Olympics' Most Amazing Moments

Olympics' Most Amazing Moments

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The Olympics, the greatest show on earth. A sporting carnival of


athleticism and produce wes, Extravaganza of passion. Invented


by the ainshents and sent on mount Olympus, to offer the King of the


Gods. Now at last in its true spiritual home. Stratford, East


London. Join us as we tell the story of the glory that is the


Olympic Games. Tingeel down the spine. Even now it makes you go wow.


The story of the greatest athletes on the earth. He was like a living,


breathing action man. And the odd crazy priest. The most compelling


events ever invented. And jumping over fences. The fitest human


beings in the world. It was just unreal. She was like a machine!


some slightly out of breath ones. Yes coming soon to a television


screen near you, the Olympics minutes, 50 most amazing moments,


welcome to our choice of the very - offer. Let's get under way,


Lieutenant Columbo on the TV Osmonds top of the charts and half


the male population look like geography teachers. It is 1972. In


muepnich it is the mens basketball final, against the USSR. It was


pride at stake and USA had never been beaten. It is like Germany and


England in football. Negotation Russia there was a war brewing,


Russia there was a war brewing, likes the most extreme rivalry.


COMMENTATOR: This could be the winning shot, such pressure on a


young man. COMMENTATOR: Three seconds left of play, and the


United States kept their record. The Yanks won another medal. Let's


all celebrate with a corn dog. COMMENTATOR: The most fantastic


ball finish in the Olympics. Hong on a second. You have officials


making the signal, three on their hands. That's because the USSR


signalled for a time out and it was given eventually. We talked to the


Refs, we like more time please, I will punch you in the head if you


don't give me more time. COMMENTATOR: The rev said three


seconds left to play. What can you do in three seconds. You knew...


Once they've reset the clock again. That the Russians were going to


score. COMMENTATOR: I do not believe it. The Soviet Union scored


and won! COMMENTATOR: Can you believe it is possible. Holy


Kremlin. To lose to the old enemy and in such a controversial fashion


it was major, major scandal. They would have beared it a little bit


more, if it was to any other country, but to the USSR no way.


was the first time the USSR hadn't won the gold medal until basketball


was introduced to the Olympics in was introduced to the Olympics in


1976t shows every second counts. When you think of the countries


that have produced the Olympics fastest men, you think of America.


And Jamaica. But mainly America. As the Games head today Moscow in


19 80 the world was in shock as the USSR along with 65 other nations


forced the athletes to boycott the limbs, because of the invasion in


Afghanistan. It was a dark side. But at least it meant fast


Americans weren't going to be there, and us Brits may have a chance of


winning something. 1980 Olympics were interesting, because the


Americans boycotted it. And they're all traditionally very good for


sprint events. All the Americans and car a beans, none were there.


It was a great expectation. Scotsman, Alan Wells paleest


sprinter, was in with a chance. Before you may say no, he may


scrape fourth or fifth, and all of a sudden there was someone who can


get a medal We were introduced to his shy and retiring wife, Margot


who was in the stands. It appears he is cheered on or married to,


mental. It was perfect, he won the gold. Wells had done it, scareed on


by wife Margot. COMMENTATOR: Alan Wells goes along with the all time


greats. It was the first time a Brit had won the 1 Park Si-Hun


metre final since 1924. Unbelieveable I got a gold medal,


in an event I had less chance in. He is still an Olympic champion,


for a man from Scotland to win the final that's good going. It is his


name on the record books, but he's got it and he's done and deserves


it. He was this incredible diver who won in 198. He was out-and-out


one of the best divers in the world. Yes he was good as he gets. He lost


his head. He misjublged it, and banged his head on the board.


That's got to hurt. This kid's face says it all. Greg Louganis could


not survive, the Olympics was over! Not really. He doesn't do dying, he


does diving and incredibly, he and his sore head went to achieve


Olympic glory Could days later with stitches he wins the gold medal.


How hard core is that. Is there any other athlete who


could come back so quickly from such an injury and win a gold medal.


He is ironman. If I stubed my toe there, I was never there again.


Greg Louganis and head and shoulders above the rest. 1984


Olympic Games, American style. of the free, home of the brave, and


in 1984 host of the greatest ceremony ever seen. A warm welcome


from the citizens of California marked a huge scale of opening


ceremonies, there was dancing girls, a rocket man and dancing pianos.


Rocket man had nothing to do with Olympics at all, it was something


amazingly cool. Just comes out of nowhere and plys around for a bit


and that's him done. He wasn't carrying a bat done or relay, he


was a rocket man on his own. What about a hand holding sing along


with this lady. # We can change things


# If we start giving # Why don't you #


They cut to Paris, French people holding hands. Wind mill in


Rotterdam, holding hands and there was us, in kilts, we might as well


as been eating leaks. If you thought the Opening Ceremony was


dramatic the Closing Ceremony was out of this world. The Closing


Ceremony was a sci-fi spectacular. The love child of Frankenstein in a


stormtrooper had a message for the watching world. I have come a long


way, because I like what I've seen. It wouldn't surprise me if people


watched that and said, the aliens have landed. Hey, babe, you want to


come in here, you never guess what's turned up at the Closing


Ceremony. I salute you. The show that kept on giving. How do you top


that all off, Lionel Richie. # All night long #


. Music Martians and monumental madness, how future games compete.


We have more coming up. When I'm not filming here, I use this place


as a retirement home for old Olympians, it takes a lot of upkeep


but you should think about it. retirement home for golden oldies.


Or silver or bronze. It is not about the winning, it is about the


taking part. Kelly, show me that bronze again you won in Athens. But


Dean, you didn't win that did you. When I sat on the start line for


the Olympics in '92, I was unemployment carpenter, married and


two kids, no money. Chris Boardman was Britain's great hope. In the


four case cycling race, he would need belief for gold. If there was


a gold medal for modesty, he was the man. I didn't believe me,


because that happens to other people, people you see on


television. In the final he was up It was an exhilarating moment for


Britain. But Chris had his wheels firmly on the ground. A lot of


athlete manage to get excited, I used to get scared.


COMMENTATOR: Chris Boardman has Lehmann in his sights. He laughed


him en route to gold. He was unstoppable.


He doesn't just catch him, he overtakes him and on the line he is


ahead. Completely incondeefable. Chris Boardman is going to take the


gold medal to be the Olympic champion. To be last on a velodrome


is unheard of. And how much of a beast he was, and had the guts to


say, I'm not going to win this, I'm going to catch him up and overtake


him. One of the greatest performances I've ever seen...


Chris Boardman is the Olympic champion, what a fantastic displace.


He remained the unflapable modesty. I was aware, but emotionally, not


the euphoria I was expecting. I'm always a glass half sort of person.


Chris Boardman cycling super hero, not that he would let it go to his


head. All American hero, sprint superstar but Olympic inspiration.


In 1988 selves diagnosed with graves disease, a thyroid problem,


that can lead to strokes, and blindness. After receiving


radiation treatment, she was told she was lucky to survive. She could


have lost her feet, she came back, not only fighting the disease but


got herself back to Olympic level fitness. In 1929, 19 months after


unable to stand up. She was back on the starting line for the hundred


metres final. You think an athlete who almost


lost their feet would never come back to the sport. But she had a


fighting spirit in her, who could realistically win a medal. It was


amazing. She overcomes this incredible,


almost terminal illness, comes back to the Olympics and wins a gold


medal. It is a great moment in sport. Deeverdeeverdeever, a


champion and one of life's survivors. Next we have the story


of a man who wasn't satisfied with being the best at one discipline,


he want to be the best at ten. It is known as the toughest event of


them all the decathlon, ten disciplines, each of them more


demanding, challenging and harder than the one that came before. Yes,


thank you Dean. This isn't about you. This is about the other fella,


the one with the moustache. COMMENTATOR: The crowd already


abroading the greatest all-round athlete in the world. At the 1980


Games Daley Thompson stormed to gold in the decathlon. COMMENTATOR:


Thompson the Olympic champion. An icon was born, inspiring our


children in facial hair habits. It was in LA four years later the man


with the tash, that made Hulk Hogan look like a schoolgirl cemented him


on the books. But could his performance match his personality


and allow him to win a second gold and become a legend? Yes!


He's rock n' roll. He was like a living, breathing action man.


Swiss army athleteings he could do everything, he's amazing. Daley


Thompson was a rock star, he was my hero, every boy in the '80s, loved


him. COMMENTATOR: World champion and twice Olympics champion.


There's no-one in the world who can match that record. He didn't making


history and giving the nation one of the greatest Olympic moments,


winning not only the second gold but smashing the world record.


was a great performance, showcaseing the full strength and


agility. Dave could do nothing but make headlines. Whether it was on


the track or podium, whisling the National Anthem, rather than


singing it. He is doing complex harm any. That's his rebellious


side. There's no denying or anyone like Daley Thompson. He was the


best we had, and greatest Olympian ever. He is still rock n' roll,


I've been flat tyre events and he rocks up in a track suit, and


thinks what is he doing, but you know what, he is Daley Thompson, he


The triple jump. One of the select Olympic sports that Britain chooses


to exsell at. Edwards left a marker in the sand when he took the gold


in Sydney in 2000, but in 20004, all eyes were on Phillips Idowu.


He's the only guy he's taken to sport and I thought wow, who is


this player. But it didn't go to plan. COMMENTATOR: He has a red


flag. He is a great athlete who wins medals, on this day, awful.


Everyone can freeze up just before that big moment, I'm sure there's


many men when the big moment is about to happen and he can't rise


to the challenge. We can forgive a single mistake, but two is taking


the Mickey. COMMENTATOR: Now he is in real trouble. He was training


for years, how are you getting this wrong, time after time. He had one


more chance to get it right. COMMENTATOR: Phillips Idowu is out


of the Olympics. Having a complete mayor in front of the stadium, let


alone the rest of the world, it must be pretty difficult to take.


COMMENTATOR: Where do you go from here? Home.


It was more than a bad hair day in Athens, but four years later, he


picked up a silver and maintained So just how will he fare in London


and how will he be styling his hair. When he get the juch and nails it,


he is unbeatable. 2012, he's going to get gold. Don't let us down big


guy. For all the glory of the Olympics, sometimes there are


athletes who do their best, but their best isn't good enough.


can have bucket-loads of determination, but without talent


you're never going to climb on the medal podium. For those athletes,


they may as well have stayed at home. Do you mean Eddie the Eagle.


I mean Eric the eel. Here's ski jumper Eddie in his prime. We love


an underdog. People trying their best but never winning anything.


But in Sydney Aquatic Centre, we were introduced an underdog, who


blew Eddie the Eagle out of the water.


After his two competitors got disqualified for false starts,


extorl Guinea, swimmer found himself the sole swimmer. He only


learnt to swim eighth months before and never got his trunks left in an


Olympic size pool. Eric the Eel was a man, who, essentially could


barely swim. All was going OK, but then someone told him he had to go


back again. First length he gets through it, but on the way back the


guy's knack kered. He is racing no- one, and yet still he almost didn't


finish it. COMMENTATOR: This guy doesn't look like he's going to


make it. I was on the side and I thought I would have to go in and


get him. Slowly and surely the Aussies started getting behind him.


I'm not sure he will make it, this is the Olympics, he has 17,000


people shouting for him. There's a bit at the end, saying please make


it. Let not have the lifeguard in to save you. Jung-Il Byun wins the


stroke. He underdoggyed himself in the slowest time. I'm feeling good.


I am happy. The swimming pool facilities must be very poor. But


you think maybe if there isn't a pool, take advantage of the


hundreds of miles of coastline. the next few years, Eric was keen


to show the world the eel was the real deal but the Government


wouldn't grant him a visa to travel to Athens, four years later. What


do they know. It was one of those things that makes the Olympics


special. Roger Kingdom had a dream. Gabrielle had a dream and I have a


strange recurring dream involving lots of little rabbits.


But at the 1929 Olympics it was a Dream Team that stole the show,


with the USSR basketball db United States basketball team. They were a


team of superstars. These guys were the best players on the planet.


Magic Johnson, Charles Berkeley. Micheal Jordan.


And you had at least another five, huge names in the States. That kind


of team if you assembleed it on a PlayStation, or XBox you would


think you were chaegt. For the first time stars from the NBA were


allowed to compete at the Olympics. Imagine bars clonea 14 played in


the Scottish League, that's how superior they were.


COMMENTATOR: This is exhibition stuff, early on by the United


States. It was the sporting equivalent of Paris Hilton taking


on Stephen Hawking in a Mensa test and the results were inevitable.


COMMENTATOR: United States toying. They an my late everyone. It was


pretty much like the Harlem globe troters every game, they were


It would be ever beat every team by an average of 40 points. It was


ridiculous how easy it was for them. It was men against boys stuff, even


though the boys from tall. Croatia was in the final, with America


scoring 117 en route to victory. Come on, you can't have five top


athletic black guys, against a team of five white gays in Croatia, in a


game which involves running high and juching. You know who is going


to win that. It is all over the result by no means a surprise. A


performance as expected. Magic Johnson and the USSR the Dream Team


Yeah it is mad and insane, but you know what, that's what the Olympics


are, and that's what it takes to be a winner. The light came on and it


was obvious that he had hit me. Exhaugs, it looked like she downed


a bottle of vodka and detached from a hen party somewhere. American


swimmer, Spitz spits wasn't just a King of the pool he had the look.


After all nothing says 70s, God like a Beatles hair cut and tash.


It is the combination of Magnum PI, porn star athlete. That's Spitz


spits. # Daddy cool #


That is the best moustache ever worn. You're talking hundreds of a


second, making the difference between first, second and third, so


you're not going to grow a moustache, which means you could


lose by 1 Park Si-Hunth of a second, or you can't breathe. Sports


technology and water friction study robed your Olympic swimmer of a


good Muzzy. Another world record for the superSwitzerland.


In 1972, Switzerland won all seven events he entered. Breaking a world


record in everyone. He is lightening, seven golds says it all.


He could have swam so much faster, if he put a cap on and shaved off


the beard. COMMENTATOR: Wonder swimmer of Spitz spits. It was


amazing, seven golds and records, it was never going to be beaten.


was, 36 years later, thanks to fellow American, with Michael Fred


Phelps. When a record is broken, you're not cool any more, you have


nothing you have nothing to say. can only judge it in the point in


history. He was the best guy on seven events on that Games. Imagine,


the and the letism needed not just to race against the clock, but


hurdle fences at full pelt as well. It is not eegsy. Explosive power


and timing, it has to be one of the toughest Olympic events of all time.


You're about to show my silver medal... We're not, something


better, something called horse OK it is actually called the modern


pentathlon, invented and based around the five skills a cavalry


officer would need. The events involved are pistol shooting,


fenceing, swimming, running, and last of all, naturally, showjumping.


It is all a bit horses, guns and swords, generally not many things


we can practice. We didn't do pentathlon at our school. It is a


tricky event but gets you have to when it comes to the equest treeian


discipline, as like the individual horse riders, they don't have their


own horse and have to ride a unfamiliar beast. You walk forward


and take the Ping-Pong ball, it has a number, all the horses are lined


up, they have numbers on them. is the ultimate lucky dip, but in


2008, we saw how unlucky pairings We've got four other sports to


train for. We're not spending all that time on a horse.


Yeah that definitely seems to be the case.


I know what event I'm looking forward to at London 012.


Beijing Olympics, OK, was phenomenonal.


As we've seen the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is the precurseor


to the greatest show on earth and it is crucial you do everything as


you can to make it as perfect. The Chinese went above and beyond the


call of duty. 15,000 performers, four billion TV viewers and cost of


$1 Park Si-Hun million. Nothing was left to chance, the world was star


struck, as this girl stole the planet's hearts. Wearing a red


dress and pig tails she charmed the audience with rendition of Ode To


But it wasn't her voice we could hear. The kid they got to sing and


had the Voice Of An Angel didn't look like an angel, so this young


woman was asked to step in a recording booth and sing her


version of the song which was dubbed on to the I aming of a young


girl, which, to be honest looks similar, but she did have straight


teeth. Perhaps we used Brad Pitt in a bores Johnson wig to introduced


Next thing you're saying is the fireworks was CGI'd. They looked


impressive. If it they done a few sly bits, good on them, I want it


on DVD. The Brits can take a leaf out of their books now CGI most of


Hackney, I live there, and it won't look good on camera. No pressure


then. Who was that. Dean Macey, sufd from loads of injuries.


not surprised, driving like that. They never lose their competitive


spirit do they. Athletes will go to great lengths to earn their moment


of glory at the Games and none more so than David Neville who did his


best to secure a bronze in the 4 Park Si-Hun metres in Beijing.


diped really early which meant he was falling through the line.


must feel awful if you're the guy feeling really, that's how you will


beat me, there should be a note saying how I came third. In the day,


he has Olympic third medal, Superman dive or not, he got


through. All that matters he got the third and got bronze. Which


other bronze medalist do you remember. This guy is remembered


for being a bronze medalist, It is 2004 and in the men's sprint


relay the US are red hot favourites. Whereas our boys were rank


outsiders. Team GB given no hope we're going to get our arses kicked,


we're the underdogs. We were making up the numbers. Americans were the


favourites of course they were. Everyone thought, oh it is a done


deal, United States will win it. Running the first leg was Jason


Gardener. Right then was the best changeover we'd ever had. Bang the


baton was gone. I can't tell you the relief for that baton out of my


hand. Next up Darren Campbell to Marlon Devonish. Half way through


the race, we think, we're still in it. Campbell to Devonish to Francis,


it was the perfect race, each pass being better than the other pass,


it was like a beautiful game of football. It came down to the


smallest of margins, of 1 Park Si- Hunth of a second. That's the


difference between winning and losing in the areinyas It was this


baton exchange between Americans the two that cost the favourites.


But Darren Campbell and the boys it must have been the most amazing


moment of their lives. At lantarks the United States gym


nasstx team, came down to the final event an 18-year-old American.


team events was very, very close, for the medal positions. Very


difficult to land. She goes down, she's injured, she's liching with


an ankle injury. Surely she couldn't take a last crucial


decisive juch. Everybody's counting on you, aren't they. You don't want


to let anyone down. It was as close Determined not to let her team-


mates down, she must have the strengthth to go again.


To stand up and go, I want the gold this much that I'm prepared to


maybe cause myself long-term injury, that's pretty incredible. That's


superhuman. That was her big finish. Yeah it is mad and insane, but you


know what, that's what the Olympics are, and that's what it takes to be


a winner. When she lands, she does a weird movement thing like a


toddler, shuffling along the carpet and I don't know if that's


celebration or terribly injured. Following her success she was


carried to the podium by her coach. Boy did they celebrate. Only way


you can ever be excused of doing the dance is you're pissed, you're


in Lanzarote and it is 3am. Magnificent Seven they're doing


impront tue versions of the Mararana.


So in 1988 and things are going rather well. Sthool then, this


happened. American Park Si-Hun hundred and Roy Jones is fighting.


He pummeled him.El He beat him into the ground.


He demolished this guy. He kind of went, bring your face closer and


I'm hitting it. He absolutely hammered him from


pillar to post for three rounds. You're thinking he's won, that's


obvious. In the blue corner.


Everyone knew it, including the guy he fought against it. He looked


embarrassed. He must have said, whatever happens, he's the gold


medalist. Outrageous decision in my opinion.? The aftermath, all three


judges voting against Jones were suspended but Park was allowed to


keep the gold medal. Worse decision I've ever seen. That is a total


farce. It is so hum bring to see ageing


Olympians, ending their lives so serenely. Not all Olympians had


glorious sporting years. Montreal Olympics in 1976 will be


remembered for many things, chaef among them Princess Anne becoming


the only royal competing for Britain when she swapped a tiara


for a hard hat and road one of her mum's horses. 1976 was famous for


an extraordinary case of sabotage as Boris Onischenko took on Jim fox.


Fox told the referee, after Boris Onischenko had hilt him. A light


came on and it was obvious that he had hit me. Dis-Oniskhenko had-the-


it switched, every time he had an opponent he swapped the switch.


the sward if you depress the point how did it work. He had two wires


coming from the handle here, with a little switch, so, when he hit him,


oh yeah, the more times:. All you needed to do is thumb flat.


fact is there's no point in doing all these training, and I will he


be doing this, three hours he was winning points when he was in the


dressing room. It is like a James Bond villain would come up with, to


win the game against Bond, that he has a button in his sword.


Who would have thought the aim is to stab your opponent with a sword


was so dastardly. Someone must have said, dishonest dis-Oniskhenko, I'm


taking the day off. Fox and his team went to win gold. He came a


tax driver. If somebody cheats in the Olympic Games there's no real


point in having them at all. What's the furthest you've ever run?


metres. Can you imagine running for 26 miles? Would I have to jump


fences. No you wouldn't. But even without hurdles, the matter ton can


A true test of stamina, grit and determination, the Marathon is one


of the most testing of disciplines, in 1984, women competed for the


first time too. As it is such an old outdated mind set, males are


big and women do other things. one sumed it up, as Gabriela


Andersen-Schiess. I love the determination to finish, and if you


can get around a Marathon course, good for you, but, she looked like


she'd council a bottle of vodka on the way and was detached from a hen


party somewhere. It looked like she had an imaginary friend that was


trying to get her to leave. Let's comeen, let's go. She's like, no,


no, stop it. Joorks stop it Charlie, I will


finish it. Suffering from heat exhaugs, she took five minutes and


44 gruelling seconds to finish the last 44 metres of the race but


still beat four other runers. Everyone was trying to run in and


save her. Guys in white, going, no. No. But she makes it, and the crowd


gives her an amazing ovation. deserved it, she may not have won


gold but she won our heart and a well deserved lie down. Britain is


rubbish at most things, so if someone is good at what they do, we


love them. In 192 it was Linford Christie, when he wanted to win the


100 metre sprint. It is always the biggest event. It is the one


everyone wants to watch and if you're an athlete it is the one you


want to win. After rein wining his first race at 26, he had taken


silver behind Carl Lewis, but now at 32, Kristy stormed to victory in


9.96 seconds. It was just this air of confidence about him, that you


knew there was going to have to a superhuman effort for him being


first past the line. No-one else had it on that day.


COMMENTATOR: Kristy comes storming through, it is Linford Christie.


remember, he came through the line and the arms were up, the British


flag and the Union Jack. COMMENTATOR: The greatest prize in


sport. That was the big win, the fact we had the fastest man in the


world living in our country. Still to come: Madge stesty. - Majesty.


No-one thought a woman could run 100 metres. Madness, the look on


his face, it is just like. misery.


She's stopping, this makes this an almost impossible situation for


Paula Radcliffe. She really couldn't do it. Cuba is famous for


many things, some popular some not. In the 2008 games it was Taiwan doe,


that made the headlines Angel Matos made the headlines. Angel Matos a


hero of mine, took the law, when the referee of the match ruled


against him. He thought, I could just kind of, accept his decision,


or, I could use my gifts and kick him in the head. He chose that


option. It wasn't the right thing to do. It wasn't going to get him


any more poins but fair place, you're kicking the guy against you,


a guy is having a G kick him, if if anyone disagrees, kick them. Matos


was furious about the rev disqualifying him and the reaction


At the 1988 games in Seoul, a good athlete became a great athlete, as


Jo Jo Jo made - Flo-Jo made her But it wasn't just her newly


manicureed nails that had changed. She came back looking bigger,


better, faster and harder. Times she ran were offer the planet.


200 helped her team win the relay. She's running times which a good


male athlete will run. That's what I try to be practice, try to make


it look relaxed. No-one thought a woman could run the 100 metre at


the time she did, but she did. smashed the records into little


pieces. COMMENTATOR: Greatest women sprinter in all time. She became


plagued of rumours with testosterone. They kept talking


about bizarrely mousse scar she was. You could go in the mens race.


was immensely talented athlete. It is a shame she could have done it


clean, she could have made crazy times. She never failed a drugs


test, but died of heart complications ten years later.


There will be always abquestion mark, but the thing is she's one of


the greatest Olympians ever. Greco- Roman wrestling. It is, Aleksandr


Karelin was looking to win a fourth gold. The only thing scareier than


Aleksandr Karelin is Aleksandr Karelin after you accidentally


pinched his bottom. The only man who stood between the Russian and


another Olympics triumph was Jason Gardener. Karelin had been


undefeated for 13 years, and Gardener was competing in the first


Olympics. People love the underdog, and we


were looking at the American. I'm thinking he's going to get murdered.


Nobody gave him a crack. COMMENTATOR: Karelin the Superman


COMMENTATOR: Karelin the Superman from Russia.


. COMMENTATOR: One point was given to Gardener. He never won anything


before. We thought the Russian guy was going to use him as a toothpick.


COMMENTATOR: He leads by one point to nil. Shock horror, Karelin get


beaten by a man called Rulon - that's a deoat rant, right.


Gardener produced a sensation. He won by a point, fending off Karelin


in the last 30 seconds. The King was dead.


Long live the King. The Olympics is renowned for showing the greatest


athletes of all time but in Athens we were introduced to someone else


entirely. Meet the strange and dangerous, horror. Previously he


turned up in Silverstone and ran in front of the cars. I think, he


thought, well, fast cars, maybe I should go in front of a runer and


small and Brazilian. That's what he did, he wasn't going to miss the


biggest stage, as he chose to ruin the hopes of winning gold in the


Marathon as he led after 22 miles COMMENTATOR: My goodness me, that's


an absolute disgrace. The look on his face, he is just like... Not


only is the most important day of my life, I've been accosted by some


prat. It was all for a worthy cause. I went to Athens to draw the


attention of all mankind to the nearness of the second coming of


Christ. Thanks for the heads up. is a Marathon, he ran so far, he's


trained so much. And then one motheron can screw it up. Amazingly,


he recovered his exposure to finish third. But robing him of the gold


has clearly been on his conscience and he decided how he can repay the


Brazilian for causing him heartache. I would like to go to Brazil and


his tribe and village. I'm not sure you will be welcome,


and steer clear of London 2012 while you're at it. The Beijing


games were watched by over a billion-and-a-half of people.


Olympic teams strived to ensure they fitted into the ancient


customs and traditions. But the Spanish basketball team seemed to


miss that memo. Spanish basketball team posed for a photo, they did a


parody, of an oriental expression. It is racist. What a way to treat


the hosts. Maybe they thought it would endear them. Anything I could


think is maybe they thought it wasn't offensive.


It was offensive, very offensive, but hold on, it is not their fault,


they were told to do it by sponsors. They blamed it on the sponsors, who


was sponsoring them, Bernard manning. There must be at least one


person, who said, is that not racist. No it is just OK, it is a


laugh. A whole nation, not only that, but a nation that has


absolutely billions of people. team went to win the silver medal


but history will remember them for this snap more than anything else.


relay, the Americans are the biggest fish in the pond. There's


only been a few times they haven't won the four by 100 metres relay.


It was their property, it was the sprient relay. At Sydney they were


up against the Aussies and the cowboy of swimming, AGary Hall Jr,


decided to raise the temperature, when asked to about the host


chances, he said they would rubbish the Americans with a guitar.


should have said I'm going to mess you up with a pile of laundry.


it comes. It was like a public spat between large sal monies and tune


yas, and with the big race approaching, all eyes and hopes


were on the Aussies, to see if they could upset the yanks. It was cat-


and-mouse all the way through, nobody could call it COMMENTATOR:


America second with fastest swimmer going in now, surely the Americans


will win. By the third relay Yankees were looking good, leaving


a final length show-down, between Gary big mouth and Ian Thorpedo


Thorpe. I thought this is game over. I can't believe. Ian Thorpedo


Thorpe pulled the swim of his life out. COMMENTATOR: Thorpe is coming


back, I can't believe he is going to do this, he's done t Australia,


crowd were going mental. COMMENTATOR: I cannot believe he's


done that. The goose Butchs, tingeels down the spine, that's the


best feeling I've ever had. It is a new world record. They stuffed the


Americans, this is outstanding. When the Aussies, won, they did


this fantastic thing, played the geetars, and made them eat their


words. It was brilliant. Contrast between the American team and the


for lorn faces and the Aussies on the blocks, it was fantastic.


know AGary Hall Jr is getting this thought his life, hey Gary, what's


up Gary, how is it going. Gary, What are you doing. I'm singing Tom


Jones, I'm trying to make you feel at home. Listen, nobody imitates my


mate Tom, nobody. You enjoyed it, athletes must draw on superhuman


feeling of nerves and calm. But doesn't always work out like that.


Trying to outpunch his opponent he decided to use his brain and the


rest of his face to earn victory. There's the head, he is untidy.


of the rules is you can't head butt, you're going to lose points.


COMMENTATOR: There again, up and down he goes. When it comes to the


judge's decision, : As soon as they lift his hand all hell breaks lose.


There's all sorts of trouble in the ring. This is most unprecedented


from the normally calm and sane Koreans. He looks like a mix


between Wild West fighter and maerbl arts fighter. It is fabulous


entertainment, completely disgraceful. At one point I thought


it was a world beginness attempt, to see how many Koreans you can fit


in a box. By the end, there was 11. I never saw anything like this in


any amateur contest whatsoever. Not content with starting a riot, he


wanted to get his point across with a sit in protest. Looks like a lie


in though. Let's look at this, you head butt your opponent you lose


the fight and you think the best thing to do is stage your own sit


in protest. Which was hilarious, because you have the most


aggressive sport, boxing and you've chosen the most peaceful protest,


to have a sit in. The thing is how they handle it, they turn the


lights off and go och and leave him. the corner and he looked like a sad


clown. He did at least break one record, staging the longest sit-in


in Olympic boxing history, before disappearing into the night.


Of course, behind almost everyone who takes part in an Olympic event


there is a story of dedication and hard work. Yes, I ever told you how


much hard work and dedication I put in? Yes, several times. But there


are some who do not deserve to be there and who have no right to


share a stage with some of the world's greatest athletes. Do you


mean...No, Much worse than that. Of all the Olympic events, the


steemple chase is one of the more unusual. It's a 3,000 metre race


but they have four hurdles and one water jump. It's like the grand


Grad National. It's OK, to watch, but it's full of crazy guys.


this man decided to mount a late challenge. He was dressed in full


gear and he just looked like he'd just got out of bed in full gear


and he came on to the track. COMMENTATOR: There's a crazy guy


there. I hope someone gets hold of him. They're primed for terrorist


attacks and chemical warfare and they can't stop one loony breaking


out of the crowd. Everyone was going, "Oh, terrible, a protester


on the track - oh, he can hurdle !" He only had two weeks of training,


one week going round ASDA and the other week running away from his


carer in the mental home. No-one knows if they ever caught him.


When it comes to Greco-wrestling, the Yanks love it. And one man they


love to see wriggling around without much on is Kurt Angle.


watched him when I was young doing body slams and stuff. What kind of


a name is Kurt Angle? High, I'm Tom ice Secretary of State lease, and


I'm Sine and this is my brother Cosine. But Kurt shocked the world


by beating the Iranian Abbas Jadidi. There was the American God up


against the mean, evil Iranian! Where is the moustache? But what


really made Kurt Angle's victory so amazing is that ze it with a broken


neck. Yes, you heard me. An actual broken neck. I was surprised he had


a neck. You'd have to hit him with a bus to break it. Kurt fractured


his neck prior to the Games but still competed. No doctor was going


to stop him from grappling with some tough Persian ass. Imagine


what he's going to say to his kid if he stubs your toe? Hey, you


stubed your toe? I won a gold medal after breaking my neck!


Colin, what's all this I keep hearing about the Olympic ideal.


What does it mean? That you have to win at all costs even if you gouge


out your opponent's eyes? No, it's about the importance of take part.


So it's not about winning? Winning doesn't matter? No. That's lucky.


Paula Radcliffe, the fastest woman marathon runner of all time, with a


clutch of world records, and three- times winner of the London Marathon,


twice of New York and winner of the Chicago Marathon. She is the best


and she is out. Paula was the golden girl of British athletics,


without a doubt. It is quite rare that a British athlete is the best


ever at their thing. She arrived is Athens with all hopes pinned on her.


Going into Athens she was going to be the girl to bring back the


golden medal, but people put it round her head too early.


Inexparticularlycally she ran the race looking more like Daniel


Radcliffe than Paula. Four miles before the end she realised she


wasn't going to win it, so rather than carry on, she just stopped.


think she should have crag dragged herself over the line, because it


was the Olympics. But when she started crying, you just thought,


"Poor woman, she couldn't do it." feel I've let everyone down.


haven't let anybody down at all. Five days later, Paula had the


chance of redemption in the 10,000 metres. Paula is a fighter and if


anyone could come out of that it would be Paula. The 10,000 metres,


for Paula, that's a sprint. This is what legends are made of. Come on,


Paula. Hang on, she is at the back. COMMENTATOR: Oh, she is stopping.


She has stepped off the track. Radcliffe tried her best for


Britain, but it didn't go to plan. It has been the lowest of the low


and totally crushed me emotionally. I know she wasn't in shape to do it


and physically and medically probably shouldn't have competed. I


would have liked to have thought I would have had the balls she had


and gone through with it. But she's a woman and doesn't have balls. But


she is back for 2012 and we're backing her to give us a great and


not heart breaking Olympic run. History will remember her as one of


the best British distant runners of all time.


Still to come: Love... If for some reason that led us to get together,


I would do it a million more times. Heart break...COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's


broken. And despair. COMMENTATOR: Oh, and Decker is down. I think she


heard something lost in translation -- Mary - deck her The Sydney


Olympics went down as a roaring success. It was the best by far.


Everyone says they were the best so far. But for some reason the Vault


gymnasts couldn't rise to the occasion. There was a wipeout on


that vault. I was competing and I just couldn't figure out what was


wrong. No-one could put their finger on it.


Running up and...oh, no, what's going on, I don't understand.


someone thought to measure the Vaulting horse and discovered it


was set 5cm lower than the standard 125, upsetting years of meticulous


training. I reckon it was just the guy with the overalls and the


spanner who set it wrong. It was like an aggressive version


of You've Been Framed. They didn't get gold but they got �250 from


Harry Hill. Those poor gymnasts, some of those falls looked


revaulting. Sorry! Spritsspritssprits' record of


seven golds might just have been topped by Michael Phelps. Everyone


knew that in Beijing Mark was going for eight. So many people didn't


think he could do all eight. Thanks to the feet the size of


Alaska he can swim faster than an electric eel. He has long arms and


massive feet to get them through the water. He's built for swimming.


But could the merman live up to the hype?


The first final. Is he ready? COMMENTATOR: A stunning swim!


COMMENTATOR: He's got the gold. Michael Phelps is still on for


eight. That is unbelievable. Every time he won a medal, it was, right,


he's got his first then his second. COMMENTATOR: Number three is in the


bag, it's just whether he wins the world record. People were counting


down his medals. COMMENTATOR: golds. Four races, four world


records. There was no-one going to beat him. COMMENTATOR: The USA are


going to take the gold in the 4X4 relay. He was just lightning.


COMMENTATOR: On, Michael Phelps, he's got it. Another world record.


Six golds and six world records in six days. Oh, he's got it!


It was the smallest margin of victory in our sport. COMMENTATOR:


I cannot believe he's just done that. Not only must he have been


knackered, but ....COMMENTATOR: That is it, eight straight gold


medals, Michael Phelps is the greatest. Absolutely brilliant.


If I could pick a gold medal to win, my country's first-ever gold medal,


it would definitely be in football. And in 2000 in Sydney that was the


dream of little old Cameroon. After qualifying as runners up in their


group, they drew Brazil in the quarter-finals. Everyone thought


they would get thumped. But they didn't. They beat them and despite


having two players sent off! To beat Brazil with nine men is


impressive, 11 is good, but with nine! If anything, it's arrogant.


In the final they faced Spain. The game was a cracker. We didn't give


them a hope against Spain because Spain has talent cueing down the


block. They were 1-0 down after two minutes. Then 2-0 down.


COMMENTATOR: And it's taken. half time it seemed Cameroon would


have to settle for second, but it seems the African had other ideas.


COMMENTATOR: It's an own goal. It went all the way to spot kicks,


where Cameroon became Germany... And Spain became England.


COMMENTATOR: Cameroon have never known celebrations like it.


The great thing about the Olympics is that on the day, if you have


luck going your way and everything goes right, you win. And that was a


huge, huge thing for football in Africa.


Now, some people say that true love is inspired by cupid's arrow. But


what a lot of folk don't realise is that a rifle can do the job as well.


GUNSHOT I just got rid of that bloke who was hang around at the


back. The skier? Yes, he's been a right nuisance.


Meet Matthew Emmons. In 2004, he was regarded as a fastest, bestest


shooter in the West and in the Athens games the gold medal was his


if he could nail his last shot. Unbelievably, he hit someone else's


target. How could he miss his target?! All he had to do was hit


his target and he'd win. It's like a footballer kicking it in the


wrong goal. But he was approached later that night by Czech shooter,


Katerina who offered him consolation. He was drowning his


sorrows in a bar and he found love. That's preying on the vulnerable.


He's feeling low, move in and marry him! They are already thinking of


movie titles for it. Stupid Cupid. At Beijing four years later now


with his wife cheering him on, it was redemption Michael wanted, not


love. All he had to do was score an easy shot. COMMENTATOR: He only has


to hit the target to win the gold medal. Ready...aim...COMMENTATOR:


Oh, no. I don't believe it. And I think


he's surely blown it. I think the second time it happened he was just


feeling cocky because he was thinking, "This is never going to


happen. I can close my eyes and turn my head and isle' never do


what I did last time. COMMENTATOR: There is no rhyme or reason for him


to repeat what he did four years ago, but incredibly he has. But he


made up for it in love. Win or lose I know she is always going to be


behind me. If what happened in Athens led us to get together I


would do it a million more times. I wouldn't change a thing. He is


definitely the best shooter out there. There is going to be a


reason why this happened, I am adjust curious why it happened.


gold medal for me, that's the truth. It's 1984 and American, Evander


Holyfield is favourite to win the gold medal in the boxing


competition. He was a shoo-in for gold.


He was knocking people out. He's an amazing fighter and a real


success story for America. However, in the semi-finals it all goes pear


shaped against a Kiwi. Barry versus Evander Holyfield wasn't just


shocking, it was confusing. COMMENTATOR: Just as the referee


stayed" stop" this man threw another punch. Barry was caught by


a left hook that was deemed illegal. COMMENTATOR: I have a feeling he is


going to disqualify the American for hitting Barry after the command


to stop. Holyfield gets disqualified, but the rules are


because the feller was knocked out he can't box for 28 days, so he's


out. There was no final. That's right. Holyfield couldn't go to the


final due to disqualification, and nor could Barry because he was


knocked out. So Barry goes down as a bronze medallist, and comes up as


a gold medallist, and the silver medallist goes to another guy.


should have gone to Holyfield. the guy on the podium pulled


Holyfield up on to it. It was a proud moment in the true spirit of


the Olympics. Now, it is time to see a true British legend. He may


never have won a gold medal but the whole nation can agree his


contribution to the cause has been outstanding. It is hard to


overestimate his importance. It's my silver medal from Seoul, is it?


No. We're talk being Boris Johnson. Just as the Chinese closed the


Beijing Games with style, panache and theatre, it was time for the


world to get a first glimpse of what we would have to offer four


years later in London. The world held its breath. # Always Look On


The Bright Side Of Life #. When a bus went out to Beijing, there was


something slightly crap about that, it has to be said. I think they


should have been more realistic, and made the bus turn up late due


to unattended luggage found on it. We don't want you to think it's


going to an slick event. Get a bus in and Boris and mess it up. That's


fine. They were introduced to Boris Johnson and they weren't just


pointing at him because he was blond. He looked like he'd been


picked out at random from the crowd to wave the flag. Go on, dad.


COMMENTATOR: Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, receives the flag and


waves it enthusiastically. forget fireworks, we have E level


students inadequate dancers and what more do you need to up the


Olympics ante, non-other than the musical dream team of Leona Lewis


and Led Zepplin. The Chinese had never heard of Led Zepplin before


and Leona Lewis, who they wanted to turn glue. And arrive David Beckham,


doing his bit for British skinheads. All he had to do was put the goal


into an enormous goal....he missed. Inevitably, he bottled it. We said,


"Listen, we've got a bit of history and we're idiots and we don't take


ourselves as seriously as all that. So I think you'll find there will


be a similarly Carry On spirit to the Olympics and I don't think


anyone will mind. 2000 and Beijing, our track cycling


team was phenomenal. 13 went, 12 won medals. How amazing is that?


I don't think we'll ever see the likes of the performance at Beijing


again. We had more medals than most countries in one small cycling team.


All our big guns were on song. There was this feller. COMMENTATOR:


The Olympic Champion was chist Hoy. This girl. COMMENTATOR: Rebecca


Romero is the Olympic Champion. this buy? COMMENTATOR: Bradley


Wiggins is the goad gold medallist. It was a truly incredible


achievement. Despite all the glory, there was one man left feeling a


little empty-handed. Everyone did so well, but a lot talk about the


one man who didn't come home with a medal. Unlucky 13. Our best cyclist,


Mark Cavendish. Sucks. # I am the one and only #. He was


the fastest man on two wheels, but that was proved wrong.


It's like being in a science class with Bill Gates and everyone


getting an A, not him. In the lead- up to the Games Cavendish became


the first Brit to win four stages of the Tour de France. Everyone


knew that he hated the fact that he was the only cyclist without a


medal. What could suck more than being on the plane back from


Beijing without a medal and you're eating a crappy tuna sandwich when


everyone's looking at their medals. The disappointment of Beijing is


what has probably driven Mark Cavendish on to what he has


achieved. The guy is undoubtedly talented but it probably spurred


him on. He is having the last laugh now because he is the fastest man


in the world in road racing. can he grab gold? In London?


Colin, you've run a lot of races, what shoes do you wear? Running


spurs, of course. Would you ever run with bear feet? Nobody would do


that? Maybe a South African with a British passport running the 3,000


metres? It's 19 84ra at the LA Olympics all


eyes were on Britain's adopted medal prospects, Zola Budd, the


shoeless wonder. I don't think there was a character as cool as


Zola. She didn't need trainers, she was that good. It looked like all


the adults were competing against a child who had part of her kit.


was at the height of South Africa's apartheid and brought to Britain by


a newspaper, Zola Budd was a controversial figure. But she found


a place in history when she stood toe-to-toe about an American and


was the only one left standing. They clashed in a tangle and Mary


Decker fell down. COMMENTATOR: of the favourites is now flat out


on the end field. Zola Budd was in front and Decker was behind and she


ran into the back of her. If you're driving a car and you pile into the


car in front, it's your fault and that's the same in athletics.


think she misheard her instructions, "Mary - deck her." COMMENTATOR:


Mary Decker is being escorted from the track. But she finished seventh.


Daley Thompson proved in 1908 and 1984 that he was the man by winning


gold in the decathlon in both Olympics. But all good things come


to an end. So, the world looked to Daley once more to defend his title


at the Seoul games. He was looking to get an unprecedented third gold.


Daley would not have started it if he didn't think he could do it.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's broken. do you break one? They're designed


-- I think the number one thing is not to break. It was a disaster,


Daley injured himself on the process, meaning he missed out on


the medal places. He came fourth. There's nothing wrong with that.


Dean, as well you know. He would have got three Olympic golds in a


row, and he got injured and didn't retain his title. He'd be heart


broken. Devastated. Apart from ice hockey, Canada were unknown in the


Olympics. This was their one guy, Ben Johnson. Their one chance at a


gold medal. And it came in the 100 metres final which was shaping up


to be the greatest race in history. In the red corner, there was Ben


Johnson in the blue corner was our Linford and in the other red corner


was Carl Lewis. Someone was looking intense. He looked odd. The mad,


bulging eyes and he was huge! eyes looked like the baddie in Who


Framed Roger Rabbit, when they just came out of his face. He looked as


if he could win all the Olympic events twice in one day!


COMMENTATOR: Ben Johnson got a brilliant start and he's away and


clear. And Lewis is not going to catch him. Johnson wins it, Lewis


second and Christie third. In the blink of an eye it was observer


with Johnson crowned Olympic Champion, not just breaking the


world record but smashing it. COMMENTATOR: There is no question,


who is the fastest man in the world. # You're simply the best. # He'd


beaten the American dream, Karl Lewis. He creamed him. All the boys


got smashed by this little bullet of a man. He could have afforded to


do a rollover at the en. Very quickly the scene went from one of


celebration to "hang on a minute, what actually happened here?"


seemed too good to be true and it was. Two days later, John somebody


was banned for having a banned substance in his blood. He was not


just on one drug, but all the drugs. Johnson's face said it all. In


recent years he still denies any wrongdoing, claiming his drink was


spiked. Go that happens when you get your drink spiked, I want it on


a regular basis. Win a gold medal in 9.9 seconds, yes, than you.


Whatever happened, he claimed to be prouder of his gold medal than


anything, as no-one could take it away from him. But, yes, they can.


I would have pawned it off. He must have known he was going to get


caught. He had been unforgettable. Yes, he cheat, but his legs still


ran that quickly and it was unheard of. What were you taking? Red Bull?


Still to come: A duelling twosome. COMMENTATOR: Ovett is watching him


all the way. It's a bit like Starsky and Hutch you had to love


one or the other. A bunch of fives. COMMENTATOR: Mission accomplished.


And a perfect ten. COMMENTATOR: she's got. It is incredible.


It's Barcelona, 110 metre hurdle final. Right. Eight men ready to go.


The gun goes, bang. All of us explode out of the blocks and take


the first hurdle. Keep going, second and third hurdle, which


seems like an eternity and as I'm getting close to the line and ready


to dip..Where Did you come? Seventh? What about the other race?


Oh, I picked up the silver medal there.


Yes, that's right. My Welsh friend Colin Ray Jackson has his own


Olympic story to tell and what a story it is. In 1988, Jacko lined


up as an inexperienced youngster up against the best opponents on


mother Earth, including Roger Kingdom. COMMENTATOR: Kingdom wins


it and Jackson second. A silver medal in the Olympics and


only beaten by a Power Ranger. Incredible. But four years later in


Barcelona he was red-hot favourite to win and he was talking the talk.


To know that you are the best 110 metre hurdler in the Games will be


a wonderful feeling. You'll definitely win more respect


straightaway when they say, "Colin Jackson Olympic Champion." But he


looked rusty in the semi-final, seeming to forget that the idea is


to jump over the hurdles rather than hit them. COMMENTATOR: Jackson


is coming through clean, Jackson second. But if you're going to make


a mistake in the Olympic Games, better to do it in the semi than


the final, right? Surely Colin, in lane three would be on his best


when it mattered most? COMMENTATOR: Colin is struggling. Maybe not.


COMMENTATOR: McCoy is the Olympic Champion and Jackson run right out


of it. Colin Jackson, when it really came to it, hadn't got it.


Colin's dream of gold medal glory was never realised as he finished


seventh and McCoy triumphing instead. But he will still go down


in history as a sill very medallist and surely the greatest ever thing,


next to Tom Jones to come out of Wales?


It's 1996 and the big news -- Chris Evans has blighted our screens with


TFI Friday. Horrendous. Thankfully, there was one man to lift our


spirits during this dark, dark time. Michael Johnson. At this time,


Michael Johnson was the best. was a runner I would hope to be


something like Michael Johnson. As a human being I wish I was more


like him. He wasn't your shy and retiring type. He put himself at a


disadvantage because he was wearing, like, Mr T's jewellery.


wasblinged up and wearing gold shoes. If you're wearing gold shoes


you know you're going to win. you're Michael backson I think you


can wear clown shoes. He won in that weird running style. Everyone


was criticising his technique because he runs like a chicken. But


they don't realise it's 300 pounds of jewellery. His upper body does


not move. Nothing moves apart from his arms and legs. Arrogant, just


taking it, taking it, taking it. COMMENTATOR: Absolutely bolt


upright. He ran completely wrong and still won! COMMENTATOR: John


son, wins. First up, in the 400 metres. COMMENTATOR: He ran the


perfect race. Then he kicked them ought in the 200 metres. The man


was on fire! I couldn't believe what I was


seeing. I was literally...I couldn't believe it.


COMMENTATOR: Johnson is going away by yards. You couldn't quite


believe that somebody could run that fast. He was a bit of a God of


the track. He may have run in his own unique style, but his00 metres


smashed its way into the record books.


The bond between father and son is unbreakable, unless you are this


guy and at the 1992 Olympic Games we saw a prime example of a dad and


the fruit of his loins working together.Er reckon redman had


suffered an injurey-ravaged sfpblt but hopes were high. He starts off


amazingly well. You're going to smash this one. He pulls his ham


string. COMMENTATOR: And redman has broken down.


He said, "I heard this pop and I thought it was something in the


crowd" and suddenly he realised it was his own leg. COMMENTATOR:


hopping his way to complete. It may not be wise. Are you going to pull


out of the race? No. The stretchers are there, walk off. But he refuses


to give up. He wasn't running, he was hopping towards the finish.


Somehow his dad gets through security, which is worrying in


itself. Gets on to the track and goes up to him ander reckon leans


on him. COMMENTATOR: He's been battling


through and he can't hold it. He knows he would have had a chance.


The applause builds up. This is a real human moment. Father and son


complete the race together. An iconic moment and a beautiful story.


You just wanted to scream but the fact that he didn't let that beat


him. Yes, he didn't win the race, but he was still a winner. It is an


amazing moment in Olympic history that sums up the spirit. It's not


about winning, but about his determination. And then he was


disqualified for being helped by his old man. COMMENTATOR: He's won


nothing but admiration. I don't think he or his old man gave a toss


for being disqualified. The fact is, they did what they did and everyone


stood up and applauded him despite the result. He may not have won a


medal, but he is a true Olympic hero nonetheless.


It's 2004 and in Athens Kelly Holmes is desperate for Olympic


glory but no-one gave her a hope. She was 34. So many people would


have retired before then. Injurey- wise she'd been through the mill so


many times. Fractures. Gland lr fever, torn muscles. Nobody had any


idea that this 34-year-old woman could come back and get on the


medal podium. First up was the 800 metres and proving to be quite the


Brit, she was miles off the pace. COMMENTATOR: Kelly Holmes, dead


last. You can imagine at that moment that you could completely


lose the plot and change everything and I didn't. I just stayed there.


COMMENTATOR: Kelly Holmes and Maria Mutola are doing the right thing


and sitting off the pace. But she suddenly came up to it. As I came


round the bend I was trying to overtake Mutola. She barged me and


that probably was a moment that made me win the gold. COMMENTATOR:


Kelly Holmes, fighting for the gold medal I just remember saying to


myself "relax" and as I did it, I took that crucial step.


COMMENTATOR: Can she get there. One more yard, come on Kelly Holmes.


It's gold! # You're unbelievable #. When she crossed the line she


didn't know if she had won or not. She checked the board and Steve


Cramm is saying, "You've won it" as if she could hear him. That face is


bun of the greatest reactions to an Olympic gold medal, purely because


of the out and out surprise. Next up for Kelly was the 1500.


This time she was the favourite, but only two women had ever done


the 800/1500 double before. Could she join them? This was my dream


since the age of 15 to be Olympic Champion. COMMENTATOR: Kelly Holmes


moves to the back of the field. She now needs to dig in there. Can she


be as controlled as the 800 metres. It looks so easy. The way she came


through it was unreal. She was like a machine. And then she was on the


home straight. COMMENTATOR: Kelly looks around to see the danger.


remember thinking in my head "God!." COMMENTATOR: Kelly Holmes


for Great Britain wins the 1500 metre title. You are the double


Olympic Champion. I don't think she could believe it, everyone watching


couldn't believe it. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.


Throughout the years of the Olympics the chances of a gymnast


ever scoring a prefect ten is about as likely as Jed wood not saying


anything stupid. But a certain 14- year-old Romanian achieved the


impossible. How can you be perfect? Surely


there's always got to an little glitch in there that's not


impeccable? She's an absolute legend. She was


this young girl that came into this woman's sport and completely


transformed the whole world of gymnastics.


She just captivated the audience. She wasn't just a gymnast, she


would go out and it was a show. This young girl goes out there and


just blows everyone away, getting the first perfect tens in


gymnastics. COMMENTATOR: Ten she's got. It is


quite incredible. She made history. She was a perfect ten. The size of


a tadpole and the bendiness of a slinky and the charm of a smug cat.


It was not one, but one after another and another. It was just a


shame there wasn't a proper score board built that could show four


dij its to go above 9.99. A maker who made those clocks got in touch


with the manufacturer and said, "What if you're not going to be


able to show this?" and they said, "We'll cross that bridge when we


come to it, because, let's face it, we never will." The come tater had


to keep explaining that she hadn't got 1.0, she had actually got ten.


Even now it still makes you go...she was just a natural star.


COMMENTATOR: An extraordinarily composed young lady of 14.


Hey, look at this, it goes all the way to twelve. Yes, it's a clock,


Colin. A clock. We're back down under for the 2000


Olympic Games, where it was all about one woman. Come on, Cathy,


you can do it? At only one of 11 Aboriginals in 628 Australian


athletes, Cathy Freeman was looked upon to take the nation out of its


place. It seemed ridiculous to say the whole hopes of a nation were on


this one woman, but it was. She did everything. She lit the flame and


done the lot. But lighting the flame was just the start, the world


excepted her to run away with the 400 metre golds, but could she take


the pressure? Yes, she could, especially as she was dressed as a


superhero. I do think, if I knew that the whole world was watching


me, I might have chosen a different outfit. She looked so cute with the


hood on and a whole-bodysuit. think she wore it to get into her


own little bubble and forget the world and she wanted to run as fast


as she could from A to B and that's what she did. COMMENTATOR: Cathy


has the world at her feet and the nation's soul on her back. It's


under way. The crowd roaring Freeman on and the response is


there. On the near side it's Freeman. The nation expected and


she has not disappointed. There were 112,000 people in that stadium.


There was so much noise it was sickening. She handled it and with


grace. If you watch that video back and you don't have a lump in your


throat there is something wrong with you, I think. There was a


great moment when she had the Australian flag and the native flag


in her hand. And that's all we needed all along, was someone to


run really fast. Hats off to Cathy Freeman, legends.


Now, this next bit is something that everybody remembers. Yes, it's


a real classic. Something that sticks in your mind for ever.


the viewers what it is. course...what is it?


Man U versus Man City. MacVersus PC. Jolie verse ious Aniston. But in


the 1970s what really divided the nation was middle-distance running.


There was a huge rivalry between Seb Coe and Steve Ovett. It was


like Starsky and Hutch you had to love one or the other and you were


either in the Coe camp or the Ovett camp. They didn't look like they


could be friends. One looked like Chas and Dave and the other looked


like, well, a Tory MP. Seb Coe, very clean-cut, Cambridge


University student, the model on and off the track. Ovett was a bit


more rock'n'roll and edgy. I remember him winning a race and 30


metres to go, he was waving to the crowd. I was an Ovett man. He


looked like if he wasn't running he would be sweeping for the Council.


Families were split. Not quite, but you get the picture. In the 800


metre final in Moscow, Coe was a certainty to win, nothing could go


wrong. They were both very good athletes and they were going to


double up. Coe was clear favourite for the 800 metres and everyone


thought he would win it. COMMENTATOR: Coe can't get through


and Ovett is coming through. Coe gets the silver. And Ovett looks up


in triumph. It was, like, a massive talking


point, the fact that we knew he was good, but that's Coe's event. How


dare he. I suppose I must have clocked up more Cardinal sins of


middle distance running than I have in a lifetime. It was like day was


night and night was day, the fabric of what we knew had been shifted.


Next, the 1500 metess, Ovett's favourite race. Could he do the


double? COMMENTATOR: Could this be Ovett's defeat? Ovett is in trouble


and Coe wins it. In a result that shocked the world, Coe struck back.


It just shows you the mental strength of Coe that he had got


over the disappointment of not winning his major event and won the


15. How much could the British public take? They'd swapped over.


They both came home with an Olympic gold medal, but in the wrong event.


People are talking about who should light the flame in London 2012.


People are saying it should be a race between those two and whoever


gets there first. I think that's a brilliant idea. Usain Bolt has


saved my sport. And after Beijing 2008 there wasn't a person on the


planet who didn't know who he was. He became a megastar in Beijing.


The sooper human freak of nature. The Jamaican was the biggest thing


to hit athletics in years, and not just because of his massive six


foot five inch frame. He was a bolt out of the blue. All of this before


the start. It is brilliant. I don't know what the celebration is. He


says it's a lightning bolt. But I fail to see how. As he lined up for


the 100 metre final, the world asked if he could live up to the


hype. I was in the Bird's Nest Stadium and it is the event and


it's over so quickly. You don't fully take it in, even if you're


there. COMMENTATOR: They get away first time and Usain Bolt streaking


away. It's gold for Jamaica. That is superb, it's a new world record!


He has blown them all away. It was clear that Usain Bolt wasn't just


the real deal he was the nuts. knew he'd just run the fastest of


any human being. He was so fast that he could slow down and just


look at the other guys! You're out. Some in the audience were not


amused. Everyone got so het up about that. Why? That wasn't


disrespectful, that was him pumping his chest saying, I'm so high.


Imagine what his rivals thought when they watched the race back and


saw his shoelaces were not done up! I don't believe that. Maybe he


would have been 9.3 if he'd done his laces up properly. Next in the


200 metres he was hoping to collect an astonishing double. Could he do


is it? COMMENTATOR: Usain Bolt already going past the others.


set that stage alight. COMMENTATOR: Blasting round the top bend, he's


in second place. What's the time? It's gold for Usain bolt blt and a


new world record. I do not believe it. Brilliant! 19.30. Into a head


wind. Oh, just the fastest man on this planet and whatever happens


from now on he'll always be remembered for that. He'll probably


be the fastest man I'll ever see, ever. Bolt is already celebrating


the Olympics which he is going to rein. He ran so fast that he went


into the future and saw himself with it. I am number one!


Britain has much to be ashamed of. Take this weirdo for instance. But


in Sydney 2000 a whole nation stood proudly and saluted a home-grown


hero. Sir Steven Redgrave is not your arcy typial sports star?


Redgrave looks like the kind of guy you buy your bacon from. Rowing is


an elitist sport. Every year we have Oxford versus Cambridge, never


Luton Poly. But for most of us,er is Steve is a hero in spite of all


of this, thanks to five golds in five different Olympics. To win


five gold medals, back-to-back with different teams in different


eventss. It's unbelievable. I think he is the greatest sporting person


this country has ever had. The fact that he is such an amazing and


charming man is testament to his character. It would turn me into an


absolute prick if I'd won all the medals. During his career he had an


operation to remove his appendix and was diagnosed with diabetes.


It's amazing that somebody could push themselves to that extreme for


that long. I'd be very, very surprised if he's not lighting the


torch in July. But he could have changed all that. If anyone sees me


go near a boat, you have my permission to shoot me. And there


he is, four years later back in the boat winning another gold. Five


Olympic gold medals, it's absolutely unbelievable.


And so we've finally arrived. to cross the line and find out who


our winner is. Let's now find out who is going to stand on top of our


met forcal podium. Who is it? winner, the person who has got to


number one. This is our amazing Olympic moment of all time.


And I will beat any man in the world and I want everyone man in


the world to know it. I am the greatest. We've seen lots of


sporting moments but the ones that stay in the memory are the ones


that transcend sport. From Jessie Owens, and the Black Power salute


to Cathy Freeman. Muhammed Ali is the greatest sportsman of all time.


It all started when he won Olympic gold in 1960. A medal he later


claims to have thrown into the Ohio River in protest in America against


racism. He also protested against the Vietnam War and inspired Martin


Luther King. So, he was the perfect choice to light the Olympic flame


in Atlanta, the spiritual home of the civil rights movement. A


sporting giant starting the world's greatest sporting event. Muhammed


Ali lighting the flame is the best moment of any opening ceremony


there has ever been. He's such an iconic sports person. He's just a


one-off. The greatest sportsman ever having the opportunity to be


recognised. It was a beautiful moment. I've never known a stadium


of 80,000 people hold their breath. COMMENTATOR: What a moment. One of


the great figures in sport. # Come on, come on, come on #.


There's no other like him in any sport. COMMENTATOR: The sacred


Olympic Flame burning brightly over the American city of Atlanta.


he is with the eyes of the world on him lighting the flame with


Parkinson's and he just did it. is a legend and I think it's only


right he carried the torch. that's it. Those are our amazing


Olympic moments. But there's always one thing you know about the


Olympics. Yes, next time there will always be more. More glory, more


spectacle, more records, more tears. And more medals for Team GB. Could


we unearth another Linford. Or a silver medal at the hurdles. Or a


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