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Hi, I'm Martin and this is Newsround.


Coming up in the next few minutes: Who will be the new Doctor Who?


Dippy might have left the building, we meet the new skeleton in town.


And the runners getting messy in this mud run.


And massive congratulations to Garbine Muguruza,


who won her first Wimbledon trophy yesterday, beating five-time


The first set was very close, but in the last set,


The 23-year-old from Spain said it was amazing to beat Venus,


who was her role model when she was younger.


I grew up watching her play so is great to play her the final.


In the Wheelchair tennis, Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett


defended their men's doubles Wimbledon title with a 2-1


win over Nicolas Peifer and Stephane Houdet of France.


The British pair were a set down when rain stopped


They raced into a 5-1 lead when the match restarted.


It was a tough game, their opponents were actually the favourites,


but they worked well together to get the win.


And right now, we can see the woman's wheelchair


Britian's Jordanne Whiley is hoping to take the Wimbledon trophy


At the moment, they are one set down and fighting back in the second.


And it is the men's singles final this afternoon.


Roger Federer will face Marin Cilic on Centre Court.


And there's one another person without whom this


At the start of every tennis match, someone has a really


Luca, can you tell us what you're doing this weekend?


Well, this weekend, I'm going to stand on Centre Court,


walk out there with a queen coin and toss the coin


I'm so excited that I can't focus on nerves.


Getting to toss the coin on Wimbledon men's final on Centre


Can you tell me a little bit about this queen coin you're


Because that would just put pressure on.


What you think is going to be the best bit?


Probably stepping onto Centre Court and taking the picture


Right, that leaves one thing left for us to do.


Luca, can I see if I can get first serve?


And right after that match, we'll find out who the next


Peter Capaldi has been in the role since 2013 as the 13th Doctor.


But this time around, people are wondering


if the new Time Lord might be a woman.


But the new Doctor's identity has been kept a secret.


But whoever it is, they've got massive shoes to fill,


And whoever it is, I imagine they're feeling quite nervous right now.


Next up, she's big, blue and a bit bony.


The Natural History Museum in London has a new star resident.


You might have spotted him on a school trip.


The diplodocus has been the rock star of the Natural History Museum


But now it's out with the old, and in with the?blue.


Meet Hope, the balaenoptera musculus, better known


And measuring in at a lengthy 30 metres, or two double-decker


The lower jaw bone is the largest single bone to be grown by any


And they can live to well over 100 years.


Blue whales were hunted almost to extinction in the 1900s,


but were also one of the first species that humans decided to save.


So by introducing Hope, the museum want visitors to think


more about protecting animals, and not just their history.


We wanted something large and impressive. And she fill this for


us. She will inspire people and she looks gorgeous.


It's taken the team months to put together Hope's 221 bones.


They've had to use special technologies, like 3D printers,


and work with teams of engineers and conservationists.


But don't worry if you miss Dippy, he's set for his first-ever UK tour


And finally to a sport where you're guaranteed to get messy.


4,000 people have taken part the annual Shanghai Mud Run.


You can crawl through it, jump into it, even go


I bet everybody needs a good bath afterwards.


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