16/02/2017 Newsround

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You're watching Newsround this Thursday with me, Ayshah.


First, a laughing stock... Nightmare... Shameful...


Just three ways Arsenal's performance in last night's


Champions League has been described after they were destroyed


Aryen Robben scored first for Bayern - before


But things really fell apart in the second half.


Arsenal have a lot of work to do in the second leg match to stop


Virtual reality - it's the tech that can transport you to other worlds -


and now VR is being used to help kids, needing special


hospital scans, to relax. Here's Ricky...


10-year-old Matthew is back in hospital.


In September 2014, I suffered from extreme hydrocephalus,


which means a build-up of fluid on the brain.


The op was a success and to help him recover,


he has to have regular brain scans to check that all is good.


The scanning machine can be quite a scary experience


The scanner itself can take up to an hour.


You have to stay incredibly still in a small space and once


the scanner actually starts, it's incredibly loud.


Is everything okay and there, Matthew?


Now, I feel okay because I have had it a few times now.


The first time I remember, I was thinking to myself,


Because no one had showed me it buy in the end,


MRIs can help doctors find out if a person has any problems


using strong magnets and radio waves producing detailed images


Experts at Kings College Hospital have come up with a way to prepare


children by copying an MRI scan with this app and a virtual


Matthew is one of the kids helping the doctors put


This is the MRI scan we are going to use today.


The app uses panoramic 360 degree videos, taken inside the scanner,


giving the complete MRI experience of the scan.


I was really interested in virtual reality.


I had a 360 degree camera for Christmas and I thought maybe


I can take some images from inside the scanner to allow


the child to experience a scan virtual reality beforehand


to prepare them for the scan, so it is not so scary


The best way to cope with it, I think, is to close your eyes.


Hopefully, this app will really help and just don't worry about it.


From virtual reality to fantasy - and the huge news that


Phillip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials


It'll be called The Book of Dust and will focus on some


of the characters from the original series, as well as new ones.


When I heard he was bringing out a new book, I thought I definitely


wanted to read those. I'm excited about the new books. I love his


work. He's a great author. I'm interested see what he does. When I


first read the book, to this day, there are things that stand out. I'd


like to meet the characters again. To see where they are now in how


their lives have developed. And maybe bring Sunni characters in. I


would quite like him to do something completely separate from the dark


materials. His dark Materials research cookbooks. These are the


ones will hopefully be good as well. From talk of mythical


creatures to real-life ones, These four rare otter


pups from Newquay Zoo, They're getting some top lessons


from their parents and their uncles, and I think their doing pretty


swimmingly! That's it for now, join us in half


an hour when we'll have a top winter sports superstar right


here on our sofa. See you soon!