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Worried that you've missed the bus this week? Well, you haven't, by


Jove. We're back and we're ready to bring you all the best bits and


What are they doing? # My egg is going to space #.


Sheila sommelier. There could be a little bit more of it, maybe. Could


you be a 15 second fan? It's unpredictable and brilliant. It


wouldn't be the Gray without our devoted Dureau, Myles and Laura. --


wouldn't be Whoops I Missed The Bus. There's loads of top-notch


stuff to come so make yourself comfortable. First up, he is


frightfully good at this vlogging, it's Myles. Scream Street follows


Luke who lives in a street full of normal things is what I would say if


it was normal things. There's vampires running about. They're not


necessarily running about, there's just a lot of them. Can vampires


run? Probably. There are werewolves and mummies. The mummies are just


relaxing. Luke's actual mum just seems to be a mum who tells him to


tidy his room which, to be fair, can be quite scary on its own. You


should have seen it before I cleared it up. Go and tell your friends you


can't stay out tonight, then straight back here to tidy up. And


I'm the one who's supposed to be scary when I'm angry! If you are


thinking that you don't like skeletons and vampires and zombies,


one, Y, two, why, three, the main character, Luke, is a werewolf as


well. Everyone loves werewolves. I dressed up as a werewolf once for


Halloween. I got a road and I just put it on myself. I thought it


looked quite good until everyone thought I was just dressed up as a


rug. An Scream Street, new arrival has moved in in a house down the


road. Luke wants to check it out but his dad isn't so keen. I have no


desire whatsoever to find what manner monster has moved in down the


road. Your son is a werewolf, don't be judging! How can you move into a


place like Scream Street and not think it sounds like it would have


some bees and other things. That is too specific. -- zombies. Nobody in.


Let's go home. The door is open. We may as well go in. Luke and his


mates investigate the haunted house but if you are monster, surely it is


just a house. There is a ghost in there. Is that scary? No, it's just


Jimmy from school. I want my money back if I go to want it has and I'm


not haunted. Scream Street is a good show. I'm not going to scream about


it, though. I would scream about it. It is a good show. I would scream


about it. I'm turning into a rug again. He may be half boy, half


carpet but I love him and I love you too, darling, especially when you


tell us what you like most about CBBC. My favourite CBBC shows are


The Next Step, Blue Peter. I love the drama and I love to dance and I


love Blue Peter because you can win all the badges. I CBBC, especially


Hacker because he's noisy. My favourite show is the Nowhere Boys


because it is unpredictable and brilliant. My favourite character is


Felix. I like Whoops I Missed The Bus because it has Myles, my


favourite character, and it has all the stuff about my favourite TV


shows like the Nowhere Boys. Lovely work. Hi. My favourite show is The


Next Step, are my favourite character is wryly. Superb effort.


You know what you need to do if you want to get your face on the TV like


this lot. Just record a video of you chirping on about CBBC and send it


in. Have you ever wondered where Lauren went? Wonder no more. She has


been building dens for a new CBBC is show.


These are crack team who create extraordinary dream dens. If that


isn't cool, I don't know what is. I've got my hard hat and my T-shirt


and I'm ready for action. Did somebody say they needed an extra


pair of force? Building a Dem? How hard can that be? I've got my very


own dream dens plans and I'm not afraid to use them. I need the


Dengineers to help me. Here, lads, you want to look at the pointing on


this tree. It looks a bit wonky. Cheers. Definitely heard me. Cheers,


yeah. And who organises this team of Dengineers, I hear you ask? It is


only these two. It is Mark and Lauren. I'm very excited. It is a


very busy day. What's going on? It's top secret. Give me a little nugget.


Can we tell them about... What can we expect to see? Dens. There is an


outside dens. All different types of Den. There is an inside Den. All


types of dens that we can't talk about. Enough about your top-secret


dens that you can't talk to me about. I want to talk to you about


my very own dream Den plan. What can you do with this? OK. There could be


a little bit more of it, maybe. It has the milky brew corner. What do


you want? More clients. More stuff. Just more of everything. Thanks for


nothing. All right, boys, keep up the good work. Keep doing whatever


you are doing. Nice work. Here, mate, are these for the skip?


Yeah, Cheers, mate. Lovely. Let's see what else is knocking about.


This brand new series looks like so much fun but I know that all you are


really interested in is seeing the Den all finished and looking pretty.


Well, thanks to our friends at Dengineers, here is my very own


dream dens. I knew that hacker's meat paste wouldn't keep it


together! It's all kicking off in Nowhere Boys


this week. Did anyone else see that weird place? What place? I didn't


see anything. Jake's dad Gary, not the Gary that


we know because he's from another universe, gets a bit confused. Can I


help you? What do you think you're doing? You look familiar. So do you.


What is compensated about the idea of simultaneously existing


indifferent universes? It must be your power manifesting. I should


have warned you. You think? Enough with the lightning. It is responding


to your mood. I'm coming over. Keep calm. Yeah, sure. There's a storm in


my bedroom. Definitely a downside to having water powers. Of all the


types of weather you could have in your room, sunshine, a warm spring


breeze, Ellen gets rain. It is bad luck to open umbrellas indoors. It


would be quite fun having a sunny room, I reckon. I got my drink, got


my sunglasses. This couldn't be better. Sun cream. I forgot the sun


cream. I'm burning. In the end, the not really Gary gets back to his own


universe. Yay! I wonder what other mes would be like in a different


universe. I would like to be a chef. They call me chef Laura. Well,


actually they do is call me Laura but check out the hat. All Laura,


the world's greatest scientist. I have just created the world's


greatest invention. Haven't quite finished yet. I got distracted. Or


like the guys in Nowhere Boys, there could be a Laura out there with


superpowers. That would be cool. How cool is this? Has anyone got an


extinguisher? Anyone? I think I'm best sticking with vlogging Laura.


At least that way I don't have to think about any of the and they're


definitely isn't a rain cloud in my room.


Dick and Tom are back with absolute genius and this week it was all


about space. -- Dick and Dom. Because everyone loves space. OK,


maybe not everyone. Since the dawn of time, Siemens have been obsessed


with the world above our heads. -- us humans have been obsessed.


Especially you, Amelia. Hello. Amelia! In this episode, we met my


new friend and she showed us something pretty cool. Look. An egg.


No. Yeah, it's an egg. It's an astronaut. They've forgotten their


spacecraft and their spacesuit. My egg is going to space! When there is


no air, there is no air pressure to stop the insights from basically


coming out. My egg is going to space! Your inside to start coming


out of basically any hole can find. You vomit and you we yourself and


you do prove yourself as well. This episode taught us some really cool


cosmonaut history. Come on, guys. It is not that hard to say. Let's just


call him SO man. We salute you. You are welcome to come for a mushroom


omelette any time. Are they twins or the same person twice, or just


regular system? I can't work it out. I'm not a rocket surgeon. Something


else I can't work out - how are your pets talking? I'll just watch one


more episode before my nap. What's he up to and that bed? It's not a


bad idea, actually. Looks pretty cosy. I might try that later on


myself. Altogether now... This is the life for me. Just chilling in


front of the box. Where's my butt plug on? He's supposed to be giving


me a mass hard write about now. Cover up my tiny toes, would you?


Always trying to steal the limelight. When is the Next kart


step coming on? News vets on call. It reminds me of the time I went to


the vet. I had a bit of cramp from moving too fast. But now I like to


take things slowly. Does your Fido want his moment of fame? Are your


goldfish desperate for fans? Just recorded 22nd trip of them watching


CBBC and they might start next week's show. Go to the web page to


find out all the info. Imagine what would be like to have all the best


bits of this week's CBBC squeezed into a bottle of goodness. Prepare


for your five a day because it is the best bits. What is your


favourite band from the 1980s? Your favourite pop band? Well, it's


obvious, isn't it. It's black lace. Well, I would like to welcome to the


studio black lace. You kept that quiet! I saw you on Saturday!


# Come and dance every night... # Happy birthday, hacker. The boys


have no idea what is in these boxes. We genuinely don't know what is


going on. Stick your hand in. What is it? Is it fear or fake? They're


moving! That is real! Help me. I don't know what to do. Do


you just sweep it? I add my spirit, girls, but I've never seen anyone


mop like that. It is a bit of a swimming pool appear. There is way


too much water. Back on the other bus, they've also been outmanoeuvred


by a mop. I've never used a mop. I've never needed to. And that's it.


I hope you have a great week and if you are too busy to catch all your


favourite shows, never fear because we


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