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Hi, I'm Martin with your Tuesday morning Newsround, coming up:


A huge crack in the Antarctic ice sheet causes worries for scientists.


It's developed on a floating ice shelf just ten miles from a lab


where a group of British scientists are based.


Another big crack called the Halloween Crack


The team has decided to close down their research centre


and move to another area in case the cracks in the ice get worse


We are now halfway through the football transfer window


where clubs buy and sell players, and there one country's league


China. It is one of the biggest and richest countries in the world. It


is where you will find the much loved panda and some of the most


amazing structures on the planet. It is estimated that around 1.4 billion


people call this place home. More than any other country. Recently,


China has found a new hobby. Football. The Chinese super league


is where the top teams in china play and compete. Just the same as the


anguish Premier League and its name is to become a footballing


powerhouse. The people in charge of these clubs are spending massive


amounts of money to bring the best players to China. Guess what, it is


working. Some have already made the move. Last month, Carlos Tevez


signed for Shanghai, he paid ?71.6 million for him. He is now the


highest paid player in the sport. The Brazil international completed a


big-money move to Shanghai before Christmas for a reported fee of ?60


million. Grabbing all the headlines this week is Oscar's team-mate Diego


Costa, a club called... Are reportedly ready to play ?80 million


for the striker. Chelsea want to keep their topical cause --


goal-scorer. Will he stay or will he go? It is thought other Premier


League players are being targeted. The big teams here will have to work


hard to keep their top players, because this country means business.


If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm birdwatching of course.


Thousands of you are joining in with the bird charity,


We sent Jenny out to a school in Manchester that's taking part.


When you think of bird-watching, you might think a bit ECG like


Manchester is not the best there to spot them. We will test that and see


how many we can find. So, what have you seen today? I have seen a magpie


and two bluetits. I have seen loads of magpies and pigeons and lows of


crows and the most exciting part was to see the Stalin. Five magpies. 37


crows. There are two blackbirds. The bird-watching is taking place until


the middle of February and the RSPB are asking you guys to spend an hour


outside seeing what you can spot. I find it funny because you get out


and about while you find out what birds are in the area. Bird-watching


is good because you can recognise more birds than you have ever seen.


The fun is just outside, these kids are making special bird feeders to


put in the playground. We are putting this kids, vegetable, lots


of seeds. Why do the RSPB want you to become bird-watchers? We gather


all the data and it gives us a snapshot of how birds are doing.


Over 16 years we have built a picture. Also, it is important to


give the children all over the country connection to nature,


experiences and hopefully they will become the adults who want to


protect our environment. I thought it was boring at first but when I


got into it was really good. The best part of the challenges is you


did in a team and he did it together and have fun. This has inspired you


to do bird-watching a lot. That's all from me, Newsround's back


right here in about half an hour. Don't forget to check out


the website for all the rest All right, Cockers,


I'm a little dog from Wigan. Can you guess who that


was an impression of? Yeah, you're right,


it was Hacker T Dog, of course. But can you do


a brilliant impression Make it funny, make it silly -


the sillier the better. All you need to do


is get to the CBBC website Make sure you tell us who you are


impersonating, so we know if we are guessing


it correctly.


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