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And today, the US gets a new president - Donald Trump.


He's the billionaire businessman who promised he'd "make


Well, now it's time for him to start his new job.


Leah is in Washington D.C in the States, and sent us this.


Well, welcome to Washington, DC, the capital of


Now, today really is a huge day for this country, as Donald


Trump prepares to move into there, that is the White House.


He will take on one of the most important jobs on the planet,


he will become the 45th president of United States, but before he


officially takes charge, he will have to attend a special


Well, luckily we've got you covered on that one, take a


The president lives in the White House,


but the important bit today happens in the capital.


That's where Trump will be sworn in as


president and take an oath promising to do the best job he can.


Then he will make his speech called the inaugural address.


At the same time, movers will have a few hours


to move the Obama family's possessions out and move in Trump's.


After Trump's speech, Obama will then leave.


He should go out in style, though, with the past few presidents


There's a feast that will include food from Trump's home


Next up is the parade, this includes high


It is probably nice to stretch your legs


after all that food and


In the evening, there's lots of balls hosted over the city.


The president tries to attend as many as possible.


It's a bit exhausting, but you only become


Then it's time for a good night's sleep for the


first day in office for President Trump.


While Donald Trump has won the keys to the White House, the election


process has left many people deeply divided in this country.


Now, while Trump has his supporters, there


still are people that believe he isn't the right person


to lead this country, and across the weekend,


there will be protests here in Washington and across the country.


And even some politicians have decided to skip today's


So I met up with two kids here in Washington,


DC to find out why there's such a divide.


I am Jack, I'm from Georgia and I make Donald Trump supporter. I am


not a Trump supporter. Can you tell me how you feel about Donald Trump?


I'm excited for his presidency, I'm excited for his different view of


how our government works, and I'm excited to have a new person in the


White House. Obama was our first black president, it was bittersweet


seeing him go. Donald Trump coming into office, I think, you know, I'm


going to have to be used to it. Dizzy have what it takes to unite


America? Can it be possible? -- does he? As long as he, Washington, some


of the things he says, people can take it wrong. There is a large


proportion who don't agree with him. If we are going to bridge this


divide, we need to be able to reach out to the other party, work with


them to solve our issues. What would you say to him? Follow-through on


your campaign bronzers, because you won't be long if you don't. Keep


your promises, it's a lot of doubts people have. If he doesn't go


through with it, there will be lots of problems. I hope our country can


heal from the selection and come together to be one nation, a divided


nation. -- not a divided nation. Other news now, and Andy Murray has


just got through to the fourth round of the Australian Open


with a win over Murray won in straight sets,


and will be hoping this might be He's reached the final five times


before, but has lost each time. Imagine if you had to find your


way home after being Well, it's not a problem,


if you're an ant! Scientists have discovered


that ants use the sun to work out where they are,


and have a good memory - despite having a brain


smaller than a pin head. Researchers now hope to make mini


robots that can find their way Newsround's back


right here at 8.15.


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