Part 1 BBC Children in Need

Part 1

The 2011 fundraising spectacular gets underway, presented by Sir Terry Wogan, Alesha Dixon, Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton. With treats from EastEnders, Doctor Who and Outnumbered.

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We will be be looking back on the challenge on Monday.


It is time to hand over to Terry Wogan for the big Children in Need


party. Ladies and gentleman, boys and


girldz welcome to Television Centre. We're live and the time has come


from Children In Need 2011. Look who you'll be seeing tonight. JLS.


Lord Sugar and the Dragons, the Muppets. One Direction, Doctor Who,


EastEnders, the news readers do Strictly and the kids from


Outnumbered. No night of this calibre would be complete without


the knight of the realm, here's your host, Sir Terry Wogan.


APPLAUSE Thank you. No, no, no it's more


than I deserve. No, you're right. Well done voice of the balls, we


will rely on you throughout the long evening. Evening ladies and


gentleman, welcome to Children In Need 2011.


APPLAUSE Bless you for the warmth of your


enthusiasm. Spend as if your pocket thinks your hand's gone mad tonight.


It's an important night for the nation's children. It's a chance to


do something life changing for the people who need it most. I can't do


this by myself. Oh, yes you can - no, I can't. I'm going to need you


at home, as well as some very special girls. Nay, angels.


CHEERING Shut up. Here they are, the divine


Tess Daly, the delightful Alesha CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Get away from


me, I'm a married man. Hi Charlie! CHEERING


I don't think that screaming was for me.


I beg to differ, Terry. Shall we get this show on the road. Welcome


# You're insecure # You're turning heads


# Don't need make-up to cover up


# Being the way that you are is enough


# Everyone else in the room can see it


# Everyone else but you-ooh


# Baby, you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful


# If only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful!


# Oh, oh-oh That's what makes you beautiful!


# So c-c-come on You got it wrong


# To prove I'm right I put it in a so-o-ong


# I don't why You're being shy


# And turn awaywhen I look into your eye-eye-eyes


# Everyone else in the room can see it


# Everyone else but you-ooh


# Baby, you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful


# If only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful!


# Oh, oh-oh That's what makes you beautiful


# Na-na, nah, na-na, nah, na-na


# Nah, na-na, nah, na-na


# Nah, na-na, nah Na-na, nah, na-na


# Nah, na-na, nah, na-na


# Baby, you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But you when smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful


# Baby, you light up my world like nobody else


# The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


# But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful


# If only you saw what I can see


# You'll understand why I want you so desperately


# Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe


# You don't know-oh-oh


# You don't know you're beautiful!


# Oh, oh-oh You don't know you're beautiful


# Oh, oh-oh!That's what makes you beautiful! #






Wow that


Wow that was


Wow that was incredible. Thank you CHEERING


Don't wave, lads. Calm yourselves, calm yourselves. They're performing


again for us later. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We're going


to see much more of Tess and Fearne too. Wow. I'm going to have you


removed, Madam. Calm down, love. Hold it down to a dull roar. She's


shouting at me, is she? Incredible. It's all happening back stage. As


we speak, Gok Wan, Susan Boyle, Westlife, they're all fighting over


a set of hair straighteners. Probably mine. This is what we have


coming up: Coming up in the next hour, a treat for Doctor Who fans.


The clothes off my back. We're off to see the wizard and which news


reader gets this reaction on Strictly... Oh, girls, Have I Got


News For You. What a line up and we're all here


for one reason, to help Children In Need across the country. Every


penny is spent right here in the United Kingdom. We know that times


are tough. Perhaps this year more than ever. But, of course, sadly,


that's when the most vulnerable members of our society feel it the


most. That's why your help is desperately needed. I know you'll


do your bit. You always do. So, please, have a lock at what we're


trying to achieve and how a simple act of kindness from you can change


# When you're lost and you're lopbl # When you are lost


and you're only # When your days rises from you,


# When your day rises from you # Look beside you


# And I will guide you When your will is gone


# Show me a place To be with you


# Cos I can't do this on my own, on my own


# So carry on, carry on Carry on


# Whatever comes However painful, however long


# When your hope has been denied you


# I will walk beside you Carry on


# When your hope has been denied you


# I will walk beside you Carry on. #




We want


We want you


We want you to have a fantastic night. It would be great if you


could just pick up the phone. so simple guys. The number is up


here. You can't miss them. It's 03457 33 22 33. There are so many


other ways to donate too. You can pay in your fundraising


money or donate to Children In Need in all major banks and building


societies or at the Post Office. You can visit the Children In Need


website and give using your credit or debit card or PayPal account.


Phone to donate or tell us how much you've raised on 03457 33 22 33.


Thank you oh, voice of the balls. Please do call. We're relying on


your generosity to help Children In Need keep making a difference


across the country. That's what we want to do. Last year, the whole


country came together to search for the perfect Dorothy. Danielle Hope


became the nation's darling. Now she's starring in a West End smash


hit. Let's see how she's faring in that magical place. It's time to


click your heels together everyone, we're off to see the wizard, the


# Somewhere over the rainbow # There's a land that I've heard of


# And wake up where # Where troubles melt


# Away above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me


# Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly


# Birds fly over the rainbow why then, oh, why can't I?


# If happy little bluebirds fly


# Beyond the rainbow Why, oh, why, can't I?


MUNCHKINS: # Ding dong! The witch is dead


# Which old witch?


# The wicked witch Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead


# Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed


# Wake up the wicked witch is dead


# She's gone where the goblins go Below, below, below,


# Yo-ho Let's open up and sing and ring the bells out


# Follow the Yellow Brick Road Follow the Yellow Brick Road


# Follow, follow, follow, follow Follow the Yellow Brick Road


# Follow the Yellow Brick Follow the Yellow Brick


# Follow the Yellow Brick Road


# I could while away the hours


# Conferrin' with the flowers


# Consultin' with the rain


# And my head I'd be scratchin'


# While my thoughts were busy hatchin'


# If I only had a brain


# Picture me, a balcony Above a voice sings low


# Where for art thou, Romeo? I hear a beat, how sweet!


# I would show the dinosaurus Who's king around the fores'


A king they better serve


# I'd be brave as a blizzard I'd be gentle as a lizard


I'd be clever as a gizzard,


# If the wizard is a wizard who will serve


# Then I'm sure to get a brain A heart


# A home The nerve


# We're off to see the Wizard The wonderful Wizard Of Oz


# We hear he is a whiz of a wiz' If ever a wiz' there was


# If ever, oh, ever A wiz' there was


# The Wizard Of Oz is one because


# Because, because Because, because, because


# Because of the wonderful things he does


# We're off to see the Wizard The wonderful Wizard Of Oz!


CITIZENS OF OZ: # Ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho!


# And a couple of tra-la-las


# That's how we laugh the day away


# In the merry old land of Oz


# We get up at twelve and start to work at one


# Take an hour for lunch and then at two we're done


# Jolly good fun!


# Ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho, ho! Hah!


# That's how we laugh the day away,


# With a a-ha-ha, a-ah-ha-ha A-ah-ha-ha, a-ah-ha-ha


# In the merry old land Merry old land


# Merry old, merry old Merry old land of Oz!


# Bring me the broomstick of the Witch Of The West


# I've spoken so you obey


# Bring me her broomstick and I'll grant your request


# These are your orders, now obey!


# You think you're lost But that's not true


# You simply lived a dream or two


# Home is a place in your heart


# Every journey leads you back to where you start


# Close your eyes It's very easy


# You'll find that you're already home


ALL: # Home is a place in your heart


# Every journey leads you back to where you start


# Close your eyes It's very easy


# You'll find that you're already home


ALL: Yes there's no place as good as home. #










CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done, Michael. And the cowardly lion, and


the scarecrow and that strange looking man at the end. I say the


strange looking man, Michael, how lovely to see you all and thank you


for supporting Children In Need and thank you, cast, that's really


terrific. It's our pleasure to be here. You've always been a wizard


to me. Danielle you won Over the Rainbow competition and the dog.


Yes. Never appear with dogs and children, they say. Both on my


first job. And you've done something for us as well. I know


you've collected some money for Children In Need. Yeah, we have.


We're very grateful to you. Every night we've been out there and this


week, we got at least �10,000. APPLAUSE


Michael, Danielle, cast, ladies and gentleman, please give your thanks


to the cast of the wonderful Wizard of Oz.


APPLAUSE Well done.


That was brilliant. I love Toto. We really hope you enjoy the feast of


entertainment tonight and we also hope that at some point you'll pick


up the phone. The children you help will never be able to thank you in


person. We sent Olly Murs to meet some of the kids who benefit from


She's four years old But, erm, things are a little bit


Ella was deprived of oxygen She can't walk or talk, she's fed


It must have been a really It's been an interesting four years.-


She loves her life, she's a happy child.


She's not in pain a lot of the time, but...


Her brain can't process the images that her eyes are sending to it.


She can focus on certain days or in certain minutes,


but then another minute goes by and she won't be visually aware.


Ella's condition is so complex that her mum and dad


were in desperate need of specialist help.


So when they found Dalton Nursery just before her first birthday,


it was life-changing.


From providing support for parents as well as finding a place that


can help out and understand what is wrong with her,


and have had experience in dealing with other children,


it's been amazing.


Are you being pirates? Arr! Get off my boat!


The nursery is part of Dorton School in Sevenoaks,


a school run by the Royal London Society for Blind People.


They look after kids with a whole range of visual impairments.


It's a camera! Can you explain Harvey's condition?


He's got a very rare eye condition that means he can't see in colour,


so he sees black, white and grey.


What's happening, Leo?


Leo's also very sensitive to the light, same as Harvey.


Are we at the nursery?


He calls it special nursery, don't you, because it's special.


This obviously is a special nursery - not just for Ella


and her family, but for all the kids here.


And I can't wait to go and have a look inside.


It's Ella!


We'll go together.


It's crucial for kids to come here when they're young,


because vision isn't fixed until around seven years old,


and early stimulation can help to develop their neural pathways.


So there's every chance that by coming here as children,


their sight will be improved for the rest of their lives.


Before, she'd just be stuck and looking up in one direction.


Now she will follow, and she will smile when people approach her.


That's a good boy! Well done!




Thanks to you guys,


Children In Need have been able to give the nursery


sensory toys and equipment, and a specialist massage service


to help the kids learn how to communicate through touch.


Make all the movements as firm as you can,


cos it's much more comforting. That's lovely.




Now the bit I've been looking forward to -


a weekly music therapy session which helps to improve


concentration, communication and body awareness.


Ella, shall we listen to Ella play?


Yeah! Ella's playing!


Like the rest of her friends, Ella has made huge improvements


since coming to Dorton Nursery.


But for every visually impaired child that they help now,


there are hundreds more still in need.


They're desperate to expand these premises,


and even have ambitions to open another nursery.


But to achieve that they're going to need your help.


# I would like to say thank you for having me here


# I'm having a good time Yes I am. #


Thank you.


It has been amazing to be here today


with all these lovely, lovely children.


It's been great to watch the music sessions


and see what fantastic work Dorton does for these kids,


to help develop their sight.


But they need more money! So please- pick up the phone and donate.


Help all these lovely children out.- Thank you.




It's a


It's a wonderful


It's a wonderful place. �30 pays for half a day there and other


projects like it. You saw how much Ella loved it. Please help us fund


more places for children like her. Call 03457 33 22 33. Thank you.


Now we need to say a lot of thank yous to a lot of people tonight,


because, frankly, without you, we're nothing. I want to start with


some people who don't get nearly enough praise, those of you all


over the United Kingdom, who go to In Tywyn,


as the teachers paid to have their cars cleaned.


The pirates of the Victoria Brook Nursery School in Oldham


set sail in search of treasure on the jolly ship Pudsey.


Well, shiver me timbers!


Whilst in Glasgow, Hillhead High students hit the streets,


rattling their collection buckets,all in the name of Children In Need.


There we go.




And here's JLS with a special message


for all you fundraising schools.


Over 15,000 schools have helped make this year's BBC Children In Need even bigger,


And we just want to thank you all so much. And say well done.






School has


School has changed


School has changed a bit since my day. The dog has eaten my laptop


isn't a good excuse any more. So, well done to all those fundraisers


there. If you've been doing your bit for Children In Need, we'd like


to hear about it. Tell us what you've been doing on Facebook and


Twitter. Whatever they are! Let's see if we can get


# CiN trending Right there on the cutting edge, that's me.


LAUGHTER If you can't use the internet, what


are you some kind of a numpty? Just page us. Can you do that? Send a


telegram. Carrier pigeon. Little man with a stick running with your


message or stand in the middle of the road and shout really loudly.


I never thought I'd hear Terry say "hash tag". This year has been


fantastic. People are pulling together for Children In Need. All


the money raised helps children in this country. Later on, children


all over the UK will be coming together for an incredible musical


performance in aid of this year's appeal. Let's hear more about that


and everything else happening in Thank you, Alesha, and good evening


London! Does a skilled -- schoolchildren will be fantastic


tonight. We filmed them earlier going into television centre,


looking very excited. Stay tuned to hear them in the BBC Children In


Need choir later on. We will be getting musical here as well. I am


Wendy Hurrel, we are in the Big Top at Zippos Circus with a fantastic


audience! We are in the middle of Hyde Park at the Winter Wonderland,


we have a Big Top filled with fundraisers and we will be talking


to them a little bit later on. They are all very excited. Let's see


I want a steward's enquiry as to They look like they have had a good


time raising money and having a lot of fun. We have more fundraisers,


the Guru Nanak Sikh School. We have been doing lots of activities like


making our own recipes -- recipe book. We have raised �1,825!


Welburn! We have two lovely ladies here,


what are you up to? We are bursting on our fluids. How much did you


raise? �266 -- on our flukeds. have some more students here. We


are for and Goldsmiths and we raise �175 dancing for 24 hours. You must


have been very tired! Somewhere around here in his Marc Ashdown.


It is much colder out here on the ice but things are starting to warm


up, the star guest is here showing us his moves. All of these people


are raising money for Children In Need, just for turning up and ice-


skating because the organisers have kindly agreed to donate the money


from the first 750 skaters, raising �6,750 just for turning up and


falling over. Pudsey has brought a friend here. My name is Megan. I am


wearing this costume all weekend. Whose idea was that? It was my idea.


Is it warm? Very warm! Pudsey has agreed to show me how to do some


moves on the ice, so I will hand back to Wendy.


I think we will need an ambulance if you do those moves! I am in the


big top, it is very exciting. We have got not only circus performers


but just starting up our our Teddy Boys band this evening, Nark Drool


& The Shudders. They have given up their evening to be here with us


tonight, and they are playing on and off for us throughout this


evening. You can donate money, don't forget, by phoning 03457 33


22 33. That number, 03457 33 22 33. And of course you can also donate


online, We need all of your money, even


more this year. Join us again in about an hour here in the big top,


we will see you then. Take it away, Wow. That looks fun! Good luck to


everybody fund-raising tonight and especially everyone involved in the


Children In Need Choir. That huge performance is coming up in half an


hour and Doctor Who fans get ready because there is something special


on its way for YOU! CHEERING Now we are joined by a fantastic friend of


Children In Need. Every year I welcome him at round about this


time. Countryfile's John Craven. Tell us about this year's calendar.


APPLAUSE Nice to see you. OK. Countryfile Calendar for 2011.


looks a credit to you. 55,000 of our viewers sent in pictures of the


British countryside. We sell the calendar in aid of Children In Need.


It is beautiful. Tell us, break it to us gently, you always raise a


tonne of money. How much have you raised with this? So far, it's


�560,000. Fantastic! APPLAUSE Brilliant. A little bit more than


that. You are hoping to raise over �1 million. Last year, we raised


just under �1.2 million. We are ahead of ourselves this year. Maybe


we will beat that total. That is fantastic. Thank you. Thank you to


everybody at Countryfile and those of you who bought the calendar.


Thank you, John. I would like to know why my entry into the


competition didn't make it? Which one was it? LAUGHTER That could


have been the front cover! That is me on the left! LAUGHTER We weren't


sure what category to put it into. Farm life? No need to be offensive!


With that fantastic amount raised, it may be time for our first total


of the night. What do you think? AUDIENCE: Yes! I'm very glad you


have reacted in this way. That is what we are going to do. Let's have


That is the most we have ever raised at this early stage. It is


fantastic. That is fantastic. Thank you so much. We have so much coming


up tonight. You are not going to want to miss a brilliant musical


treat from EastEnders. There's so much more to come. Doctor Who bares


all for charity. Lord Sugar is in the Den. Miss Piggy and Kermit lead


a band of singing celebrities. The official Children In Need single.


And JLS! APPLAUSE You know, some things haven't changed over the


years. This year, the audience could rush the stage at any moment!


We could be fighting for our lives before this is over. The things


that don't change is Pudsey and I. We never look a day older. LAUGHTER


My co-presenters put a spring in my step and you come up with some


wonderful ways to raise money. Then there is the wonderful BBC


Newsreaders. This year, we have upped the ante. They have stepped


into the breach with great gusto. Here is how they got to grips with


this is the Strictly Come Dancing Hello. I've got you, I've got you.


Welcome to Children In Need's Strictly Come Dancing.


It's nice to see you,


to see you...




And we have an audience made up mostly of children.


Are you going to start the show off with a joke,


Bruce, like you normally do?


Yes, but I'm going to need some help.


Will you help me, boys and girls?




OK, then. Knock, knock.


AUDIENCE: Who's there?




AUDIENCE: Bruce who?


I've been in show-business for 70years, and they don't know who I am.




Well, Brucie, the top story tonight


is that four of the BBC's female newsreaders have left the safety of their desks


for the danger of the dance floor.


Well, we'd better get on with it, then.


It's time to meet the newsreading stars of our show. Here we go.


Sian Williams and her partner, Vincent Simone.


Susanna Reid and her partner, Robin Windsor.


Emily Maitlis and her partner, Pasha Kovalev.


And Sophie Raworth and her partner, Ian Waite.




There they all are. Four of our top newsreaders.


You all look so glamorous, may I say.


I still can't work out which one of you is Huw Edwards.


But whoever it is, you have scrubbed up well.


And instead of scoring tonight,


our judges will decide who their favourite couple is,


and they will then be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Children In Need Champions 2011.


Everyone tonight is dancing to help change the lives


of disadvantaged children across the UK.


And we thank them all very, very much. That's right.


They're all hoping it will encourage you to pick up the phone


and donate to Children In Need.


The number to call is 03457 332233.- Thank you.


On with the show.


Let's have a look at our four newsreaders


and their professional partners in training.


This has to be the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done.


Which bit's wrong, then? All of it?


And I've been doing the news for 25 years!


1, 2, 3, 4!


In some ways, this is the biggest challenge we've done so far for Children In Need.


Good. Ooh, I feel sick. I thought dancing was just doing a bit of this.


Turns out it's not!


The nightmare bit is trying to remember the steps.


It goes travel, lift, sunshine, banana, backbend, trio,


walk with boy upstage... If you lose one thing,


then you've lost the entire routine. 2, 3, 4!


..kill the ant, walk round partner, end walk-round.


What have you got against ants?!


First thing I noticed, Susanna has natural hip action, so something good there.


Something good! Have my trousers split? No?


Pasha has been brilliant, even when I kind of elbowed him in the face twice.




My mum is very pleased that I'm dancing with Ian.


You're a natural dancer. No, I'm not! My spine is about to go.


She is a natural dancer. I'm so not! Anyway.


He's a wonderful dance partner, because he sweeps you along.


Enjoying the dance is moreimportant than anything. Is it? Yeah.


The judges...




I've just put them out of my mind.


When I think about Craig...


When I think about the withering glare...


Be merciful. It's all for children.


I think it's brilliant that we're all dancing together.


You know whatever happens on the night, it's going to be good fun.


Dancing a very special cha-cha-cha,


the BBC newsreaders and their professional partners.




Good evening. Breaking news just in.


Four newsreaders have been persuaded to dance for Children In Need.


And they're asking for your money.


If they don't get it, there may be fireworks.


# Do you ever feel


# Like a plastic bag


# Drifting through the wind


# Wanting to start again?


# Do you ever feel


# Feel so paper thin


# Like a house of cards


# One blow from caving in?


# Do you ever feel


# Already buried deep


# Six feet under screaming


# And no-one seems to hear a thing?


# Do you know


# That there's still a chance for you


# Cos there's a spark in you?


# You just gotta ignite the light


# And let it shine


# Just own the night


# Like the Fourth of July


# Cos, baby, you're a firework


# Come on, show 'em what you're worth


# Make 'em go


# Oh, oh, oh


# As you shoot across the sky-y-y


# Baby, you're a firework


# Come on, let your colours burst


# Make 'em go


# Oh, oh, oh


# You're gonna leave 'em all in


# Awe, awe, awe


# Boom, boom, boom


# Even brighter than the


# Moon, moon, moon


# It's always been inside of


# You, you, you


# And now it's time to let it


# Through-ough-ough


# Cos, baby, you're a firework


# Come on, show 'em


# What you're worth


# Make 'em go


# Oh, oh, oh


# As you shoot across the sky


# Baby, you're a firework


# Come on, let your colours burst


# Make 'em go


# Oh, oh, oh


# You're gonna leave 'em all in


# Awe, awe, awe. #




That was marvellous. Absolutely fantastic.


And to Angela Rippon, a special thank-you.


You were brilliant and, like me, you've still got lovely legs.


Oh, thank you. But weren't they fantastic? What a team!


Absolutely. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for being with us.


Such a lovely lady. A lovely lady.


Right. Now then, now then. The easy part's over.


Cos you now have to face the judges. Oh...




But don't worry, I'm here to protect you - it's my job.


I'll look after you, OK?


So let's welcome our judges, OK? Let's welcome our judges.




Len, what did you think of that?


May I say, first of all, that I admire all of you for putting yourselves through this.


You're all winners, because to do this for Children In Need, I honestly congratulate you.


Sian, crisp and sharp like a pippin. Honestly.


Susanna...tutti frutti, what a booty!


Shaking and baking. And Angela Rippon at the end!




It really is so lovely. Right now,Alesha, from a woman's point of view.


Gorgeous, gorgeous ladies. Every year I look forward to your Children In Need performance.


You are my favourite, and I have to say, that was wonderful.




Now, Craig, and remember it's Children In Need, OK?


Over to you.


Sian and Vincent, I thought the acting in that was excellent,


and actually I do like you on breakfast television, darling.


Susanna and Robin, fabulous booty shake but the rest left a little bit to be desired.


Sophie and Ian, fantastic backbend, but stick, darling, to your day job.


Oh! Oh! Emily and Pasha I thought was a very, very confident performance,


but you need to sort out your walks. Come on, boo!




There you are. But that's over, for goodness' sake, and don't take it to heart.


Bruno. Oh, girls, have I got news for you?!


You really are hot! You should present the news like this every day.


The ratings are going to go through the roof.


You all did very, very well.




Well danced, ladies. Didn't they do well, Brucie?


They certainly did. Yes!




Great comments from the judges, Craig aside.


Sian, I know that you are an avid Strictly fan. Love it.


What does it feel like to dance on the Strictly dance floor?


No, it's been wonderful. I'd love to learn to dance,


but I'm not sure I need to do it in front of ten million people.


It takes a lot of guts. It takes guts to get out there.


Susanna, your three little boys are in the audience, aren't they?


Do you think they enjoyed Mum's dancing?


I hope they are still here, because I thought they might be so embarrassed they might have gone.


But they are my harshest critics, so I hope they were impressed with us all tonight.


BRUCE: I'm sure they loved you. Proud of their mum.


Now, Emily, if we said, "Do it again, one more time...?"


I'd do it. Really?


You've got the taste for it. Well, that's marvellous.


I thought they were all wonderful, didn't you, Brucie?


Absolutely incredible. Well done, girls.




Now remember, there is no phone vote tonight,


but our newsreaders still want you to call and help them


raise as much money as possible for Children In Need.


Don't forget that number to dial.


Now it's time to see who is going to take home the trophy.


Each judge will vote for their favourite couple.


And by the way, you're all my favourites.


It doesn't matter what anyone else says.


In the event of a tie, head judge Len with have the deciding vote.


And the results are in.


Alesha, who gets your vote?


Susanna and Robin!


Susanna and Robin! One vote for you guys.


Bruno, who were your favourites?


Saucy and slinky,


Susanna and Robin!


Two for Susanna and Robin. OK, Craig?


Sian and Vincent.


All right, Len, it's all down to you.


Susanna and Robin.




Susanna and Robin, we have our winners - come and join me!


Come on, guys. Well done, you.


Congratulations! And the marvellous thing is...


Hold on! What about me?


How happy are you two?


Thank you, it's fantastic! Thank you so much!


She's overwhelmed.


Yeah, well, it's fantastic.


We all had such a brilliant time - brilliant. It's fantastic.


Well, congratulations.


And you all did it without autocue!




You are the Children In Need Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2011!




Well done, everybody! Hold that up high, well done.


Thank you to all of our wonderful couples,


and to you at home for watching and donating.


Here's our own Zoe Ball


to tell you about how your money can and will make a difference.


Thank you.


BOTH: Keep donating!


'It's seven in the morning,


'and all over the country families are starting their day.'


CHATTER IN BACKGROUND.'You take it for granted, don't you?


'Get the kids dressed, feed them breakfast, do the school run.


'But it's not like that for everyone.


'One in five families in the UK are living in poverty and, sadly,


'some of the kids in thosefamilies are going without breakfast.


'I've come to Littlehampton in East Sussex


'to visit a project called Launch Pad.


'They believe it's vital that all children


'start the day with food in their tummies.'


Morning. Morning, guys.


What's your name? Charlie. Hello, Charlie.


'Launch Pad is free and is open every morning in term time.


'It really is needed here.'


We've got the estate up the road where a lot of it is social housing


and a lot of families on low income.


The school gives us the names of childern


and also Social Services.


We get referrals from all different people.


What do you have when you come? What-do you eat? Cereal. Toast and cereal.


Apples. Apple. Right. Grapes. And grapes.


And it fills up your tummy for the day


so you can work hard at school.


Can you put the plates away, please, and wash your hands?


'This place offers swo much more than just a bowl of cereal.'


We've had children come in that haven't really spoken


and haven't really joined in.


After a few weeks, they'll be taking part, sharing their news


and things, that's why there's food in them.


We've had children come in that haven't really spoken


and haven't really joined in.


After a few weeks, they'll be taking part, sharing their news


and things, that's why there's food in them.


We're also trying to feed them emotionally.


It's now time to clear our tables. Can you bring your bowl?


'It's just a little thing, isn't it, giving kids breakfast,but it makes such a big difference


'to their health and happiness and helps them concentrate at school.'


Everybody in the photo. ALL: Children In Need!


'Your money is giving these kids a better start,


'but there are only 30 of them here today,


'and Launch Pad has a long waiting list.'


You have a lovely day!


'It's simple really. To feed more kids, they need more staff which they can't afford.


'Projects like this need our help more than ever, because,


'like it or not, without them,


'some children right here in Britain will be going hungry.'


They're lovely kids.


You've been really generous already,- but, please, keep giving.


The number is...


You can really help make a difference for these kids.


Thank you.




�60 will


�60 will buy


�60 will buy breakfast for all those kids for a week. As Zoe says,


breakfast might be a little thing, but it does make a big difference.


Please call 03457 33 22 33. Thank you. A huge thank you to Sophie,


Emily, Susanna and Sian, not to mention Angela, but I will -


Angela! So lovely to see that wonderful team spirit for Pudsey.


They are all champions in our book. Of course, a huge thank you to Tess,


the judges and Sir Brucie himself the only man on television who gets


to call me "young Terry"! LAUGHTER We have the Muppets coming up later


- mah-na-mah-na! I can't wait for that one(!) mah-na-mah-na! Stop me!


making spotty doughnuts to sell to their customers


Just cos your name's Gregg, doesn't These cakes


That's it - last one. Get your Pudsey cakes - they're


Hiya, darling. Two of your Pudsey cakes, please.


We're doing OK.


I am absolutely shattered!


But what I've done today's pitiful compared to what these guys have done


to help raise money for this year's BBC Children In Need.










Nice plate


Nice plate of


Nice plate of food!


Nice plate of food! Our friends from Gregg's have raised a


fantastic �1,001,052. That is incredible! What is next? Well, I


am glad you asked me that. That is why you are here! Absolutely.


astonishing what you find in the depths of BBC Television Centre.


Just this week, I have seen Brucie polishing his taps. Right. Taps.


Anne Robinson practising her wink! And Fiona Bruce valuing antiques. I


didn't like the way she was eyeing me up. I am sure you did! I hear


Doctor Who has been spotted, too. Can you do the noise? I can't quite


do it. It is something like wooo- ooooooo! Can anyone do that noise?


ALL: Wooo-ooooooo! LAUGHTER These guys are good. I'm sorry I


asked now! A lot of people have asked me how I managed to look so


cool. Well not actually a lot of people. They didn't use the word


"cool" or any of the other words because no-one has ever asked me


that at all. If they had asked me, I would have answered with one word


- my clothes. Especially the bow tie. I'm excited, today, for


Children In Need. I am giving the clothes off my back! My jacket.


Unique in the universe, made of infinity tweed! If it is hit by any


laser beam, it would be completely ruined, so please be careful with


it. My bow tie. Bow ties are and always will be cool. My shirt.


Looks like an ordinary shirt, feels like an ordinary shirt, is in fact


an ordinary shirt! My trousers. Not just any old trousers, hyper


trousers, very similar to normal trousers, but with word hyper in


If any of you would like to bid for these completely unique items of


clothing, the URL is on your screens right now - don't worry,


these aren't my real clothes. Please don't touch the red button


or they might disappear. Ah, no! Stop it! OK, guys, I'm going to


need a diversion. Run the trailer. England, 1941 and there is is a war


on. Is it haunted? Who are you? Usually called the Doctor. That man


is ridiculous. Stay away from him. Why have you got a phone box in


your room? It is my wardrobe! Your brother, where is he? OK, come on.


Where are we? The forest, in a box, in a sitting room. What do they


teach you in schools these days? There is something very wrong in


this forest and your brother is in the middle of it. Best Christmas


ever. I know. APPLAUSE Wonderful! Thank you to Matt Smith,


and the items are only available at our special online auction -

:57:28.:57:31. If that's sufficiently whetted your appetite


for Mr Doctor Who, you can see that special episode on Christmas Day.


Not to be missed. No matter whether you live in Shetland or Shrewsbury,


you will know Children In Need is the time of year when people come


together to do extraordinary things for the nation's children's. This


year, Gareth Malone has stepped up for his toughest challenge yet.


2,500 kids singing live. This is Charismatic choirmaster


He's already turned the most unlikely singers


into seasoned performers,


but could his next challenge be a step too far -


creating a nationwide choir to sing in unison


live via satellite tonight for Children In Need?


Getting choirs to sing at the same time all over Britain


is going to be a huge technical challenge


and a huge musical challenge.


Gareth has travelled the length and breadth of the country


in search of singing groups to take part


in this national sing-a-long.


Hello, Devon! CHILDREN: Hello!


We're going all over the country looking for groups to join us...


And we wondered if you'd like to be part of that on the night?


CHILDREN: Yes! Yes! Woo! Yeah!


Talking about precision -a choir in Leeds, a choir in Bristol,


a choir in London, all singing at the same time, it's just huge.


Gareth wants the spirit of this universal choir


to encompass children all across the UK.


to encompass children all across the UK.




If you


If you are


If you are up for it, I would like to you take 200 kids. Granville is


going to be in charge of the whole of the south-west. Get them pitch-


perfect. Singing well and just let's just hope. Getting choirs


together when you are 600 miles apart is really tough.


Gareth will be based at TV Centre, As the choirmasters hold fort


Joining him in the studio are The Big Performance choir -


ten nervous singers he's been transforming into confident performers.


# True love of mine... # They'll be kicking off


this special song for Children In Need - Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On.


# Keep holding oh-oh-on... # Then the next one is...


# Just! # Yeah? Can you do that? Three and...


ALL: # Just stay strong


# Cos I'm here for you Here for you... #


HIGH-PITCHED: # There's nothing you can say! #


Another choir joining Gareth tonight


is The Big Project in Edinburgh,


a Children In Need funded scheme that helps disadvantaged kids.


They work hard towards something and they see that they can achieve


and all of that just gives them a sense of positivity about the future.


I want you to imagine that by singing


you are raising money for Children In Need,


every single one of you.


# Pop-pop-po-pah! #


'It's a community project, it's completely un-auditioned.


'That's what this whole thing is about,'


it's about bringing people together.


With a choir of up to 3,000 people


and the performance only moments away, can Gareth pull this off?


This is far and away the biggest thing I've done, no question.


How do YOU feel about this? I'm really nervous.


Yes, there's potential for it to go wrong,


but there is great potential for this to be amazing.




Such enthusiasm


Such enthusiasm we


Such enthusiasm we have tonight. It is fantastic. We have a bigger


audience than ever and they are all on their feet and several will have


to be carried out before the end of the evening. Thousands of children


singing live. What could possibly go wrong? Think it will be fine,


don't worry. That special performance is coming up. Before


they sing, Lorraine Kelly would like to tell you about a little


girl from Scotland called Melissa and how Children In Need made a


For children to enjoy a sense of freedom and independence, can seem


impossible. I want to introduce you to a girl called Melissa and a


Children In Need project that has trance transformed her life and


that of her family. My name is Melissa and I'm 12 years


old. Melissa has a learning disability.


Her language is closer to that of a younger child. She also has autism


which makes her world confusing. I don't untd stand what --


understand what people say to me. She will need supervision the whole


time. She needs to be kept safe, but also she requires our attention.


She wants that human contact and conversation. I feel sad that I


don't have anyone to play with. Melissa tends to find it hard to


make friends because she tends to play alongside other children. As


her peer group are older, they are more sophisticated so she gets left


out because she can't keep up with them, understand what's going on.


She has a simple approach to life. She desperately wants to be with


friends and be a social animal, but she is very isolated. My biggest


fear for the future for Melissa is that she will have a lonely life.


But things change for Melissa and her family when she was lucky to


get a place in a club run by the Yard Adventure Centre funded by


Children In Need. For a few hours a week, the Yard are able to give


children who are dependant on carers and family a taste of


independence, often something they have never experienced before.


For the first time ever this year, Melissa has her own place to go.


Her own place to be with her friends and she is proud of it.


This is Sam. Sam, this is Emma. My best friends at the Yard are Sam


and Stewart and Melissa together. To the children this unique


atmosphere gives them a place to learn essential life skills, make


friends and express themselves. She is not isolated. She is not


lonely and she has an amazing social life now all because of The


Yard. Making friends makes me happy.


I love The Yard. I have no idea how I would cope or


any of the families I know would go would cope if we lost The Yard. It


is It is giving our children hope for the future and our hope for our


children's future. Only six years ago, the Yard nearly


close due to lack of funding and they are still at risk. Children In


Need fund two clubs at The Yard, but both are full and they are


having to turn away children like Melissa every week. Your money can


make a real difference in keeping essential centres like The Yard


�300 will pay for 50 more children to be looked after by pro by pro


jicts like the yard for a day. You can see how much Melissa has


enjoyed her time and it would be great to help other children like


her. Please pick up the phone and Thanks, Alicia. OK. We've arrived


at that moment, that's been keeping Gareth Malone awake for months.


Lord knowsI get tired after a tricky set of stairs, but this man


is cream-crackered. We have over 100 children on stage and we have


thousands around the country on the screen behind him. The country's


children come together in force so Gareth, are you still with us?


I thought you might have slipped off into a trance! Ready, or not,


singing Keep Holding On, they want you to donate while they are


singing, please. Please welcome Gareth Malone and the Children In


# You're not alone # I'll be by your side


# When it gets cold and it feels like the end


# There's no place to go You know I won't give in


# No, I won't give in


# Keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through


# Just stay strong


# Cos you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you


# There's nothing you could say Nothing you could do


# There's no other way when it comes to the truth


# So keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through


# So far away I wish you were here


# Before it's too late This could all disappear


# Before the doors close and it comes to an end


# With you by my side I will fight and defend


# I'll fight and defend Yeah, yeah!


# Keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through


# Just stay strong


# Cos you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you


# There's nothing you could say Nothing you could do


# There's no other way when it comes to the truth


# So keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through


# Hear me when I say When I say I believe


# Nothing's gonna change Nothing's gonna change destiny


# Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly


# Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


# La, da-da, da La, da-da, da


# La, da-da, da-da Da-da, da-da, da


# Keep holding on


# Keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through


# Just stay strong


# Cos you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you


# There's nothing you could say Nothing you could do


# There's no other way when it comes to the truth


# So keep holding on


# Cos you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through... #


# Keep holding on... #


# Keep holding on


# Keep holding on






Well done


Well done Gareth,


Well done Gareth, amazing. Well done, everybody.


You should be proud. How do you feel now? Pretty exhausted, but how


overwhelming to have brought the nation together. I think that's


what this is all about. You have done an incredible job.


Can you read us the all important number, Gareth? This is such an


amazing moment for me, I am delighted to be at Children In Need


because all the money goes to within the UK so please dial 03457


33 22 33. Thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Gareth, how you brought all these


children children together is a miracle and we are really grateful


to you and thank you for doing it for Children In Need and our thanks


to the children all over the country who you can see on your


screens. Thank you to all of them, and Gareth Malone and the Children


In Need Choir. They were fantastic.


Amazing. A triumph for you Garrett and a -- Gareth and a triumph for


the country over the countrypm. Well, Terry, I've had a fantastic


night working with you. It has been great. S-this Is this goodbye?


Unfortunately. My memo to the DG worked.


He has been trying to get rid of me all night!


I love you, Terry. There are other women after me, you


know. I know. You young people, you have


no stamina. I have got no stamina, but I have


got a very big at Wembley tomorrow. You were at Manchester at Gary's


dinner and at that terrific concert. Thanks Alicia and to everybody at


Strictly. Alesha Dixon. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Well, they never last long with me! LAUGHTER


I never last long with them! Of course, Strictly does Wembley


which you can watch tomorrow night at 6.55pm on BBC One. It is in


front of 6,500 people. That should wake Len up! It might even keep


Bruno quiet. It is for Children In Need so good luck with that. Thank


you for helping me tonight and thank you to Alesha Dixon. It is


time to hear more of the Children Welcome back to the Big Top in Hyde


Park. Does choir singers were fantastic! Here, we have music as


well. And we have a very special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, Pudsey


Bear is just behind those curtains! Put sea has just been on the ice


rink. Did you fall over? -- Pudsey Bear. We have some fund-raising


heroes here, let's go and see them. We have been collecting money for


Children In Need for many years and this year we raised �13,100.50.


over here we have these children. We have been doing jobs to raise


money for Children In Need. might need to clean the camera lens


later! What have you let yourself in for? A bit of leg waxing


unfortunately. You are a teacher and they are your students? They


are indeed. I am nervous! But what would fund raising the without hair


removal?! Pudsey Bear is here in the big top,


so where has Marc gone? He has abandoned me, but no leg


waxing here. We were on the carousel but we have had to stop it


because I was dizzy. Now, you guys are fundraising heroes. Mary and


Sylvia, what do you do for Children In Need? We have a Beaujolais Day


in London every year. What is a Beaujolais Day? It is a wine


imported from France. This man is getting his legs waxed, you are


drinking wine?! Is it fun? Absolutely. You have done this for


18 years, what have you raised this year? �3,000 this year. In 18 years,


we have raised over �25,000. Fantastic. True fund raising heroes.


I could not afford champagne that I have got to a treat. I know you


like wine, so here is a glass of mulled wine. Cheers!


Saved me one for later! I am here with the Hampton Hill School. This


is the teacher who is about to have his legs waxed by one of the


I don't expect you can say much, but how did that feel? Good! They


have raised over �1,000 for Children In Need. Thank you very,


very much, Paul Gilbert. He got his own back for all of a homework!


Over a year, we have the singers from our lovely house band, the


Teddy Boys band. What have you been doing to raise money? Nark Drool &


The Shudders had a gig last night at Richmond Yacht Club. It was a


1950s night, we had great fun and managed to raise �834. Thank you


very much for the music here, they have done their bit, he has had his


legs waxed. You, if you can, can do your bit as well. The number to


call his 03457 33 22 33. And of course you can also donate online,

:17:44.:17:49. Please give money, it makes all the


difference. We will be back in a while to find out how well your


money was spent last year. But on the Big Top, see you later! Take it


Welcome back to Television Centre. As I say, we have more audience


than before and this year, hopefully we're going to make more


money than before. The party is in full swing, you're all OK, aren't


you? I'm joined by Miss Saturday Night


You're looking Sir Terence. I can return the compliment. Have


you been behaving yourself? How about you? What a brilliant


night. It seems bigger than ever. The atmosphere is buzzing back


there. Are you having fun, ladies and gents?


Apparently they're having a rotten time! I have been backstage and I


have seen the acts lining up and the best is yet to come. Check this


out. Coming up in the next 60 minutes,


the East Enders rock Albert Square. Those cheeky monkeys from


Outnumbered are out of control. The mayhem continues with The


Muppets and friends and Susan Boyle Now then, knowing him as I do...


How well we know each other! reckon it will be hard enough


keeping Terry under control control tonight.


Don't bother. Let me go. Be as strong as you like. As rough as you


like! Steady! That's nothing compared to


this lot. They are young and gobby and they are even more of a handful


than this one. ALL: # Here we come


Really? It is the kids from # We get the funniest looks from


# But we're too busy singin' to put anybody down


# We're just tryin' to be friendly Come and watch us sing and play


# We're the young generation And we've got somethin' to say


# We go wherever we want to Do what we like to do


# We don't have time to get restless


# There's always something new


# Hey, hey, we're The Monkeys! And people say we monkey around


# But we're too busy singin' To put anybody down


# We're just tryin' to be friendly Come and watch us sing and play


# We're the young generation And we've got somethin' to say... #


# Hey, hey, we're The Monkeys And people say we monkey around


# But we're too busy singin' To put anybody down


# We're just tryin' to be friendly Come and watch us sing and play


# We're the young generation And we've got somethin' to say. #






Fantastic. Wonderful.


Fantastic. Wonderful. Here


Fantastic. Wonderful. Here they are. Daniel and Ramona.


That looked like a lot of fun. I hope you tidied up afterwards, did


you you? Yeah, it took a a while. Did you get to keep the costumes??


There is a girl deeply in love with you over there.


I love you too! Could you do us the honour of


reading out our number, please? Everyone call and donate as much as


you can to 03457 33 22 33. Nice. Splendid.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The potential national theatre


players, I think. Thank you to three truly unique children helping


us raise money for other families across the country. So many of you


have made a huge effort this year. We can't thank you enough.


Calm down! Look... Get yourself to the tower now


Now, when you want to make All you have to do


The network is over 74 million miles long.


Uh! I've been doing this for over ten years, Dom.


This is a great team to work with.




These great guys, and many more across the country,


ensure your donation goes to the right place.


Hold one! What? I'm here now. All right, all right.


Just in time to say thank you to all these guys


and everyone at BT for their help over the past 31 years.


Children In Need wouldn't be the same without you.


And don't forget that all-important number.


Good lad.




Thank you


Thank you so


Thank you so much BT. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you to the


volunteers at call centres across the UK hanging on waiting for your


call. Yes. One of the things that I love about Children In Need is the


feeling that everybody is pulling together for such a good cause and


last week some of you might have seen a special edition of DIY SOS


Hello and welcome We're about to attempt


than anything we've done before.


This is DIY SOS - The Biggest Build.


Children In Need supports youth clubs


in places like Norris Green,


one of the poorest areas of Liverpool with a reputation for gang crime.


We're scared to go out cos of the gangs on the corners


and stuff like that.


When people are getting shot, you just get scared. It's frightening? Yeah.


If that youth centre wasn't there,


there would be nowhere for all these children to go.


But it's falling apart. That's where we come in.


We're going to have so much to do, it's going to be frightening.


Do you genuinely think... genuinely don't think we'll finish.


We're running out of days.


Thanks to a superhuman effort by the tradespeople of Liverpool,


we're about to hand back Norris Green Youth Centre.


Oh, my God!


Young people get bad press.


What you've given them now is something


they're going to be proud of.


And we are. And I just can't say enough.


# Well, it really, really, really could happen


# Yes, it really, really, really could happen. #




Ladies and


Ladies and gentlemen,


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Nick Knowles, the DIY SOS team.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Unfortunately I can't speak to all


of them, but I'll have to take you as the leader, Nick. You probably


did less than everybody else? Probably least of all. We are a


group of ringleaders, you can talk to anyone of us.


A terrific challenge. Tell me how you went about it? There is Glen


who does extraordinary work for Laurence Green youth Club and he


didn't have the tools to turn the youth club around. It needed


upgrading so as a result, there we go, and his team needed something


better. So we came in and we asked the people with the trades of


Liverpool and the supplies of Liverpool to help us out. 550


people volunteered and gave up ten- days work to do it for free. It was


a �1 million build. We think it was the largest attempted build on


television and as a result they have a new youth clubment people


like Brian brought his construction company and we got George...


Terry. We brought all our guys in. He is a a builder and not much of a


chatter to be fair. You can tell that he gets by with




That's just what Brian and his team after they finished working ten-


days had a hip around and that's what they came up with. But we are


not sure what we managed to raise because we asked people during the


programme to text in the �5 and none of us know yet. I want to say


thank you to the people of Liverpool, the suppliers, the


builders, the construction people who have changed people's lives in


Liverpool by the work that they did. Thank you, Nick and thank you to


all of you. I wish I could thank you all individually on behalf of


Children In Need. When the programme went out, viewers were


asked to text to show their support. Do you want to know how much DIY


SOS... Well, you raised �173,000. Now, you are not leaving it there,


are you? No. No. There is morp. You have got


something you want to talk to us about.


I want to talk about child poverty. It is a problem in the UK. 3.8


million kids are living in poverty. I don't know how when we are


talking about millions and billions in the news we manage to get 3.8


million children fall through the net and they do. If it no one else


is doing nothing about t we have to. We have to stick our hands in our


pockets. Families can get into financial trouble for all sorts of


reasons, whether illness, unemployment and addiction. But


whatever the reason, it is often the children who suffer the most.


Jessie Jay and Matt Cardle would like to tell you about children's


lives who has been affected by poverty. To protect the children,


This year Hayley's sister died suddenly. The bed doesn't just


bring back sad memories, it is full of bedbugs - horrendous! How can


she get over the death of her sister when she is dealing with


that? I want to tell you about 18- year-old James and 10-year-old


Casey. Their dad is not around. Their mum died of cancer. James is


studying and can't get the financial support that he needs.


The rent is just about being managed now but they their washing


machine has broken. This brother and sister need support. I want to


tell you about Tyler, Natalie and Susie. Their parents are suffering


with severe depression. Their house has a major problem. It is really


damp and there is mould everywhere. They have no clean clothes to wear.


They are getting bullied at school. Happy endings don't often happen


for children like these. With your help, we can make a difference.


Children In Need provides emergency grants to families in the most


desperate of circumstances. Hayley has a brand-new bed which means she


will stand a chance of getting a good night's sleep. James and Casey


have a washing machine. They have clean clothes to wear. Tyler,


Natalie and Susie have been given new school uniforms and warm


clothes and the bullying now might stop. Thank you for your support.


Sadly, that is not the end of the story. Every month, 1,000


applications are received from families who need help. We do need


to help them. Please, pick up the You will be making a huge


difference. Thank you. Please pick up the phone. You


really can make a difference. That number is 03457 33 22 33. Thank you


to Nick. Now, they are a caring bunch at Radio Two. Not only did


they take me off the street, barefoot as I was, shake the dirt


off my clothes, shaped me into a disc jockey - I have you


emotionally involved! LAUGHTER This year, Radio Two working hard for


Children In Need. It is time to say those two magic words again - thank


Good evening, from Children In Need on the radio


trying to stuff Pudsey's piggy bank Started off last Sunday


By the way, "Wogan" So, Sir Terry Wonga's huge, big


but of course, they can... And then there was


Oh, and there was the one-off comedy night.


A whole host of stars, special comedy gig for Pudsey. Fantastic!


Thank you so, so much from Radio 2.


Now back to telly land and good luck with the rest of the night.




Radio Two.




Radio Two. APPLAUSE That Chris is a modest fella. He didn't tell you it


was his Breakfast Show listeners that raised �1.5 million! That is


incredible. Well done, Chris. Chris's listeners! We salute you.


We will add that to the Radio Two total. That gives us �2,032, 642


from Radio Two alone! APPLAUSE Brilliant. That will swell the


coffers. Shall we add that to the total for the night? Yes. We


already started with an encouraging total at the beginning. I have no


idea what time it is now. Let's have a look and see what we have


have a look and see what we have CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


What time is it? It's only 9.00! are not far away from the �10


million. That is terrific! Please, please, keep it coming. I happen to


know there's some corkers coming up that you don't want to miss. Check


this out! We reveal which EastEnder owns these legs.


Musical madness with the Muppets. A Children In Need Buzzcocks


Special. Gok Wan as you have never seen him.




Right, then, we have still got loads that you will not want to


miss, including this. As soon as I found out what our next guest was


planning to do I was very excited. But also nervous for him, Terry.


am never nervous for him. He makes a living stop people from


committing crimes against fashion, but after tonight I think he might


be wanted for murder on the dancefloor. He is doing it for


Children In Need. Give a huge # Give 'em the old razzle dazzle


# And the reaction will be passionate


# Give 'em the old hocus pocus Bead and feather 'em


# How can they see with sequins in their eyes?


# What if your hinges all are rusting?


# What if, in fact You're just disgusting?


# Razzle dazzle 'em And they'll never catch wise... #


# Give 'em the old razzle dazzle Razzle dazzle 'em


# Give 'em a show that's so splendiferous


# Everyone loves the big bambooz-a-ler


# Give 'em the old three-ring circus, stun and stagger 'em


# When you're in trouble go into your dance


# Though you are stiffer than a girder


# They let you get away with murder


# Razzle dazzle 'em and you've got a romance... #


# Give 'em the old razzle dazzle Razzle dazzle 'em


# Show 'em the first-rate sorcerer you are


# Give 'em the old double whammy Daze and dizzy 'em


# Back since the days of old Methuselah


# Long as you keep 'em way off balance


# How can they spot you got no talents?


# Razzle dazzle 'em


# Razzle dazzle 'em... #


# And they'll make you a star! #






Fantastic! Thank


Fantastic! Thank you.


Fantastic! Thank you. Hello! That was different. Oh my God! That was.


I haven't seen you do a song and dance before. Getting women naked -


easy! Singing on stage the hardest... I never found that easy!


LAUGHTER You have had a lot of success. That was terrific. With a


great dance group... Aren't they amazing? They are genius. You are


out of your comfort zone with this? Absolutely. I was somewhere near


the M1! AUDIENCE: We love you, Gok! I love


you, too. When you were on my auction for things that money can't


buy on Radio Two, somebody gave �30,000 to be made over by you?


Absolutely. You have always been a fantastic supporter of Children In


Need. We thank you for it. Keep on pledging. Keep on pledging. Would


you read out our little number and people I hope will pick up the


phone? Absolutely. Keep on pledging. Dial 03457 33 22 33. APPLAUSE Gok


Wan! Thank you. Well done, Gok. You did us proud! Girlfriend! Now it is


time to see a film from Jo Joyner who plays Tanya Branning in


I'm a mum. and in my pretend life,


But I'm a long way from Walford today.


I'm here in Ashby de la Zouch and I've come to meet another mum, Sam,


who along with her husband Alistair


have three-and-a-half-year old twins, Luke and Harry.


They're identical twins.


But in reality, they couldn't be more different.


Is that your brother?! Is he coming? There he is!


'Life's always been a struggle for little Harry.


'He was born much smaller and weaker than his twin brother, Luke.'


You show Jo how we sign "good morning". You do it, look.


Good morning! Oh, good morning - like this, across my tummy?


And then you say "Harry", don't you? Harry.


Harry's head was about that big. He was just so tiny.


He looked like a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest.


'Harry only weighed one pound six when he was born


'and didn't leave the neonatal unit for five months.'


This is my favourite picture - the first day home from hospital.


JO GASPS Look at little and large!


Five months old, and Harrywas 4 pound 11, on permanent oxygen,


and Luke was 12 pounds.


Harry's health problems were compounded


when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,


a neurological condition that severely limits muscle control and coordination.


He's got no core stability.


Still got an extremely weak, floppy neck.


He can't stand or walk.


I've never, ever called them the twins or feel like I've got twins,


because they're just worlds apart.


Harry is always going to develop at a very different rate to his brother,


but there is one special place which is helping him reach his full potential.


Hello, Harry! Hiya, Sam!


Steps is an education centre in Shepshed, near Loughborough,


which offers free specialist care and support to young children with motor disorders.


Are you all ready? Can you find Harry?


# Hello Harry, hello Harry Where are you? Where are you? #


They do different exercises and stretches and sing songs.


Good boy!


'Harry gets so much joy out of it.


'He's so extrovert and really happy to have all the attention.'


Are we at Steps with your friends?!


Look! A rabbit!




Your donations to Children In Need


have funded the salaries of four specially trained staff here.


# ..Little star, how I wonder... #


But class sizes are limited and they have a waiting list.


A list which two-year-old Jude has been on for six months.


He's here on a trial day today.


So, would it mean a lot to you to get in? Oh, absolutely.


There's very little like Steps


that are around that we can go as a family


and for him to enjoy himself as well.


So, we are quite desperate to get in.


Jude's mum knows it's crucial


for her little boy to start coming to Steps as soon as possible,


to benefit from the incredible care and support


that's helped Harry so much.


But for now he'll have to keep waiting,


because Steps don't have the funds for any more staff.


It costs �200,000 to run Steps every year.


We need this vital service to continue, because you can see today,


everybody's having such a brilliant time.


Bye-bye, Harry!




It's been a real privilege to come here today


and meet Sam and Alistair and the boys, Harry and Luke.


The carers here, they are just phenomenal.


They just give 100%.


It's just shocking to think there's a waiting list for anybody


and that this isn't available to every child that needs it.


So, give what you can, please. Pick up the phone and ring:


Thank you.




Here is


Here is the


Here is the lovely Jo Joyner. Thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you so much for visiting Steps. To be


clear, �50 pays for a child like Harry to enjoy a session at Steps?


It does. That seems like nothing considering the work that they do.


The support for the families that go along as well, the parents, and


not just the children that are benefiting. Please pick up the


phone and give what you can. On that note, if I say hello to


Elliott and Louis, their parents will be picking up the phone, too.


They will be ringing 03457 33 22 33. Good girl. Thank you so much, Jo.


Thank you. Thank you. APPLAUSE Thank you, Jo. Now, you weren't the


only EastEnder to help. The rest of the cast got well and truly into


the spirit as they do every year. It's not a smiling Mitchell


brother! From the Queen Vic, to the Queens of Rock, the sensational


cast - wait till you see this - MUSIC: "Another One Bites The Dust"


# Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go


# Are you ready? Are you ready for this?


# Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?


# Out of the doorway the bullets rip


# To the sound of the beat Yeah


# Another one bites the dust


# Another one bites the dust


# And another one gone And another one gone


# Another one bites the dust, hey


# Hey, I'm gonna get you too


# Another one bites the dust


# How do you think I'm going to get along


# Without you, when you're gone?


# You took me for everything that I had


# And kicked me out in the street


# Are you happy? Are you satisfied?


# How long can you stand the heat?


# Out of the doorway the bullets rip


# To the sound of the beat


ALL: # Another one bites the dust


# Another one bites the dust


# And another one gone And another one gone


# Another one bites the dust


# Hey, I'm gonna get you too


# Another one bites the dust. #


MUSIC: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen


# I see a little silhouetto of a man


# Scaramouch! Scaramouch!


# Will you do the fandango?


ALL: # Thunderbolts and lightning


# Very, very frightening me


# Galileo Galileo


# Galileo Galileo


# Galileo Figaro


# Magnifico-o-o-o


# I'm just a poor boy


# Nobody loves me


# He's just a poor boy


# From a poor family


# Spare him his life


# From this monstrosity


# Easy come, easy go


# Will you let me go?


# Bismillah!


# No, we will not let you go


# Let him go! Bismillah!


# We will not let you go


# Let him go! Bismillah!


# We will not let you go


# Let me go Will not let you go


# Let me go Will not let you go


# Let me go-o-o-o


# No, no, no, no, no, no


# Oh, Mama Mia, Mama Mia


# Mama Mia, let me go


# Beelzebub


# Has a devil put aside for me-e-e


# For me-e-e


# For me... #


MUSIC: "I Want To Break Free"by Queen


MUSIC: "I Want To Break Free"by Queen


# I want to break free


# I want to break free


# I want to break free from your lies


# You're so self-satisfied I don't need you


# I've got to break free


# God knows


# God knows I want to break free


# I've fallen in love


# I've fallen in love for the first time


# And this time I know it's for real


# I've fallen in love, yeah


# God knows


# God knows I've fallen in love


# It's strange but it's true


# I can't get over the way you love me like you do


# But I have to be sure When I walk out that door


ALL: # Oh, how I want to be free, yeah, yeah


# Oh, how I want to be free


# Oh, how I want to break free


MUSIC: "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen


# I'd sit alone and watch your light


# My only friend through teenage nights


# And everything I had to know


# I heard it on my radio


# Radio


# So don't become some background noise


# A backdrop for the girls and boys


# Who just don't know or just don't care


# And just complain when you're not there


# You had your time you had the power


# You've yet to have your finest hour


# Radio, radio


# All we hear is radio ga ga


# Radio goo goo Radio ga ga


# All we hear is radio ga ga


# Radio blah blah


# Radio, what's new?


# Radio, someone still loves you


# All we hear is radio ga ga


# Radio goo goo


# Radio ga ga


# All we hear is radio ga ga


# Radio goo goo


# Radio ga ga


# All we hear is radio ga ga


# Radio blah blah


# Radio, what's new?


# Radio


# Someone still loves you


# Loves you! #










Amazing! That


Amazing! That was


Amazing! That was fantastic!


Amazing! That was fantastic! I have to tell you I think for most of the


cast this was the first time they had seen that. Yeah. They were


impressed with themselves! LAUGHTER Adam, it is a change for you. I


always thought of you as a manly person? Just at the weekends,


Terry! Excellent. An all-round entertainer. He looked very


comfortable in that skirt! I don't know how women wear heels! You all


loved it. Do blondes have more fun? They do! I decided to wear the wig


for the whole day! Why not?! Tell us why was it so important for you


to get involved? It is Children In Need, isn't it?! CHEERING Children


In Need! It is one of the biggest events of the year. It is one of


the times when the entire country pulls together, digs deep and


invests in children so for such a big cause, we had to be part of it.


You have been great sports. We would like to thank you from the


bottom of our hearts. Let's hear it for the cast of EastEnders!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Brilliant. Did some of those rough-tough


EastEnders looked too pleased to be in those costumes?! They did it for


a great cause. Let me say again, as I say every year, every penny that


you give tonight, or throughout the year, will go to the children who


really need it. Let's have a look at how the money is spent in your


Welcome back to the Big Top in Hyde Park! Thank you so much if you have


donated already. It is time to meet the children who have been the


recipients of your generosity. These guys here are DreamArts, look


at them in their posh T-shirts! Before you joined this group of


people, how did you feel? Has it helped you? It has helped me a lot,


I used to be very shy and now I am more confident. You do all sorts of


music and arts projects, what is your most fun thing to do? When we


do a big show in the big theatres, bat is fun. Excellent, I hope you


enjoy it. Let me talk to the teacher. How


much does this mean to you, this money? It is vital to keep projects


like this going, breaking down barriers to mean anyone can enjoy


and take part in arts all over. must notice a difference in these


kids from when they start to where they are? Absolutely, every week


they progress and it is a delight to see. Thank you for joining us.


Now we must go to Marc, who have you got with you?


I know what you are thinking, it is not that scary, I have just been on


it. One thing I did not expect to find it a night where pirates.


are from Thames river voyages, we have held a week-long fund raiser


selling merchandise, balloons, Cup case, giving away free trips and


goody bags. -- cupcakes. How much have you raised? �2,000! Fantastic.


If you were in London on Wednesday night in the West End you will know


there was only one show in town, it has become legendary, the BBC


London Children In Need gala special. This year we went to Rock


Of Ages and one very special bear dusted off his hair extensions and


# Here I go again on my own... #. We have had a wonderful time!


Loved it, so exciting! It is his 21st birthday today, and I have had


to wear this for Children In Need! What a night that was! I am


delighted to say the stars of the show are here, Amy and Oliver. It


was a great night, what have you managed to do? It was a great night


and we raised �52,000. We are chuffed to be making such a


fantastic contribution to an amazing charity, especially after


we heard that the Wizard of Oz made �10,000. �52,000 is an amazing


amount. Marc has joined me! It is very Wormit.


To warm, in many ways! -- it is very warm here.


Please, everybody keep giving, pick up the phone, 03457 33 22 33. Or


visit the website, Give what you


can. It remains to say thank you to


Zippos Circus here, the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We have


had a fabulous evening. His audience have been incredible!


Please, keep donating to Children In Need. The number, one small,


03457 33 22 33. -- once more. Thank you to our fantastic band. Players


out, by his! -- play us out, Welcome back. Time to play the


music, light the lights. I've been looking forward to this all night.


It's time to meet the Muppets and Sing along


I'll start. Here we go. Move my mouth? You'll know it.


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do do


What am I supposed to do?


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do




How is the voice coming out of your mouth?


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do do


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do-do do. #


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


Here we go.


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do do


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do-do do. #


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


What is this song about, anyway?


About a minute 20. Here we go.


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do do


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do-do do. #


What are you doing way over there?


Come over here so people can see you!


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Mah na mah na do do do do


# Mah na mah na do do do-do-do


# Do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do-do do. #




Thank you! Yes, thank you.


And a special thanks to all of you who joined in on that song.


But I want to take a moment to remind you why we're here tonight.


To see moi! Actually, that's not it, Miss Piggy.


It's to raise as much money as possible for the thousands


of children in the UK who need your help and support.


Yes, of course! Listen to the frog. Pick up the phone and call now.


03457 332233.


And please give what you can. Every penny is appeciated.


Thank you all very much.




How good


How good was


How good was that? I loved that. I'm going to have Mah Na Mah Na on


my mind all weekend. Mah Na Mah Na, do do do do-do. That's your lot.


You've been so generous, we really thank you. Terry, I feel another


thank you coming on. Shall we get on with it? Mah Na Mah Na. Do do do


Dance crew Diversity to say thank you and take over


meaning staff were able to concentrate on fundraising.


ALL: Bless!


Warren, Jordan, you're working the checkouts.


Start scanning!


Beep! Beep!


Can I get one of these as well?


Perri, Mitch - the aisles.


I'll buy a cookie. A cookie and a headband.


I'll have a cookie. Yeah?


Terry, Ike, Samuel - to the bakery!


And here's one I done earlier.


Shorty, J and Matt, get down there and shake those buckets.


Shake, shake, shake!


Come on! Children In Need.


Time for a cup of tea, I think.


Oh, look at that! Thank you very much, man!


Thanks, Diversity, and thanks to all of Asda's customers


and everyone who works in the stores throughout the UK.




Fantastic! Asda


Fantastic! Asda have


Fantastic! Asda have been fantastic supporters of Children In Need for


a long time now. Thanks to Asda and Diversity and everyone involved in


raising money this year. It's going to be a bumper year, I can feel it


in my water. Prepare yourselves, there's so much more happening


tonight. I can't wait. You don't want to


miss JLS or the kids of The Collective. You've never lied to me


in the past, Tess. Promise I won't. Next a film introduced by Daniel


Craig, who asked to tell you why he supports Children In Need. This is


Being a parent is one of the most but also, sadly,


The very thought of losing a child is unbearable.


I'd like to introduce you to a family


and they're going to tell you about Elliot -


a lovely little boy and a great big brother.


They also want to tell you about the very special place


that supported them through their darkest hour.


Well, two weeks to go, baby bump nearly here.


Elliot was born 26th of February, 2002.


And then we had Findlay three and a half years later.


I thought we had it all - perfect family, nice home, two lovely boys.


And then...


bang, all our world came tumbling down.


These were Elliot's books. And these are mine now.


Findlay's big brother Elliot


was seven years old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia.


Elliot was dead handsome, he was really gorgeous,


he had his white blonde hair, he always had it gelled, spiky.


He was always a really good little boy.


Always had a ball in his hand. He just loved football.


This was Elliot's.


It had his bed in it, we took the bed down.


Despite intense chemotherapy, Elliot's cancer kept coming back.


His only option was a bone marrow transplant


and a donor was eventually found in January this year.


We were all geared up to transplant,


and then, two days before we were due to go to transplant,


um, the overseas donor had to pull out because of a medical condition.


So two days before transplant, it was all off.


And we just couldn't believe it.


And Elliot said, "Oh, well, that's OK.


"I can go to school tomorrow now." That's kids for you though.


He had the right outlook, Elliot, really, you know,


he never let anything get him down.


They did find another donor, but this time it was too late.


Elliot's cancer was now so aggressive


he only had a few weeks left.


That's when they made the decision to come to Claire House.


Claire House is a children's hospice


which offers care and support to children


with life-limiting illnesses.


It also provides much-needed respite for their families.


It's a place where children can still be children.


No matter how ill they are.


But sadly, for some, Claire House does mean the end of their journey.


Thanks to your generosity, Children In Need


is able to fund a team of nurses


dedicated to supporting others like Jackie


through the final days of their child's life.


Hospice to home team came to build a relationship with Elliot


and us as a family.


And that relationship had to be built very quickly,


because end of life was pretty near.


Um, you know, it was two to three weeks.


We then started to come up here with Elliot


and walked in the gardens and things and, you know,


he did become quite poorly quite quickly then.


In March this year, Elliot Wild lost his battle with leukaemia.


He was nine years old.


Elliot rested here for over a week and we stayed here with him.


It was like an extended family, really.


They helped us do the death certificate,


they helped do some handprints of Elliot afterwards


and things like that, that now months on,


are really comforting.


That was my dad's and that was my mum's.


They sended the picture to heaven


so that Elliot could have his done and that was mine.


Claire House were so supportive that week


that I just don't know what we'd have done without their expert care.


We miss him terribly.


Elliot would never want us to be sad, never.


He was always saying, "Stop crying."


So we're getting there, getting there. Slowly but surely, you know.


Claire House supported Jackie and her family


through the worst time of their lives


and there are many more families they could help.


But right now two of their ten beds are empty


because they can't afford to run them.


There are many special places like Claire House in the UK today


doing incredibly important work and helping families like Elliot's.


Please help Children In Need to help them


by giving whatever you can.


I promise you it will make a difference.


Please call now on 03457 33 22 33. And thank you.




She's here


She's here tonight


She's here tonight for Children In Need, it's the one and only Susan


# Words like violence # Come crashing in


# Painful to me Pierce right through me


# Can't you understand? Oh, my little boy


# All I ever wanted All I ever needed


# Is here in my arms


# Words are very unnecessary


# They can only do harm... #


# Words are spoken to be broken


# Feelings are intense Words are trivial


# Pleasures remain so does the pain


# Words are meaningless and forgettable


# All I ever wanted All I ever needed


# Is here in my arms


# Words are very unnecessary


# They can only do harm... #


# All I ever wanted All I ever needed


# Is here in my arms


# Words are very unnecessary


# They can only do harm. #


# All I ever wanted All I ever needed


# Is here in my arms


# Words are very unnecessary


# They can only do harm. #










CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you, the phenomenal, Susan Boyle.


might want to sit back from the screen now, because sparks are


about to fly. All the best fairy stories have a brave Lord and a


scary dragon. This one has not one, and facing


but is now keen to secure investment in his latest idea.


As we know, it's hard to charm the Dragons


and even harder to get them to part with their cash.


Four flights of bleedin' stairs in a warehouse?! Get a bleedin' lift in!


If I wanted to get fitI'd have gone to one of your gyms.


State-of-the-art health clubs, actually.


Yeah. I'm only joking, I wouldn't set foot in one of them.


Right, eyes front, wipe them gormless looks off your face


and get your chequebooks out.


It's a confident start from the former East End barrow boy,


but these multimillionaires are hard to please.


What have you dragged me out here for anyway?


Who has a business meeting in a knackered old warehouse,


chains everywhere... Get a grip, this is not The Long Good Friday.


Can you crack on? We've still got a lot of people to shout at.


All right, Lofty, keep your hair on.


I mean, you're all supposed to be successful business people,


what you doing sharing an office anyway?


It's our Den. You know, Dragons' Den?


Grow up, love, last time I had a den- I was nine years old.


Why don't you get a boardroom each like proper grown-ups?


Like you, you mean?


Big Brother, all live in a house and do tasks? Shut it, Theo.


Alan seems to be losing the confidence of the investors.


Oi! Evan! You can shut it an' all.


At least we've got real secretaries.


You haven't got a massive table though, have you?


You haven't even got matching chairs.


I mean, where d'you get this lot from, a fire sale at Staples?


Look, have you got an idea to pitch or not?


Listen, James, I like you. Mind you, the new look,


I'm not sure it's working for you at the moment.


Do you know how I decide whether or not to employ someone? No.


I interview them. You know how long it takes?


20 minutes, not 13 bloody weeks, what's wrong with you?


Well, listen, at least I don't have


to big myself up with piles of pretend money.


I'm willing to bet they're just photocopies


on the back of compliment slipsfrom some of your failed businesses.


A somewhat tetchy opening exchange


and not the start Alan would've hoped for.


Can Deborah Meaden offer him any respite?


OK, what's your idea?


Right, hold on a minute, this is me in my element.


I'm now about to give you a masterclass in presentation,


so stand by, listen and learn. This is it.


Wow, black cloth? I like it, I'm in.


Very droll. This is not it, you numpty. I knew that!


Right, hold on. Presenting...Amsbear.


That's Pudsey. No, Amsbear. Pudsey. Amsbear.


You can't just put "Ams" in front of something


and pretend you've thought them up.


Oh, look! I'm sitting in an Ams-chair.


No, no, no. Amsbear is the first fully-integrated,


wireless-communication bear in the market. It's got the lot -


GPS, G4, G3, satellite communication.


You're having a laugh. I never laugh, James.




Excuse me a minute. Hello? No. No,it's not going very well at all...


Dragons don't take kindly to interruptions in the Den


as Alan takes a call from his soon-to-be-fired apprentice.


No, they think it's Pudsey. All right, I'll see you later.


So who's in charge here then? ALL: Me!


So what you got to say for yourself?


IN A VERY SCOTTISH ACCENT: I don't understand your product,


I don't understand who your customers are,


I don't understand your business plan.


Never mind about that, I don't understand a word you're saying.


It's decision time, will Theo Paphitis


say that thing about HIS Children In Need?


Listen, sunshine, I've got no intention


of investing MY children's inheritance


in a teddy bear with a SIM card stuck up its...


I don't need your investment, son.


What you doing here then? Well, to tell you the truth,


I just want you to buy some of the bloody things.


I'm out. Sorry, but I'm out.


What about you, Braveheart? Not for me, I'm out.


Three Dragons out in quick succession, but Peter Jones


will probably say he has experience in this sector.


I have a lot of experience in this sector...


and this is ridiculous, I'm out.


Well, James? It's Hilary.


And as it happens I do need a present for my nephew


and I've not got time to go to the garage and get one,


so I'll give you a fiver for one, OK?


Right, lady over there, one Amsbear sold. ALL: Pudsey!


Shut it. Congratulations, James.


And the rest of you just go away


and go and decide amongst yourselves


who's responsible for this mess. Go on, off you go.




Lord Sugar,


Lord Sugar, literally


Lord Sugar, literally on fire there. That will teach him to stand too


close to a dragon. Now Gary Barlow, you're on fire,


not a dragon. Gary Barlow has always been a great supporter of


Children In Need. This time, everyone's hunk of stubly northern


crumpet has raided his little black book and called in the favours to


put on a thrilling show in aid of Children In Need. We'd like to take


this moment to thank Gary and everyone involved, because Children


In Need Rocks Manchester raised, are you ready for this? An


incredible, � 2, 503,461. Amazing. It was certainly worth the


trip. It was a fantastic time in Manchester. A credit to Manchester,


a credit to Gary Barlow, truly one of Children In Need's greatest


supporters. He'd like toint deuce you to a young man who has made a


You're about to hear from a family whose lives were turned upside down


all in a split second. Prior to the accident, Will was a


happy, gregarious ten-year-old. If there was a tree, he would climb it.


The 16th February, 2004, was the day that everything changed. He was


a little bit late home. But I did have a gut feeling that something


wasn't right. From my house, I could see the traffic building up.


Then an ambulance shooting down the road. I just knew that it was him,


I don't know how I knew. Then the phone call came to say that Will


had been hit by a car. You don't know whether he's been killed on


the road. I had no idea. I ran down to the scene and saw him.


impact was so severe it left Will permanently brain damaged. As a


baby, I learned who he was. You know his personality. You know his


strengths, weaknesses, what makes him tick. Suddenly you have a child


coming home, ten years of age, and you have not got a clue who they R


Mentally he's affected. He's lost his speech. He can't walk. Life


after the accident presented a whole new leality. He can't eat.


He's fed through a tube in his tummy. He's fed like a milk diet.


Really it's taken away everything that he could do before. Now 17 and


having regained the use of his right arm, Will communicates using


gestures and cards. But he still requires round the clock care in


the family home. In hospital, I was the first one to make him smile.


was in a ball pool. Will was in his wheelchair. I picked him up and


William burst out laughing. That's the first time that he actually


showed us an awareness, that there was something more going on. After


his accident, his friends from school would come in and play. But


they found it really difficult. I can understand that. Suddenly, it


left him with no friends, because these were the people he'd grown up


with. Suddenly they weren't visit any more. There's one place where


Will can have fun away from his family and be an independent young


man. Have fun. Say "bye, mum". Plash is a play centre funded by


Children In Need which offers outings for children with a wide


range of additional needs. When he goes to Splash, everyone accepts


him. The staff don't talk down to him. He makes everyone laugh. They


go "Here comes trouble." It's so important to him because he needs


that time to be a 17-year-old. Splash makes such a positive impact


on the children that go there, but funds are tight and there's a


waiting list, which means there are others like Will who are missing


out. It's made such a difference to his life, actually. Yeah, it's a


fantastic place. Please help us to support special projects like


Splash and help more young people like Will live life to the full.


Pick up the phone and call, 03457 33 22 33.


Thank you so much. You can see what a huge difference


Splash has made to Will's life. can help others like him. �50 pays


for a full day's care. Your money changes lives. Every penny you


donate is spent right here in the UK. You've been so generous. Can we


please ask you to pick up the phone. Thank you. I can't make any apology


for the number of time that's we give you this number. I know you'll


remember it, but please keep calling. We desperately need your


help tonight, 03457 33 22 33. Now performing the official


Children In Need single, Teardrop, RAPS: # We're torn between


# Left or right, deep down # Full stops, exclamation mark


# University, job prospects # New possessions, new friend


# New questions, old answers New message


# Repeat sentence, feel presence Receive gestures, learn more


# Seek blessings, seek forgiveness Seek freedom, seek vengeance


# Be full of life


# Be vacant, flee danger Be braver


SINGS: # Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word


# Fearless on my breath


# Gentle impulsion Shakes me, makes me lighter


# Fearless on my breath


# Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath


# Be careful, be reckless Be reserved, be respected


# Be flamboyant, be rejected Be loved, be neglected, see sense


# See nonsense See the lies, see honesty


# See properly, see poorly See tarnished, see quality


# Keep changing, be a changer Be popular, be a stranger


# Do favours, be selfish Share riches, be homeless


# Be selfless, be careless Be you, be them, be anyone


# Be an enemy Be a friend, but beware


# Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word


# Fearless on my breath


# Gentle impulsion Shakes me, makes me lighter


# Fearless on my breath


# Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath


# You can be anything you dream of


# A wise man appreciates the time on a cheap watch


# Value everything you own


# Somebody probably dreams of the bed that you sleep on


# Be anything, it's your choice


# Always speak your mind


# Your voice


# We're living in the land of opportunities


# You can turn silver into gold with four coins


# Come on, love is a verb


# A doing word


# On, on my breath






Absolutely brilliant.


Absolutely brilliant. Well


Absolutely brilliant. Well done you guys that. Was amaigz!


CHEERING -- That was amazing. Tell me why


you decided to help Children In Need this year? It's an amazing


thing. It feels good to give back to people who need it. Tulisa,


thank you and The Collective, thank you.


Don't forget, you can dial the number now, or go to the website


Webber. I believe we're sharing a mic. Wow, it's exciting, isn't it,


live television. They'll never replace it. We're halfway through,


it's only 10pm, we've hours to go yet. Pace yourself. Let's have


another total shall we? Sounds like a great time to get a total. Come


Unbelievable! At this stage, I can't believe it, hardly even 10pm.


That's amazing. What are we going to do before we've finished? Thank


you. Come down here, something very special is happening right now.


It's Pudsey's big night so get set to show your spots and raise lots for Children in Need.


The 2011 spectactular gets underway. Sir Terry Wogan, is joined by Alesha Dixon, Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton and a whole host of stars, all out in force in support of disadvantaged children across the United Kingdom.

Boy band sensation One Direction get the fundraising party started, and the cast of West End smash The Wizard of Oz performs live in the studio.


The BBC newsreaders make their own headlines in a Strictly Come Dancing special, and there is an exclusive treat from the Doctor Who team.


Choirmaster Gareth Malone unites thousands of children all over the UK to sing live in a mass countrywide choir. There's also a fun musical surprise from the mischievous Outnumbered kids and a live performance from Susan Boyle.


The cast of EastEnders rock Albert Square in a tribute to Queen, and The Muppets are joined by some celebrity TV fans to create a classic video.


The tables are turned on Lord Sugar as he enters the Dragons' Den, and Gary Barlow brings together a whole host of music stars to perform the official Children in Need single.

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