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Good morning, Jenny here live with your Tuesday Newsround.


Find out what this sneaky squirrel is about to do in a shop in Canada.


And I will be making for my homework!


First up, we're talking about homework and the school that


More than nine in ten schools in the UK set homework,


but some people don't think students in primary school


I went to visit one school that's swapped spellings and sums


I fit my entire body through a piece of A4 paper.


These might sound like fun things you do on a weekend, but


they were actually homework tasks, set by the headteacher at this


primary school in Yorkshire, where they can pick different


We used to do the normal English and maths and project-based, but we


So we looked at changing ours to make it far more creative.


In the UK, the government says it's up to headteachers to decide


whether or not to set homework, so what did the children


at the school think of the challenges that they


I can choose what I want to do, and it's a great way to learn.


I think that all children should do it this way.


Now it's just so much more flexible and stress-free.


I think it doesn't really get you prepared for high


school, where you get a lot more homework.


Also, you might have a lot of brothers or sisters like me.


That means they have to do the same things as well.


I'd say my mum isn't as stressed as she used to be.


Because she used to get really annoyed if I didn't


I don't think I'm missing out because I'm still doing the work


I went to see their new style of homework for myself.


Meet Pippa, she chose to make biscuits with her mum.


So what is it like doing things like baking for your homework?


In year one, we had to do stuff like quite hard homework


But this time it's still to do with learning,


And we are covering maths with the ingredients,


and we're covering reading with the recipe, aren't we?


But it's a much more fun way of doing it.


Now I get to do a lot of cool stuff with my family and I've


Loads of ideas there but do you think these


We want to know what you would set as homework if you were in charge.


Traditional spellings and sums or other activities?


Get on over to Newsround online and have your say.


Well, freezing weather has gripped most of Europe,


with heavy snow causing big problems for roads and trains


But where has this extreme weather come from, and more importantly


Weatherman Simon King has got all the info for us.


It's been bitterly cold across Europe over the last few days


or so, we've had lots and lots of snow, and look


-30 degrees in Moscow, that's well colder than your freezer at home.


Even down towards the Mediterranean, -3 degrees here.


In the UK, it's been relatively mild.


Our turn will come later on this week.


The Arctic is here, you can see the blue extending all the way down


towards Italy and Greece, that brought the cold weather.


If you look at the UK now, look at it turning blue.


Our weather is going to come from the north-west but Arctic air


Don't dust off your sledges just yet, it's going to be a cold day


and there is the risk of snow but still some details uncertain.


It was a big night at the Fifa awards last night.


They're the group that run international football.


There was good news for Leicester as their manager Claudio Ranieri won


That's after he led the Foxes to that memorable


And the big award, Player of the Year, went to,


He's had an amazing season after leading Portugal


to the European Championship and won the Champions League


It was probably my best year so far. I have to include the trophy for the


national team, the Portugal Metro national team, it was the first time


in history for Portugal so I was so happy. And I cannot forget the title


that we received for the Champions League.


Check out these chimpanzees dipping and sipping.


For the first time experts have managed to film chimpanzees making


Scientists in the Ivory Coast in Africa shot the footage


which shows the chimps making special water-dipping sticks


by chewing the ends to turn it into a soft, soggy brush.


And talking of clever animals, see if you can spot what this sneaky


Shop owners in Toronto, in Canada, have been asking


for advice about what to do with squirrels living


The owners say squirrels have stolen more than 40


chocolate bars, even sneaking in when they close the door.


That's all from the team this morning, Newsround's back


Don't forget to go online to tell us what YOU would set for homework.


and your commitment to potions class.