The Best Bits BBC Children in Need

The Best Bits

Pop sensations One Direction look back on a spectacular night of fun and fundraising in aid of disadvantaged children all over the UK.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Television Centre


and Children in Need 2011. We're One Direction and welcome to our


look back. Pudsey was in the house and so were JLS, Lord Sugar and the


Dragons, the The Muppets and # Never better them! And they'll


Thank you for being generous. But it is not too late. To give �10


The BBC news reader never let us down and this time they took to the


dance floor for a rocket-fuelled cha-cha-cha! From Television Centre,


this is the Strictly Come Dancing Children in Need special. Please


welcome your hosts Sir Bruce Hello I got you. I love that. Any


way good evening, welcome to Children in Need Strictly Come


Dancing. It is nice to see you... Nice! And we have an audience made


up of mostly children. Aren't you going to start the show with a


joke? Yes but I need seem help -- some help. Knock knock. Who's


there? Bruce. Bruce who? You see I have been in show business 70 years


and they don't even know who I am. Charlieing! Well the top story


tonight is that four of BBC's female news readers have left the


safety of their desks for this dance floor. How kind of them. Well


we better get on with it. It is time to meet the news reading stars


Well there they all are. Four of our top news reader. You all look


so glamorous. But I still can't work out which one is Huw Edwards!


Whoever it is, you have scrubbed up well. Instead of storing, our


judges will decide who their favourite couple is and they will


be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Children in Need champions 2011.


Now everyone is dancing to help change the lives of disadvantaged


children. We thank you all so very much. Now, on with the show and


let's have a look at our four news readers and their partners in


training. This is the most nerve racking thing I have done. I have


been doing news for 25 years. In some ways this is the biggest


challenge we have done for Children in Need. Good. I thought dancing


was just doing a bit of this and it turns out it's not. The nightmare


is trying to remember the steps. Travel, lift, sunshine, banana.


you lose one thing, then you have lost the routine. Walk round


partner, end walk roubd. -- round. One two, the first thing I noticed


is Susannah has natural hip action. So there is something good there.


My trousers split. He has been brilliant. Even when I el lowed --


el woe bowed -- elbowed him in the face twice. My mum is pleased I'm


dancing. You're a natural dancer. am so not. He is a wonderful


partner. Enjoying the dance is more important than anything. Is it?


The judges. I just put them out of my mind. When I think about Craig


and the wiftering glare. -- withering glare. Be mercyful. It is


for children. Is good we are dancing together. Whatever happens


it will be fun. Dancing a special cha-cha-cha, the BBC news readers


and their professional partners. Some breaking news. More news


reader have been persuaded to dance for Children in Need and they're


asking for your money. If they # You're like a plastic bag


drifting through the wind # Wanting to start again # Do you ever feel


to start again # Do you ever feel already very deep # Don't you know


there's no chance for you # There is a spark in you # And let it


Baby you're a firework # You have got to save a falling star # Boom,


boom, boom # You're brighter than the moon # Babe yoi you're a


firework had been come into my CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. That was


marvellous. Absolutely fantastic. You Angela as well, a special thank


you to you. You were brilliant and like me, you have still got lovely


legs. Weren't they fantastic. What a team! They were wonderful. Thank


you for being with us. She is such a lovely lady. Right now then, the


easy part's over! Because you now have to face the judges. Oh! But


I'm here, don't worry, I'm here to protect you. It's my job. Let's


welcome our judges. Len, what did you think? May I say first, that I


admire all of you for putting yourselves through this. You're all


winners. To do this for Children in Need, I congratulate you. Sian,


sharp like a Pippin. Susannah, tooty fruity, what a booty. And


Angela Rippon at the end. Wonderful. Now Alesha, from a woman's point of


view. George us -- gorgeous women. And that was wonderful. Craig,


remember it is Children in Need OK. Sian and Vincent I thought the


acting in that was excellent and actually I do like you on breakfast


television darling. Susannah and Robin, fabulous booty shape, but


the rest left a bit to be desired. Sophie and Ian, fantastic backbend,


but stick to your day job, darling. I thought it was confident, but you


need to sort out your walks. Come on. Boo! That is over. For goodness


sake. Bruno. Oh girls have I got news for you. You really are hot.


You should present the news like this every day. The ratings are


going to go through the roof. You all did very well. They certainly


did. Didn't they do well Brucie? They certainly did. Great comments


from the judges. Sian Williams I know you're a Strictly fan. What


does I it feel like. It was terrifying, I have a new respect


for everyone who does it. Did you enjoy it? Yes I want to do it again.


Sophie, what you ever consider a series? I'm still recovering from


the shock of this. It has been wonderful. I would love to learn to


dance, but not in fronts of 10 million people. It takes a lot of


guts. Your boys are in tonight. Did they enjoy mum dancing? I hope they


are still here. I thought they may have been so embarrassed but they


my harshest critics. I hope they were impressed. I'm sure they loved


you. Emily, if we said do it again. What would you do? I would do it.


You have got the taste for it. thought they were all wonderful.


Well done girls. Remember there noise phone vote. But our news


readers want you to call to help raise as much as possible. Who is


taking home the trophy? Each judge will vote for their favourite


couple and by the way, you're all my favourites. And in the events of


a tie of course head judge, Len, will have the deciding vote.


results are in. Alesha who gets your vote? Susannah and Robin.


Bruno? Saucy and slinky. Susannah and Robin. Craig? Sian and Vincent.


All right Len. It is down to you. Susannah and Robin. We have our


winners. Come and join me. Come on guys. Well done you. Come on over.


Congratulations. What about me? That is fantastic. Thank you so


much. She is overwelled. We all had such a brilliant time. It was


fantastic. Well done and you all did it without autocue! You are the


Children in Need Strictly Come Well done everybody. Hold that up


high. Thank you to the wonderful couples and to you at home for


watching and donating. Here is our boys to tell you how your money can


make a difference. Keep dancing -- It is seven in the morning and all


over families are starting their day. You take it for granted, get


the kids dressed. Do the school run, but it is not like that for


everyone. One in five families in the UK are living in poverty. Sadly,


some of the kids in those families are going without breakfast. I have


come to Littlehampton in Sussex to visit a project called Launch Pad.


They believe it is vital children start the day with food in their


tummys. Come and join the table. What is your name. It is free and


open every morning during term time. It is really feeded here. You have


the estate up the road which is social housing. A lot of families


are on low income. The schools give us napes of children an also Social


Services, so we get referrals from all different people. What do you


have when you come? Toast. Toast. Apple. Right. And grapes. It fills


up your tummy for the day you can work hard at school. Can you wash


your hands. It offers so much more than cereal. It helps kids in need


of nutrition and it helps kids in need of support. They follow a


routine, something that is not possible at home. We have children


come this who haven't really spoken or don't want to join in, and after


a few weeks they will be taking part and wanting to share their


news and thing, so as well as feeding them we are trying to feed


them emotionally. It is just a little thing isn't it, giving kids


breakfast but it makes a big difference to their health and


happiness, and it helps them concentrate at school. Everybody in


the photo. Children In Need! Your money is giving these kids a better


start. But there are only 30 of them here today and Launch Pad has


a long waiting list. It is simple really. To feed more kids, they


need more staff. Which they can't afford. Projects like this need our


help more than ever, because like it or not, without them, some


children right here in Britain And that is why every pen wri you


give means so much of we will perform or number one in a moment,


but before that it is a kind of Walford magic and the Walford


regulars swap one Queen for # With a way down low. Ain't no


sound but the sound of his feet # Machine guns ready to go


# Are you ready, are you ready for this


# Are you hanging on the end of your seat


# Out of the door way the bullets # To the sound of the beat.


# Another one bites the dust # And another one gone and another


one gone # Another one bites the dust


# Hey I'm gonna get you too, another one bites the dust


# How do you think I'm going to get along


# Without you, # You took me for everything I had


# And kicks me out on my own # Are you happy, are you satisfyed


# How long can you standing the heat


# Another one bites the dust # And another one gone and another


one gone hust hey, I'm gonna get you too


# Another one bites the dust # I see a little silhouette of a


# Scar ra muesh # Will you do the fandango


# Galle low Figaro # I'm just a poor boy


# Nobody loves me # Spare him his life from this


Monday trosty # Easy come easy go


# Will you let me go # We will not let you go


# Let him go # We will not let you go


# Let me go # Will not let you go


# Let me go, go, go # No, no, no


# Mama Mia let me go # Beelzebub has the devil put aside


for me # For me


# I want to break free # I want to break free from your


lies # Your self satisfied I don't node


# I've got to break free # God knows


# God knows I want to break free # I've fallen in love


# I've fallen in love for the first time


# And this time I know it's for real


# I've fallen in love # Yeah?


# God knows # God knows I've fallen in love


# It's strange but it's true # Yeah


# I can't get over the way you love me like you do


# But I have to be sure # When I walk out that door


# Oh how I want to be free # Baby


# Oh how I want to be free # I sit alone


# And watch your light # My only friend


# Through teenage nights # And every thing


# I had to know # I heard it on my radio


# Radio # So don't be calm


# Some back ground noise # A backdrop for


# The girls and boys # Who just don't know


# Or just don't care # And just complain


# When you're not there # You had your time


# You had the power # You're yet to have your finest


hour # Radio


# All we need hear is radio ga-ga # Radio goo-goo


# Radio ga-ga # All we hear is radio ga-ga


# Radio ga-ga # Radio, what's new?


# Radio, someone still loves you # All we hear is radio ga-ga


# Radio goo-goo # Radio ga-ga


# All we hear is radio ga-ga # Radio goo-goo


# Radio ga-ga # All we hear is radio ga-ga


# Radio ga-ga # Radio, what's new?


# You're insecure # Don't know what for


# You're turning heads when you walk through the door


# Don't node make up # To cover up


# Being the way that you are is enough


# Even else in the room can see it # Even else but you


# Baby you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know # Oh,


# You don't know you're beautiful hrf if only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # Oh


# But that's what makes you beautiful


# So come on # You got it wrong


# To prove I'm right # I put it in a song


# I don't know why # You're being shy


# And turn away when I look into your eyes


# Even else in the room can see it # Everyone else but you


# Baby you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But when you smile at the ground at ain't hard to tell


# You don't know # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # If only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # Oh


# But that's what makes you beautiful


# That, that, that, Baby you light up my world like


nobody else # The way that you flip your hair


gets me overwhelmed # But when you smile at the ground


it ain't hard to tell # You don't know


# Oh # You don't know you're beautiful


# Babely you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# The way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # If only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # Oh


# You don't know you're beautiful # Oh


# That's what makes you beautiful. . CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It wasn't


just us singing. Even joined in. Gareth Malone was in charge of the


Children In Need choir. Michael Crawford took us up the yellow


brick road and the kids from outnumbered were monkeying round.


# Here we come # Walking down the street


# We get the funniest looks from # Everyone we meet


# Hey, hey we're the monkey, people say we monkey round


# We too busy singing # To put anybody down


# We're just trying to be friendly # Come and watch us sing and play


# We're the young generation # And we've got something to say


# We go where ever we want to # To the do what we like to do


# We don't have time to get restless


# There's always something new # Hey, hey we're the Monkees,


# People say we monkey round # But we're too busy singing


# To put anybody down # We're just trying to be friendly


# Come and watch us sing and play # We're the young generation


Haye we're The Monkees and people say we monkey around, but we're too


busy sinking to put anybody down # -- singing to put anybody down #


We're just trying to be friendly # Come and watch us sing and play #


We're the young generation and we've got something to say! Gareth


Malone is on a mission to bring the country together like never before,


creating a nationwide choir to sing together via satellite for Children


in Need. Hello Devon. We're looking for groups to join us. We wondered


if you would like to be part of that on the night? Can he pull this


off? This is far and away the biggest thing I have done. No


question. How do you feel? nervous. It can go wrong. But there


# You're not alone # Together we stand # I'll be by your side # You


know I'll take your hand # When it feels like the end you know I will


be there # I won't give up on you # Keep holding on # Just stay strong


# And I'm here for you # Keep # With you by my side I will climb


every one # Keep holding on # # Just stay strong # # Keep holding


on # Keep holding on # Keep holding on # Keep holding on! CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE. Click your heels together, we're off to see the wizard, the


# Somewhere over the rainbow # Way up high, there's a land that I have


heard of # Once in a lull abuy # Some day I'll wish upon a star and


wake up where the clouds are far behind me # Where troubles melt


like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll


find me # Somewhere over the rainbow # Way up high blue birds


fly # There bird's fly over the rainbow, why can't, oh why can't I?


# If happy little blue birds fly, beyond the rainbow, why, oh why,


Ha Ha Ho Ho that is how we laugh the day away in the merry old land


of Oz. We again up at 12 and start to work at 1 and then at two we're


done, very good fun # Ha Ha # That's how we laugh the day away in


the merry old land, merry old land # I have spoken so you obey # Bring


me the bloom stick from the witch of the west # These are your orders


# You think you're lost but that's not true # You simply lived a dream


or two # Home is a place in your heart # Every swrourny leads you


back to where you -- journey leads you back to where you start # Close


your eyes, it's very easy # You'll find you're already home! # Home is


a place in your heart # Every journey leads you back to where you


start # Close your eyes, it's very easy # You'll find that you're


already home! # Yes there's no Thank you so much for digging deep


and raising an amazing total. can still give �10 by texting the


Here is how your money makes a difference. Life can change without


warning. One minute everything is fine and then nothing will ever be


the same again. You're about to hear from a family whose lives were


turned upside down seven years ago. All in a split second. Prior to the


accident we were a happy ten-year- old. If there was a tree, he would


climb it. Loved to get his knees dirty. All the things that boys do.


February 2004 was the day everything changed. He was a bit


late home. But I did have a gut feeling that something wasn't right.


From my house I could see the traffic building up. And then an


ambulance shooting down the road. I just knew that it was him. I don't


know how I knew. And then the phone call came to say that Will had been


hit by a car. You don't know whether he has been killed on the


road. I had no idea. And I ran down to the scene and saw him.


impact was so severe it left Will permanently brain-damaged. As a


baby, I learned who he was. You know his personality and his


strengths and weaknesses. What makes him tick. And suddenly you


have a child coming home, ten years of age and you have not got a clue


It affected him mentally. He has lost his speech. He can't walk.


Life after the accident presented a new real ti. He can't eat. He is


fed through a tube and he is fed a milk diet. So it is -- it's taken


away everything he could do. Now 17 and having regained the use of his


arm, Will communicates with gestures and cards. But he requires


round-the-clock care. In hospital I was the first to make him smile.


was in a ball pool and Will was in his chair and then William burst


out laughing. And that is the first time that he actually showed us an


awareness that there was something more going on. After his accident,


his friends from school would come and play. But they found it


difficult. I can understand that. But is suddenly it left him with no


friends. Because these were people he had grown up with and they were


not visiting. But there is one place he can have fun away from his


family and be an independent young man. Have fun. Goodbye mum. This


play centre is funded by Children in Need and it offers activities


for children with a wide range of additional needs. When he goes to


Splash, everyone accepts him. The staff don't talk him down him.


makes everyone laugh. They say, here comes trouble. It is important


to him, because he needs that time to be a 17-year-old. It makes such


a positive impact on the children that go through -- go there, but


funds are tight and there is a waiting list. It has made such a


difference to his life. And you know, it's a fantastic place.


us to support special projects like Splash and help more young people


like Will live life to the full. There is a lot still to come.


Sugar faces The Dragons and Gok Wan brings us a touch of his own razzle


dazzle. But first the return of Kermit and Continental -- Co it is


the muppets. Good evening and now I would like to vo deuce my friends,


co-star And so much more. fabulous Miss Piggy. Thank you,


kissy, kissy. So wonderful to be here and to be seen. Piggy. Sorry


can I continue? I was just getting started. That is what I was afraid


of. Go ahead. Now, a very special performance of a famous muppet song


for Children in Need. We're singing a song. Yes. Sing along if you know


it. I don't know the words. Just open your mouth. Mah Na Mah Na.


Your part. Mah Na Mah Na. What shall I do? Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do


do-do. Mah Na Mah Na. Mah Na Mah Na. How is that voice coming out of


your voice? Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do do-do. Mah Na Mah Na Do do do do-do.


Maa -- Mah Na Mah Na. Mah Na Mah Na. Here we go. Mah Na Mah Na Do do do


do-do Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do do-do. Mah Na Mah Na. What is this song


about? About a minute 20! Here we go. Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do do-do.


Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do do-do. Mah Na Mah Na. What are you doing over


there? Come over here so people can see you. Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Children with Asperger's syndrome with find the


world a difficult place. If you can't make eye contact or start a


conversation making friends is pretty hard. If you are thrown by


the slightest change in routine and living life can be daunting, I


would like to introduce grow a young man called Nathan. He is 16.


And he is going to tell you how it It is like sort of detached from


the world in a way. You can't really make kebg un-- connections


with people as easily as other people can. All the swierns there


when you look back. He had obsessions and the things he did.


It made sense. He is very longical. Likes thing to have a set outcome.


Things like that. It is not contagious. It is just a mental


difference, really. A difference in how the brain works. Like many


children with Asperger's Nathan found life at school tough. I was


lonely, alienated. A bit of hostility towards me as well. I was


very anxious, struggling to handle the workload. Nathan's mum and dad


decided to remove him from school but things went from bad to worse.


He began to lose weight, his confidence went really down, his


self-esteem was at rock bottom. had given up on everything, and


started to become suicidal like. So, it's not nice. Nathan and his


family felt like they had reached a dead end. But then they found ASMA.


Here, trained staff like Paul are able to support and build


confidence in kids with Asperger's. They also run a programme, funded


by Children In Need, which specifically helps them cope with


the challenges they face. In 2000 we start add project called


Aspirations to help the younger people. Most of them are isolated.


They don't quite fit in at school. The idea of the social groups was


to get them to learn together, to make friends, and have a better


quality of life. Once we get them here amazing changes we see.


isn't just their wellbeing, their self-esteem. Nathan has come on


tenfold, in probably just over a year I have been working with him,


from not really wanting to go out the house, he has been fantastic,


come on leaps and bounds. It has been great, for the fact it he has


people to relate to, keep h him happy. I don't know what stage we


would be at at this point if it wasn't for them. With Paul's help


Nathan is about to take a massive step. Off to college we must go.


starting a new school. It is fantastic but daunting, because


every day tasks can be very tough for Nathan. Like the journey to


school. There is a lot of unpredictability with things like


that. So trying to make things as easy and planned as possible.


you don't want to make eye contact you can bring a book. It has helped


Nathan get back on his feet. But they have a waiting list of 40


children who are in desperate need of the specialist care and support


they offer. With the right help, these children could turn their


lives round too. To him, he didn't have a future. This time, 1 months


ago, I wouldn't have thought we would be looking at college, you


know, and him thinking he could do it. It is very different. In a word.


I feel like a different person than I was two or three years ago. More


open. More friendly. More able to talk to people. H is a project that


is changing lives. With your help we can provide a brighter future


for other kids like Nathan. Please, We are not the only boy band


performing tonight. It is our old mates JLS.


# Put your hands in the air. It is # Do you see what I see


# The way she moves I just had to stop and stare?


# Do you see what I see # There's a DJ playing all our


favourite songs # Do you hear what I hear


# We've been drinking so we ought to singalong


# Do you hear what I hear? # Dancing with you so easy because


you're beautiful # You make it hard for me


# I want to kiss you cos I got to know


# Do you feel what I feel? # Do you feel what I feel? Do you


feel what I feel? # Two people falling in love


# No the bartender's turning on the lights


# Do you see what I see? # Got my car and it's waiting


outside # You should leave when I leave


# Dancing with you is so easy because you're beautiful


# You make it hard for me # I want to kiss youz because I got


to know # Do you feel what I feel


# Do you feel what I feel? # Do you feel what I feel? Two


people falling in love # You feel the temperature rising


# You can feel it # Go ahead and put your hand up


# You feel the temperature rising # Go ahead and put your hand up


# Put your hand in the air baby # It's JLS


# Put your hand up # Put your hands up


# Put your hand up # Do you feel what I feel


# Two people falling in love # Do you feel what I feel


# Oh # Two people falling in love


# Do you feel what I feel Hello. I'm the doctor. Now, a lot


of people have asked me how I manage to look so cool. Well, not


actually a lot of people. And they didn't use the word cool because


no-one has asked me that. If nay had I would have answered with one


word. My clothes. Especially the bow tie and a fez sometimes, but


that is because I am excited. Excited. Today, for Children In


Need, I am giving the clothes off my back! My jacket. Unique in the


universe. Made of infinity Tweed. If this jacket is hit by a bullet


or laser beam or even a Ninja star it would be ruined, so please be


careful with it. My bow tie. Bow ties are and always will be cool.


My shirt. Look like an ordinary shirt. Feels like an ordinary shirt,


is in fact an ordinary shirt. My trousers. Not just any old trousers,


hyper trousers. Very similar to normal trousers but the word hyper


in front. My boots. One. Two. Three. Oh time Lords, we are full of


surprises! Now, if any of you would like to bid for these unique items


of clothing, the address is on the screen. No, don't worry, these


aren't my real clothes. These are hologram, don't touch the red


button on your remote or they might disappear. No, stop that. Stop it!


OK guy, I am going to need a diversion. Run the trailer! Run the


England, 1941. And there is a war on. It is haunted? I am called the


doctor or the caretaker. That man is ridiculous. I know. Stay away


from him. Why have you got a phone box? It is not a phone box. It is


my wardrobe. Your brother, where is he?. Y are we? The forest in a box


in a sitting room. What do they teach you in schools these days.


There is something very wrong in this forest and your brother is


. Breast Christmas ever. I know. -- It is still not to late to donate


and it easy, you can give �10 by Now, as promised, Lord Sugar takes


Welcome to the Dragon's Den. And facing our multi-millionaires today,


we have an entrepreneur who says he has a proven track record in


business. But is keen to secure investment in his latest idea. As


we know, it is hard to charm the Dragons and harder to get hem to


Four flights of bleeding stairs in a warehouse. Get a bleeding lift in.


If I wanted to get fit I would have gone to your of your Egyptians..


State-of-the-art health clubs joking I wouldn't step foot in them.


Eyes front, get your cheque books out. It is a former start from the


formerer East End barrow boy but they are hard to please. What have


you dragged me out here for, who has a business meeting in a


knackered old warehouse, chains everywhere. Get a grip. This is not


the long Good Friday. Can you crack on, we have a lot of people to


shout at. All right, keep your hair on. You are supposeed to be


successful business people what are you doing sharing an office. It is


our den, Dragon's Den. Grow p up, the last time I had a den I was


nine. Why don't you get a boardroom. Like you, big brother, do tasks?


Shut it Theo. He seems to be losing the confidence of the investors.


You can shut it as well. At least we have real secretaries.


haven't got a massive table. You haven't even got matching chairs.


Where did you get this from, a fire sale at Staples. You got an idea to


pitch. I like you, the new look, I am not sure it is working for you.


You know how long it takes to interview someone? 10 minutes. Not


13 weeks. At least I don't have to big myself up with piles of pretend


money. I am willing to bet they are photocopies on the back of old


compliments slips from some of your failed businesses. A tetchy opening


exchange, and not the start Alan would have hoped for. Can Deborah


offer him any respite? What is your idea? Hold on a minute this is me


in my element. I am now about to give you a Masterclass in


presentation. So stand by, listen, and learn. This is it. Wow. Black


cloth. I'm in. Very drol! This is not it. I knew that. Right. Hold on.


Presenting... Alan's bear. That's Pudsey. You can't put that in front


of things and pretend you have thought them up. Look, I am sitting


in an Am's chair. It is the first wireless bear in the market. It has


the lot. GPS. G4. Satellite communication,... You are having a


Excuse me, no, no it's not going very well. I have invested a


quarter of a million pounds. Dragons don't take kindly to


interrup shuns. They they it's Pudsey. I will see you later. So


who is in charge here then? Me. What do you say. I don't understand


your product, or who your customers are. Never mind that, I don't


understand a word you're saying. is decision time, will Theo say


that thing about his Children in Need. I have no intention of


investing my children's money in a Teddy bear with a SIM card stuck


up... I don't need your Vinestment I just want you to -- investment. I


just want you to buy some of things. I'm out. I'm out. What about you


brave heart? I'm out. Three dragons out, but Peter Jones will probably


say he has experience in this sector. I have a lot of experience


in this sector and this is ridiculous. I'm out. Well James?


is Hilary and as it happens I do need a present for my nephew and I


will give you a fiver for one. Right, lady over there. One Am's


Bear sold. Pudsey. Shut it. Well done. The rest of you go away and


go and decide among yourselves who is responsible for this mess. Go on.


I'd like to tell you about haily. This year her sister died sudden


Liverpool Hailey and her sister would share that bed. And that bed


doesn't just bring back sad memories, it is flea ridden and


full of bed bugs. How can Hailey get over the death of her sister


when she's dealing with that. want to tell you about 18-year-old


James and 10-year-old Casey. Their mum died 06 cancer and their dad is


not around. They want to stay together in their family home. But


James is studying and can't get the financial support he needs. The


rents us is just about being managed, but their washing machine


is broken. This brother and sister desperately need support. Want to


tell you about these children whose parents are struggling with


depression. Their house has a major problem. It is damp and this mould.


These children have no clean clothes to wear and because of this,


they are getting bullied at school. Happy endings don't often happen


for children like these. Their lives are tough. But with your help


we can make a difference. Children in Need supports an organisation


providing emergency grants to families. Thanks to your donation,


Hailey has a new bed and she can get a good night's sleep. James and


Katie have a washing machine. At least now they have got clean


clothes. Thanks to you, Tyler, Natalie and Susie have been given


new school uniform and warm clothes and now the bullying might stop.


Thank you for your support. But sadly that is not the end of the


story. Every month the organisation receives applications from a


thousand more families who need help. We need to help them. Thank


you. Thank you. Thank you. That is why your monies is important.


Last night the Children in Need studio sparkled with See Quins. Gok


Wan had his moment. He has dressed thousands of women and he is the


fashion guru. For one night only... Gok Wan! I dress women for a living.


I don't dance or sing. Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Is that right?


wrong. Apart from that it is mostly OK, apart from the second bit.


There are some very accomplished dancers all working through routine.


Did you learn that this morn something You did not. I have been


doing this for two week and I haven't nailled it yet. So I'm on


the steps on my own while they get it right and I'm going to walk in


and get it wrong. The most scary thing I have ever done in my life.


I need to concentrate. Go away. One of the things that moving your feet


in that direction... Eight times would be that difficult. But I'm


better with breasts than I am with feet. I'm going home! I can't


believe I'm doing this. What an idiot. I'm forgetting the words


again. You're going to lose money by putting me on the stage. Don't


show that to anyone. And that was just the warm up. He was nervous


and so we were. But wasn't he great. # Give them the old razzle dazzle #


Razzle dazzle them # Give them an act with lots of flash in it # And


the reaction will be passionate # Give up the old hocus pocus # Beat


and feather them # How can they see with sequins in their eyes? What if


the hinges are all rusty, what if in fact you're just disgusting?


Razzle dazzle them and they will get the romance # Give them the old


razzle dazzle # Razzle dazzle them # Back since the days of old #


Everyone loves a big bamboozler # Give them the old Three Ring Circus


# When your in trouble going to your dance # Though you are stiffer


than a girder, they will let them get away with murder # Razzle


dazzle them a and you get a romance! Give them the old razzle


dazzle # Razzle dazzle them # Give them an act that's unassailable #


They will wait a year until you're available # Give them the old


double whammy # Show them the first rate one you are # Long as you keep


them way up # How can they stop, you're got no talent? # Razzle


dazzle them # Razzle dazzle them # Before we say goodbye, please keep


giving. You can donate �10 by texting the word Donate. For full


terms and conditions, go to the web-site. It has been an amazing


nights. You dug deep to help change lives. A huge thanks to you all and


all those involved in Children in # Keep holding on Thank you! # Just


stay strong # Thank you. Thank you. # Keep holding on! # Keep giving! #


I'm out of touch, I'm out of luck, I'll pick you up when you're


getting down # After all these thing I have done # I think I love


you better now. Thank you. # I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind # I


Pop sensations One Direction look back on a spectacular night of fun and fundraising in aid of disadvantaged children all over the UK. The stars of Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, EastEnders, Outnumbered and The Muppets were just some of the people doing their bit for this year's appeal. Lord Sugar took on the Dragons in their Den just for Children in Need and, in a night of musical treats, choirmaster Gareth Malone brought together children from all over the UK for a massive countrywide performance.

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