Rio in Rio

Rio in Rio

A personal insight into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil from former England and Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand, as he explores the city of Rio and meets its people.

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MUSIC: "I Gotta Feeling" By The Black Eyed Peas


Whatever it is, it's over. COMMENTARY: Mario Gotze has scored


for Germany. Germany are the World Champions and


deservedly so, the best team by a country mile.


COMMENTARY: Germany rules the world again.


One of the most colourful cities I've ever been to - fantastic place.


The culture, the colour - they all merge into one.


I have met some great people here. I've got the kick, man!


Good. Brazil needs more people like you.


Thanks, man, cheers. Your favourite players? Messi.


What about me? Some new talent's emerged,


the next generation. Now we see the touch!


I've been a fan for a number of days.


He's here. He's arrived. Taking pictures, the lot,


unbelievable. Ecuador?


He just said I played for Ecuador! LAUGHTER


This is my journey. Welcome to Rio in Rio!


How are you going to feel about going to Brazil?


I'm looking forward to it, I can't wait.


Obviously, I'm going to miss you, guys. By the way, make sure, when


I call you lot on the phone when I'm away, you answer the phone properly


and you speak to me, not, "Hello, dad, goodbye dad, I have to do


something, I have to go outside to play football."


What are we going to do? We are going to be on...


FaceTime. Yeah, a bit of FaceTime.


I can read you some stories on FaceTime, yeah?


How much you going to miss me? Infinity.


What about you? Zero.


Zero?! Oh no.


LAUGHTER How much are you going to miss


me, Tia? Loads of times!


Loads and loads and loads? About THAT much?


This much. That much. Oh, thank you.


Just landed in Rio. How was the flight lads, any good?


I thought you did well. A few little points to improve it,


but, overall, not too bad. Yes, I'm here, a dream come true,


with me and my mate, Jamie. We are here to sample


everything from food, to football, the culture, everything.


I'm here to do a bit TV punditry, but I want to meet the locals,


I want to see keep what's going on with this World Cup,


the Olympics. I keep hearing reports there are people protesting


and they don't want it here. I want to see


for myself what's going on. It was a long flight,


11 and a bit hours, didn't sleep for more than an hour-and-a-half.


Stood up talking to a few of the boys, Danny Murphy


and Robbie Savage. Robbie Savage was the one who got me to


sleep with his boring stories about his Leicester days and stuff!


There's the room. Let's have a look what we got.


Minibar. Stacked. As a player, never stacked.


They don't let you have anything. Ooh, sweets.


There's the bedroom, where the magic won't be happening!


First day at work tomorrow and hopefully we will have a good time.


I will be able to come back and let you know what is happening.


Alright? Take care.


Opening day of the World Cup, Brazil are playing, and where am I watching


it? Up in the mountains in my old Manchester United team-mates' Rafa


and Fabio da Silva's house. Their dad's cooking. He can do a bit. I


can't wait. Not out of the city yet.


We will miss kick-off. We might have to ring them and come


another day at this rate. 50 minutes we have been in the car.


We have probably just got to tend of the block.


We landed, right, when we landed here, we got stopped off in a


car, a load of traffic for ten or 15 minutes, and the military come


through, the police came through, the Cameroon coach coming through.


I'm usually on the other side, I don't feel any traffic, blast


through everywhere. That was my first introduction to not being a


player at a tournament. Here we are again!


We are not A-list anymore, we're not the players, we don't get that


service that you used to get when you were on the coach with the team.


Oh my missus is FaceTiming me. There you go, see, I told her,


call me back or else! I have to get my pose right,


hang on! Come on, connect then.


Sorting out the playlist, the music for this documentary.


This is the tune that I grew up with as a kid.


# Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl...#


# Smoking weed on Bambu, sipping on Private Stock...#


Music was an integral part of my preparation for a game. You do


stuff the night before thinking about the game, visualise the game,


my first touch, my first challenge, header, run, opponent,


and I would be ready. # Remember when I used to eat


sardines for dinner # Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid


Capri Funkmaster Flex... # I'm amazed, unbelievable setting.


Yes, boys, I like this. Fabio has a tan, man, look at him!


He looks black! It's Rafa - even I get them


mixed up! Woah, we almost missed the


game, man. Hey, Rio.


Good to see you, man. My dad.


How you doing? Good to see you.


You alright? Sorry we are late, man.


Two hours we have been driving everywhere.


You see the house now? OK.


Come, guys, come. Remember, Jamie?


COMMENTARY: The first National Anthems of the World Cup in Brazil.


When you hear the home sound it will knock you for six!


You have to get, this, man. They are a crazy, passionate family.


Look how they are about their National Anthem, hugging each other.


Us, we'd be in the pub sitting down talking over it.


Fabio's newborn little baby. What's her name?


Lara? She's beautiful.


Wow. Wow.


That wasn't the start we expected, was it?


The expectations for Brazil are huge here?


Neymar is under unbelievable pressure, Thiago Silva, Luiz.


If they play well, everyone go with them.


But if things start going wrong, then they know pressure comes.


Wow! Happy Neymar stepped up.


Could be his World Cup. He's started off. The pressure's off now.


COMMENTARY: Neymar! Go to dinner now?


If he takes any longer, I will take the fork off him!


LAUGHTER Is it like this every day in


your house? Not every day, but Friday,


Saturday, Sunday... Yeah?


Wednesday, when we do football here, it is full!


Penalty! Penalty!


Come on, Neymar. He looks too nervous.


If he scores this, he will be top scorer.


No, no, no, oh, no, no, oh... COMMENTARY: G-o-a-l to Brazil!


Neymar. G-o-a-l...


Toe punt like that. COMMENTARY:


Thank you. Now, we're going to play


beach volleyball? Now, we're going to play


beach volleyball? Yes, let's go. Now we see the


touch, the REAL Brazilian! Had a great time in the jungle


last night with the twins. Today the fixture has taken me to


one of the urban jungles here in Rio, a favela. Favelas are


slums, often ruled by druglords and the poorest live there


slums, often ruled by druglords rights. There are big moves by the


government rights. There are big moves by the


the Olympics, but I want to go and see with my own eyes.


How are you see with my own eyes.


I'm Edu, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot


about you. I heard a lot about you!


How you doing? Bruno. He is our expert on different


communities in this city. You looking forward to the


World Cup? Yes, sure.


Good. Let's go, man, let's get started. Let's go.


You see pictures of Rio de Janeiro or Copacabana beach and


you think this is what you see, man. Oh my gosh, look,


look at her bum there! I thought that was a real girl.


I was going to take a picture and show it to my wife.


At least put some knickers on them, please!


Where we are going to this community...


Santa Marta. How many people would live in


this favela? 4,000 people.


Is that normal for the favelas around Rio?


Small favelas. Rocinha - 100,000 people.


In one favela? In one favela. In Rio, it is like one million people


live in favela, just... Wow! This place is a model community


where you have pacification... In the media we get given back home,


it is purely like the military have gone in, the police have gone in,


bang, taken over the community, everyone's left on the floor,


finished and then they come in and build a new community.


They are trying to bring to the communities the same rights


as we have down here. If I'm being brutally honest,


I'm a bit scared coming up here. I've been warned


about coming to these types of places, I've seen it on TV,


the City of God film, all about these favelas. What am I doing here?


Nice to meet you. I'm Commander Rocha.


You are going to show us around today?


Yes. I will follow you, you tell me where


to go, I will be with you, man. In England, in the UK,


what I see and read is that the police will come in and it is


just for the World Cup and Olympics. When it's finished,


they will go. It is not true.


No way? Yes. Are we going to be OK going


down there? Yes.


You sure? Yes.


You sure? Yes.


I'm from Peckham, it's hard to grow up there.


It is, like, luxury compared to here.


Hi, how are you doing? I'm good.


We will be safe with her? Yes.


I will not have the guns. I'll go like this!


Ferdinand, is this your first time in favela? Yes.


I have never been to Brazil at all. OK. What do you think?


I love it. You do? Yeah. We have the World Cup atmosphere


and people are like this, but this is just painted because if


you come here, not with World Cup, people will treat you the same.


Yeah, yeah. Everything you see here


is new infrastructure. It is part


of the urbanisation process. This is what the military, the


police came in and the Government come... No, we have two different


things. One thing is the pacification. The other thing is


the urbanisation. Pacification is much more


about the security. The commander told me


before the people are happy, there is no problems when they came


in and they pacified the place. We could not choose because most


of decisions come from top down. Because we are poor, they don't


think we can manage things, that we cannot think about stuff.


We didn't have the possibility to have really basic discussions about


all the changes and everything. I am telling you the truth,


I don't want to make it, like... That is what I mean. The people in


the top, the government, they are making decisions... Woah.


The Christ, he show you... And you are talking to the man!


Listen, Ferdinand, it is different to bring you and say what do you


think about this, you understand? Your experience. Exactly.


Look at this guy. We will stop here. Did you know Michael


Jackson came here in '96? Yes, everyone was telling me.


He was here. MUSIC: "They Don't Care About Us"


By Michael Jackson # Oh, for God's sake


# I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy...


# Set me free # All I wanna say is that


# They don't really care about us # All I wanna say is that


# They don't really care about us. # I have to get a picture. This guy's


my hero. No, wait, man. When you bring it here, you have to at least


make the moonwalk. I've got the kick man, woo. Many people come here and


Michael Jackson's friends are here, they cry, "Oh, Michael, why did you


leave? Unbelievable. Yeah, it's funny.


Here is about one thing, it's the truth, your name Rio Ferdinand, oh,


Rio? My mum and dad just liked the name Rio and everyone said, oh,


you're Brazilian. Really? When I say I'm English, they say, "No." This is


funny. Do you have children? Three children. Two boys and one girl.


Three, five and seven, whoa. That's why you see any my eyes is black.


Because tired. That little boy there looks like my


little boy, in the red and black shirt. He looks like me when I was a


kid. Come. You good? Come. Thanks for letting me play football with


you guys. Go, go, finish. Goal. What a pass! Come on, man. Who's your


favourite players. Tell me each one Messier. What about me? Pele.


Finish! Ah, 3-0. Oh, no, no, no. This guy, good guy? Who do you think


will win the World Cup? Brazil. Not Ronaldo? Brazil or England? You have


Yeah. More belief than our English people.


OK, see you, man, take care. Appreciate it, thanks for


everything. It was a good game. Unlucky, we won 6-0, but it's no


problem. It was great to go there. It was humbling, walking past people


smiling, everyone's communicating, it's such a difference to being in


England. In England you hear a lot of people say, even when I was


growing up, oh, I'm from the ghetto. You think to yourself, you want to


come and live here for a little while and see what it's like here,


struggle and to have to travel up a mountain to


struggle and to have to travel up a good, man. I'll be honest, I'm not


going to lie, good, man. I'll be honest, I'm not


here. Then when I saw the people, how


here. Then when I saw the people, clicked into place and it felt like


here. Then when I saw the people, a really


That was the end of the first proper been a fantastic day, man. I've


That was the end of the first proper run, not too Shappi, might I say.


Nice run, first one out of the way, my legs feel like jelly. First one


always does. How can you not enjoy running around there. No wonder


everyone's into fitness, everyone in a G-string, men and women. As you


can see behind me, it's a beautiful day in Rio. It's 3pm and somewhere


down there, Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand are looking relaxed. Did


you chat with the guys this morning about what you're doing?


Defensively, the partnership with Cahill and Jag ielka. Are we in the


shade? It only takes 30 seconds to burn your head, you I've done know.


Two runs now, my legs have gone. Stiff? You're retiring man. Welcome


to our club. Oh, my God. How do you want England play, attacking, open,


enjoyable football to watch. I want to be jumping like last night. I


would have Sturridge up top with Wayne Rooney in behind. Hopefully


they will go out there with freeness and get points on the board. We


should go in, because I'm worried about his head. Is it 50 you've got


on? Come on, it's burning. I think he's taken to it really


well. He's been very open, very honest. It's not easy coming into


this, doing live football, when you haven't done it so many times. He


can't make any errors because the world we live in now is that


everyone jumps upon it whether you make a mistake with someone's name


or a particular word or whatever. You get used to it. Nothing like


playing football. I don't think anything will ever replicate playing


football, but there's a little buzz. I like routine. I come from a


routine background. With football, everything is laid out in front of


you. You know what you're doing at every point of the day. I've come


into this, which is similar, so I feel comfortable. Oh, great


defending. Just snuck in. Attack, attack, attack. This woman can cook,


man. It is routine. Everything is done to time, whether it's


highlights or live, you have to be ready to go. You have to be a


certain time sat in your chair. You have to be at a certain time in the


make-up room. Got to get the make-up done, get rid of the bags under my


eyes. I don't put powder on, remember. We don't like mat. He


wants the Rio glow. Come on then, give us something to shout b,


please. Let's hear from the England coach. Roy, how due sleep last


night? Very well thank you. Very excited and proud today to lead the


team into our first game. Let's hope it lives up to its billing It's 5.


team into our first game. Let's hope it lives up to its billing It's 20pm


and the temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. Do you know what, this


shirt looks like someone nicked it, I've still got that on it. Punditry,


it's a bit more than I imagined. A lot of hard work. In the studio


there's Gary and Alan who are experienced, that's good. Can you


hear me? I can hear you, have a very good show. Yeah, like-wisement --


Likewise. Good evening. We need you for the long haul as England take on


Italy in the heart of Amazonian jungle. It's all set up for a


cracking evening. Here in Rio we have Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand.


How do you think it will go? 2-1 England. I think a draw. I'm going


1-0 England. I got mad nervous as the game was going to kick off.


Sweaty palms and everything. I couldn't believe it. Welcome to the


youngle, the start of the world -- jungle, the start of the World Cup


for England and Italy. You don't know how many games they will play


or how far they'll get to go. How unlucky is that? I told you he


can do it. Yes! Just got that tweet out in


time. I said, "Most of the teams that score first in the World Cup


this time have lost." Wayne Rooney is onside. Oh, no!


That's his shot though, he likes that one, back through the legs. You


would have smashed that. COMMENTATOR: That is it. 86 we lost


the first. Won the group. It will go down to that Rooney miss that. Was


the turning point of the game. In defence, Wayne is our top scorer.


Got to score those chances. It is a learning curve when you first come


in. At times, you're not sure what to say, how strong to be. All I said


to Rio was is give your opinion. If that's what you feel, then no-one


can tell you any different. Did you nick that? Joo-Ho I bet everyone


spotted that on TV. Unbelievable. If you see Ronaldo with the free


kick there, he would have punched someone in the head like that. I was


surprised. Thanks for the cup of tea, by the way. Me and Thierry were


talking about it there, it's hard doing a show about England, such a


big game in the World Cup and I'm talking about my mates, who I played


with. I'm going to be honest. I'm honest in the changing room, but


there's a way that you've got to find a way of being honest without


cutting someone's legs off on TV. You know what I mean? I don't know,


it's a weird situation. You're thinking on your feet quick as well,


it's live. It's hard to do, man. See you later. I'm going to get changed


into my shorts. The only time I've ever seen it was


on telly when John Barnes scored that wonder goal.


COMMENTATOR: What a brilliant goal! There it is, there, look. It's like


a spaceship. Unbelievable. It's so big. I just love Argentina fans


though. They're lunatics. They know how to enjoy themselves. Four hours


before kickoff and it is ramp. I film you. How are you doing?


Argentina win today? 1-0. Ecuador, he just said I play for Ecuador?


LAUGHTER Four hours before kickoff, you know


why, they've got Messier. -- Messi. I love this place, man. Oh, yes.


Pleasure to meet you man. Valderama, he's the man. Take a picture of me


and you, please. Who do you think win today? Argentina? Argentina,


2-0. Messi two. Thank you, man. I appreciate it. Nice to see you, good


luck. Take care. How have I not played here, man. Can


you take a picture of us, please. That's ridiculous, man. Cheers, man.


Yesterday before the first England game, I said to Al, I'm nervous. I


never get nervous about England, when I've been involved. As a fan,


my mouth went dry. My palms are sweaty and it's a totally different


experience. How did I ever get this part of a game? You're always in


tune to the game, you forget everything. You don't get involved


in any emotion. Is that for your state of mind? That's my state of


mind. My focus is purely playing. Rio Ferdinand, lucky enough to be in


the Maracana. He can go 70, 80 minutes without touching a ball and


then bang, he's a fantastic finisher. You have to be able to


take the ball off him. What are the problems with marking Aguero? He's


the hardest to mark in the last two Then there's years. Messi as well.


He's cute upstairs. He can hurt you as much without the ball as with it.


This atmosphere is unbelievable. We can't wait.


Brilliant. There comes a time when we all have to work in telly. Can


Rio go and have a couple of photos. That was bang on. Talk about


insight. That's what happens


emotionally involved. That's what happens


COMMENTATOR: A little flick and oh. Own goal. Game over. Messi assist,


one minute. Have you seen that first half? Bit disappointing. We've all


come to see Messi and he's been out of sorts. Messi dance as way


come to see Messi and he's been out scores! Lionel Messi! He's here.


He's arrived. It's crept in. The majority of the 74,000 crowd here


came for one thing. I think he produced in the second half. He'll


be laughing at us later as well. I was walking out after the game and I


heard "Rio!" I turned around and it's Sebastien Veron. I ain't seen


him since he left. Tired now, are you? It's more tiring doing that


than it is in the studio. Yeah, absolutely. There's a lot of waiting


around. On the beach today. It's the first


day we've had off. We embraced the sun a little bit. John! You good?


Been doing that all day. Where are you going now? To a bar to watch the


game. OK, it's quite That's what loud. I want. I want to feel the


atmosphere. That's what it's about. Take care. Neymar. Pressure. They're


in the tunnel. There's no-one in there. That one. I reckon we go that


one on the corner, the restaurant. See the TV? Table? Chairs? Four


beer, please. God bless you! Come on, Brazil! Supporting Brazil


tonight. I thought these bars would be... Jumping! I expected more


madness, to be honest with you. I have heard more atmosphere in a


phone box! Unbelievable. In England, this bar would be going crazy. Did


you bring us to a bar, or cemetery? Look at this guy with his pizza. He


hasn't looked up at the screen yet. They don't have the commentary up or


nothing. I ain't heard no-one shouting Brazil! Not sure if a goal


is scored that someone will celebrate.


shouting Brazil! Not sure if a goal is scored that someone will Yellow,


yellow! We want to know why Luiz Felipe Scolari is sitting on that


table there. He should be managing Brazil! Yoution at Wimbledon this --


you should be at Wimbledon this time of year. Roger, can you talk about


the game, please? Oh! Yellow. That is what you come to see, Neymar. You


like Neymar? No. Where you from? Spain. That's why!


Disappointed so far. Boring game. No-one is singing. I thought I would


be hearing songs and that. Half-time. Zero chances. Rubbish. I


don't think Brazil will win this tournament. You must play here in my


team. I'm too old now. That atmosphere was shocking. I can't


believe it. I'm disappointed. Look. I haven't been back to the England


camp for 18 months, two years. Obviously, they got beat against


Italy. I was going to do a bit of filming and stuff. As I got there, I


thought what would I be like, any camera coming in, you would think


what are you doing? You know what I'm feeling like. You have played


the game, what's wrong with you? To be fair, Wazza has been getting a


bit of bad press. They have a good bunch of young players and I want


them to do well. Last night we went to see Robin van Persie and you can


see the difference. One camp has lost a game, the other camp has won


two games. Robin has scored three in two games. He is on top of the


world. He can't stop smiling ear to ear.


I grew up around people listening to music. My dad had loads of records


and when he would go out, I would put them off after he warned me not


to touch his records! I used to put them on and hear them crackling. I


would get his clothes on, walk around the house like I own the


gaffe. I would do playlists on the iPod and just press play in the


changing room. You have to cater for all.


# I have been waiting for this moment


# All my life # Oh no...#


This is what the England boys have to put on before they go out - I


have been waiting for this moment all my life! If the chills don't go


up the back of your neck with this in the background, I don't know.


With the gorilla banging the drums! # I can feel it coming in the


air...# We talk about strikers, who is your


number one today? Not guys that scores a lot of goals. Like striker,


striker. Right now, the best striker in the world, it has to be Luis


Suarez. He has everything. He is in your face. He is arrogant, in a good


way. He can score goals, he can volley it, he can score headers, he


can score free-kick. He has a vicious part. He knows where he


wants to go. He has to score a goal in whatever way he will. If he has


to humiliate you, he will. # I can feel it coming


# In the air...# COMMENTARY: Johnson is backing away. Suarez on


the end of it! You are taught as a kid to cover, goal-side. Yes, go on!


Goal! There you go! COMMENTARY: More calamitous


defending by England! It was the one wearing the blue of Uruguay who made


the impact. How long till we are on? Anyone know? I think this weather


reflects my mood at the moment. Damp! It flattens you, man. You can


walk down the beach now, and all the other players will have a spring in


their step and they will be going up to us!


# What's that perfect love story...# Tomorrow, I go home for seven days.


Some days you wake up and think, "I want to get home." You have spoken


to your kids, or your missus and you go, "Can I get on the next flight


home?" But you are working. You have to sort your work out and then go


back. Sometimes speaking to them, hearing a voice note from your kids


- I got a voice note from my little girl. I read her a book and she sent


me a message. Will you read me a story? I sent her a story after


that. You are so silly. Thank you for the story. Love you. The first


round has been full of surprises. The less fancied teams show some of


Europe's finest how it should be done. Spain, Portugal and Italy


joined England on that plane home. Colombia's James Rodriguez is my man


of the tournament. The Brazilian greats were all discovered the same


way - playing on the streets. I'm heading downtown to see one of the


local teams play and a special man. This man is a street cleaner. He


runs a small football school for the local favela. We can't have that!


You can change. Good. Where are we going to do? See the children the?


OK. Good. I follow you. OK. What's your name? Rio Ferdinand. What's


your name? Where did you get the money to help the children to get


them training? He asked. What made you get up in the morning and say


I'm going to help the young children in the community? Love. That's good,


man. Good. in the community? Love. That's good,


problems. Yeah. Is he a good player? Which player?


problems. Yeah. Is he a good player? like? Neymar? Balotelli? No! Come


on, man! You play much? like? Neymar? Balotelli? No! Come


showing off, taking it so seriously. like? Neymar? Balotelli? No! Come


of someone? Shoot, man, shoot! Unlucky. Go, go, go. Goalkeeper,


come on, man! Whose ball is it? Ours? Nice, nice. Defend, defend.


come on, man! Whose ball is it? There's discipline for the child, it


improves very much. He talks to the kids as well. Her son


improves very much. He talks to the very much in his behaviour and


discipline. The other thing very much in his behaviour and


of them is that they have to be in school, they have


of them is that they have to be in If they don't


of them is that they have to be in can't come here?


of them is that they have to be in school. What about making sure


come here? People give them balls, others socks and shorts but they


complete. They don't pay anything. People like him is important? In


England, we have similar people. Brazil needs more people like him.


Thanks, man. Cheers. Nice to see you.


Cheers. I've got loads of football shoes, everything I could send. I


will see if I can bring them out on the way out next time. Next time,


next time. Thank you very much. Look what they


have produced for me. Two kits, Under 11s, Under 14s kit, red and


blue. What's that? Various kids' tracksuits. We have two kits,


tracksuit, Under 11s to Under 14s. Kids in Brazil, we will see you


soon. You will be kitted out with all this kit from Manchester United.


Thank you to the guys at Manchester United. Thank you very much. They


have thrown that in the bin! He put this in the bin! Thanks a lot, yeah?


You know what I mean. Take it easy. Thanks. Appreciate it. Nice one.


Thanks. Cheers. LAUGHTER Cut that, man. We are off. Just


bringing the bags out of the house. To get ready to go to Brazil.


Obviously, I'm going to leaving you boys, aren't I? Yeah. My little boys


have given up their football boots, crazy trainers, for the little kids


in Brazil, who can't buy their own. This will help them be able to get a


little bit more comfort and they will be able to play with some nice


stuff on their feet. So, thanks, boys, for giving us that. What will


happen to Suarez? He just let himself down by biting someone


again. I know. He scored two brilliant goals. When you score two


goals and he done that the week after, he's gone from hero to


villain in two games. A bit crazy. He will be in a bit of trouble. I'm


going to pack up... I will see you guys later. Love you. Bye. Bye.


OK. Good, you OK? I made a promise, I said I was going to come back and


give you some stuff. You have to change this. I can't have this. He


wants to wear my number? You have to do some running! What


size is this, man? This is young Under 11s and Under 14s kit.


CHEERING My children, seven and five, I took


their shoes, their trainers, their football boots. They said they want


to give. These are good. These ones. I don't


want to feel like Robin Hood. I would rather come and give it and


get off. I want him to distribute it to the kids and stuff. They're


happy, man. I remember when I was a kid. Ive used to love -- when I was


a kid, I used to love football kits. This one here is the talent. He says


he also doesn't want to be Father Christmas, but he has a gift for


you. OK, thank you. You have to open it.


Oh, good. I will always remember you guys. Thank you. Cheers.


Sometimes I feel like I'm in two worlds here. The football one and


the Rio one. Both with their own colour, tears and drama. Missing a


penalty and crying about it, been there. But there's one thing to be


eliminated from a tournament because of missed penalties, but another to


be evicted from your home. Today I'm meeting Marcio and her mates who are


being moved out because of regeneration plans and the World Cup


- crazy. Where are we now? We are the middle of the first favela in


Rio in Brazil. The first one ever? Wow. Yeah. How is it here, relaxed?


Cool? A lot of problems here still? The favela is still one specifically


kind of place for the poor people. It's a place of living for poor


people? Yeah. This is the cable car. This brings people to the top? That


look Yeah. S nice, man. You need to ask the people for what the cable


car. They don't need it? No. Why did they put it here? If I said to you,


Rio, this area is in the midof a renovation area and they're trying


to remove -- middle of a renovation area and they're to remove near 800


families. Where are they going to go? They will move them. I don't


know. This is the house now? Where is she? Nice to meet you. Nice to


meet you. You OK? Nice to meet you. Thank you. Nice, huh? I'm here


watching the World Cup and everything. It's an unbelievable


World Cup, exciting, great things happening. I see everybody smiling


and stuff. Why, why are the people here not happy?


TRANSLATION: This is the only public square in our community and then


they built this here, that's why people not happy. Is this for your


benefit or for tourists? Really only for That's why tourists. You're


protesting. She wants to ask, do you come from a poor background?


Compared to this it's not poor in. England, people would say it's an


area where there's difficulties. That's why I was really drawn to


come here. When I came here, I came to watch the football, but I wanted


to come and see what it's like here and if the government, if the people


that are making the decisions, are they listening to the people in the


communities? So when the protesters were on the streets, they're giving


us voice, those who can't come out, those who really live in the


favelas. When you go up, you will see only poverty. There is no


possibility for the poor. Everything is difficult here. We don't have


good schools. We are not against the World Cup. We are against the way


they did to bring it to the country. This cable car costing 75 million


and then you come to this favela and we have nothing. Wow. We fear for


our lives. People may say I talk too much but I know many times our lives


were threatened. We are fighting for our houses and our survival.


So welcome to the first favela in the state of Rio in Latin America.


Maybe I can come back here and do training for preseason? This first


three flights, first, second and third, they were made by the slaves.


OK. Eight Eight families families. In there? They want to take down


this house to build luxury flats. You say that one was destroyed. That


was destroyed. How do you stop them destroying yours? God helps us. This


is -- This is the place that kids can play football because they don't


have any more the court that they had up there. Look at the views man.


Geez. What they're building to give to the people that they have already


removed from here is on the other side. When it rains, sewage goes


back into the houses. We don't deserve that. It's really low


quality housing. Extremely small. # That's just the way it is #


People probably here are probably thinking all that money being spent


on the World Cup, which is great and I'm sure they love it, but if they


could spread that money across the likes of schools, education, that's


what the ladies were talking about there. That's why they're upset.


They all wanted to tell their story. They wanted to get it across because


they're not being heard in the media over here, not in the media


worldwide. I came over here not knowing that. That's why it's good


to come here. That's why I'm happy we came here. People say you can't


go to the favela, take a bullet-proof vest. I felt safe


there, man. Nice, comfortable. Nice people. Quarter final time and the


excitement has gone up a notch. I'm in the town catching the buzz. It's


a great night. Better than last time any way.


Great result for Brazil, into the semis to meet Germany, but at a


cost. Imagine if they had known in the


streets that Neymar would have been out for the tournament, when we were


there. Did you see the pictures about when he had been taken to


hospital, all the fans, about 3,000 fans outside the hospital,


unbelievable. I just love this city, man. What I love most is the colour.


It's warm, just like the people. Travelling around I just want the


driver to stop, let me out, so I can look at the graffiti.


Diego, how are you doing? Are you all right? I don't know if you've


heard of a guy called Banksy. Have you heard of him? Yeah. This is like


Banksy here. Thank you. This is wicked, man. What did you use? Just


a photo that he took. I'm not even joking, that's a bad picture. Then


transfers it to something like this here. You're doing T-shirts.


T-shirts, everything. She's looking at something, looking towards the


future. I appreciate it, thank you very much. I didn't come here


expecting a present, man, but thank you. Cheers.


Thomas Muller puts Germany in front and Brazil have a mountain to climb.


It's seven! Brazil humiliated, humbled and take an part. I was out


for a run this morning, it's like the World Cup's over. No-one on the


streets, quiet, could have heard a pin drop, which is unusual out here


because it's so noisy. Brazil are out. Tears everywhere. Records being


broken, four goals in six minutes by the Germans. Smashed them. 7-1, it


was too much and the fact that it came to 7-1, so now people are


making jokes. Because that's the way to go because we cannot explain what


happened. It is a catastrophe for this country to lose 7-1 at home. If


Brazil had won the World Cup, it would be different. Especially for


the poor people. They would have something to be... To lift them.


Yes, the richer people know that the World Cup or the Olympics won't


change their lives. One of the most disturbing things that I've realised


when I visited the favelas and spoken to the people there is that


they have no hope. It's interesting, I live right next to a favela, one


of the largest ones here. You do not get used to it. But they get used to


it. They start to live their lives, like there's no hope. Like, this is


it. This is where I live. This is the way - it's where I'm going to


live forever. For us, it's hard. I know what you're feeling, because it


is difficult. If you tear down a favela and where are you going -


it's so huge! Are you saying, leave them be? Leave them how they are? We


cannot do, like other cities in Brazil have done, just to get these


people out of here, put them there. It's going to be worse for them.


They're going to spend more time transporting themselves to the city


where they're going to work. We're going to have to expand the city


towards other spaces. So, who are the Brazilian people going to


support - Germany or your rivals Argentina? That's a good one. It's


easy. It's Germany. But Brazilian people, we like the passion about


football. So the Argentinian crowd, the fans, we admire them. We do not


admit that, but we admire them. When you walk around and see the


Argentineans going crazy, we like that. Here we go, boys. Oh, suave. I


might need a tad more. Last time I'm going to hear that. Next time we'll


see you, we'll be hammering you on Match of the Day. I was thinking


about that. What's Rio doing defending! I was going to throw you


a text on the coach journey home, "Keep me out of this one." From the


parks and playing fields to the professional game, this is it, the


pinnacle. Mario Goetze has scored for Germany!


Germany are champions of the world. This man, well, it wasn't his nice.


-- night. It has been a magnificent World Cup, won by a worthy goal in


the marvellous city of Rio. Thank you Brazil.


What a trip that's been. I've met some wicked people, man. I've met


the kids who I got the kit for, the artists, the graffiti guy. He's


cool. He's going to make a T-shirt. I'm going to make him do a T-shirt,


trust me on that one. The tournament itself was an amazing tournament.


Underdogs coming up and beating the big boys. I've had a great time.


Fantastic time. What a place. That's it. I'm going home.


# I'm starting with the man in the mirror


# I'm asking him to change his ways # And no message could have been any


clearer # If you want to make the world a


better place, take a look at yourself and make a change #


Rio in Rio is a personal insight into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil from the former England and Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand. This is Ferdinand the football fan, pundit and traveller as he explores the city of Rio during football's greatest show on earth.

This trip has opened up a whole new world for Rio. While the focus has been on the pitch over the past month and Rio has been learning the ropes in broadcasting, he has also been meeting 'Cariocas', as the locals are known, to sample a city famous for its beauty, beach culture, good food, party music and to get their views on the World Cup in a country that hasn't fully welcomed the tournament at a time of major social and economic problems across Brazil. How is the World Cup affecting their everyday lives, and who will benefit when the show leaves town?

The man from Peckham is an active campaigner on racism, poverty and inner city violence, and first up he visits one of the favelas and community sports projects where some of the poorest live.

The journey continues with a visit into the rainforest some 100 miles outside the city to see his good friends and former Manchester United team mates the da Silva twins, who welcome him into their extended family home to sample Brazil's first match of the tournament.

This is a learning experience for Rio, who follows England's tournament through new eyes as a pundit, fan and friend. From sitting among the fans on his first visit to the Maracana stadium to local bars, this is Rio adapting to life as a non-international player.

This is the 2014 World Cup as Rio Ferdinand experiences it!