19/03/2017 Newsround

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Hi guys Ricky here with your Sunday lunchtime Newsround.


First up, a spacecraft that's been docked at


the International Space Station is on its way back down


The unmanned Space X Dragon cargo spacecraft delivered


Its journey back to earth is being controlled in California


and experts aim to land it in the Pacific Ocean.


A team will then rescue the craft, which contains things like samples


from experiments carried out in space.


Next up Sport and England are celebrating retaining


the Six Nations but they didn't have it all their own way.


Ireland beat the champions in a gripping match in Dublin.


The victory for Ireland put an end to England's 18 match winning run


and stopped a new world record being set.


The big match this afternoon in the Premier League


is Manchester City against Liverpool at 4.30.


Man City will be hoping to get over their disappointing week


after they got knocked out of the Champions


Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger says he has made a decision


about his future and says he will announce his


Many fans want him to leave the club.


The Gunners lost to West Brom yesterday, a fourth loss


Next, to an incredible icy sight in China.


This amazing icicle was formed on a mountain when the snow melted.


The icicle waterfall is 30 meters high and people have been travelling


to the area to see the spectacular sight close up.


As well as top breeds, the dog competition Crufts


recognises dogs that have changed people's lives, like


Caddie the Labrador, who helps 13-year-old Joel.


Joel has autism, a condition that affects how you see the world


It can make everyday things, like brushing


But Caddie is trained to keep Joel calm.


Here's Joel and his mum with their story.


I find it hard to basically live. It was hard without Caddie by my side.


Before we even hear that Joel is not coping, Caddie is of those stairs,


nudging him. He keeps me focused and makes me feel safe and calm and


happy. He keeps me healthy. Things are easier. Walking down the road is


easier, when Joel is stressed, Caddie is there to calm him. He is


always leaning on him, every day. He is more than a friend. He is a


guardian angel for me. Guardian angel.


Next to the extreme mountain biker hurtling down a mountain of snow.


Sportsman Eric Barone set himself a new record by biking from the top


of a mountain on a ski resort in France.


He says he's broken the world record with his speedy race.


Last up, big hearted super-villain Gru is returning to the big screen


Steve Carell, the actor behind everyone's favourite criminal


mastermind answered some of your questions.


Hi, I play Gru in despicable me three. As I was saying... Alice,


aged 14 from Canterbury, how do you get into character when you are


voicing group? The first time I did the voice it was for my kids because


I was trying to get them to laugh and we were playing with different


voices and when I said hey guys, what do you think of this? They


liked that one. I left that life behind me. Why does he have an


incredibly long nose? That is just the way he was born. In this movie


you will meet his twin brother and he has an equally long nose. They


both find themselves extremely handsome. Look at him. Look at his


face. Would you like to live with minions in real life? That would be


fantastic. A minion will do whatever you want them to do. I would have


then click the breakfast and I would sometimes use them to scrub my back


because I assume a minion has a nice, porous quality you could use


like a sponge and they are entertaining. They are funny to have


around. The minions only eat bananas? If they had a choice of an


attempted it, it would be the nannies. There is a minion ride and


when they are on the right, the audience can smell the bananas. It


is slightly disgusting. That was some information you didn't want,


but I give. Sorry. That's all for now, Newsround's


back at five past two. Don't forget to check out


the website for all the rest