The Muckers

The Muckers

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Bye Bye Bullying

1. The Muckers Songs: Bye Bye Bullying

The Muckers introduce and sing their song Bye Bye Bullying.

The Muckers Christmas

2. The Muckers Songs: The Muckers Christmas

The gang sing their farming version of a classic Christmas carol.


3. The Muckers: Tractors

The Muckers just love tractors and so they celebrate this with a rap about them.

Seasick Billy

4. The Muckers: Seasick Billy

The Muckers support national storytelling week with a sea shanty.


5. The Muckers: Manure

The Muckers sing a song about something that, as farmers, they love.

Episode 6

6. The Muckers: Episode 6

The Muckers create a rap tune using lyrics taken from Shakespeare's plays.