of his journey He wants to be on the record books.


Back in 2008, he cycled around the world in 194 days and set a new


world record. His next adventure took him from Alaska in North


America to Argentina in south America. And in 2015 he cycled the


length of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town in just 42 days. But nearly ten


years on from his first round the world record it has been broken by


other writers and now stands at 123 days. This time he isn't just trying


to beat the existing record by a couple of days. That would be too


easy! He is aiming to do it in just 80. It has not been easy. Putting


miles in the bank feels great. My front wheel went in, it was a huge


hole. I felt a broken tooth in my mouth, I've chipped a good amount of


it. End of day 26. That is the Chinese border. And it is closed.


This is the end of leg one. I am in Australia. That's it, it hasn't sunk


in. It feels a bit weird. I am here with my hot water bottle, food and I


will be asleep in about 20 minutes. It is an 18,000 mile journey in


total which means he will have to bike more than 2000 miles each day


to set the record. Watch this space. If you've been watching


the World Athletics Championships you may have noticed the event's


official mascot - Hero the Hedgehog -


and he's been trying to get Here he is trying to balance


himself, but can he make it? That's all from me,


but Newsround's back at 8:15am. # I also love Got-Got-Got


What It Takes now. # My favourite show is


The Dumping Ground.