15/07/2017 Newsround

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Hello I'm Martin, and this is Newsround.


We're all getting very excited about the tennis on the final


Now, just this moment the ladies final is starting on Centre Court


with Garbine Muguruza taking on five-time champion


Earlier today, Ayshah managed to get a sneak peak


This isn't a chord. It is one of the most famous places in the world to


play tennis. Some of the top tennis players are going to be here today.


It is very, very exciting. 15,000 spectators will be roaring and is


cheering and doing allsorts for the women's final today. And I have got


one more thing I have got to show you. That through this huge and it


can take up to ten minutes to close. But I've got a very special guest


with me right now. And she is going to be doing a very important job.


Tell me what you are doing. I'm going to toss the coin at the


women's final to see who will serve first.


What an important job. How you feeling? Very nervous. I


don't want to mess it up. But excited, as I just need to take in


the moment and enjoy it. I'm sure you will be absolutely


fine. Have you ever been on Centre Court before?


What is it like to be here? It is amazing to be here and I can't wait


to walk on the hallowed turf and, yeah, once in a lifetime


Lets stay in Wimbledon for a wee bit.


Wheelchair doubles duo Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett have


had their doubles final match postponed due to rain


so we'll have to wait to see who will win that one.


And it's the men's singles final tomorrow.


Marin Cillic beat Sam Querry after an exciting match yesterday


and he'll face Roger Federer who beat Tomas Berdych.


Federer is aiming for a record breaking eighth Wimbledon title.


And you might not know who to cheer on in the mixed doubles tomorrow


because there's two British players in the mix!


Heather Watson and her partner Henri Kontinen are the defending


champions after winning last year, and they'll face, fellow


Brit Jamie Murray and his partner Martina Hingis, in the final.


Next, from aces to races - Great Britian's Hannah Cockroft took


T34 100m gold in world record time as Britain won three medals


on the opening night of the World Para-athletics Championships


17.18 seconds was all it took for the Hannah


to cross the finishing line and the Paralympic triple medalist


I think going around the warm-up laps, I was getting a bit emotional.


We haven't had that since London 2012.


And just to be able to go in, put a good performance in,


And hopefully, it's a sign of a good Championships to come.


Large predators like tigers, lions, cheetahs and wolves,


have lost more than ninety percent of the areas


Scientists say it's because people are moving into these areas


They say it's important to protect the animals


Tackling a blaze isn't just a job for firefighters -


fire dogs play an important role too!


This is Scrappy, he helps the fire teams in the North East of England.


But he's now putting his paws up and retiring.


So who will get his job, and what does it take to be


Meet Scrappy, County Durham and Darlington Fire Service's


He puts his special fire-protection boots on and then he's off,


In fact, he's so good at his job, he's been given a special award


He can detect evidence up to one metre deep and 21


days after the fire, which is really, really good!


He's brilliant as his job, but it's time for Scrappy to retire


and the team are looking for his replacement.


They're easy to train, lightweight, good with kids,


can go up ladders with me and can go up aerial mounts if we need


Well, the hunt is on, but it's not going to be easy


finding a dog that can fill Scrappy's very special fire boots!


There's more to this field than meets the eye.


Can you solve the mystery of the maize made from, well, maize?


It's a curious case, but this field in Leicester has


a collection of mysterious pathways the size of four


And every year it has a new design in the shape of something special.


It might look a bit corn-fusing up close.


But like every good detective, you need to look at the big picture.


Follow the twists and turns of the case over the three


And see if you can spot a pattern emerging...


Over the summer the plants will grow even taller so you can easily


lose your way...People will be able to take on the case and solve


the mystery themselves when it opens to visitors in a few weeks time.


That's all from me, Newsround's back at half past ten tomorrow morning.