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Hi, I'm Martin, It's Thursday and this is what going on in the world.


The crack in the ice causing scientists to move house.


And the duck having a game of chase with a tiger.


There's just one day until this man, Donald Trump, officially takes


over as the President of the United States,


after winning the American election in November.


Leah's travelled to Freeland in the state of Pennsylvania,


which voted for Trump, to find out what kids


there like about their new leader, and what they hope he'll do.


It's a borough in Pennsylvania, home to just a few thousand people.


Most people in this area chose Donald Trump


And most pupils at this school are Trump fans.


There's even a student Trump impressionist on hand


This is your President, Donald J Trump.


Today's lunch is sloppy Joes with side salad.


Have a good day, God bless and make America great again.


So why has Trump made such a big impression here?


I like Donald Trump because I think he's done a lot as a businessman


and he can do a good amount of things for our country.


Coal is a big part of Pennsylvania and the North East.


I guess people like him because he promised


that he was going to keep those jobs going.


I like that he is a family guy, because, being, like,


a politician and, like, having a family is hard to do.


I hope that maybe he could bring jobs back, because there are so many


people now who are losing jobs and it's very sad to see people's


I don't like Donald Trump because I don't think


But, at the same time, apart from that,


You don't know what he's going to do next.


While Trump came out on top in the election He goes


into the White House as the most unpopular president in decades.


He's got into trouble about comments he's made about women,


using words like "pig, fat or ugly".


And he's attacked different groups of people, too,


Some people say he's not the right person


to lead the country because


he has a habit of lashing out at people he disagrees with.


He just did all this for attention


so that once he is inaugurated, he'll settle down a little bit.


I feel he's like everybody - some people have good days and bad days


but he's in the spotlight, so his bad days are worse than ours and his


I feel if Donald Trump can bring those


jobs, then all of our towns will be better places.


I hope that he just makes our country a better country


and helps stuff go up for our country.


Next, primates like gorillas, orangutans and lemurs are facing


a big problem with extinction, according to a new study.


It looked at more than 500 species of primates


and found that 60% of them were facing extinction problems.


They blame it on forests being destroyed,


which leaves the animals with nowhere to live.


Some species of primates are also being hunted.


Next, to the coldest place on planet earth, Antarctica.


This huge crack has developed in the ice there and has caused some


British scientists who are based nearby to move their research labs,


This huge crack deep into the ice has been captured


The crack is in an area called the Floating Brunt Ice Shelf,


and just ten miles from the crack, British scientists are based


at the Halley Research Station, which is made up of big,


blue pods, with a big red pod in the middle.


They've made the decision to move their base,


because they don't know what will happen to the ice shelf


Luckily the pods are designed to move, with the legs


The next few months are important because the Antarctic winter will be


starting, and the area will be pitch black for months.


It also means that it'll be difficult to evacuate people


from the area in the winter conditions, where temperatures get


We've taken the prudent decision that, in the light of this


new crack, it would be better and the safest thing to do to close


the station in a controlled way and bring our team home,


because their safety is paramount to us.


The British Antarctic Survey also say that cracks in ice


shelves aren't unusual, but this new crack is growing.


They plan to go back to the area in November to carry on their work


And until then, they will monitor the crack.


Last up, here's something you don't see every day.


That is a duck playing chase with a tiger!


The cheeky duck flew into Jalur the tiger's enclosure


Jalur chased the duck for 10 minutes


but the duck was just too clever for him.


In the end, Jalur got fed up and climbed out of the pool.


You could be the tiger all the other Tigers laugh at now. That is all


from me. We're back this afternoon with Jenny. See you soon. Goodbye.


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