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It's Saturday, I'm Jenny and it's another big weekend


of sporting action - first up, it's the Six Nations.


One of the tournament's biggest games takes place later -


Last week, Wales beat Italy and England squeezed past


France to keep up their 15 match winning run.


And we want to know what you think will happen.


Can England keep their winning record going


To footie now, and the early kick off in the Premier League


is at the Emirates, where Arsenal take on Hull City in 20 minutes.


But the big match is later - Harry Kane's Tottenham Hotpsur go


Volunteers in New Zealand have managed to re-float about 100


of the 400 pilot whales that became stranded on beaches on Friday.Sadly


many whales have died and it's thought another 200 many have


It's the worst case of this type the country has ever seen.


It's not uncommon for these animals to become beached like this.


Beaching is when whales become stuck on sand


Marine scientists don't have one clear reason


It's thought some whales become stranded because they are sick


or injured and are pushed in shore by currents, or are


Whales rely on something called sonar to work out where


They send sound waves or pulses which bounce back of surfaces.


They have been linked to whales getting stranded because scientists


think if the two crossed paths, the whales could become


It's thought changes in the environment could cause them


Perhaps food stocks are low, temperatures are unusually high


or low, or the water they are in has become polluted.


It is thought they can sometimes lose their way into shallow waters


by accident while travelling to warmer waters to mate.


Whales are very sociable creatures and often travel


Marines think if any whale is affected by any


of the last four reasons, any travelling with


Seeing pictures of your friends, beautiful places, or cute animals


on social media can be fun, but what if a picture of you pops up


Some of the people who post the most pictures of you,


are parents and you don't always think that's a good thing.


When my mum takes pictures of me, she'll do it when I'm not looking


and then she'll not as can just put it up.


My first ever birthday cake, I just collapsed into it and my mum


Sometimes I wish that they wouldn't have social media because they might


comment embarrassing things on things that I put on.


They take photos of me and my siblings and put


it on, and it might be a really bad picture.


More than one in three 10-12 year olds told Newsround


they feel embarrassed, anxious or worried when their


parents post pictures of them on social media sites.


Soh, do mums and dads need to think more about what they are sharing?


My mum took a picture of me when I was sleeping,


so I obviously really didn't know until the morning when she told me


to look how many coments it had and I was really angry at her.


They just post whatever they can find and just don't


They might just post it to have a laugh with their mates


and think it's fine for them, but it might not be funny for you.


You think about it, but they don't think about it.


You don't want that happening to your child.


More than one in four say they been unhappy with a picture someone


That's mainly because they didn't like the way they looked ot


that person did not ask for their permission, and some even


My friend posted a story of me and I didn't like it.


I asked him to take it down and he took it down.


Maybe the reason you don't have a social media account


if you don't want anyone to see your photo and then people


I just think it's not nice without permission.


When I seen as the comments, I feel really scared to use social


media because I then want to be targeted like them.


When my friend posted an embarassing photo of me, is make me feel


More than one in three of the kids they are sending a photo of them


they didn't like make them feel sad, anxious or nervous.


What can you do about feeling that way?


Approach the person who has been the photo online of them,


ask them to take it down and tell them they are worried about it.


Speak to a parent or another trusted adult.


Sometimes a parent can reassure the child that although the photo


might be embarrassing at the moment, a couple of days, it


But the good news is that there's mum and dads who do get it right.


Nearly half of 10-12 year olds we asked said they were OK


with what their parents posted and will always make them


It can affect the child's life further on and the


Your child's friends will see whatever you comment on their photo.


When you post photos, ask first because sometimes


That's all from me, for now, Newsround's back right here at 1:45.


And you can hear all about a pretty special catwalk.