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How virtual reality could help kids in hospital.


And otter-ly adorable - the pups learning to swim.


First, helicopters and planes are working hard to put out


a huge wildfire just outside the New Zealand city


Two separate fires that started in the hills on Monday have merged.


Hundreds of homes have been evacuated.


Some of them have burned down, but luckily


There's a thick layer of smoke sitting over the city and officials


think it could take weeks to get things back to normal.


This fire has to be got under control, it will take weeks because


it is going to smoulder, there will be outbreaks from time to time, the


win could change well be speaking and that would make a difference.


Also today, we're talking about virtual reality - or VR.


While for some people it's the future of gaming,


others are finding different uses for it, such as helping kids


who need to go into hospital for special scans to relax.


Ten-year-old Matthew is back in hospital.


In September 2014, I suffered from extreme hydrocephalus,


which means a build-up of fluid in the brain.


The op was a success and to help him recover,


he has to have regular brain scans to check that all is good.


Being in ascanning machine can be quite a scary experience


The scan itself can take up to an hour.


You have to stay incredibly still in a small space and once


the scanner actually starts, it's incredibly loud.


Is everything OK in there, Matthew? Yeah, all fine.


Now, I feel OK because I have had it a few times now.


The first time I remember, I was thinking to myself,


Because no-one had showed me it but in the end,


MRIs can help doctors find out if a person has any problems


using strong magnets and radio waves producing detailed images


Experts at Kings College Hospital have come up with a way to prepare


children by copying an MRI scan with this app


Matthew is one of the kids helping the doctors


This is the MRI scan we are going to use today.


The app uses panoramic 360-degree videos, taken inside the scanner,


giving the complete MRI experience of the scan.


I was really interested in virtual reality.


I had a 360-degree camera for Christmas and I thought


maybe I can take some images from inside the scanner to allow


the child to experience a scan virtual reality beforehand


to prepare them for the scan, so it is not so scary


The best way to cope with it, I think, is to close your eyes.


Hopefully, this app will really help and just don't worry about it.


The premiere for new live action movie Beauty and the Beast


We're heading there to speak to Emma Watson, who plays Belle,


and lots of other actors who play the enchanted household items


That got us thinking - if you had to be an enchanted


object in your house, what would it be and why?


Perhaps you'd be a teacup, like Chip, a clock, like Cogsworth,


or maybe something else entirely, like a gadget, mirror or football.


We want you to draw it for us, take a picture and send it in online -


and we'll try and show some of them to the stars!


Also online are these stunning images from


Underwater Photographer of the Year - including these turtles in Spain,


and this hungry humpback whale off the coast of South Africa.


But it was this beautiful shot that took the top prize.


The octopus might look like it's dancing, but it's actually hunting!


Finally - we're staying in the water with some otter-ly cute creatures.


These four pups at Newquay Zoo are learning how to swim.


The Asian short-clawed otters are getting some lessons


I think they're doing pretty swimmingly!


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