12/07/2011 Crimewatch Update


The Crimewatch team presents updates on recently featured cases.

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Hello and welcome back. Hundreds of you have been calling in to help


tonight. Before we update you on what's happened, let's remind you


of our first appeal. The brutal killing of 15-year-old Negus


McClean. Run! Run! Run! You must think you're brave. Telling his


brother to run is him. He - that is just him. He wouldn't have thought


twice about himself. He would have thought about protecting his


brother. You can't do this to me, wake up, man! Negus, wake up,


please. I need you. It is a terrible thing to have inside your


head to think that is how your child died. I have no words to


express how it feels to hear, "Your son is dead." DCI Stephen Clayman


and his team are here. So often these gang-related killings are


surrounded in a vail of silence, but not tonight? No, we have had a


fantastic response - veil of silence, but not tonight? No, we


have had a fantastic response. There is an important message here,


people are phoning in and providing us with the information that we


need. Which means you are not alone. Anyone who calls in, they are not


on their own. People have been calling in with names now?


Absolutely. This is information that we can take forward and we


will be visiting and taking those enquiries further. Discretion and


anonymity guaranteed. Matthew? Now to the terrifying burglary at


the Derbyshire home of 66-year-old businesswoman Audrey Charles. In


February she was upstairs when a knife-wielding attacker burst in on


On the day of the burglary, I went into the bank to draw �4,500 out


for our drivers' wages. I got back from Bakewell and decided it would


do some paperwork. It was only the sense that someone is behind you


that made me turn round. Give me the money! As he went to get the


�300, I got past him. I could hear his footsteps coming behind me. NN


DC Derek Ellis is here. What's come in? We have had an interesting call


with a name that we are looking at. So you are excited about that?


There seemed to be a lot of inside knowledge? The wages were paid


locally that day and Mr Charles, Mrs Charles' son was away from the


address that day and somebody has local knowledge. An astonishing


amount of violence? Absolutely. She was pushed down her own stairs. She


was punched in the face and he also tried to tie her up. Some good


stuff coming in on the CCTV. The Barking train driver assault. Eight


calls, same name has been mentioned twice which sounds very encouraging.


Another attack over in Liverpool. Here we go, another man unconscious


with a single blow. Three calls, one text and two calls naming the


same person there. Good response. It's 25 years since 16-year-old


Elaine Doyle was murdered yards from her family home in Greenock.


Her parents are very elderly and they are in poor health. They are


still desperate to find out who killed their daughter.


The only way to describe Elaine is a happy teenager. Nothing was too


much bother for her. She liked She was quite entitled to walk home


safely. Without getting attacked and murdered. When I seen the


police activity, I knew it was Elaine. I said, "How bad has the


girl been hurt?" The policeman said, "The woman's dead." We knew it was


Elaine. DC Willie Brandon is here with his team from Strathclyde


Police. How have the calls gone for you? Over 40 calls so far. Several


new names. And one name has come up on more than one occasion. That is


very interesting. We should remind people - advances in DNA make a big


difference to this case. Explain why? They do. It gives us the


facility to eliminate the innocent very quickly and with the minimum


of intrusion. For that reason, if anyone has any suspicion at all,


please lift the phone and get in touch. Over to Matthew.


Now, earlier, we showed you these dreadful images taken of a 20-year-


old woman called Laura who was found severely beaten in an


alleyway in Rochdale. With me is DI Melani Linton. Very good calls, but


what I need to know is who that nightdress belongs to. I am keen to


trace the person who handed in the bank card. You need to trace all


her other possessions. Anything on the man seen on the CCTV? Not as


yet. We need to know what happened in that alleyway. This was a brutal


attack so somebody must know something and we would urge people


to call us. Good luck with that. Now, remember this extraordinary


collection of jewellery worth �1 million? DC Andrea Smith is here.


Good calls? Good calls, very interesting calls. Not surprisingly


about the ten carat ring that we spoke about and even about the


Rolex and the Chopard watches. We have had a call saying some of the


jewellery may belong to Sharon Osbourne. It wasn't her that


called? No, it wasn't. If people do call in, they can go to the website


but also if they call you, they will have to give some information


about why they think it is theirs? Of course. We are looking for


confirmation so we can confirm the prom nance -- provenance of this


jewellery. Sharon, we want details. Rav?


We have some good stuff coming in on the faces. Nathan Alan Lucas


wanted for the triple rape. We have had calls, texts and e-mails on him.


This is Gary Wayne Burke, wanted for large scale drug supply. Lots


of calls coming in on him with some current locations. If you come down


to six, Christopher Ian Edwards - really strong sighting on him.


Thank you to everyone that got in touch.


That is everything for now. The phone lines will be open until


midnight tomorrow night. The number is 0500 600 600. Don't forget the


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