Britain by Bike

Britain by Bike

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North Devon

1. Britain by Bike: North Devon

Clare Balding takes a cycle tour from Lynmouth to Ilfracombe via Little Switzerland.

The Welsh Borders

2. Britain by Bike: The Welsh Borders

Clare's journey into Wales sees her discover how a cycle factory went to war.

The Isle of Wight

3. Britain by Bike: The Isle of Wight

Clare Balding's cycle journey around the Isle of Wight explores its sense of otherness.

West Yorkshire

4. Britain by Bike: West Yorkshire

As she cycles through Bronte Country, Clare finds a secret club for henpecked husbands.

The Cotswolds

5. Britain by Bike: The Cotswolds

How two men, both called William Morris, helped change the face of heritage tourism.

The Scottish Highlands

6. Britain by Bike: The Scottish Highlands

How a diverse group of incomers has changed our view of the Scottish Highlands.