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You're watching Newsround with me, Ricky.


These students will be deciding whether they are four against home


Find out why this woman is knitting needles.


And find out why this woman is knitting noodles.


First - it's probably the last thing you want to hear this morning!


Homework, but we want to know what you thnk of it.


Should you have more, less or none at all?


It's something adults have been arguing about for years,


so we put two of them, with very different views


on the subject, to a panel of ten primary school students.


They will be listening to two different


arguments about homework and making a decision


about which side of the


The issue of homework has been debated for more


than 100 years, so let's hear what they've got to say.


Nancy is from one of the biggest teachers' unions


Traditional homework isn't necessarily helpful to you.


Sometimes, your parents can't get involved in it, because they're


Sometimes, they get too involved in it and so the teachers


don't know whether you did the homework or somebody


And sometimes, when they try and help you,


they can't and that help


On the other side of the argument is Chris,


from the campaign for real education.


If you like to learn things, it's a very good thing to do


homework, because what homework does is to support your learning.


So whether you get home work from the school or not, many,


many parents will sit with their children and do work


with them, because they know it makes sense.


Let's do some homework and let's do some play.


And then, they put our speakers to the test.


Do you think homework affected your learning?


I wish I had done better when I was at school.


I wish I had done more homework, really.


Homework at secondary school was a very good


At primary school, I don't think it made very much difference.


To Nancy and Chris, did you agree with anything the other one said?


Nancy wants you to have an enjoyable childhood and I would agree with


We disagree about how much time you should be working and how


We both talked about the importance of balance.


What I disagree with his, I think children your age have to do


I think the balance is completely wrong.


I really enjoy doing homework, especially on certain


subjects and I agreed with the things that Chris said.


Today sort of confirmed what my opinion about


homework was, because Nancy said that home work has to be balanced


properly, but I don't think for me it is quite balanced.


Today, I changed my mind and I think homework is important, because


it will help you in tests and in your later life.


Some really interesting points raised today, but


now it is time for this panel to make their decision.


Of course, this is just a sample of opinions, but


today in this classroom, with eight for homework and two against it,


Now, last night, Barack Obama made an emotional final speech


Talking in Chicago, he thanked his wife Michelle,


as well as his family and staff, but asked the American people to put


aside their differences and work together in the future.


It has been the honour of my life to serve you.


In fact, I will be right there with you as a


But for now, whether you are young or whether you are young at heart, I


do have one final ask of you as your president.


The same thing I asked you when you took a chance on me eight


Not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours.


Now if you've got oodles of noodles and you don't know what to do


That's what this lady in Singapore has done,


but she's not making a jumper, it's actually for an art exhibition.


Next up - what could you do in 11 hours?


How about pull off one of the greatest tricks of all time?


The clip starts with a golf club putting a ball,


and across ten pool tables by travelling over cues that have


A team from Bristol filmed this and put it online.


Come back in half an hour for more Newsround.


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