Spot Bots

Spot Bots

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Dancing Bots

1. Spot Bots: Dancing Bots

Cubi and Lexi try to learn a new dance routine.

Remote Control

2. Spot Bots: Remote Control

Lexi is distracted by an old remote control which can control anything.

Zoing Boings

3. Spot Bots: Zoing Boings

Cubi and Lexi discover a patch of bouncy zoing boings.


4. Spot Bots: Skizzles

The Spot Bots play their own robot version of skittles.


5. Spot Bots: Recharge

The Spot Bots play zooples while they wait for Cubi's hover batteries to recharge.


6. Spot Bots: Zazzler

Cubi and Lexi play zooples to try to avoid being cleaned in the zazzler.


7. Spot Bots: Hover-Bot

The Spot Bots are struggling to build a new toy.

Zipadoodle Doo

8. Spot Bots: Zipadoodle Doo

The Spot Bots must learn to stay focused for long enough to see the Zipadoodle Doo.

Zazzy Sounds

9. Spot Bots: Zazzy Sounds

Cubi and Lexi make lots of noise by creating their own sound effects.


10. Spot Bots: Zipperoo

Cubi shows off with his rocket-powered zip wire.

Ziptastic Tower

11. Spot Bots: Ziptastic Tower

Cubi and Lexi try to build a perfect tower of bricks, but they can't resist fiddling.


12. Spot Bots: Zapawhacka

Cubi and Lexi play a game with pop-up hexablocks.

Sky Den

13. Spot Bots: Sky Den

The Spot Bots try to work out how they can all fit on their tall sky den.

Arm Trouble

14. Spot Bots: Arm Trouble

Lexi's arm falls off, so the Spot Bots play zooples as they wait for the glue to dry.


15. Spot Bots: Hexpod

Cubi and Lexi try to hatch a mysterious egg called the Hexpod.

Zip Zip Zip

16. Spot Bots: Zip Zip Zip

Cubi and Lexi are in a competitive mood but must learn to play just for fun.

Don't Step On the Cracks

17. Spot Bots: Don't Step On the Cracks

Cubi puts Lexi off her game as she tries to avoid the cracks.

Spotterfly Spotting

18. Spot Bots: Spotterfly Spotting

Cubi and Lexi must get switched on in order to photograph a super-fast spotterfly.


19. Spot Bots: Zoominoes

The Spot Bots try to set up a long row of robot dominoes.

Zing Ball

20. Spot Bots: Zing Ball

Cubi and Lexi try to work out the purpose of a pair of mysterious objects.

Blip's Present

21. Spot Bots: Blip's Present

Cubi and Lexi can't wait for Blip to open his mystery present.

Tickle Time

22. Spot Bots: Tickle Time

Cubi is in a tickling mood.


23. Spot Bots: Ziddlers

Cubi and Lexi try to spot some jumping fish called ziddlers.

Counting Cogs

24. Spot Bots: Counting Cogs

The Spot Bots play zooples to take a break from counting Cubi's cog collection.

Spray Paint

25. Spot Bots: Spray Paint

Lexi accidentally covers Cubi in spray paint.

Super Settings

26. Spot Bots: Super Settings

The Spot Bots play around with their funny robot settings.