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and why this song is breaking more records.


First to the big argument between the United States


of America and North Korea, a country in the east of Asia.


And, to careers, warships, missiles and threats. What is going on and is


it as scary as it sounds? Let's start with the two careers. One


country is called North Korea and the other, South Korea. They were


split into Mac after World War II fought a war with each other shortly


after that and haven't gotten along since. And now the two men? One is


the leader of North career. He is Kim Jong Un and he runs the country


just like his dad and grandad before him. The other is Donald Trump.


President of the US app. A country which has supported South Korea for


along time. North Korea is a country that has cut itself off from the


rest of the world. Lots of things are run in secret there and Kim has


huge control over people's lives. He has also been trying to build


nuclear missiles, powerful bombs that can cause devastating damage,


that one day might be able to hit the USA. President Trump wants to


stop this happening and he's given a warning. North Korea is best not


make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire


and fury like the world has never seen. In return, North Korea has


threatened US military bases in the area. So all of this is pretty


worrying too many people around the world. But there have been many


arguments between the USA and North Korea in the past. And although


they've never been friends, things have been worked out to stop a war.


Everyone is hoping that will be the case this time as well.


If you've been watching the World Athletics Championships,


you'll have heard of this guy - Botswana's Isaac Makwala.


Two days ago, he was one of a number of athletes


affected by a stomach bug, and was stopped from


competing in the 400 metres, for medical reasons.


He's now been given the chance to run the 200 metres on his own.


Roared on by the crowd, he qualified, booking


I wish to thank the IAAF for giving me another chance.


I just want to thank this crowd - it's so amazing.


And Mo Farah will be going for gold again on Saturday,


after he qualified for the final of the 5,000 metres last night.


He'll be joined by fellow Brit Andy Butchart,


after he qualified as a fastest loser from the second heat.


Mo says he's worked hard for what he's achieved,


and encourages people to do the same.


You can't dream of something unless you do something about it. And I've


been given a chance in life and I work for hard for it and I achieve


what I have to do from hard work and keep grafting. To all the


youngsters, you can be like me. Stargazers around the world


are getting ready to enjoy the best bits of the spectacular


Perseid Meteor Shower. It's when hundreds of meteors streak


across the sky in a beautiful Perseids are actually tiny pieces


of the Swift-Tuttle comet, seen every year when the Earth


passes through a cloud Big news for Minecraft fans


now, as the yearly conference, It'll now be a free and interactive,


live streamed show, called The Minecraft team hope this


will mean more people can take part. They're still encouraging fans


to dress up, and submit their Minecraft-themed


costumes online. It's one of the catchiest tunes


of the Summer - Despasito. Well it's now the most watched video


on YouTube of all time. It's been viewed more


than 3 billion times. Despasito means


"slowly" in Spanish... But this video has got loads


of clicks pretty quickly. That's all from me - Newsround's


back right here at 8:15am.