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You're live with Newsround this Saturday afternoon.


The records that Ed Sheeran's new album has broken


and that moment you walk in on your dad during live TV.


First, there's a warning that more than 20 million people


are at risk of hunger and starvation in four countries in Africa


The United Nations group is calling for countries


to work together and help and that over ?3 billion


is needed for people in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen.


The UN say it's the biggest crisis of its kind for more than 70 years.


For more about the problem of hunger and famine,


go to Newsround online now for our guide.


The FA Cup quarterfinals get underway today.


At the moment, Manchester City are playing Middlesbourgh.


David Silva put City ahead after three minutes.


Here is that the goal now. That was the first goal. Another has just


been scored to put them 2-0 in first. -- in front.


Later on, Arsenal host Lincoln City who are the first non-league side


to get this far in more than 100 years!


Can they shock the Premier League giants and cause


of the competition's biggest ever upsets?


We asked some of Lincoln's youth academy players.


It is the first time ever in our history that we have got


People around Lincoln are really excited for


It has really inspired me because Lincoln have just made


everybody try harder and work harder because you know


If we got through to the semifinals, it would be


I think Arsenal need to watch out for Matt Rhead and Nathan Arnold.


I think Matt Rhead will bully the defence, and Nathan Arnold


I am a bit worried of what Sanchez and Ozil can do.


I really want to play for Lincoln when I am older.


Watching this FA Cup has been amazing.


Also looking to win later are England


who could hold on to the Six Nations rugby title today


Victory at Twickenham would see them equal New Zealand's


18-match winning streak and hold on to the trophy


Scotland haven't won at Twickenham for 34 years


but both head coaches are expecting a tough game.


We're just concentrating on ourselves.


Yeah, we've had a great two-week preparation.


We had a fantastic week up at Oxford, trained well.


We've had two good days of training here.


Our players know that we're going to have to be on our best


performance on that day, during that 80 minutes,


we'll have to string together a number of excellent plays,


whether it's attack and defence, and think clearly to get them


So who will come out on top, Scotland or England?


who you're supporting and who you reckon will


Some of you have already been in touch.


Libby in Edinburgh thinks Scotland will win as


"Good luck, guys, have a good game, score loads of tries."


But Jessica in London says, "England have a good chance of winning."


Away from sport, new rules are coming in to stop people who use


robots to buy loads of concert tickets, and sell them on


Ticket touts could be forced to pay unlimited fines under plans


from the government, who think it's unfair to music fans.


Stars such as Ed Sheeran have spoken out about the issue before.


Speaking of Ed Sheeran, he has a lot to celebrate this weekend.


His new album Divide has become the fastest-selling album


It was sold and streamed 672,000 times in the past week.


And not only that, he's got the entire top five singles.


So just why are things shaping up so well for Ed right now?


I like Ed Sheeran's music because they're really catchy.


He makes really good songs and he's just a really good singer.


He went away for about a year and then he came back


I think Ed Sheeran's popular because


he doesn't act like he's a pop star, he just acts


You'd think he was a normal guy if you walked past him on the street.


In my opinion, I think he's the best singer


because I just really like him and he's my favourite singer.


He's different, like Justin Bieber,


and he's just like making songs, being normal.


Now, imagine one of your parents is live on TV and you walk right


in the middle of it whilst millions of people could be watching.


What is happening here is this man is doing an interview live BBC news


programme. His kids decide that they want to get involved so they burst


in and you see their that the lady is trying her best to get them out.


The man, he looks pretty embarrassed. But I think it is


pretty funny. Anyone will do everything to get famous these days,


when they? That's all from me,


Newsround's back on CBBC This time we're celebrating


difference and individuality. Everyone is into different things,


like the clothes we wear, the sports we enjoy


or the music we like.