11/08/2017 Newsround

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Hi, news fans, it's Ayshah here live this morning with all of these top


Penguins waddling their way to freedom at sea.


And the ginormous pipes trying to make it onto dry land.


In the athletics last night, the big event was the men's 200m final.


The winner was Ramil Guliyev from Turkey.


He beat the 400m champion and favourite Wayde van Niekerk.


Britain's Dina Asher-Smith is into tonight's women's 200m final


after running her season's best of 22.73 to finish second.


And one man who's proven himself to be one of Britain's greatest ever


Tomorrow he'll run his last race on the track.


Let's take a look back at his amazing career.


Mo Farah celebrating a win has become a familiar sight,


and he's hoping for yet another at the 5000 metres on Saturday,


one of his last ever races before he retires.


But let's back up a moment and go back to the start.


Mo moved from Somalia in Africa to England


He barely knew a word of English, but it was here that he first


realised he could run - and fast!


From then on, there was no stopping him.


His first major win came in 2011 when he took gold in the 5000m


at the World Championships in South Korea.


Mo moved to the US and trained hard in some tough


He stormed the London 2012 Olympics, picking up two golds and, of course,


Mo took the double again at Rio, and another gold in last week's


10,000m sealed his place as one of the greatest British


Don't worry, it won't be the last we see of Mo,


because he will be switching over to marathon running instead.


But first he faces one of his last big challenges


This is the Saracens rugby team practicing passing.


They're out in the Bahamas in the Caribbean, and training


You might have seen some seaweed or a bit of wood wash up on a beach


Two whopping great plastic pipes have washed up


on beaches at Winterton and Sea Palling in Norfolk.


The pipes are 450 metres long and came loose while being


From the sea to the sky - the international balloon festival


It'll take place over the next couple of days and is Europe's


More than 130 balloons are there, but last night they had to cancel


them all going into the air at the same time, because


Let's just keep our fingers crossed.


To the US, where there's been a big rise in people trying


to cross over to Canada, the country next door.


There's so many people trying to get across that there's now


Hundreds of people, carrying all their belongings,


wait to cross the border in the hope of a new life in Canada.


Canada is really, really beautiful, and the people are beautiful.


They've come from lots of different countries, but most of these


migrants are from Haiti, in the Caribbean.


A big earthquake hit the country in 2010 and many


people escaped to the US - but now they're not sure


whether they'll be allowed to stay in America.


That's because President Donald Trump has promised to crack down


on people from other countries who do not have permission


But for those making the journey, there's no guarantee they'll be


People hope a lot that things will be better


for them and there will be, something will happen that


will allow them to stay here, but it's a very long and very tiring


process, and the risk of being sent back to their country


And Canada is struggling to cope with its new arrivals.


The city of Montreal has had to turn its Olympic Stadium


into a temporary shelter, and the Canadian military has


started building a camp for people to stay in.


For those people queuing to get into the country,


it's the start of a difficult journey towards starting a new life.


Next up, to the man with a really strange job...


Wesley looks after the lightbulbs on Blackpool Tower.


He dangles high up and replaces any bulbs that stop working.


And he doesn't have long to go - the Tower needs to be ready before


the Blackpool Illuminations switch-on, which is


I've got to admit it is the one time of the year when my heart.


Fluttering, it really does, because if that light doesn't work, it is


like... It is drilling every day, you come out here, fantastic


location, a lot of guys in this industry working places where you


don't have the view have here. Nine of them waddled their way


to freedom on the coast The little creatures were being


cared for because they were poorly, We're back just after 4pm -


have a great day until then. My favourite TV programme


on CBBC is Whoops I Missed


The Bus, because it's such


a funny TV show,