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Children in Need in Wales

Lucy Owen and Jamie Owen present the best of 2011's Children in Need appeal in Wales.

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Hello and welcome to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama


here in Cardiff. Between now and 7pm we will bring


you the best bits of this year's Children in Need.


We also shows so many of your fund- raising stories from across Wales.


So let the show begins. Doctor Who, JLS, the news readers


do strictly, just some of the highlights in the star-studded


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 87 seconds


evening kick-started in London by a You can still give to Children in


Need right now. To donate �10 texts So where does your money go? Rhod


Gilbert paid a visit to converted flats in the pending as estate near


Tonypandy where a very small dropping centre is having a huge


impact on the lives of young people who live there.


The valleys. It is what many people think allowed when they think of


Wales. In some parts there is not a lot of work right now. For young


people growing up the prospects are not always great.


But Children in Need It is giving young people here chance to help


them to help themselves. Show me around. We do baking here.


Awesome! I have never done baking in my life!


Let's get it started. The group has been here for 34


years helping young people learn new skills and build confidence so


they can go out and fulfil their potential.


What would it be like if they weren't here? Pretty boring. Do all


your mates come here as well? It is just somewhere they can go


and be themselves and not too bad things. Would you say it is a good


area for young people growing up? No. No one can look forward to


anything. It costs �1 At just to go on the train and two pounds 50 to


go swimming. You need money to go Talking to the young people here,


it is clear that this place is having a really, really positive


impact on their lives. If it wasn't for the money you'll


give to Children in Need, this place wouldn't be here, it is as


simple as that, and it is making a massive difference.


Terrible shot! Terrible shot but great comedian


and he is with me now. They obviously made a huge impression on


you. Yes, they were wonderful, charming, funny, effusive, open,


great tits, terrible poor players and terrible at table football and


even worse that darts but great kids.


I don't know how sensible it was but I have offered to do a benefit


gig in tree or key. That kind of money and can raise in a gig like


that can transform a place like that. That is not a huge amount of


money but the impact it will make to them will be massive, massive.


We really appreciate your time and generosity. It is a very kind


gesture and it is lovely to see you doing so well. Rhod Gilbert.


Your generosity goes a long way. Every year the number of fund-


raising activities over Wales for Children in Need increases. He is


Chris Corcoran with the highlight so far.


Local teenagers here are having a disco to raise cash. You can


probably Download the music these days. Cash for Children in Need was


raised. They got the cash in by having


their body hair waxed off here. Look, he is loving it!


I am here at St David's Hall in Cardiff to see a special talent


contest all in aid of BBC children In Need.


Now, in every sports presenter, there is a singer trying to get out.


Now, put him back in! You started to hi! This is the Tuesday youth


project in Penarth who made pizzas and made well over 50 quid. Good


job, guys. At the top, they had a pad Sea biscuit and were told that


for next year's Children in Need they would have to run a marathon


up Everest. Helen Roberts is cycling 26 miles a


day for 26 days on a gym bike and has raised more than �600.


It is a dance Asson in the Run For 90 to everyone there, and they do


mean everyone, keep dancing. And I am here in Flintshire to meet an


extraordinary family supported by your generous donations to Children


in Need. I am Connie, nice to meet you.


Sandra O'Brien is a single mum with three sons, Alex, Ben and Sam, and


both Alex and Ben have special needs. Benn has extreme learning


difficulties. It must be shattering. Are you going to dress up as well?


I haven't got any kids but looking after three for five minutes I am


exhausted and there are little monsters.


The boys need extra support for education and money to hand. That


is where the daffodils project comes into their lives, a project


for disabled kids and their families.


We are very excited about how we now. -- Halloween.


The party is in full swing and the kids are having a ball but what has


displays mean to you? If they didn't come here they would be


staggered home. Kids can go, have fun and I can talk to other parents


about their problems as well as my own -- stuck at home. It would be


harder than it is now without this. I wouldn't do without Daffodils. It


is a godsend. I reckon I can get two marshmallows out of this.


Children in Need is crucial for funding projects just like this one.


It impacts on so many families' lives, so please be as generous as


you can. They depend on it. Connie is with me. You have dusted


off a little since the party. have real powder on now! I bet


visiting that project brought home to the impact Children in Need can


have. Seeing at first hand, I saw what a difference it made to their


lives. Other families face the same challenges, and the project was an


experience for me and such a difference to their lives. Children


in Need really does make a massive difference right across Wales.


Every penny you donate in Wales ghost to Wales. It is great to see


the difference to are making on your doorstep. Connie, thank you


very much. Don't forget, you can still give


money to Children in Need right now. To donate �10, text there would


One of my highlight this year was the Children in Need choir, and


this lot here were fantastic. Yes, pupils from a Fitzalan and


Corpus Christi high schools and the Louise Ryan local schools from


Cardiff and centres its Catholic school from Newport joined Gareth


Malone and choirs from all over the You are not alone. Together we


sound -- stand. I will be by your Nothing you can say it, nothing you


Keep holding on. We will make it through. Just stays strong. I am


Nothing you can say. Nothing you can do... Keep holding on. Because


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 87 seconds


Keep holding on. We will make it through. Just stays strong. Nothing


Keep holding on. Keep holding on. With me now are some of the


students from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. What


have you been doing for Children in Need? We have had bucket


collections around college and organised a disco this evening DJ


by students and collecting contributions., everybody dancing


away? Of course. And it is a brilliant new building you have


here. You should check out the concert hall. Does it make a big


difference to life here? Definitely, we have an amazing performance


opportunities. Fantastic, talking about performance opportunities,


have you heard of the band Steps? Are due fans? It was the first gig


I went to when I was 12. The group have recently reformed and a


touring again next year, and we Tragedy. Its tragedy. It's hard to


bear when no one this size you is This appears to be a sport which


consists largely of running around and falling over for no reason, but


they're raising money, so it is all good. The more it serene lakes.


This yacht club had a race, but the wind did not turn up, so they just


did what they could. Then a man turned up looking for his motorbike.


But they raised cash for Pudsey. This smiley boy is sexual Charlie


Now it is over to Derek. The X Factor, where he was one of the


judges in the talent show. They're going to go a long way in 2012.


was at the Simon Cowell of the night, only funnier and more


charming. This is the Football Factory where the lesson in how to


rugby-tackled turned into a pile up and a game of hit the bear with no


winners. Later on, the cricketers showed Pudsey how to boil and the


Mayor embarrassed himself for charity. In contrast, someone who


excelled herself for charity was each year old pros and her brother


George. She beat these delicious cakes all by herself. In it Denbigh


High School, another talent show. They had songs from Greece,


photographers, cakes and as you'd expect, a belly dancer with the


snake. Follow that! If anyone can, Do you feel what I feel? Do you


feel the temperature rising? Go- ahead in picture hands up. Do you


feel the temperature rising? Go- ahead and picture hands up. Picture


hands up. Butcher hands up. Butcher Do you feel what I feel? People


falling in love. Two people falling in love. Two people falling in love.


Two people falling in love. Two people falling in love. Do you feel


what I feel? Do you feel what I One of the nation's favourite


television characters has an uncanny knack of turning up almost


anywhere unannounced. He is of course the time travelling Doctor


Who. Hello! I am a doctor. A lot of people asked me how I manage to


look so cool. Not actually a lot of people and they did not use the


word cool or any of the other words because no one has ever asked me


that, but if they had asked me, I would have answered with one word,


my clothes. Especially the bow-tie and sometimes a phase. I am excited


today because for Children In Need I am giving the codes of my back.


My jacket. Unique in the universe, made of infinity Tweet. If this


jacket is hit by any kind of bullet or a laser beam, it would be


completely ruined, so please be careful with it. My bow-tied, bow-


ties are and always will be cool. My shirt. Looks at an ordinary


shirt, feels that an ordinary share it, is in fact an ordinary shirt.


My trousers. Not just any old trousers. I per trousers, similar


to normal trousers, but with the word hyper in front. My boots. 1, 2,


3. Time lords are full of surprises! If any of you would like


to bid for these completely unique items of clothing, the website is


here on your screen than. These are not my real clothes, these are


hollered from cold. -- hologram cloaks. Stop that! OK, I will need


England 1941 and there is a war on. Is it wanted? Call the doctor or


get off the planet. That man is quite ridiculous. I know. Why is


there a phone box in your room? is not a phone box, it is my


wardrobe. Where is your brother? where are we? In a forest in a box


and the sitting room. What to the teaching in schools these days?


There is something. There is something very wrong in this forest


and your brother is right in the middle of that. Best Christmas ever.


I know. No Children In Need would be


complete without EastEnders and this year it was a musical Queen


which inspired them. Another one bites the dust. Another


one bites the dust. And another one gone and another one gone, another


one bites the dust. I am going to get used to. Another one bites the


I want to break free. I want to break fee. I want to break free


from their lives, you're so self- satisfied, I do not need you. I


have got to break free. God knows, God knows I want to break free.


Radio what's new? Radio, someone still loves you! All we hear is


Radio Gaga. All we hear is Radio Gaga. Radio, someone still loves


Here are just a few more of those splendid people who have been


raising money for Children In Need. What is your name and whether you


from? I am Helen and we have raised money by cycling 26 miles every day


for 26 days. I M Rose Mary, from Caerphilly County Council. Schools


across the borough have been raising money. We had a scare your


spots off might. We have had rugby and has also been doing a


marvellous job. I am from the regional department in Morriston


Hospital. We have had a cake bake, guess the number of sweets and a


charge and a bush tucker trial. Thanks to all staff and patients.


Playing to say much for your generosity, it is so a PC did.


the down here, these people have raised �1,214. How did you do it?


We sold lucky spots to people. Be made chocolate Pudsey. It did the


trick. We'd have Football Factory Wales, �760. How did you do it?


had a day where we invited all the local school children and they all


in plate pledge their money, they played sport's with lots of local


sports personalities. Fantastic. What is your favourite bit? Doing


the face-painting. You look absolutely gorgeous. There are very


energetic ladies here. What have you been doing? We climbed


mountains within 24 hours. It was very hard to ring at at 3 o'clock


and the morning. Pudsey would be proud. Congratulations. There are


thousands of young people in Wales with learning disabilities. Young


people like Errol had been given the opportunity to try activities


that can help them with their confidence, allowing them to


develop new skills and enjoyed themselves among friends. These


young people are capable of achieving a lot if given the right


support. How were you doing? Nice to meet you. He has been diagnosed


with autism. He finds it extremely difficult to communicate with


people and generally to express his feelings. Absolutely brilliant. He


has just fitted in with everybody. He is more willing to have a go.


can see that! I know you love that sport of athletics. Let me see what


you have learned so far. Get set, Go! His confidence has just gone up


and out of the roof. He is pretty good. He is pretty good. You think


success in sport will bring him out of his shell? Even if he didn't


become successful, it is really something for him to get his teeth


into. As a mum, you sound pretty pratfalls stopped proud as punch!.


Do you have ambitions in the sport? I want to carry on and hopefully


getting to the Olympics. I think he can do it. All the best. It is sure


generosity about is making no difference, so please give as much


Even the toughest customers are willing to do their bit for


children need. Watch the sparks fly as a ram Sugar takes the dragons on


It is Ardennes. Dragon's den? time I had a day and I was nine


years old. Allen seems to be losing the confidence of the investors.


Evan, you can shut it, and all. you have an idea to pitch or not?


like you, but the New Look, I'm not sure it is working at the moment.


What is your idea? Hold on a minute. This is me in my element. I am now


about to give you a masterclass in presentation, so stand by it,


I like it, backcloth, I am in. droll. This is not hit comedy and


empty. Hold on. Presenting... is Pudsey! You cannot put AMs in


front of everything and pretend you have bought it. No, no, no, it is


the first fully integrated wireless communication bear in the market.


It has G Pearce, G4, G3, satellite communication. You are having a


Excuse me a minute. Hello? No. It is not going very well at all.


It you would like to see the whole of this special episode of Dragon's


den, it is available on the Children in Need website.


A on a lighter note, the moppets and friends definitely get the


prize for the catchiest tune of the But my prize for ever turned


bravery has to go to the news readers who took on the Strictly


Shooting from the sky. Baby, you're CHEERING whether it is Sir Alan


Sugar going back to his roots all the news readers dyeing their hair,


the fact is that you go to extraordinary lengths to raise


money for Children in Need. He is Chris with his last round-up


of the best in Wales. Car did Central Station and a pre-


arranged spontaneous flash mob turns up at a coincidentally agreed


time for a spot of impromptu dancing. There are not professional


dancers, just a lot -- bunch of lovely groovers from British Gas.


Over to the great British tea party. What? You didn't think I would pass


up the chance to dress up, did you? Look at that hair! In North Wales,


mums and toddlers embarked on an Olympic toddled. We have earned a


spots by pushing prams and toddling. You can do it! Oh, No.


What you get if you put up a in a castle in Caernarfon with a mother,


a baby and the buggy? Huge fund- raising is the answer. In a


Anglesey, RAF Valley did a 25 hour physical marathon.


They didn't just go around shaking hands. It is an idea for next year.


It in Aberystwyth the staff of the National Library did a car wash. It


is lovely and clean, boys! At Swansea Metropolitan University,


budding entrepreneurs got stuck into coming up with ideas for


Children in Need in the start of the Apprentice. Unlike the real one,


nobody was fired. -- in the style. I at Neath College they had the


easiest Where's Wally competition of all time. This he is, they he is,


there he is, there!, their ears. There he is! There he all is.


Raising money for Pudsey. Thank you. Another wonderful bunch of


fundraisers here. What is your name, where are you from and what have


you been doing? Amlin -- I am Lucy from Swansea. In Swansea, we raised


�500, and �9,000 across the whole of Britain for Children in Need.


Thank you so much for your work. What is your name? Emily. What have


you been doing for Pudsey? Have you had a good day? Yes. Did you like


all the singing? Yes. What is your name? The Lecia, I have been


selling cupcakes. Have you got any left from me? No, sorry. -- for me.


Jamie, thank you. These Cardiff University students have been doing


during fund-raising. Tell me about it. We organised a murder-mystery


evening. How much did you raise? �300. And you have lived to tell


the tale, a brilliant, fantastic. For he is our last example of how


your money helps children in Wales. A growing number of children and


young people go to Wales -- come to Wales to escape war and unrest in


their home countries. To help them integrate into society Children in


Need funds the African Community centre in Swansea provided a safe


haven free from fear. Tortured star Eve Myles went home to Swansea to


find out more. -- Torchwood star. His his never easy to come to


another country and leave behind home, family, friends and


everything you know, but some people have no choice.


Matt left Zimbabwe at five years old when the country was ruled by


fear and violence. What brought to a family here? A better future for


me and for our family as a whole. To help his family settled here and


meet other families in the same situation, Matt's father was


instrumental setting up the African Community centre -- in setting up.


There are friendships, you can see, these young people are getting a


great opportunity to come together, be creative and have fun. -- to be


creative. The space means a lot you? It is like home, it is really


good. You can see how very, very important projects like this are,


but none of this is possible about your pledges, so please, please,


pledge what did you can. Thank you, That is it from us for another year.


We hope you enjoyed a very special evening and we leave you with the


Wales Children in Need choir singing.


For on the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, good


night. -- singing I Will Stand By Don't be ashamed to cry it. Let me


see you through. Because I have seen the dark side to. When the


Night Falls on year and you don't know what to do, nothing you


confess could make me love you less. I'll stand by you. I'll stand by


you. Went let nobody hurt you. I'll So, if you're mad, get mad. Don't


hold it all inside, come on and turn to me now -- come to me. Hey,


When you're standing at the crossroads and don't know which


path to Jews, let me come along, as even if you're wrong, I'll stand by


you -- passed to choose. I stand by you. I'll stand by you.