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This programme contains very strong language and adult humour.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Frankie Boyle!




Hello and welcome to Wynter. I think it's amazing the difference in


Theresa May since she called that election. -- welcome to New World


Order. Before that election she looked formidable, now she looks


like something you would find in the back of a skip at Jim Henson's


workshop. Imagine how badly you have to have messed up if you are a Tory


Prime Minister and it's not safe for you to go to Chelsea. LAUGHTER


Jeremy Corbyn was down at the Grenville disaster hugging people.


Can you imagine what a hug from Theresa May would be like? Like judo


class for depressed sex offenders. It's the DUP, the homophobic DUP


that have propped up this government. I've never understood


the link between homophobia and Christianity. Because who was gayer


than Jesus? Jesus is the gayest character in all of fiction. Even if


you don't think that, he hung about with lepers! Is it really likely


he's going to be squeamish about seeing the two men kissing? What is


the DUP argument? Jesus wouldn't have wanted to see a man with


another man's clock in his hand unless it had fallen off? What if


our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is trying to reattach a leper's clock?


What then? Someone should ask the DUP at a press conference. -- cock.


What if our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ is reattaching a leper's


cock? The public wants answers! OK, let's get on with the show. Joining


me to discuss this week's big topics, please welcome Sara Pascoe


and Katherine Ryan! APPLAUSE


CHEERING Hello. You enjoying having a stable


government? I love it, I love the coalition, I'm on board, it means


after all this time there really is a magic money tree. Because she


found ?1 billion in it. What else is out there? Homophobia. Tonight I be


making two propositions for us to discuss first up, hope is dead. This


is the idea Britain, even though it has avoided a majority Tory


government, is still pretty much doomed. We are still being run by a


Tory party so radically awful its agenda was actually diluted by doing


a deal with a group of right-wing religious fanatics. And we have a


Prime Minister who is just shown she is capable of mishandling a tragedy


so badly she made the Queen seemed down to earth. My favourite bits so


far was when she went to form a government, she been to the Queen,


then she did her speech outside ten Downing St, remember that? She was


standing with her wee husband behind her, a gay Danger Mouse, she's


standing there looking like she's had make-up done by a colour-blind


embalmer. She does the same speech she would have done if she'd won,


then at the end went, right, let's get to work. Like a pilot who just


crashed is playing right into the tarmac standing there as the


survivors crawl free of the wreckage going, hope you enjoyed the flight.


APPLAUSE Joining us to discuss this political


chaos please welcome the poet Benjamin Zephaniah! APPLAUSE


Benjamin, what do you make of it? Strains times, a lot of friends from


abroad when me and say, what's happening in Britain? You're killing


each other, the government has abandoned you. Interesting times.


Great time to write poetry I guess. I haven't written any. But you know,


I can feel it coming, I kind of feel pregnant. This week the


Conservatives announced it finally reached an agreement with the DUP


promising an extra ?1 billion in Northern Ireland. He is the DUP's


ball given showing what a forward thinking Zeitgeist party they are


when questioned about the Northern Irish assembly. Remarkably John


O'Dell and Sinn Fein think they know what Unionists believe and that


reminds me of a story in the Bible about him who bought the gallows for


Mordechai believing the plot would ultimately lead to their downfall. I


think Sinn Fein will recognise the Unionist community know the plot


they are trying to conspire against the DUP to weaken Unionism.


Some people really liked it. They were like, thank God, the Bible,


finally. Some fans of the book. If you followed the DUP at all? Service


have you followed? Once upon a time, it's going to sound crazy, I wanted


to buy a pair of binoculars. I'm into bird-watching. It was the days


before eBay and that kind of stuff. I turned up at the guy's house


outside Manchester, he was a supporter of the DUP. He looked to


me -- he locked me in his house and was telling me how great they are.


You put on this film and there was a demonstration with these DUP people


and there was one black person. And he went, see, we are supported by


the black community of Northern Ireland. It was scary! Seriously,


they got a billion quid out of it, didn't they? Yeah. They think that's


really interesting, if that had happened in a developing country in


Asia or Africa, it would have been called a bribe. APPLAUSE


Jeremy Corbyn spent the weekend at Glastonbury taking to the Pyramid


stage, he is the rousing moment he addressed the crowds. If you can see


that far, look on the wall right over there, that surrounds this


wonderful festival, there is a message on that wall for President


Donald Trump. Build bridges, not walls!


Build bridges, not walls, is the message they wrote on the wall...


LAUGHTER That they built. To keep people out.


Does Jeremy Corbyn make you feel hopeful that hope isn't dead? He


does make me feel hopeful. He's not going to get into power speaking at


Glastonbury, those people already voted for him. If Jeremy Corbyn is


Sirius about he has to go before a cattle auction Melton Mowbray.


There's something so creepy about chanting for a politician,


regardless of who the politician is, I think just like booing a


politician, it feels infantile. I find it creepy, this Glastonbury


thing. We can't talk about the political unrest without addressing


the recent fire that destroyed Grendel Tower. It preventable


tragedy that has left a community feeling abandoned, angry and


frustrated at a system that has let them down. How do we reach a point


where the people of Grenville are left unassisted in the days


following fire? Why don't we have an accurate figure of how many died,


and what does the whole thing tell us about how casually ordinary


peoples deaths are viewed by elites? It was horrifying, the whole thing.


You just see a community abandoned, people going, where are the


services? Where is the state? It's the fact it was avoidable, which is


where anger comes from. It's so huge. Something has to change. When


you see the way that, sorry for going into party politics, the way


Corbyn has received it compared to Theresa May, it shows you how people


feel about the government. Is there something to the predictability of


it, the horror. People say this is going to happen, residents


associations are writing to the council regularly saying, this is


going to be a disaster, and nothing is done about it. I retweeted


something a few days ago. It's from YouTube. It's from 1982. And it is


predicting this fire. There are all these men in suits talking about the


way they have been clad. It's a prediction of this fire. Not of this


particular tower, but it's saying, this is going to happen. In 1982.


I've only just seen it, I drove past it on the way here. The thing I find


really heartening is that people like me, who call ourselves, I call


myself an anarchist, people mock us and say and it is impossible, it


can't work. The government left the people on their own at a time when


they were most needed and the people just went, right, you organise this,


you organise that, we've got that church hall, you do this, you do


that, that is real anarchy in action. It shows you people can work


together when they really need to. And we should just do it more often,


we shouldn't wait until there are tragedies and disasters like this.


But we think being democratic is voting every four or five years.


That's not being political, not being democratic, that is being


apathetic. It's time to become an revolutionary, it doesn't mean


violent, just taking control of our lives, not just when there is a


disaster happening. APPLAUSE What we think is going on with the


body count? I think if you look at any building that has a lot of


people, how can you count everybody? You can't just can't buy the


resident one census, there will be people visiting, staying overnight,


a lot of people apparently ran to the top of the building, so, you


know, they can't find the bodies. David Lammy one of the local MPs is


getting very, rightly, worked up about the lack of a proper body


count. He thinks maybe there is a thing where they wanted to avoid


civil unrest. Maybe it's also because they don't want unrest at a


time when they are trying to re-establish this minority


government. We just don't know. There is that thing where people say


the operation wasn't there, the operation wasn't there to help


people, to rehouse people. But there will be an operation that kicks in


instinctively, to cover up, that is what British society does. It's


almost on the level of a reflex and there will be things like, there


might not be survivors groups on the board of inquest, the firebug raids


union, it'll happen almost as a reflex. I thought it was shocking


the people had to resign from shelter because the people on the


board of the organisation were so closely connected to the people


who'd been building the building. Also the thing about Jeremy Corbyn


getting this warm welcome, the other thing I find dangerous about good


figures and bad figures in politics is, this happened under both


parties. It isn't something new. This is what happens in any


government, they cut corners and the poorest people are the victims. Why


were tower blocks built? They were high-rise slums, to take all these


poor people out, basically slum clearance, those buildings. I think


there is a genuine moral thing, Sir John McDonnell called it social


murder, or whatever the phrase was. I think it's worse. If you murder


someone in a moment of passion that's one thing but if you set up a


whole of circumstances that will probably lead to people dying, and


you let them die like dogs on your windshield, that is a different


level of immorality. APPLAUSE -- let them die like bugs on your


windshield. Anyway, we're going to look at some of the coverage around


it. Theresa May's handling of the situation has been widely


criticised. She eventually returned to meet local residents, here is raw


footage capturing the strong reaction of the crowd as she left.


Theresa May, you can criticise her for being the kind of face of kind


of non-compassionate capitalism every time I look at her, I just


want to give her a massage. She has this way of leaning forward. You


know, she needs a bit of yoga, she needs to straighten up, she needs a


shoulder rub. I want to take her to my saloon. Do you have a mass arch


saloon? Yes I do, yeah. She's a bit like an angle poise lamp or


something. It's strange, leaning Tower of chorizo. You know what I


think? Theresa May, the more we use her, we blame her, her name, she


will go, they will blame her as aback by Minister, but if the


Tories, party of people, you have to remember, it's all of them, not her.


I can't massage all of them. The media has also been questioned over


its coverage of Granville tower, so obviously frustrated with the


mainstream media, some residents refused to be pigeonholed by the


coverage, as this force will interview demonstrates. What do I


want to happen? A revolution in this country, I say fuck the media, fuck


the mainstream, you don't deserve to be there. We should be campaigning


not to govern, but the BBC, who act as mouthpieces for this corrupt


government. People need a revolution this country. If it was any other


country there would have been a revolution. We see how the


mainstream media has was and reacted, what this election has done


is show people are immune, wearing bullet-proof vests to you, the other


media owners, Rupert Murdoch. You understand what I'm saying? You are


a bunch of motherfuckers. It is a slight thing where you


almost feel like the mainstream media is like an app that hasn't


been upgraded. Wandering round like a dad in a teenager's bedroom when


they are forming a band, what is going on here? You are showing this


on the BBC, the mouthpiece of the mainstream media! We need to


interview those people more often, you know? For these people, it is


raw emotion. It was very humane, acknowledging that he was shouting


in his face. He had me at motherfuckers. It was interesting to


see how that clip was captioned online, Grenfell Tower scary guy


gets heavy with media. Someone that is traumatised, passionate,


emotional is called scary. That is just the internet, and I am not


defending this, but if you write articular and mandates grade point,


no-one will watch! -- articulate man makes great point. It is important


that we keep asking questions, but for now we will move on from the


Grenfell Tower tragedy, as Kensington and Chelsea Council wish


everybody would. Let's go back to the DUP pricks. For many people, the


deal epitomises the death of hope in our political system, but is it


really dead? Yes. LAUGHTER


Don't get me wrong, the Democratic Unionist Party and I share many of


the same interests and concerns - religion, sodomy, money, and telling


women what to do with their bodies. During the election, Tim Farron, to


its credit, brought sodomy kicking and screaming back into modern


political discourse, but it is the DUP which is put sodomy back on the


table where it belongs. It is entirely appropriate that we still


obsess about 4000 -year-old moral codes. It is all very well humans


faffing about building quantum computers and colonising Mars, we


need to be thinking about what we put in our bottoms. Of course, we


have a very slight, almost imperceptible difference in our view


of sodomy. The DUP eight sodomy, whereas Ifab game love it. --


whereas I fucking love it. Like a really hot curry, you know you are


going to end up with a burning arsehole, but what else are you


going to spend 20 quid on on a Friday night? Thanks to Benjamin!


Brexit will be Christmas for racists.


LAUGHTER People said after the Brexit vote


that British people don't trust expert anymore. I don't think that


is the problem, I think the British people have strong opinions based on


fuck all. And why there are a lot of perfectly valid reasons to want to


leave the EU, the people who are most empowered by the result are,


let's be honest, racists. I certainly hope it is not a hard


Brexit, because that means I have got two years left to persuade a


Lithuanian care worker to take my mum with her. I honestly think


Britain is so racist now, and probably Europe is so racist as


well, that the best hope for refugees, sadly, is that they become


aquatic, actually develop gills and start to live in the sea. Hipsters


will take a gap year to go one swim with the refugees. Have you swam


with the refugees yet? It's absolutely magical. You can feed


them fish, but it is better if you teach them how to fish.




Joining us to discuss what Brexit really means, please welcome Dane


Baptiste! APPLAUSE


What's up? Are you a fan Brexit? I kind of


feel, as a black guy in the UK post-Brexit, it is like being Jeff


Goldblum in Jurassic Park. You told everybody what was going to happen,


and instead of the dinosaurs, we will have a shared storm, you are


being alarmist! England is so racist, are you serious, man?! So I


am not massively worried, apart from not having the E1-11 card that gives


you free health car after you go to the Mediterranean and write off a


moped. Debating the rights of EU nationals in Britain, as opposed to


British expats, are we going to give up French serve and so we can get


people who are on the run in Malaga? -- French surgeons. People whose


skill set is basically karaoke and running a sports bar into


bankruptcy? Normally an Irish sports car, which is ironic, given that


historically black people like Man United have been public and amenable


one, then the Irish and the Jews, they had an illustrious history,


like Liverpool, and the Muslim community, Arabs and Asians, are


like Man City, they have done really well in the last decade, but it is


all due to oil money, so probably still public enemy number one.


Christmas Day for racists, it depends if you have a nice family -


I hate Christmas! Yes, with a terrible family, Christmas for


racists is just Christmas. I have always found family to be overrated,


do you not think? That thing you get in menus, family run restaurant? Who


cares?! Everybody involved in the chain that brings lasagne to my


table is locked in a bitter dispute about then these's abortion? --


their knees's abortion? Last week, the negotiations finally began with


May no longer supported by a Conservative majority, but are the


negotiations going badly? Let's sea of we can guess from Theresa May's


body language as she was filmed exiting the first round of talks.


LAUGHTER That looks like the end of First


Dates! Maybe it is an act, she gets into the car and stakes on Magic FM,


lovely day! So with David Davis and his crack team of negotiators, we


should be getting our message across to the EU, here is president of the


European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker giving an update. Are you


getting an idea of the Brexit that the UK wants? No.


APPLAUSE None us know what is going on with


anything! I have a mobile phone contract that


is 89 pages long, I don't know how much of my soul is owned by EE, why


should Brexit be any different?! So multiple election loser Nigel


Farage, as in any situation, is keen to paint insult as the real victim.


When Gina Miller forced the Government to hold a vote one


Article 50, she received a torrent of racial abuse. Here Nigel Farage


questions her claims. She said jihad received abuse for what he had done


because she is black. That says it all, doesn't it? Says it all. And


yet that gets broadcast, and again we are all meant to think that is


true. Can you imagine the media portraying a story that I had been


unfairly treated because of who I am? I went to a public school and I


am white, do you think they would run that?! I do feel sympathy for


elites, getting sent to boarding schools, brought up in these


labyrinths of mahogany panelling that they have to navigate using a


dinner gong. That is what that is for, so they can find their family,


that is why they all end up working in Westminster, they'll subliminally


attached to the noise of Big Ben. At one point they had a black Ukip


member, which we know is an oxymoron. When they are dealing with


accusations of racism, I am not racist, I have got a black friend. I


wondered about that, like the black guy in the BNP, what are you doing,


putting dog shit through your own letterbox?! It is a very ironic


tactic used by racists, shit through the letterbox, show them they are


monkeys, we will shit in our hands! At some point, doesn't somebody say,


like white power and everything, but I am carrying shit? Channel 4 were


keen to investigate the complexity surrounding Brexit in the only way


they knew how, by recommissioning Wife Swap. We need to shut our


borders to stop people coming over that are not contributing. But the


people here did not come in because of the EU. You have got facts, I


haven't, you have got statistics, I am not minded as you well. This is


coming from the heart, yeah? I feel like I am a stranger in my own


country. This used to be a really wide area, didn't it? Oh! They have


been saying this for years, racism is like grime, it went underground,


the real fans stuck with it online, I was always racist, I am back!


There are people, and I am a white person, I will admit it... About


time, Sara! I am always really wary of trying to find positives in


things where it is not my place to make a proper judgment, and some


people say racism has always been there, now at least, if people are


more boucle, we can deal with those areas, but is that another way of


white people excusing them? I think that most people agree with it, we


have evolved past just relying on racial rhetoric and verbal racism,


like I have done gigs where after somebody has been, can I buy you a


drink? I have got a mate, he is coloured. Some people might find


that uncomfortable, but he is offering me to buy a drink. We have


got to the point where I can tell by a look. What is the look?


LAUGHTER Now, when it comes to Brexit, many


will have voted for it with the best intentions, but at the same time we


have to be honest about what it has delivered, all sorts of nasty


political parties have felt more legitimised. But first is a far


right movement created by former members of the BNP. Take a look at


this babbling rant from their leader. I cannot even go out and


get... He is saying that he once the


animals to be killed with a bolt gun, as God intended. I like the


idea that when they get the money from the chicken tikka, ?8, will you


put it towards terrorism? No, they weren't halal chickens. So the BNP


also try but often fail to present themselves as morally sound


individuals, as a dumbfounded Jo Coburn discovered on the Daily


Politics was questioning their leader, Adam Walker. One of your


policies is zero-tolerance for drug dealers and violent thugs, yet you


were given a six-month suspended sentence in 2012 after verbally


abusing three young schoolchildren, chasing them in your 4x4, and then


slashing the tyres of their bikes with a knife, and you were a


schoolteacher at the time. If that is not thuggish behaviour, what is?


It was described as a rush of blood to the head, and I apologised at the


time. He was like a more likeable John Terry. May be more teacher


should be chasing pupils in 4x4 is, right? It depends what he was


teaching them, if it was PE, that is OK. You have got to run, we don't


feel like it, we will see about that! But if he was doing food tech,


get your carry... Is that halal chicken?! So, yes, Brexit will be


Christmas for racists. A proper Christmas where all the shops are


shut, because there aren't any Muslims who don't care about


Christmas to work in them. But it will be a bittersweet Christmas,


Santa will need a visa, so instead all your presence will be


hand-delivered, thrown through your window by a red faced Tommy


Robinson, spending the 24th of December trying to find the


non-halal turkey. Norway will no longer give us a big Christmas tree


for Trafalgar Square. In its place, we will drape tinsel around a giant


pile of homeless people, like a festive special of I, Daniel Blake.


Theresa May has made a mess of Brexit negotiations, dealing with


them with the finesse of a demented pensioner haggling with a antics


expert on Cash In The Attic. . Ed Balls was quoted this week as saying


Theresa May has lost all credibility. This is from the man


who wore a chiffon glittered pantsuit whilst straddling a Russian


woman's phase two Gangnam Style on national TV and then danced like a


wardrobe having a brain haemorrhage. Well, that is the end of the show,


thanks to my guests! APPLAUSE


I had achieved everything before I was 22.


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