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Detectives from across the UK appeal for help in solving some of the UK's biggest cases. They want to know who killed a retired farmer in a botched Cambridgeshire robbery.

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Tonight. Don't move, don't scream. The gang who burst into


neighbouring homes, terrorising two mothers and their children.


Sit down and shut up. There is to way to describe how scared you are


when you think somebody might do something to your kids. They bound


and threatened a heavily pregnant young mother before moving next


door, they attacked a 15-year-old with a machete as he tried to


defend his mum. Now it is your Hello, and welcome to Crimewatch.


We will have that unbelievable raid on a heavily pregnant woman and her


neighbours in just a moment. First a quick look at tonight's other


appeals. We are coming live from a studio packed with detectives, all


hoping that you can help solve their cases. Including the officer


leading the British review into the disappearance of Madeline McCann.


We will have the very latest on the hunt for Madeline, who on Thursday


will have been missing for five years.


Officers from Cambridgeshire are here too, they want to know who it


was that brutally murdered a retired farmer in an appalling


attack. It happened just a few days I think this is a burglary gone


wrong. This was a savage attack.


Hey, what are you doing in my house, this is my bedroom.


And Martin is back with more Wanted Faces.


Tonight we have people wanted for kidnap, rape and arson, as well as


incredible CCTV. This guy lost the plot because he didn't have the


right change for the bus. Officers also need your help to


track down the rapist who attacked a teenage girl in South-East London.


I just carried on walking, then I heard footsteps behind me.


J where are you going love? I felt scared and I had to do what he was


saying. Awful, and Matthew is here with the


chilling story of how the police caught a sadistic murderer. Sweeney


is thought to have murdered and dismembered at least two of his


girlfriends, hiding clues to crimes in his lurid art work. They


primarily depicted women being dismembered. There were references


to girlfriends of his. We ask ourself a simple question, what are


the chances of him having two girlfriend who is by accident are


killed by someone else. When you put together the art work and the


poetry we had, our conclusion was that he was obvious low the prime


suspect. And also tonight, the two raids on


museums in recent weeks, targeting incredibly rare and beautiful


Chinese art facts, they are worth millions. Can you name the suspects.


They were caught on CCTV. But we begin tonight with that


shocking raid on two neighbouring homes in the village of Wollerton


in Shropshire, it happened a month ago during the Easter holidays. I


should warn you that the gang responsible subjected the two


mothers and their children to truly appalling levels of violence.


Don't, I'm pregnant. We know you have a safe. Please don't hurt me.


Some nights when you close your eyes things come back.


Visions, images, mainly the knife. Nothing really feels real. This is


Wollerton, a small village in shrorpshire, and this country lane


leads to the secluded houses of two young families. But just before


Easter, their peaceful lives were shattered when a gang of armed men


burst into not just one, but both of their homes.


We moved into the house in 2009, six weeks after my first son was


born. We chose to move to this place it is nice and quiet and a


good place to bring up the kids. This is where we will bring the


second child up, who is due any day. For the family the morning of April


5th started like any other. husband got up and got ready and


went off to work as normal at 8.00am. Bye dad. But Victoria,


eight months pregnant, had no idea she was being watched.


I got myself and my son ready, we were going off round to my mother's,


we were just about ready to leave when the dog started barking. I


thought, maybe somebody at the door. Don't move! Don't scream. Please


don't hurt me, I'm pregnant. are they, mummy. It's all right, me


and mummy are playing a little game. Where is your money. I haven't got


any money. You have a safe, don't lie? They kept asking me for a safe.


And I haven't got a safe, but I was so scared that if they didn't find


a safe, they would hurt me, thinking there was one. It was


terrifying. You have got safe, don't lie. Tie her up. I was


thinking I'm carrying a baby and I have to keep calm, I could have


gone into labour. Sit down and shut up, hands behind your back, now,


closer! Have you got a phone? sat down and he actually put his


hands on my stomach to feel if there was anything in my pockets. I


have never felt so sick in all my life. There was actually a cheque


left on the side in the kitchen, when they looked at it they started


asking lots of questions about who I was. What's your name? Ratherham.


I I didn't understand why, it dawned on me that maybe they


weren't looking for Mo. We're out of here. But the men weren't going


far, having taken all of the phones, they left Victoria tied up in the


nursery and headed for the house next door.


Kathryn Burton's husband had already left for work. It was


school holidays, their teenage daughter and 11-month-old baby were


still in bed. Their 15-year-old son, Williamson, was in his room.


-- Will, was in his room. (knocking and banging on door) Open this door


now. I'm not joking. Get away. do it.


Police or ambulance. (screaming,) Get here now. Where's


the money. There's no money. I don't know what you are talking


about, there is no safe. There is no safe, don't lie. Terrified and


bleeding heavily, she was too dazed to take in what happened next, as


her son, Will, desperately tried to help her. Get back.


Get here. Get him. Where is the safe? I don't know.


Taking just mobile phones and two laptops, the gang drove off in the


family's Land Rover Discovery. Alerted by the attempts 999 call,


police arrived minutes after the attackers had fled. But it was too


late. The stolen Land Rover was found dumped 300ms down the road,


with its engine still running. Police think this is where the gang


swapped cars. This was a really vicious attack. Unusually, on two


families with very young children. It was a very nasty attack. As you


have seen, Kathryn was hit over the head with a machet year, her son


who came to her assistance was hit with the same machete, was sliced


down to the bone. You believe the premises were being watched?


have good grounds to believe. That on the night before and the morning.


We have witnesses coming forward talking of a silver saloon car in


the area, with up to four men in it, possibly a Volvo S40 model. We


believe that is the gettaway vehicle, it was the dumped 300ms


down the road. It is terrifying beyond belief, it is so scary you


don't realise what's happening until afterwards. It has clearly


had an effect on her, particularly for the first few days, she was


struggling to sleep, she's still quite anxious at home. Very jumpy


if she hears a noise. In my mind there is only one way to cope, that


is to not really believe it's happened F you think of it as a


nightmare, you wake up the next morning and you get on with your


life. And the only way I can deal, personally, with this situation, is


by making myself believe that it never really happened. You don't do


what they did to me and threaten a pregnant woman without having no


conscience at all. They didn't care. And then to think that they


actually went on to hurt a boy, and his mother. It is just horrendous.


There is just no way to describe how scared you are when you think


somebody might do something to one of your kids. Because you put your


life down to protect them, you really would.


Men with no conscience at all. DCI Alan Edwards from West Mercia


Police joins us now. You have some pretty good e-fits, take us through


them, would you? By releasing the e-fits tonight I'm making a strong


appeal to the criminal community to give these men up. The first two e


mits of of the same man. That is the person who has the -- e-fits is


of the same man, the person who has the machete, I believe he's in


charge of the group. The second one is the man with the bat during the


attack. They are pretty clear pictures. You are very interested


in this silver saloon car that we saw. Tell us more. The silver


saloon car was seen the night before and on the morning. I need


to find out where that car is. We are told it is possibly a Volvo S40,


maybe a 03 or 04 plated war. I need to know where that car is. You have


a map of the local area, point out the possibilities of where the


attackers went? They have gone out of the village and north towards


Ternhill. The main attacker had a Merseyside accent, I believe they


have gone towards Liverpool. saw that there, a truly harrowing


experience for these families, and their children. That gang clearly


needs to be caught before they do it again. If you can help I would


urge you to call us now. The number is below.


The first now of tonight's Wanted Faces. We start with 36-year-old


John Walker, he's wanted with conspiracy to supply cocaine and


the possession of two shotguns, he was convicted in his absence and


faces a sentence of 15 years. He also uses the name, James Head, has


a scar on his upper lip and his links to Spain and nor way.


Next is Jermaine Lewis, police want to speak to the 33-year-old over an


assault, during which a woman was pistol-whipped, he also uses the


name Quincey and Miller, and Brown, he has a gold tooth, scars on his


face and left hand. You can't see it on the photo, his left ear is


disfigured. He has connections across London and is thought to be


dangerous. If you see him or know where he is, call 999 immediately


This is Carl Ronald Brace, the 43- year-old is wanted after being


found with 10,000 ecstacy tablets in a car park, he failed to turn up


at court and was convicted in his absence, and sentenced to four


years in prison. He has links in London but detectives think he


could be in Spain. For now we have 29-year-old Wayne


Jackson. Police want to speak to him about a few things, including


absconding from prison and five burglaries. Jackson who has a


Liverpudlian accent and the name L- E-A-H tattooed on his arm, has


connectioned with Manchester. All of the faces are on the website.


Get in touch on the addresses and numbers below.


Just a few days before Christmas, the body of 76-year-old Llywelyn


Thomas was found at his home in Chittering in Cambridgeshire. The


retired farmer had suffered a sustained and brutal attack at the


hands of intruders. Tonight police need your help to find his killers.


I was approaching the house, and I saw lots of blue flashing lights.


As I got closer still I saw there was lots of tape around the house.


I knew something dreadful had Get off me, get off me.


Get out. What are you doing? No! 13 years


ago, 76-year-old Llywelyn Thomas moved from South Wales to


Chittering, here in rural Cambridgeshire. After a lifetime of


hard work, the retired farmer wanted to spend more time with his


son Richard, but on the 17th of December last year, Llywelyn was


brutally murdered in his own home, in what police believe was a


burglary gone horribly wrong. My father was always smiling. If


you met him in a room full of people, you wouldn't necessarily


mark him out as being excessively loud or chatty or anything, but the


extraordinary thing was, he was always someone that you remembered.


He was a happy man. Yes, he was my father, but I would


have chosen him as my friend. But we spent so much time and had so


many shared interests. Llywelyn spent the afternoon of


Saturday 17th of December at home, while his son, Richard, attempted


to repair his car. I got this last Christmas!


Later that evening, Llywelyn settled in front of the television,


Richard left the house at around 7.00pm. Right dad, I'm off now,


hope your numbers come up. See you tomorrow then.


At 7.50pm, Llywelyn received a telephone call from a friend.


it's you. The call ended at 9.24pm.


That was to be the last time anyone heard from him. We don't know


exactly what happened next, but police think the intruders arrived


at the property some time after that phone call ended. The house is


situated beside the A10 and is difficult to reach on foot, it is


likely the intruders arrived by car. Detectives which the robbers may


have knocked on the door before blagging their way into the house.


Can I help you? Sorry to bother you, our car has overheetd, we need


water for the radiator. It is a bit late. Where is the kitchen. It is


over there, don't take too long, all right.


Once in -- once inside one of the intruders might have distracted


Llywelyn while the other one went through the house. What is certain


is he suffered a vicious attack in his own bedroom. What are you doing


in here! Get off me you stupid old fool.


What are you doing in here. Ahhh, no.


He was kicked, punched and beaten round the head with a blunt object.


It was a grattuous violent a sault on a defenceless old man. --


assault on a defenceless old man. The killers then stole his car. He


couldn't have chosen a worse gettaway war. The car was stuck in


second gear and made a noise and couldn't go above 30 miles an hour.


They headed south along the A10 towards Milton. Traffic soon began


to build up behind the slow-moving car. At around 10.15pm, a witness


reported seeing at least two vehicles overtaking the Rover.


The car turned off at the A10 towards Milton, where it was


abandoned in Church Lane, some time between 10.15-1.30pm.


It wasn't until a neighbour noticed Llywelyn's door open that they


called the police and the body was discovered. Police believe the


killers may not have set out to commit murder. This is a burglary


that has gone wrong. I believe that Llywelyn probably disturbed the


burglars upstairs in his house, rumaging through his property, or


indeed he was dragged upstairs by the burglars to search his property.


This was the room where he was found. And the levels of violence


here were horrific, weren't they? This was a savage attack upon


Llywelyn. We think he would have been punched in the face, he would


have been struck around the back of the head with a poker or a crowbar,


causing a large fracture. It is almost beyond belief. It is


unbelievable that anybody would use this level of violence towards an


elderly gentleman. Whoever is close to these people


should see what their son, their daughter, their father, their


brother, their friend has done. Because they may have done it


before, they may do it again, and if neither of those is true then


they just need to see what they have done to one gentle old boy.


What a tragedy. DCI George Barr is with us. Mr Thomas was hit many


times, very violently you think with a blunt object, you think this


might be the very thing. We think Llywelyn was struck with a crowbar


or poke, similar to the one you have in your hand. It is missing


from the property and has not been recovered. What else was taken?


Three watches were taken, a Tag Heuer watch a reproduction


Breitling, and a Seiko Bellmatic watch. There is also a small coin


collection missing, I would be interested to hear from anybody who


has been offered those items for sale. Do you think in terms of


witnesses anyone might have seen the gang arrive or leave? That is


possible. We believe Mr Thomas was killed between 9.15 and 10.25pm on


the 17th of December. That was the week before Christmas, the road


would have been busy on that particular night. We think the


offenders would have arrived by car and left. If anyone saw a vehicle


at the property on that night arriving for leaving, please get in


touch with us. You could maybe do with more details on the Rover 75.


You have recovered it, but you need more information surrounding it?


The silver Rover 75, and had a mechanical problem, and couldn't


drive more than 30 miles an hour. The vehicle was seen going towards


Milton, cars were backed up by that vehicle. At least two vehicles


overtook that vehicle, I would be interested to hear from the


motorists driving that night. should tell people there is also a


substantial reward of �50,000 connected to this crime. A terrible


end for a man quietly enjoying his retirement. We urgently need your


help on this case, you saw the amount of violence used. Speak to


George and his colleagues here directly on the number below. Now


it is time for the latest news on some of our previous appeals.


We start with an excellent result in a case we featured in December


2010, 53-year-old Julian Gardner was killed after disturbing a gang


of thieves who had broken into his Sussex farm in October of that year.


Last month seven men from Kent were jailed for a total of 45 years,


after being found guilty of a number of offences in connection


with Mr Gardner's death. Four were convicted of his manslaughter, six


with conspiracy to commit burglary, all seven were found guilty of


conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.


Next news of a case we appealed about in November 2010, 63-year-old


former bookmaker, Don Banfield, went missing from his west London


home in 2001. Despite not finding a body, police were convinced he had


been murdered. Last month his wife, 64-year-old Shirley Banfield, and


his 40-year-old daughter, Lynette, were convicted of his murder. It


was revealed they continued to withdraw his pensions after he was


killed, both were sentenced to life in prison. You may remember this


face from our last programme, he's 26-year-old Kirk Bradley, one of


two men sprung from a prison van in Manchester last July, while on


trial for running a dangerous underworld gang in Liverpool. Days


after our appeal he was arrested by armed police in Amsterdam. Once


back in the UK he face as life sentence, having been convicted --


he faces a life sentence, having been convicted in his absence. An


update from the last programme, we had officers investigating a murder


in Northern Ireland. During the evening they received information


from viewers about a separate murder featured in 2006. That of


73-year-old Norman Moffat, stabbed as he returned from buying his


morning paper in Coleraine in January 2001. Subsequently a man


has been arrested and charged with Mr Mofatt's murder. We will keep


you updated. This is Barrie Williamson, a


prolific burglar, on the Wanted Faces board, after a call to the


police he was arrested and convicted of four burglaries, 39


other offences were taken into consideration. He was sentenced to


seven years in prison. All because that have single vital call.


Time now for new CCTV, starting with a nasty Valentine's Day attack,


there is no love lost here! It's about 1.45am, there is a man in a


white T-shirt and dark top walks across the Bath city centre, he


meets a man and the two appear to argue, the man in white jabbing the


other in a chest, the pair are joined by two other men, the


incident escalates, as the CCTV operator moves in, the man in white


grabs the victim, with his hands in his pockets, round the face, before


punching him. The blow knocked the victim out, and the fall caused a


serious wound to the back of his head. The attacker grabs his arm,


appearing to try to revive him. The man in white hangs around but runs


when security guards turn up. The police want to trace this man, who


was at a local night club. If you know this man, call us tonight.


We are inside a bookies during the early hours of the Monday morning


following the Grand National. The calm and glass is shattered when a


stolen car is reversed straight through the shop front. Three men,


one wielding a crowbar rush in and have a quick look around. They


clearly thought they were odds on for a big payout, but didn't bet on


the shop security system being so sophisticated. They left


emptyhanded. Take a look at the photo finish and become the


bookies' favourite, tell us who they are.


A Friday morning last October at this scrap metal dealers in


Aldershot. A dark green Vauxhall Vectra pulls into the yard behind a


van carrying a load of scrap. A man wearing a balaclava and carrying


what looks like a shotgun, jumps out and runs up to the office. He


shufs a gun into the face of the terrified female cash sheer, she's


forced to hand over the cash box with �25,000. She make as sharp get


away in the car. You can't see his face, but somebody knows who this


gun wielding robber is, use your metal and name him tonight.


More CCTV later, don't forget everything you have seen is on the


website. The teenager raped as she made her way to meet a friend in


the London suburb of Chislehurst is still to come. Knowing he's still


out there is quite scary. It doesn't -- it means he doesn't


think about consequences and how people feel. The fascinating story


of how a killer's art work revealed his obsession with extreme violence.


You draws he draws axes in his art work, the victim sees the act and


is terrorised by it. Those tremenduously rather Chinese


art facts stolen in museum raids. Can you help recover the items and


catch the thieves responsible. Before that, let's interrupt Alan,


hunting the gang that attacked a pregnant woman and neighbours. As


soon as the film stopped the calls are starting. One of the calls I'm


interested is linked offences, we have a police officer coming in


talking about similar offences in the north of England. I'm really


interested in that and moving along at this time. You have e-fits, the


car you were asking for information about, anything on that? We have


had sightings of similar cars, we are chasing those up at the moment.


Again, I must reiterate, I need the criminal community to come forward


and give me those names. This Thursday it will be five years


to the day since Madeline McCann went missing, as I'm sure you know.


She was nearly four when she disappeared from the Portuguese


parliamentary party where she was on holiday with her familiar --


apartment where she was on holiday with her family.


The Metropolitan Police began a review of the case that happened in


May last year. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood is leading


the inquiry. I know your time is precious, you have a lot of work to


do. Can you remind us where the investigation is right now? We are


currently compiling information from three sources, Portuguese and


UK law enforcements and private investigations, some 4,000 parts.


My Portuguese counterparts and I agree that Madeline McCann was


taken as part of a criminal act, and there is hope she is still


alive. That picture of Madeline is seared into the public


consciousness, but you have done something significant, giving us an


indication of what Madeline would look like now, tell us more.


Carefully prepared collaberatively with the parents by a UK expert,


this is Madeline as nine years old. Look carefully at this image, if


you know where Madeline McCann is, or have information about what has


happened to her, make the call this evening. We have a lot of people


watching, anybody in particular you are appealing to tonight? Yes, if


you were in Praia da Luz, particularly around the area of the


Ocean Club Mark Warner facilities, in April and May 2007, in residence


or on holiday and you haven't spoken to the police before, or you


think you have any information you think will drive the review on,


please make the call. No matter how small that might be. Next week


Madeline should have been celebrating her ninth birthday, she


should have been doing that with her family. If you have any


information to help the team find out what has happened to Madeline,


call the number. You can call the special incident room or the normal


number. If you are abroad, and you need to call in, it is the number


below. Time now for more Wanted Faces.


First is Kurt Quinn, police want to speak to him in connection with an


arson attack on his former employer's farm last year. An


elderly woman was asleep inside the house when a barn attached to it


was set alight. 42-year-old Quinn has links to Stockport, but may


well have moved out of the area. Next is Rasol Zana Mohammed, but he


goes by a number of other names, including Hazem Abdullah and Daman


Ibrahimi. Detectives want to speak to the 28-


year-old about a rape which happened in Telford in December


2003. Mohammed has links to Wolverhampton, Kent and Yorkshire.


James William Mullane, police want to speak to the 50-year-old in


connection with the supply of cannabis, with a street value of


more than �200,000. Mullane, who is also known to use the first name


Simon, will go to great lengths to avoid being arrested and is known


to be violent. If you see him call 999 immediately, don't approach him.


Finally is Terrence James Cross, who also uses the name Terrence


Ugbomah. Officers want to speak to him about an incident which


happened in Manchester last April, during which a 16-year-old boy was


kidnapped and held against his will. 39-year-old Cross has links to


Salford but could be in Ireland. Call the numbers below.


We really need your help to catch the rapist who attacked a young


teenage girl in South-East London last July. She was on her way to


meet a friend. When she was grabbed by a stranger. You will hear the


victim and her mother describe what happened in this film. Their voices


have been changed to protect their I was just really scared and didn't


know what to do. It is always at the back of my mind


Late one night in July last year, two teenage girls arranged to meet


by this pond in the centre of the London suburb of Chislehurst, their


plan was to keep safe by walking home together. But in a terrible


turn of events, one of them would My mum took me shopping, bought me


a few tops and treated me to shoes and jeans, just felt like treating


me for the day. We had managed to spend lots of money. We had fun, we


had a God day, which actually tired me out -- a good day, which


actually tired me out. She had arranged to go to her friends, I


offered her a lift. She kissed me goodbye, and said she


would speak to me later. Have a great evening. Thank you very much


for earlier. Don't forget to text. She was looking forward to going


out and meeting up with her mates, she was specifically going to


babysit as well. After baby-sitting, I rang my other friend and decided


to go find them. I decided to take the quickest route, I was looking


around my surroundings, I saw a car parked.


I just carried on walking, I didn't think anything of it. I was walking


a bit further down the road, down the hill, and a man approached me


and asked me if I knew where Sundayridg e park, I told him I


didn't know where it was, exactly but I knew the 341 bus went there.


He said thanks, and he walked off the opposite direction. I carried


on walking towards Chislehurst. I just thought it was normal,


asking me for directions, just didn't think anything of it at the


time. My friend rang me to tell me she was by the pond in Chislehurst,


and that is where she wanted me to meet her. So I carried on walking,


I got quite far down, I looked to my left and saw the same car and


the same man looking in the boot, looking for something.


I just carried on walking, then I heard footsteps behind me. Where


are you going love. Going to meet my friends, see if her OK. Yeah,


get in the bushes. I felt quite scared and just that I


had to do what he was saying. He was quite like aggressive in how he


was saying things, then I just felt I had to go along with it.


attacker raped his young victim here, in this wooded area, just off


the main road. Afterwards, in a bizarre show of concern, he offered


to get money from his car, so she could have her clothes cleaned.


How old are you? 15. Look I'm sorry. Do you need some money. I've only


got a �50. I'll go and get some change for you. All right. I don't


need money. Shush. I didn't know what to do, I waited


there for a couple of minutes, I realised he didn't come back, so it


was my chance to go. And then I just ran down the road. There was a


car, because I saw it was women in there, I thought it would be OK,


then I found out it was my friend's mum, I felt really relieved, just


happy that she was there. If you have any idea who did this, you


need to pick up the phone. We have the offender's DNA profile, now we


need a name to match it to. Every day I think about it, 100-


times a day. I just broke my heart, because I


think this is no way to start her grown-up years. Shush. Knowing that


he's still out there is quite scary, and thinking about how it could


happen to other people. Because he's obvious low quite aggressive.


And doesn't really think about consequences, and how people feel.


DCI Wilkinson from the Met is with us. This young girl has been


through a lot. In spite of that she has given you an excellent


description of this man? We are looking for a male aged five foot 1


inches, in his 20s, hair blonde, medium length, and flicked at the


front and short at the sides. about what he was wearing, she gave


you a clear description on that? was wearing a dark-buttoned round-


neck top, beige chino trousers and beige shoes. He did this sort of


odd reaching out to her, offering her money to clean her clothes?


offered to give her �50, that is an unusual denomination of notes to


carry round. We think that could be a clue in finding out who this man


is, he offered to get change from his car. What about the car, I


think this is a pretty distinctive car she has given a description of.


She's sure it is a Chevrolet Cruz Saloon, she saw it at Woodknoll


Drive and then shortly before she was attacked in Prince Imperial


Road, in the junction between Wilderness Road. You said you have


the DNA? Yes, that means anybody will be eliminated from this


investigation. Come forward, a dreadful thing happened to this


young girl, you can help catch the man who did this. If you have been


a victim of crime call Victim Support on the line below.


More V-chip TV now We know how annoying it is not to


have the right change for the bus. This is taking things a bit too far.


It is a Friday morning in March, on board the number 29 bus in Camden


Road North London. A man in a red shirt and dark jacket gets on, but


he doesn't have the right fare. When he realises, the would-be


passenger becomes just a little angry. He starts a fight with the


safety screen and threatens the driver, before getting off. But


he's not done yet. He rips the bus's wing mirror off and gets back


on doord, slamming it against the screen, terrifying the driver. This


behaviour terminates here. Who is Mr Angry.


Inside a new agents in Buckinghamshire, on a Monday


afternoon last August. The shopkeeper is confronted by a man


with a stocking over his face, waving what looks like a handgun.


He might look the part, but this robber doesn't realise the tights


on his head are see through. He soon loses his nerve, fleeing


emptyhanded. Name this master of disguise tonight.


When it comes to sophisticated outfits, these bright sparks have


done a little better. They look like a gang of workmen going about


their normal business, but something's not right. This is the


Olympic site in Stratford in London last October, and it is the early


hours of the morning. And rather than working, these guys are


thieving. After using an angle grinder, they break into containers


full of valuable tools, and even nick a generator. Working together


to shift it, talk about Team GB. The cost of their early morning


crime spree totalled more than �14,000, make it a personal best


and name these Olympic meddlers tonight.


Remember all the CCTV stays on-line until they are caught.


Now to a case that we have featured several times on Crimewatch over


the years. Liverpudlian John Sweeney was a carpenter and artist,


working his way around Britain and Europe for decades. Take a closer


look at his paintings, which reveal a shocking truth, that he was also


a deranged killer, who murdered at least two of his girlfriends,


before dismembering their bodies. He likes to have power and control


over women. And the ultimate form of power and control is to take


their lives. All of the art works and poetry that he did, everything


seemed to centre around knives and axes. John Sweeney was a


controlling and violent man, who foreyears moved from one volatile


relation -- for years moved from one volatile relationship to


another. He murdered and mutilated women in more than one country,


dumping their bodies in canals. For years he got away with it. With


only his lurid art work providing a true picture of his terrible crimes.


In the 1980s, Sweeney was in a relationship with former American


model Melissa Halstead, they travelled all over Europe together


for many years. Melissa obviously loved Sweeney, it was reciprocated


by him. She was trying to establish herself as a fashion photographer,


because he lived some what a Bohemian lifestyle, a lot of women


would have been attracted to that, he was well travelled, you can see


why Melissa and other women would have been attracted to him.


Melissa soon fell in love with Sweeney, but it wasn't long before


his controlling and violent side was exposed.


There was certainly three occasions when he was convicted of assaulting


Melissa, and between 1987 and 1988, on each occasion that he was


actually convicted of assaulting Melissa, he would plead forgiveness


to her, she, unfortunately took him back.


Although she hardly spoke to her family in America, Melissa would


always call home on her mother's birthday. Hi mom, it is Melissa, I


called to wish you a happy birthday, have a great time and take care of


yourself. That answer phone message in 1989 would be the last time her


family ever heard from her. Then in 1990 a woman's body was


found in a canal in Rotterdam, the victim had been brutally killed,


and her head and feet removed. Making identification almost


impossible. The Dutch had obviously started an


investigation having found those remains in 1990, in Rotterdam. It


was as a result of inquiries that they did, trawling through missing


persons inquiries, their investigation came to a halt.


Within a couple of months of that investigation starting up, it was


wound down, and concluded, because they didn't have any lines of


inquiry. By then the one man who did know the identity of the victim


had moved back to London. Sweeney had begun a new


relationship with an Australian nurse, Delia Barma. And once again,


he soon became violent. Delia, yet again, I would have described her


as a vulnerable individual, he had actually attacked her in her home.


You women just lie all the time, I'm sick of it, do you hear me. I'm


sick of it. At the time he had actually threatened to kill her, it


was only through her screams that a neighbour heard and came to her


assistance. He's upstairs, he's trying to kill me.


Following the attack on Delia, they found a hold-all that contained


ropes and a knife and other items. Although Sweeney was arrested for


the attack on Delia, he was released on bail. Free again, he


hunted her down. You didn't expect to see me did you Delia.


The frenzied attack with an axe almost killed her, she was only


saved by a neighbour, who caught off Sweeney with a baseball bat,


knowing the game was up, he went on the run. He had inflicted that many


injuries on her, she had the tips of her fingers removed, and a


pubgtturd lung, and it is only luck she wasn't killed. I'm sure if she


was, she would have been another victim, for a better word. Delia


told us that he had confessed to her that he had killed an American


girlfriend of his by the name of Melissa. And that he had disposed


of the remains some time back in the early 1990s. Sweeney still


wanted for the brutal attack on Delia Barma, had, by 2001, been on


the run for eight years. But it was then, that two boys, fishing on the


Regent's Canal in London made a gruesome new discovery. It was


another body, just like the one in Rotterdam, had its head, arms and


legs se verd. The taurpaulen -- tarpaulin marks


the site where the police found human remains. The victim was Paula


Fields, a mother of three, originally from Liverpool. From an


early stage we thought we had the prime suspect for that prime, and


that suspect was John Sweeney. They both came from Liverpool and both


had a relationship. But they had different lifestyles and ultimately


Sweeney thought she was more of a nuisance than a help to him. Months


after the discovery of the body, Sweeney's eight years on the run


finally came to an end, he was arrested at a south London building


site and his violent and murderous past was soon unravelled by


detectives. When Sweeney was arrested, two loaded firearms were


recovered, along with a lot of artwork and poetry. They primarily


depicted women being dismembered. They were references to girlfriend


of his, in particular Delia and Melissa. There was one that


depicted that said "good night Vienna". We understand what that


means, there was another poem that said "poor Melissa, chopped her up


in bits, and feed to the fishes". The artwork is clearly


autobiograical, there are dates and places in the artwork, there are


weapons that he has used in the artwork as well as people he has


had a relationship with. I think some of the artwork also reveals


issues about other victim that is may be out there. Also look


particularly at the axe, he draws axes repeatedly in his artwork. It


is something about axes and knives, rather than guns, that he would


have access to. The victim would be touched by him holding the axe, the


victim would see it and be terrorised by it. At around this


time Dutch police re-opened the case of the body found in Rotterdam,


as part of a wider review of unsolved murders. When they tested


against Melissa's DNA, it was a perfect match. Officers were


convinced that Sweeney had to be responsible for killing both


Melissa and Paula. When you look at the circumstances


surrounding Melissa being found, and we are obviously then aware


that Paula Fields, who was also in a relationship with him, we ask


ourselves a simple question, what are the chances of him having two


girlfriends who are by accident killed by someone else. When you


put together the artwork and poetry we had, our conclusion was that he


was obviously the prime suspect. found torsos, but we have not found


the heads, the hands, the feet in some occasions. Clearly those body


parts held a greater psychological significance for Sweeney. He very


clearly disposed of those body parts, so they wouldn't be found.


It is a way of expressing his dominance, his control, his power


over those victims, even though they are dead.


Despite the circumstantial evidence of Sweeney having close


relationships with both women, and the lurid artwork, hinting at their


murders, Sweeney denied everything. No comment. During the trial, the


court was shown some of his macarbre artwork, the prosecution


were convinced it revealed Sweeney's true state of mind, and


disposed his demonic thirst for violence. It worked, the jury found


him guilty of killing Melissa and Paula. He will never be released.


It was a challenging investigation, when we didn't have the pro-verbal


smoking gun in terms of forensic issues. When you put together the


documentary artwork and poetry he had done, you could say in essence


that was a confession, and ultimately resulted in him being


convicted. He will never be released? No, he


was given a whole life sentence, the judge said the murders, the


mutilation, the fact that many of the body parts have never been


recovered, all added greatly to the distress of the families. He will


never get out, Sweeney will die in prison. I remember the night the


Dutch detectives came here to appeal. They came here, and the


next day Scotland Yard detectives went there to do an appeal. Despite


the murders being in different countries, they optd in the end for


one trial. That is unusual, prosecutors used a law from 1861,


from the Offences against the Persons Act, which allows the UK


national to be put on trial for murder anywhere in the world in


this country. That was crucial, they could say to the jury what are


the chances of a person's partner being murdered and dismeasured -


dismembered and that to happen him twice. They are searching for other


girlfriends and psychologists think it is highly likely as do the


police. Just over two weeks ago a gang


broke into Cambridge University's Fitzwilliam Museum, they stole


incredibly valuable Chinese antiquity, some dating back to the


14th century. Tonight detectives are urgently asking for your help


to recover them. This sounds like it was a very


well-planned burglary? Yes, the Fitzwilliam university museum in


Cambridge houses several major collections, some of these items


were amongst the finest. It is 7.30pm on Friday 13th of April, a


gang managed to force its way into the museum. Once inside they stole


a number of items from the glass cabinets and left within minutes.


I'm confident that this was targeted as the offenders clearly


knew what they were looking for. Take us through briefly some of


these very, very beautiful as well as valuable items? There were 18


items in total stolen. It is impossible to put an absolute value


in them, it runs into the millions. Some of the items stolen were from


the mink dynasty, six of them -- ming dynasty, six of them from


there. You have a carved horse, a green and brown elephant and a Jade


buffalo, these items may have already been offered for sale


internationally or may be in the UK. Look's look at the CCTV, what are


we looking at? Four males approaching the back of the museum,


around the time of the burglary. I'm confident that somebody knows


these people. I would ask them to contact us to identify them. Also


the van, briefly? The van was captured on CCTV in the lane at the


back of the museum, 7.30pm, the vehicle was stolen from London. I


would ask anybody who knows where it is now to get in touch with us.


People can take a closer look on the website.


Astonishingly only a few weeks before that, another similar


burglary took place, this time it was at Durham University, where


round about �2 million worth of Chinese art facts were stolen. The


thieves cut a hole in the wall to get in. Thankfully the stolen items


have already been recovered. Durham Police are not linking the raid to


the one at the Fitzwilliam Museum, they have released an image of the


man they want to trace in connection with the Durham theft.


He's Justin Oliver Clarke, believed to be in the West Midlands area. If


you can help call on the number. Now it is last quick update on what


has come in on the phones. We have had some excellent


information come through, let's start with the violent attack in


Wollerton in Shropshire, 30 calls coming through, excellent


information on the silver Volvo, detectives want to pin things down


to the e-fits. In Bath the violent attack, we have names, we need the


man in the photograph to get in contact. That is all we have time


for, don't forget that awful tonight's reconstructions and


wanted faces and CCTV stay on-line until they are caught. The phone


Detectives from across the UK appeal for help in solving some of the UK's biggest cases. They want to know who killed a retired farmer in a botched Cambridgeshire robbery, and whether you can help reunite half a million pounds' worth of stolen Asian wedding gold with its rightful owners. Plus, the inside story of how police caught the murderer John Sweeney, whose lurid artwork contained hidden clues to his shocking crimes.

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