Series 1

Series 1

A fantasy drama set in a world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis.

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Episodes List

The Earth Bull

1. Atlantis: Series 1, The Earth Bull

Jason washes up on the shores of a strange and mysterious land: Atlantis.

White Lies

5. Atlantis: Series 1, White Lies

Ariadne calls on Jason to help her uncover the truth behind claims of a conspiracy.

The Rules of Engagement

7. Atlantis: Series 1, The Rules of Engagement

Jason enters a brutal fighting tournament honouring Ariadne and Heptarian's nuptials.

The Furies

8. Atlantis: Series 1, The Furies

Blood ties and past lies prove a fatal mix when Pythagoras's brother joins the gang.

Pandora's Box

9. Atlantis: Series 1, Pandora's Box

When Medusa is kidnapped, Hercules is tasked with making a perilous journey to Hades.

The Price of Hope

10. Atlantis: Series 1, The Price of Hope

Trying to find Medusa, the heroes become ensnared in the blood sport of the Scythians.

Hunger Pangs

11. Atlantis: Series 1, Hunger Pangs

A starving Jason makes a fatal error by eating sacrificial meat.

Touched by the Gods - Part 1

12. Atlantis: Series 1, Touched by the Gods - Part 1

Time is running out on Jason's pact with Circe. He has three days to fulfil her wish.

Touched by the Gods - Part 2

13. Atlantis: Series 1, Touched by the Gods - Part 2

Jason and his allies are tested when Ariadne is accused of treason and sentenced to die.