26/09/2016 Crimewatch


Investigations, news and appeals. Featuring a special report into the alarming number of sexual assaults on university students during fresher's week.

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The mystery murder victim revealed. Once we get to the name, we can work


on who'd be responsible and why would they want to have killed him.


The pensioner beaten to death at his home. And sex attacks on students.


Live from the heart of North Wales, this is Crimewatch.


Good evening and welcome to the last in this series of Crimewatch.


Tonight, we're coming to you live from stunning Llyn Brenig


Just across the water from here, the remains


But first, Tina Daheley is here with what else


These officers are ready for your calls on our latest


We also need to know who fatally stabbed teenager Andrew Oteng-Owusu


Plus, we'll have the story of how detectives caught a sadistic


murderer targeting people at random in the Essex town of Colchester.


Two young people have been brutally murdered within the same town. The


first murder was incredibly unusual for Colchester. To have a second


murder in less than three months was extraordinary. You can feel the


sense of fear within the local community.


In November last year, two brothers, camping in the woods just behind me,


The body had been there for sometime, but it was clear


Detectives began to build a picture of who this might be and,


just last month, had a major breakthrough.


Each year, the stunning, rugged landscape of North Wales,


plays host to motor sport event- Wales Rally GB.


In November, as it approached the south of Conwy, two brothers


I have been going to the rally every year probably


Big rally fans, I'd only been a couple of times


when I was younger, so I came up to watch it with him.


So we came into the woods to find somewhere suitable


to have a little fire, just to have a few beers.


Mark went off to find some firewood for the fire and found something.


Walked about 10 to 15 yards away from my brother,


And on closer inspection, realised they were human remains.


We received a call to say that two brothers had made a discovery of


what they believed to be human remains. We sent local officers to


make an assessment. They concluded that it was part of a human body. We


had to set a strategy to ensure that we maximised all available forensic


recovery from this location. It was a painstaking examination. The body


was fully decomposed. Over a period of two weeks, we managed to find and


recover almost the full skeletal remains of an adult male.


The injuries to the body were seen as suspicious.


The male suffered significant head trauma.


We believed that this person had been killed, but we didn't know


who this person was, why the victim may had been killed


and who was responsible for the killing.


They began building a picture of the victim.


The postmortem gave us a lot of clues. He was beyond 54 years of age


at the time of death. But probably in his 60s. He was between 5'8" and


5'10" in height. He had previously had a broken nose. He had suffered


from arthritis and would have had a problem with his spine that would


have caused him limited mobility in as much as there was some fusion of


the spine. Detectives also turned to forensic


odontologist Dr John Rosie for help. The first thing that was apparent


were that all the posterior Now that, to me, indicated that that


person wasn't particularly dentally aware in his younger years,


and then all of a sudden, the penny has dropped


because his pre molar teeth have got some very extensive crown work,


root canal work and filling work Now the style of the dentistry


is typical of dentistry that was done in the 90s,


00s possibly late 80s. This description also appears


in dental journals in the hope that it will jog a dentist's memory


about work he has completed. Two items of badly decomposed


clothing were also Fragments from a jumper


and what appeared to be the label We found two items that may be


connected to the body. We were able to identify the label emanated from


a pair of Marks Spencer men's underwear informed in 1999. We know


the textile was from a Principlingle jump -- Prigle jumper manufactured


from 2000 to 2004. It was groan in colour and size extra large.


Detectives worked tirelessly to find the identity of the victim


but were still missing a vital piece of the jigsaw.


They turned to a leading forensic artist.


North Wales police contacted us because they wanted a facial


depiction to be produced in the hope it would lead to identification. We


look at the skull and from the shape and size of the skull and the


position and degree of the muscle attachments, we predict the shape of


the muscles and from the shape of the muscles, we predict the shape of


the face. We take measurements and assess the teeth to tell us about


the lips. We look at the sides and base of the skull to tell us about


the ears. We look at the orbits to tell us about the eyes. We can


slowly build the skull into the facial appearance of the living


individual. This face is quite a strong male face, quite deep-set


eyes. Although the nose has been previously broken, looks quite


straight. Because of the loss of a large number of teeth, he would have


had quite sunkle cheeks. The details that were uncertain -- that we're


uncertain of are those things we can't tell from looking at the


bones, so skin colour exactly, eye colour, hair colour. He hasn't got


an incredibly characteristic face. He hasn't got a massive nose or a


cleft chin, but hopefully the overall appearance should spark


something, if somebody knew him, they may be able to recognise


something in there. This is going to be really significant. There will be


a loved one, friends, family that may recognise this person. Once we


get to the name, we can work on why did this person become a victim, who


would be responsible for that and why would they want to have killed


him. Just a bit sad, you know, that he's been here for that long and


people have been driving past, probably daily, and not realised


he's here. It's not easy, I'm reminded about it every day. I think


about it pretty much every day, that someone's lost their life up here.


It had to be us that found him. We'll take a look at how you can


help in just a moment, but first, I went to look round the crime scene


itself, just across the reservoir from here, on the Denbigh Moors


with Detective Superintendent Iestyn They were camping just up there?


They were indeed. 100 yards up this track. The rally was about 300 yards


that way? As the crow flies, about 300 yards, yes. These two brothers


come into the forest here looking for fire wood? They enter this part


of the forest and one of the brothers came to this location to


collect some wood and it was at this very point that the skull was found,


covered in moss and undergrowth, clearly been here for some time. So


the skull was here. And you found other remains. We did indeed. We


conducted an examination that took about two to three weeks. We


recovered, from this location, more or less, the full skeleton remains


of a male. We cut away a lot of the trees. It was quite dense and quite


a challenging examination. But you found it? We did.


It's remarkable that you've rebuilt a face from the bones. Yes, this is


significant for our investigation. We've managed to get full facial


reconstruction of the man. We've got three images today: The first is the


man who he would have looked in his 50s. A further two images of how the


man would look in his 60s and 70s. At this time, I can't be certain of


the age. It's extraordinary to see those on the screen there. This area


is very remote. We've been here all day today. How do you think the


victim came to be here. And crucially, when? I think he was


killed elsewhere. This is a deposition site. We know that area


of forest was planted in 1985. It's our belief that body would have been


deposited at that location some time between 1995 and 2005. That's based


on the tree growth and also the dexrogs of the body. --


decomposition. You have a full DNA profile of the victim. Yes,


significant for ourselves a full DNA profile. Unfortunately it doesn't


match anyone on the national database. I would ask for anyone who


thinks they may recognise this person to contact us and give us the


name so we can progress the investigation. Because the key thing


is first, you identify him, then you identify the person who killed him.


Indeed, that's really important for us. I ask for people from the


medical profession to get in touch with us. We've discussed the spinal


damage to the body and also the previous fractured. There might be


someone from the dental profession who might recognise their own work


here. Ultimately, this is someone's loved one. I need to find out who


this person is so that my investigation can progress.


Let's take one more look at the image.


If you have any idea who he might be, please call us:


Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.


The numbers will be on screen throughout the programme.


Time now for our CCTV roundup, and we've got some particularly


brazen lawbreakers tonight, so keep your eyes peeled.


A man in a hat and glasses enters a newly repushish hotel in Watford. He


bypasses reception and heads straight for the rooms. It seems


like he can't find the right level. He starts on the third floor and


goes down to second. What's he up to? The man creeps down the


corridor, maybe he's found what he's been searching for. If you look


closely, you can see he's holding a bottle. But it's not water in there.


He starts a fire outside one of the rooms. He runs away, but his sense


of direction fails him again and he ends up in the basement. When all


the guests head for the exit, lo and behold, he's finally found his way


out. But this time, without his hat and glasses. This could have been


really serious, but thankfully, no-one was hurt. Take a good look at


him again, someone must know who he is.


A man is walking with a 15-year-old boy. The man started following him


on eastbury road Watford. As they approach Bushey train station. The


man asks if the boy will engage in oral sex. When the boy declines, the


man tries to keep their interaction light hearted by offering his hand


for a high five. As the boy obliges, the man touches him inappropriately.


The man leaves the station, looking back in the direction of the boy. Do


you recognise him? Look closely at this one, it happens rather quickly.


A man is walking home when he's accosted by a man with a black


handgun. According to police, the victim is forced down an alleyway


and made to hand over his rucksack and a case containing musical


equipment. Take a look again. Police believe this is the same man seen 15


minutes earlier refuelling an R plate blank Honda CRV. Police also


believe it's the same vehicle that drove past during the robbery. If


you've seen the car or the guy with the gun, get in touch.


Take a look at these men in this pub footage from Sherborne, Dorset, they


approach a member of staff in the garden and start to ask about


bed-and-breakfast. Whilst one acts like a decoy the other heads inside


and starts searching the staff only areas of the premises. He has a look


around but someone disturbs him and he hides around the corner. When the


coast is clear he tries again, he goes behind the bar and attempts to


open a safe. And this isn't the first time that the pair have tried


to burgle a boozer. You can see them earlier that day in a Warminster


watering hole. They manage to break-in in the early hours of the


morning and steal from the till. An hour after that they are at it


again, at a pub in Stanford, whilst customers are eating breakfast. One


of them uses a tall to nab ace said, they have taken thousands of pounds


which don't belong to them, we need your help to call time on these two.


-- they use a tool to open a safe. Call or text if you can name


anyone we've just shown. Texts will be charged


at your standard message rate. And remember you can follow


all of the developments during the programme on our live


updates web page. The small rural hamlet of Badenscoth


in Aberdeenshire is another very It's where 67-year-old


Brian McKandie called home and where his life was brutally


ended six months ago. Tonight, his brother Bill asks why


anyone would want to harm someone who lived such


a seemingly simple life. This is Badenscoth on the outskirts


of Rothienorman, 30 minutes For 65 years it had been


Brian McKandie's home. He'd lived there almost


all his life. But his semi-detached house


is now a crime scene. No longer a home, but the sight


of a murder investigation. And we came to live in Badenscoth


there about 1951 and he lived We all left home and Brian was left


to stay with his mother After his mother passed away,


Brian ran a small business He was always on hand to fix cars


or do odd jobs for people. His life was cars, he'd just fix


cars, people come from as far away as Aberdeen and St Petershead,


because word of mouth. They said that guy does a good job,


and he was always busy. On Friday the 11th of March Brian


left home to go to Turriff, These are the last known CCTV images


of Brian capturing him in the town's Bank of Scotland


branch that morning. Detectives know he made


it home around 1pm. The next day Saturday


the 12th of March some When they couldn't get an answer


they called the police. They forced entry and found


Brian's body inside, We just can't put our finger


on the reason for it happening. There seems to be no


apparent reason. Well, it's not easy to move on,


sometime in the day you always think Brian's murder shocked


the entire community. They cannot understand why such


a quiet and unassuming Detectives believe


the answers lie locally. Over the last six months they have


appealed extensively for information, stopping hundreds


of cars outside his home. Is there somebody


going to come forward? We might get a bit of information


sometime, hopefully. Somebody, somewhere


knows what happened. If they're going to keep a secret


now, it's either come forward and tell the police, or you've got


to keep a secret forever. I'm joined by DCI Iain Smith


from Police Scotland, Brian lived a really


quiet life, so any idea Brian lived nearly his whole


life in Badenscoth. We haven't established a motive for


his death. Which is why


we really need to speak to anyone who was a customer,


friend or acquaintance of Brian There are a couple of people


in particular you're keen to trace? Witnesses report seeing two males


seen speaking to Brian at his home on Friday,


March 11, at about 1.30pm. The first male is described


as being about 30 to 50 years The second male is younger,


possibly 20 to 30 years They had a burgundy


or maroon coloured "boxy" These two males and the car


remain unidentified. And you also asking for information


regarding the weapon? Yes, he'd probably have been


attacked with a heavy weapon. We have not identified


the murder weapon as yet. The offenders' clothing,


would have been blood stained A thorough forensic examination


of the address has revealed some potential evidence, and we are


currently processing that. But you do believe local people may


be able to assist with CCTV? We have the CCTV of Brian


in the bank, but we're also appealing for anyone else with CCTV


footage in the area. Or if you've driven on that stretch


of road we can see now at the time and have dashboard camera footage,


please contact us tonight. Please do call now if you can shed


any light on what happened to Brian. The number again is:


08-085 600 600. Also, you may want to know that


Crimestoppers is offering a ?10,000 Now it's the time of year


when parents nervously pack off their sons and daughters


to university for the first time. For most undergraduates,


these first terms are an exciting But as freshers week begins


for many, we look at the disturbing prevalence of sexual assaults


on students and ask for your help to solve a particularly


horrendous attack on a fresher. Manchester University


is Britain's biggest campus. This month 8,000 new students


are arriving, and like many others all over the country,


it will be their first time It's a time to enjoy themselves


and make new friends, but for some, new-found independence


in an unfamiliar city makes them Something Tahir Nazir,


the so-called University Prowler, took advantage of when he travelled


to towns across the UK last year South Wales Police became involved


after reports he had broken into a student's house and climbed


into one of the beds. A few weeks after the offence


in Cardiff, he committed We then looked at the CCTV footage


and we could see that he was entering into the premises


and literally trying doors and just trying his luck and going


into the rooms looking for girls. I genuinely believe


that he was predatory in his behaviour, knowing


that there would be far more students around, unfamiliar


with their surroundings. Tahir Nazir was eventually caught


after sneaking into student accommodation in Manchester,


and in May this year he was found guilty of trespass with intent


to commit a sexual offence, a sexual assault and attempted rape


and was sentenced to While this was a very unusual case,


sexual assault is higher among female students


when compared with other women. In Manchester alone,


109 sexual offences against students Something the university students'


union are desperate to change. I'm the women's


officer at the union. They identified key areas


of the city where they We asked students to pin on a map


the areas of Manchester In terms of street harassment


and being approached, this is definitely an area


that concerns students. It's quite scary to think that


even though there are so many students living here, it's really


not that safe to be coming We wouldn't want to scare people


into thinking they can't go anywhere in Manchester, but at the same time,


I think it's really important that people know areas which are known


to be unsafe or quite daunting To fight back, they organised


a march to take a stand against street violence,


sexual harassment and rape. When we did our Reclaim the City


event, we got a gazebo and lights and we really filled it with noise


and music and made The police are also


keen to play their part in keeping students -


both men and women - safe. We're out tonight to offer


support and guidance. It makes the students feel confident


that we're here to help It's also a large deterrent


for anybody out there that's wanting I think that when they come


into Manchester, it's such a big city, it's getting their bearings,


knowing their route from pub to club and their route


home is very important. All we'd ask them to do


is plan their night, have a great time, but plan


where they're going at If they feel vulnerable or that


they're being followed or they're at risk, there's plenty of points


and stores around But for one student


this wasn't enough. Even though she shared a licenced


taxi home with a friend. We have changed the identity


of her and her mother I didn't want her going away,


but I was really proud of her. And then she got the results


that she needed and she couldn't wait to get out, it was like she had


the world at her feet. Amy had just started university


in Liverpool and was On 28th September last year she left


a bar with a friend and jumped in a taxi


with a man they didn't know. After her friend was dropped off


? she was left alone This person was touching my leg


and stuff and I was sort of shying him off, moving


to the side and this person was trying to kiss me


and I was like, "no". Amy left the taxi, but as you can


see from this CCTV the man stayed with her before finally


pulling her into an alleyway I just sort of remember


when it was happening, he was like grabbing my mouth


and telling me to be quiet It's kind of like you get to a point


when you give up trying to fight because you know there's no point,


it's going to happen anyway. She phoned me and as soon


as I answered I knew before she even spoke I knew


it was the worst thing You never want any parent to get


a call like that. She flagged a taxi down and I said


give the taxi man your phone. And I explained to him,


look she's just been raped can you please just


get her to the hospital. For him to think that he could get


away with it, I don't know. I just think there needs to be some


kind of justice. I just want all girls and boys out


there doing fresher's week You do not know who's going to be


climbing into that taxi, just be aware and never think it


won't happen to you because that's Well, you can find more


about the case of the student raped on the Wirral,


we featured in that The man in a taxi has not been


identified. Take a look online and see if you can help. There is also


an interview with a male rape charity.


As well as details of organisations which offer support and advice.


Also, it's worth knowing that victims of any crime can


A mother's appeal for help after she found her teenage son


I opened the door and I saw you lying down in a pool of blood and


all he can say to me, mummy I can't breathe.


Detectives want to question him in connection to a fight between two


groups of men outside a nightclub in which two people were stabbed


Gibbs is 20 and has friends and family in South London


He was arrested by detectives in Leicestershire investigating


He was released on police bail, but has failed to return


Uddin works as a faith healer and spiritual advisor.


He speaks little English and sometimes wears glasses.


He has links to Leicester, Mansfield and London.


Face number three is this man Cory James Baptiste.


He was due to appear in court charged with a number of sex


offences against teenage children, but didn't turn up.


Baptiste is 24 and has links to Wickford and Purfleet


in Essex, but it's believed he may now be in Europe.


He could also be working as a teacher.


Finally, for now, this is Lee Avery, although he also calls


He was jailed for five years for robbery and assault


and released early on licence, But he's failed to stick


to the conditions of his release and is now wanted back in prison.


Avery is 24 and has links to London, in particular Islington


He has a number of scars on his face.


If you know where any of tonight's other faces might be


please do get in touch using the numbers on screen.


We'll go through the rest of the line up a little later.


You may remember our investigation last week


Well, sadly we now need your help to solve yet


19-year-old Andrew Oteng-Owusu, who was a fulltime career for his


mother, was stabbed a stone's throw away from his front door in East


London last month. He died the following day.


Joining me now is Detective Inspector Tom Dahri who's


Tell us what we know about the night Andrew was attacked.


It was late in the evening of Wednesday, August 3, when Andrew


left his flat, which he shares with his mother in Sharratt Street, New


Cross. We believe he was attacked at around


11:35pm and was stabbed twice. He's staggered down this close here.


The attack happened where that van is and he's got back to this


communal doors, climb four flights of stairs to where his flat is and


along the corridor, the landing, to where he's banged on the front door


and collapsed outside where his mother's found him. Andrew was a


fulltime career to his mum, Tina, who suffered from diabetes. She's


obviously devastated by his death. Andrew was, he was a very nice young


man - humble, polite. He's very helpful. Not just to me, but to the


community. He's everything to me, because we've been together since he


was born, so I don't know what to say... I don't know. I don't know.


If they catch them, it will not bring Andrew back, but I want them


to get caught because they won't go out and do it to somebody else.


What can people do to help you catch his killer or killers?


Andrew was stabbed on the corner of Lovelinch Close


It's a stone's throw from his house. There is a playground on the


right-hand side, which had five witnesses. We know that the


witnesses shouted across to Andrew to see if he was OK. He shouted


back, "No. I'm bleeding." We believe Andrew was in company with a black


male, who appeared to be herding or guiding him back to the flat.


Unfortunately, this male has then peeled off to the left side and


through a gate into hornchurch street. You have some CCTV. Yes, we


have very limited CCTV. However, we got some pieces of witnesses we'd


like to speak to. We have pulled together in this slide here. Show us


what you've got. We have a black male with a beard in a grey


tracksuit who appears in a street near to the murder scene, twice


within a short time frame of leading up to the actual murder. We would


like to speak to this man. In the next shot, we have a cyclist who


comes out at that junction, looks over their shoulder, as though


they've been distracted by something, what did they see? What


did they hear? We'd like to speak to that person as well. This man here


in the stripy top, we'd like to trace him as well. He may hold vital


information, as he was in that area at the time of the murder. It's a


tragic case. Andrew was just murdered at just 19 years of age.


Thank you very much, Tom. Please get in touch using the


numbers on screen if you can help. Let's just catch up now


on new developments Iestyn Davies is investigating


the body found in the woods just Busy on the phones. What's the


latest? It has been very busy. I'm encouraged by the calls we've had in


today. A number of names have been put forward in this case. I'd like


to remind viewers of the facial reconstruction we have in this case.


There's the image. That's the person aged in his 50s. He could be in his


60s or 70s He could. I would like to remind viewers we have a full DNA


profile. Thank you very much indeed. Keep the calls coming.


The Colchester dog walker whose instincts may well


He was standing in the middle of the footbridge. He turned round and


looked at me. I panicked because he didn't look quite right. Turned


straight back out, more into the open. That's when we called the


police. More wanted faces first,


starting with Michael Heron, although he also uses the nickname


Mac or Mic. He was jailed for violent


disorder and released early from prison on licence,


but he's failed to stick to the conditions of his release


and is now wanted back in prison. Heron is 27 and has links


to the Anfield, Bootle He's described as violent, so just


dial 999 if you know where he is. Face number six is this man


Tyrone Scafe, although you may Detectives want to question him


about an attack in South London in which a man suffered a broken


jaw and cheek bones. Scafe is 28 and has a two-inch scar


on the little This is David Wroblewski,


who also uses the first Detectives want to question him


in connection to numerous offences of pick pocketing on buses


across London and also an incident in which a woman


was pushed off a bus. Wroblewski is 33 and


originally from Poland. He has a small mole and a scar


on his left cheek. And finally tonight,


this is Azeez Fasasi, but he may be using


a different name. He was questioned in connection


with two counts of fraud and perverting the course of justice


and released on police bail. But he's failed to return


and is now wanted. Originally from Nigeria,


40-year-old Fasasi now has friends and family in Leicester,


Coventry and Birmingham. He has a number


of scars on his face. If you know where any of the faces


are then get in touch You can find all the details


on our website alongside more people Updates now and detectives leading


the hunt for the male who sexually assaulted two young girls


at Legoland in Windsor, say they've received more than 200


calls as a result of last week's The two six year olds were on a day


out with their families last month when they were assaulted


in the Castaway Camp Officers say viewers have also sent


in videos and photos taken on the day, which could


help the investigation. They're also following up eight


new leads of particular interest. In March last year we featured


the horrific attack He was scarred for life


after being sprayed with acid Earlier this year Ashley Russell was


given an extended sentence and this woman was given eight years. The


detective investigating the case said the Crimewatch appeal was a


significant factor in bringing them to justice. (


And you may remember we featured the shocking sexual assault on a


She was attacked in October 2013 as she made her way home


This man has been jailed for ten years.


Your calls have also helped detectives solve part of a murder


mystery that we featured in December last year.


We asked for your help after human remains were discovered by workmen


Police knew the man had been murdered, but couldn't identify him.


Someone watching the programme recognised the facial reconstruction


we showed as Aivaras Danilevicius and his family was traced


Detectives still need your help, though, in piecing together


Please call if you knew Aivaras or have any information


And you may remember some of these wanted faces,


who are now behind bars, thanks to you.


Alan Smith featured in April last year, wanted for conning vulnerable


victims out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Well, your calls led detectives directly to him and earlier this


year he was jailed for four years and four months.


This man Paul Price was wanted after ?20,000


worth of biscuits were stolen from a factory in South Wales.


In April he was jailed for three years and four months for his part


And finally, this man Daniel Rutter is safely


He appeared as a wanted face on our March programme


after escaping from prison, where he was serving a life sentence


He handed himself in after the programme and will now serve


Thank you so much for all of your crucial calls.


On last week's programme we told you about Essex Police's major


investigation into two seemingly random murders


within the space of three months in Colchester.


With little CCTV and no witnesses, the investigation team


had their work cut out for them to ensure they caught the killer


I took a phone call from the senior investigating officer asking me to


go straight to Colchester because somebody had been killed. There was


a knock on the door. It was two police officers. They came in and


asked me to sit down. All I can remember is basically, scream. I


didn't realise it was actually me. On March 29, 2014, Jim Atfield was


found with more than 100 knife wounds in a park in Colchester,


Essex. Detectives began a tireless hunt for his killer. There was no


clear motive. There wasn't that single piece of evidence. There were


no immediate witnesses who came forward. But three months into the


investigation came more shocking news. The SIO said, "There's been


another murder in Colchester." It was a moment of - have we got


somebody here who's going out killing people? We've had two knife


murders in coal chester in less than three months. It's important that


people don't go out alone in isolated places. On 17th June, this


student was found stabbed to death on a public path. The 31-year-old


from Saudi Arabia was studying at the university of Essex. She was on


her way to the nearby campus when she was attacked. It was clear that


she was the victim of a vicious assault. Two young people have been


brutally murdered within the same town. The first murder of Jim was


incredibly unusual for Colchester. To have a second murder in less than


three months was extraordinary. You can feel the sense of fear in the


local community. People were saying, we're not going to go out on our


own, or at night. Especially the elderly. Very, very, very worried.


It was terrifying. Detectives immediately launched


a second murder enquiry. There was speculation around whether


or not she had been dressed in traditional Muslim wear was a


factor. There was never any evidence that was the case. Again, this


appeared to be a random attack. They began an extensive search the area.


We recovered literally hundreds and hundreds of items. In total, over


14,000 items were submitted for forensic examination. But again, no


murder weapon was found. And detectives had very little to go on.


There were no eyewitness that's had come forward. There was no CCTV that


covered the area. There was some CCTV imagery of her passing a parade


of shops. That image certainly didn't appear to show anybody


following her. It was clearly going to be one of the most demanding


times for our investigative teams in the north of Essex that we'd ever


faced. They found just one


trace of the killer. A very small amount of DNA


was recovered from Nahid's body. That was preserved so that could be


subject to examination Two brutal knife attacks


within three months - but were the deaths of Jim


and Nahid actually connected? Whilst there were similarities,


there was no clear evidence that linked the two murders together


and it was on that basis we deemed the investigations would be


separate but parallel. They began to bring


in people for questioning. We looked at 69 people who had


either committed knife crime in the area or violent offences


or was suffering from significant mental health conditions


that warranted us One of those people was a 15 year


old boy. He had one previous offence for a


knife robbery. He said that he was at home


on his own and he hadn't But in comparison to some


of the other people that we looked at, his offending history combined


with his age, didn't flag any As the investigation progressed,


officers made nationwide We were making significant


public appeals. One in particular was regarding


a dark tan jacket that was described as possibly


Italian designer in style. A number of witnesses described


seeing someone leaving the area wearing a jacket of that type


following Nahid's murder. As they had done with Jim's case,


they turned to Crimewatch. We want to trace a male wearing a


distinctive beige jacket. Despite those repeated appeals


nobody came forward and described who may have been


wearing that jacket. Whilst a number of arrests


were made, a year passed and detectives were no closer


to catching the killer or killers. It was horrible day


to day, a waiting game. Every time the phone rang


and it was my liaison officer it was always, is this is,


have they found somebody? We knew that we were building


a picture but we didn't have that vital piece of evidence even


after many months of tireless work. You sometimes think I don't know


where the answer's going to come from you know, but I always thought


that we would find out who did this. Then, on the 26th of May, 2015,


a dog walker made a call On this particular day


I literally got to about here and I could see the picture


of the back of a man's head. He was standing in the middle


of the footbridge. He has turned round


and looked back at me and obviously I panicked


because he didn't look quite right. There was another lady down


there and we came back together. He was crouching down in the corner


and just stood there staring at us. We literally just got straight out


of there and called the police. When PC Lumis arrived


at the trail he found a young In his pocket he had


a small folding knife That was unusual and clearly PC


Lumis knew that Nahid had been murdered close to that location less


than 12 months previously. He made absolutely the right


decision and arrested that young man for possessing an offensive


weapon in a public place. That young man was taken to custody,


very early on he was making comments claiming that he was responsible


for the murder of Jim Attfield I just thought, is this really it,


is this what we've been waiting for, The teenager in custody was 16 year


old James Fairweather. Suddenly here's a young person in


custody claiming to be responsible. That meant he would have been 15


at the time. The first reaction of many was that


of disbelief, how can somebody so young be responsible


for two brutal attacks. I knew at that point


that his admission alone We conducted a number of searches


at his home address. We did recover a number of items


relating to what appeared to be Detectives also spent many hours


interviewing the teenager. Sitting in an interview room


across the way from someone who's polite but describing such brutal


ferocious attacks was just, He said voices in his head made him


carry out the killings. The voices were talking to me, you


need to make a sacrifice or they will come and get me. It was like


that. I stabbed him first there, invoices were laughing louder and


louder. -- the voices. It was quite chilling to watch


because he was a young man, You had a boy basically telling


you these things that he'd done. He knew details that we hadn't


released to anybody, it was very clear to me very early


on that this was the right person. It was decided there was enough


evidence to charge. The phone call came in and they said


they had charged him and they needed to thank me and if it wasn't for me


they definitely would been looking for another body -


it may have been my body. We didn't think somebody


from our community was capable of carrying out such vicious


and violent assaults. We certainly didn't think it


would be a local teenager. But what had really driven


this young man to commit He was using the voices as a way


of avoiding responsibility What was going through his mind


were the thoughts and intense interest in serial killers,


killing and deviant He had the immaturity of youth


and lack of responsibility which coupled with his callous


unconcern and lack of empathy were a potent mix,


which allowed him to go over from the fantasy,


to actually starting to carry out his


desire to kill people. Whilst awaiting trial,


Fairweather changed his account and denied any involvement


in the murders. But by that time officers had made


a significant forensic breakthrough. The small DNA sample we'd been able


to recover from Nahid's body, the forensic techniques had now


developed to complete a comparison around the DNA sample taken


from Fairweather and that indicated a strong likelihood that the DNA


recovered from Nahid's In January, 17 year


old James Fairweather He pleaded guilty to manslaughter


on the grounds of The prosecution were given a short


amount of time to go away and consider whether or not


they wanted to accept that plea. Our expert formed a very


clear view, though. He wasn't driven by


voices in his head. It was right and proper that we ask


a jury to decide whether or not James Fairweather was sufficiently


in control of his actions They believed he was in


control of his actions And in April, James Fairweather


was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to serve a minimum


of 27 years. There was no emotion when the jury


returned their verdict Until you hear that word,


until you hear them say guilty, The work that everybody out


into this, had all paid off and we were able to give


answers to the families. It was like a big weight had been


lifted, it was like justice is done. It does allow us to a certain degree


to put it behind us It means that Jim can rest


in peace at last. We took in excess


of 3,300 statements. Over 1800 officers and staff worked


across those two investigations. It was on a scale that was out


of the ordinary. And the people of Colchester


and Jim and Nahid's parents know that Fairweather


is going to spend a long An unbelievable case


but justice at least for Jim Though the killer James Fairweather


is in fact appealing against his sentence which ruled


he must serve at least 27 years. We'll find out on Wednesday


whether he is successful. Right, just time before we go


to check in with Tina who has the latest on what's come


in on the phones. It is very busy here tonight. We


have had potential leads and some names for the body that was found


over the water from where we are now. Lots of calls and suggested


names for the identity of this man and I would ask for because to


continue. This is another look at the facial reconstruction. It is


key, three images of the person in their 50s, 60s and 70s, we want the


calls to come in. How has tonight been for the pensioner beaten to


death, any information? Yes, we have had some information. We want more


on the men who accompanied him to the car. You have a reward? Yes, we


do, up to ?20,000. If you know anything that could help, please


pick up the phone and get in touch. Well, that's everything


for now on BBC One and But you can still follow


all of the developments Head there for the latest


from the detectives as they chase Also, do please take another look


at the reconstructions, wanted faces and CCTV which all stay


online after the programme The phone lines stay open


until midnight tomorrow so keep We'll be back in the spring


but for now - thank you so much From everyone here in


North Wales, goodbye. 50 years ago,


they became superstars in astronomy, They represent the most productive


period astronomy has ever had.


Crimewatch presenters Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley are live once again from the location of one of the UK's biggest unsolved cases.

As fresher's week begins there's a special report into the alarming number of sexual assaults on university students.

Plus, the team reveal new developments which might help solve the case of a mysterious body found in woodland.

Also, the conclusion of how detectives caught schoolboy killer, James Fairweather, who was just 15 when he murdered father-of-five James Attfield and 31-year-old student Nahid Almanea in Colchester, Essex.

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