12/02/2017 Newsround

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Hello, I'm Jenny, with your last Newsround this Sunday.


You tell us your favourite films of the year.


And super speed at super heights,


for the Air Race World Championships.


First, good news for the hundreds of pilot whales that were stranded


More than 200 of the animals have re-floated themselves


Earlier, volunteers managed to re-float around 100 of them.


But why did so many get stranded, and why is it so important


Whales form a really strong social bonds in their groups.


Because of these strong family bonds, when one


individual becomes stranded, it sends out a distress signal,


which means all the others want to come and help


They will come into the bay, and then also end up


You need to try and get them back into deep waters


These animals need the water to support their bodies.


They're quite large, six to seven metres, they weigh a lot,


so being on the sand puts great strain on their organs.


OK, time for a quick round-up of some of the top sport stories.


Scotland play France in the Six Nations at three o'clock,


looking to make it two wins from two, after their impressive win


They haven't won in Paris, though, since 1999, and can


To footie, and there are two games in the Premier League today.


Champions Leicester City are at Swansea City later,


with both teams facing the threat of relegation.


Chelsea are away at Burnley right now, as they look


to increase the gap at the top to 12 points.


Have you ever wondered how cows get their nails done?


You've probably never heard of something like this before. These


cows are in for a treat today. They are getting their nails done! It


might not involve nail varnish in fancy colours, but it's an important


task. It is just an udder day for Charlie. He uses a special machine


to pick the animals up and turned the animals around so he can get at


their feet. This will be a routine trim, all four feed. Just to keep


her walking OK. -- Crew feat. Looking after the nails is important


for the cows' health. It helps to prevent infections. We do it every


three weeks and stay on top of problems. Trimming feet regularly is


key to having happy cows. Hopefully these cows have not... Milked it too


much. All the A-listers will be getting


ready to strut their stuff on the red carpet tonight,


for UK movie awards, the BAFTAS. Battling it out for


the animation prize are Moana, Finding Dory,


Kubo and the Two Strings, JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts


And Where To Find Them is also up for five BAFTAs,


including special visual effects. Now, we asked you


what movie of the last year Bunny-May says Zootropolis


was her favourite - she loved the idea of a whole city


being filled with just animals! Sofia's favourite was


for Fantasic Beasts, Sameeha, who's 12, went for Sing -


she says it was funny Talking of fantastic beasts -


a 260-foot long golden dragon took to the streets of San Francisco last


night, as the US city's It took 100 people to carry,


and it was joined by a sea of floats, costumes,


lion dancers and marching bands. The city has been holding the annual


event for more than 150 years, to celebrate Chinese


tradition and culture. What better way to start your Sunday


than a round-up of all the strangest news this week in Strange,


Stranger, Strangest? There's nothing quite like a


snowball fight, and these guys in Canada took part in a massive one.


Hundreds of students decided to take advantage of the snow, which fell


there recently, by having an all out snowball battle!


Stranger! Have you ever wondered how to move a herd of bison? These guys


are travelling 250 miles to their new home in Canada. But they are


getting a bit of help along the way, travelling by car and helicopter.


That's it, guys, feel the wind in your...


Manes? Strangest! Eric is a copy of one of the first robots to be built


in the UK. Sadly, original Eric went missing, so the science Museum


campaign to build a new copy of him. Eric is now part of a big exhibition


all about robots. Nice one, Eric. Now before I go, just take


a look at these pictures. They're from the opening


round of the Air Race World Championships,


in Abu Dhabi. The aim is to fly


round the racetrack, between the air-filled pylons,


in the fastest possible time. Martin Sonka, from the Czech


Republic, won round one. That's all from the weekend team,


but don't forget there's loads more online, including our rundown


of the week's weirdest news