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It's Martin here, put down your Sunday lunch


because I have a feast of news for you coming up.


We hear from Lincoln City fans as their FA Cup


And you're not dreaming, the water really is green!


Let's start with some rugby and England thrashed Scotland 61-21


last night to win the Six Nations trophy with a game to spare


and they've only gone and equalled New Zealand's world record of 18


Scotland didn't really challenge the home side at Twickenham.


Jonathan Joseph, was England's star player, scoring three tries.


Anthony Watson, Billy Vunipola and Danny Care also got


Here they are lifting the Calcutta Cup, the trophy both


sides compete for every year during the tournament.


England coach Eddie Jones thinks his team could get even better.


We've got good players, they've got a mindset of wanting


They want to keep improving, and if we keep with that mindset,


keep working hard, we will be the best in the world.


And in the Woman's Six Nations England have set up a Grand Slam


decider with Ireland next week after thrashing Scotland


Winger Kay Wilson set a new Six Nations record with seven


tries during the game as England maintained their 100 % record


And in the footy one of the biggest rivalries in the sport


is being played in Glasgow as we speak, Celtic Vs Rangers


Celtic are the clear favourites to win, the home side only need


seven points to win the league overall and there are still 11


In the FA Cup, Lincoln city's dream is over after losing to Arsenal


Lincoln held their own against the Premier League stars


for much of the first half, with Nathan Arnold


But the Walcott put the gunners ahead just before half-time.


There were four more goals, including this link an own goal,


Despite the result, the Lincoln manager is proud


There's a reason why no non-league team in the last 100 years have been


able to reach the last eight of the FA Cup.


And the fact that they have showed make them mightily proud.


Of course we are disappointed that we lost, but, you know,


we are able to draw a breath, and we can be pretty


proud of what we've achieved in this campaign.


And it wasn't just the manager who enjoyed Lincoln's


We spoke to some Lincoln fans after the match.


My favourite part of today was having a flu shots


at goal, and watching them play against Arsenal.


Lincoln tried hard and had a few chances but they didn't take them.


My favourite part of today was the fans chanting and joining in.


It's amazing to be here I've never been here before and I support


I enjoyed myself, even though we lost 5-nil.


This stadium, to Lincoln's it's massive.


My favourite part today was start to finish.


Singing all day, nothing put us down.


This giant green sea turtle called Jolly has been returned


to the wild after recovering from a flipper injury.


The 330 lb turtle was rescued when she got tangled


But after vets treated her she made a full recovery and was released


back into the sea just in time for her to lay eggs.


Now it's time this week's turtle-y amazing edition of Strange,


Stranger, Strangest, with ball boy dogs, conch shell


Watch out, ball boys and ball girls, you've got competition.


These rescue dogs stole the show at this tennis match in Brazil.


It was all to raise awareness of canines that need re-homing.


They looked like they're enjoying themselves!


Although this one might need a little more practice before


Every year around 30 contestants in Florida, America pucker up


They try to play as long and as loud as they can.


And some, like this lady, even add extra tricks


You might have done a double-take if you were brushing your teeth


Officials said it wasn't dangerous and was caused by chemicals


Thanks Ayshah, well, there seems to be something funny


going on with water around the world this week.


This river in Chicago in America has been turned a green colour


to celebrate St Patrick's Day which is next Friday.


It's a celebration of Irish history and culture,


and there are events all around the world featuring plenty


of music and parades and dressing up in green!


I'm back around 2:05 with your final Newsround update of the day!