Series 35

Series 35

Magazine for the deaf community highlighting the issues affecting the community.

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Outdoor Pursuits

10. See Hear: Series 35, Outdoor Pursuits

Ian and Larisa are attempting to swim around the Scilly Isles.

Deaf Visual Performance

11. See Hear: Series 35, Deaf Visual Performance

A studio debate with deaf performers Ace Mahbaz, John Wilson and Rebecca-Anne Withey.

Christmas Celebrations

12. See Hear: Series 35, Christmas Celebrations

Clive meets Scott Garthwaite, a world-leading deaf chef, to learn some seasonal recipes.

Review of the Year

13. See Hear: Series 35, Review of the Year

Clive introduces a review of the year in entertainment, sport, politics and deaf rights.

Britain's Oldest Deaf School Closes

14. See Hear: Series 35, Britain's Oldest Deaf School Closes

An investigation into the closure of the Royal School for the Deaf in Margate.

Spring Awakening on Broadway

15. See Hear: Series 35, Spring Awakening on Broadway

The musical performed in American Sign Language that has taken Broadway by storm.