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Hello, it's Tuesday afternoon, Ayshah here with all the latest


on a big day for the UK, as the Prime Minister


makes a big decision about the future of the country.


The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has made a really important speech


It's all about the big vote which happened last year for the UK


A little over six months ago the British people voted for change.


They voted to shape a brighter future for our country. They voted


to leave the European Union and embrace the world. They did so with


their eyes open. Accepting that the road ahead will be uncertain times,


but believing that it leads to a brighter future for their children


and grandchildren, too. The Prime Minister said she's made


some big decisions about how Britain will work in the future,


now it's leaving the European Union. She also said that the UK


would be leaving something But politicians from other parties


say that that decision The First Minister of Scotland,


Nicola Sturgeon, said She said that coming out


of the single market would affect jobs and the economy


and that it was the wrong So what do "Single Market"


and all the other words we've been We're going to need


Ricky for this one. If you have been watching the news


lately you will have heard a lot of the word Brexit. Probably a fewer


the European Union. Control, immigration. Single market. Exiting


the EU. What do they mean. Breaks it. It is not the new name of a


breakfast cereal, it is two words put together, Britain and exit.


Together making Brexit. What is Britain exiting? Last year adults in


the UK voted to leave the European Union, which is a bit like club,


only this club is made up of 28 countries, working together. The UK


has been part of it for more than 40 years. Most people who voted thought


it would be better for decisions to be made in the UK rather than the


EU. How do we leave? Activating something called Article 50. Think


of it is a giant red button, once pressed, the process to lead the


European Union officially begins. Not really a red button, but very


important. Leaving the EU will not happen overnight. Loads of things


need to be discussed. How do we live and work with all the other


countries in Europe once we have waved goodbye? Two of the biggest


issues talked about our immigration control and the single market. The


first one, immigration, that is when people move to a different country


to live and work. At the moment people from the EU have the right to


live and work in the UK. The Prime Minister says she wants more control


over our borders to limit the number of people coming to live here from


overseas. That means she has made a big decision about Britain's place


in the single market. At the moment the UK is part of the single market,


making it easier for countries in the European Union to do business.


There are rules that everyone in the single market needs to sign up to,


one of those is that people from the European Union have the right to


come and work and live in the UK. Theresa May says the vote has made


it clear they did not want the EU to make those rules, so it Britain will


be leaving the single market. That means we have to make decisions


about how we buy and sell things with Europe, and the rest of the


world. Daily habit. That is a lot of words.


If you want to know more about what's been happening today


or even about Brexit then head online for loads more info.


While you're there why not check out the rest of the days news including


a massive alligator called Humpback and the Antartic research station


that's had to be moved because of a crack in the ice.


That's the latest from me this afternoon, for more on the rest


of the day's stories go online and we'll see you back


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