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It's Friday afternoon, Ayshah here and you're watching


The turtle found a long way from home.


And the kids lending a hand to move a library.


Today, across the world, people will be remembering the Holocaust.


It's a chance for people to take time to think about the millions


of Jewish people and others who were killed by Hitler and his


Ricky's been finding out what happened and hearing from some


When World War two broke out in 1939 Germany was run


Hitler thought that Jewish people where inferior


Jewish shops had their windows smashed and Jewish people


The Nazis rounded up millions of Jews , as well as disabled


people, gay people and other groups Hitler thought were inferior


and sent them to prisons called concentration camps.


Families were split up, forced to do hard, physical work


Millions of people were deliberately killed there, it is thought nearly


seven out of every ten Jews from across Europe died.


Some children did manage to escape Nazi Germany,


Ruth was one of those who manage to escape.


Street by street, Jews were cleared and any moment


We opened door to a woman from the British Embassy


who had braved the curfew, she brought the entry Visa


to Britain, train tickets to get through Germany,


through Holland, and the ferry to Ramsgate.


This person also managed to escape the Holocaust.


There was nowhere to go, no country wanted us,


Frank my brother was in Leeds, he tried very hard to


get me a trainee post and he finally succeeded.


We managed to get visas for our parents and became.


Thank God, because four days later war broke out.


Every year people remember those who lost their lives


in the Holocaust, it helps teach us about these terrible events and make


sure they are not forgotten so that they can never happen again.


And go online to find out more about the Holocaust


Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet


President Trump. In just over half an hour they'll


meet at the White House to talk about the relationship


between the US and the UK. The two countries have a long


history of being close friends. They're expected to talk about how


they'll work together once Britain To the story of a


pretty epic journey. This little guy took


a wrong turn and ended up Luckily the rare turtle


was found and now zoo staff This incredible title has been on a


journey like no other. Last November she was discovered off the co-host


of Anglesey in Wales. -- off the coast. These type of petals are


normally found in warmer waters around Mexico and southern parts of


the US will stop so, how did she end up off the coast of Wales? Thousands


of miles away? She is being cared for at the Royal veterinary College


in Hertfordshire. They've never seen a title like this before. She is the


first to have been spotted in British waters since records began


over 270 years ago. Staff caring for her noticed she was unable to stay


under the water, but has munched our way through a lot of food. She is a


real character, she's starting to eat very. She is eating a lot of


calamari. These titles can swim at longer distances. But not used to


the UK. A team of carers apply cream to her shell to stop it drying out.


Hopefully she will soon be fit enough to be released back into the


wild. Finally how do you move a library


using just your hands? More than 1,200 people in Belgium


lent a hand to move library They formed a human chain over


a distance of 250 metres to take the books to their new home.So


the library can begin That's all from me today,


see you tomorrow just before 9am. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final, BBC Radio 2's writing competition


for kids with our honorary judge


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