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Jenny here with your first Newsround this Sunday.


First up, good news for the hundreds of pilot whales that were stranded


More than 200 have re-floated themselves


Earlier, volunteers managed to re-float around 100 of them too.


But why did so many get stranded, and why is it so important


They form very strong social bonds in their groups. They are in family


groups, or pods. Because of these strong bonds, when one is stranded


it sends out a distress signal and others want to come and help to


protect it. They will want to come to the bay and end up stranded


themselves. You need to get them back into deepwater as soon as


possible. They need the water to support their bodies. They are quite


large, six, seven metres. Being on the sand puts great strain on their


organs. OK, time for a quick round-up


of some of the top sport stories. It was delight for England


in the Six Nations as they took their unbeaten run to 16 matches,


after beating Wales England were less than five minutes


from defeat against Wales, until Elliot Daly got


a late winning try. Yesterday's other game


was a rather different story. Ireland scoring nine


tries against Italy Scotland play France this afternoon,


looking to make it two wins from two, after their impressive win


against Ireland last weekend. They haven't won in Paris


though, since 1999 and can All the A-listers will be getting


ready to strut their stuff on the red carpet tonight,


for the UK movie awards, the BAFTAS. Battling it out for


the animation prize, are Moana, Finding Dory,


Kubo and the Two Strings, JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts


And Where To Find Them is also up for five BAFTAs,


including special visual effects. And we want to know what your movie


highlight of the year has been. Which one would you give


the best film award to? Would it be one of the animated


movies, or something totally different like Rogue One


or Fantastic Beasts? Check out this fantastic beast -


A 260-foot long Golden Dragon took to the streets of San Francisco last


night, as the US city's It took 100 people to carry,


and it was joined by a sea of floats, costumes,


lion dancers and marching bands. The city has been holding the annual


event for more than 150 years, to celebrate Chinese


tradition and culture. That's all from us for


now, Newsround's back