Series 2

Series 2

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Alia's College

1. Citizen Khan: Series 2, Alia's College

Mr Khan's day off from being a 'busy' leader is interrupted when Alia fails her exams.

Naani's Day Out

2. Citizen Khan: Series 2, Naani's Day Out

Mr Khan's plans to join the committee are threatened by the arrival of his mother-in-law.

Amjad's Health Check

3. Citizen Khan: Series 2, Amjad's Health Check

Mr Khan wants to go to the mosque to meet the local MP.

Shazia's Gym Visit

5. Citizen Khan: Series 2, Shazia's Gym Visit

Shazia and Amjad are going up in the world; they have got a trial day at an exclusive gym.

The Makeover

6. Citizen Khan: Series 2, The Makeover

Mrs Khan has a makeover and Mr Khan wants a starring role in a video Dave is making.