Part 2 BBC Children in Need

Part 2

The fundraising spectacular continues with a Children in Need edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, plus live studio performances from Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

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10.00pm - that's amazing. What are we going to do before we have


finished? Come with me. Come down here. Something very special is


happening right now. Welcome to Children In Need on both channels,


simultaneously. This is a first for us, Terry. How exciting is this?


Well, I don't know if I can cope anymore, Tess. It's almost too much,


isn't it, similar you would casting. I know. It has been an incredible


night so far. Be brave. On Children In Need, there is more. We have JB


Sports. We have Vic and Bob and Matt Hardle. The lovely Saturdays


and not to forget Steps. Much, much more, and we're on BBC Two.


Never Mint the Buzzcocks. The stars of Hollyoaks perform live. Magical


mayhem with Vic and Bob and performances from JB Sports, Steps


You might get sick of me saying this - we really do need your help.


Remember, that number to call - emboss it on the fleshy tablets of


your memory - 03457 33 22 33. Remember, every penny goes to


disadvantaged children living here in the United Kingdom. They'll


never shout me down. Get ready because we're about to take things


up a notch. For the dads watching at home, it might be time to put


the kettle on. It's the band that made teens scream. Never. And mums


go, "I'm confused." It's One Direction.


# Cos I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart


# I tore it apart


# And, girl, what a mess I made upon your innocence


# And no woman in the world deserves this


# But here I am asking you for one more chance


# Can we fall, one more time?


# Stop the tape and rewind


# Oh, and if you walk away I know I'll fade


# Cos there is nobody else


# It's gotta be you


# Only you


# It's got to be you


# Only you


# Now, girl, I hear it in your voice- and how it trembles


# When you speak to me I don't resemble


# Who I was You've almost had enough


# And your actions speak louder than words


# And you're about to break from all you've heard


# But don't be scared I ain't going no where


# I'll be here, by your side


# No more fears, no more crying


# But if you walk away I know I'll fade


# Cos there is nobody else


# It's gotta be you


# Only you


# It's got to be you


# Only you


# Oh, girl, can we try one more One more time?


# One more, one more Can we try


# One more, one more time? I'll make it better


# One more, one more, can we try?


# One more, one more, can we try?


# Can we try one more time to make it all better?


# Cos it's gotta be you


# It's gotta be you


# It's gotta be you


# Only you


# It's gotta be you


# Only you


# It's gotta be you






Hello. They


Hello. They seem


Hello. They seem to like you. They seem to think that was OK for us.


Well done. One Direction - absolutely.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wasn't that great?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE They loved it. They loved it.


a difference a year makes. How are you coping with all the screaming


girls and all of the attention? Do you love it? We love it. We're


teenaged lads, so we enjoy it. guys are amazing. That was


absolutely brilliant. One more time, give it up for One Direction.


you for joining us. Thank you, lads. Thanks, fellas.


Come on. We're over here. Can't hear myself think. That's


terrific - if we can make ourselves heard over this, you have an


important announcement to make. That's right. I am going to make


myself scarce now. I am going to love you and leave you, Terry.


is the very moving moment, ladies and gentlemen.


APPLAUSE One Direction - I am off. Are you


following this group off? No, I promise I'm not. I'm going to


Wembley for Strictly for Children In Need tomorrow night. Excellent.


I wanted to thank Strictly for all the help they have given us. Before


you go, I can tell you the amount raised so far by the Strictly Come


Dancing team is a fantastic �94,000. That is terrific. Well done,


Strictly. Good luck to you, Tess and the Strictly team. Thank you


for joining us. Thank you, my darling. And remember - keep...


Keep! Giving! Giving! Thank you, Terry. See you at Wembley.


They come, and they go. And there's more. I'd like to talk to you about


child poverty. Look. I know we're having a wonderful time here, but


just take a moment out. It's a difficult subject because none of


us likes to think that children are going hungry in the United Kingdom.


The truth is, they are. Now, right now on this Friday night, there are


thousands of children going without the very basic provisions that all


of us here take for granted. Earlier this year the BBC showed a


very powerful documentary on this very subject. It was called Poor


Kids. In it a very brave group of young children talked openly about


living in extreme poverty, and the film makers have allowed us to use


an extract so if you can meet a young boy named Sam - he's going to


tell you what life has been like My name's Sam, I'm 11 years old,


Sam lives with his dad and older sister.


His mum walked out on the family on Sam's second birthday.


I think I'm poor because we only get �420 a month.


And that goes on what we need... and not what we want.


We have to spend it on food and electric and gas.


The electric is put on a key which goes into a box


and Dad puts a fiver on it every so often.


And when we run out of electric, the whole house goes...




Everything just shuts off.


Except for battery-powered stuff, and candles.


And the gas, when that runs out, the whole house is freezing.


With every penny accounted for, the family have no choice


but to rely on credit for many household items.


You're not actually paying for the TV.


You're paying for a household item,- say the fridge,


the cooker or the washing machine.


They'll give you a set amount to pay off each week,


two weeks, or month.


Ours is set round about �50 a month at the minute.


But like all credit, this form of payment incurs interest,


costing extra money Sam's family can ill-afford.


Oh, yeah!


Sam's dad is keen to find a job that might fit around childcare.


Computer said no. Computer said no.


It's not easy for people to look for jobs now,


because for every five people, there's one job.


Almost half the children in this part of Leicester live in families


without work, and Sam sometimes goes without meals as a result.


Until Dad has a job, we don't have any money.


And sometimes I don't even get lunch.


Dad is juggling money.


Going like that.


Going food-debt-food-debt-


food-debt-food-debt- food-debt-food-debt.




Angry and frustrated is how I feel.


It'll probably take years for my dad to get a job,


or maybe decades.


Or even, maybe...centuries.


Fizzing! Daddy!


It is fizzing.


You get used to them.


Mine's going, mine's going... mine's gone.


The family's finances also affect Sam's school life.


I have to re-use my sister's shirts and then I get called a girl.


It gets me psyched up, and then I just want to punch them.


But then I get detention or sent to isolation.


It doesn't matter if you're wearing- a girl's shirt


or a girl's trousers or a girl's blazer.


Because you've got them...


It don't matter what you're wearing, it matters who you are.


People call me big girl's blouse as well,


because I'm wearing girl's blazers and shirts.


Look, this is a girl's shirt.


Cos girls have them little flecks, them little lines.


My sister donated this shirt to me cos I needed a shirt for school.


I worry about Sam all the time.


Once you're marked, you're marked for life.


The minute people find out you're poor,


they automatically assume, and then you lose that friend.


You have to be so careful what you say,


because you're automatically, in the back of your head


you're always going, "What if I say- something and they don't like it?",


or "What if I let something slip?"


You've always got the what-ifs going through your head.


You tend to just start merging into the background,


not wanting to join in.


Sometimes it does feel like you've got a big hefty secret


and you need to keep it hidden.


for him. Since


for him. Since that


for him. Since that film


for him. Since that film Sam's family have moved to new


accommodation and things are looking up. We'd like to thank True


Vision for showing us that film. It's estimated there are 3.8


million children living in poverty in the United Kingdom now. Children


In Need - I'm sure you are as well - are committed to helping them.


Please help us to help them. Call 03457 33 22 33.


Now it's time to lighten proceedings. Give a massive


Children In Need welcome to the fabulous Fearne Cotton.


# Who run the world? Girls # Who run the world? Girls #


Hello. Woo-hoo! Look at you. Wearing a frock and everything.


Muah! Give it up for Terry Wogan. What a wonderful show so far. It


has been brilliant. Yeah, fantastic. This is as well as we'd ever done,


and in the middle of a terrible economic recession, it's quite


unbelievable and a wonderful tribute to you, the British public.


Terry, I hope you'll be pleased to hear I'm sticking with you right


through until 2.00am. Is that OK? Can't get everything I ask for.


Life is tough. I am with you. It's going to fly by because there is so


much more left to come on Children In Need night. Have a look.


There is mad-capped mayhem with Vic and Bob, music from Adele, Olly




Plus, Russell Howard and his good fund-raising news.


I tell you what - I cannot get over the buzz in this studio tonight.


What an incredible night so far and a lovely atmosphere. Now, any show


that once had Sir Terry Wogan as its guest host is going to be hip


and happening, especially if his hip was playing up on the night.


Now, Never Mind the Buzzcocks... Did you write that yourself? I did.


MUSIC: "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" No, I didn't. And here is a


fantastic special edition. Have a Never Mind The Buzzcocks


And, frankly, it's just as well, cos I've seen Pudsey's record collection,


and unless you're into thrash metal, you would be lost!


He's an animal!


With team captain Noel Fielding...


# Romeo, Romeo... #


She became everyone's favourite member of Steps in 2001


when she left and they disbanded.


Now very bravely reforming them, it's Claire Richards.




And he's best known as loveable Barry in EastEnders,


or loveable fool Barry in Extras, and now loveable Barry on Buzzcocks.


It's Shaun "Barry" Williamson. Hello!




And across the way, with captain Phill Jupitus...


You've got big dreams, you want fame...


She's been on Buzzcocks twice already.


Once more and she gets to keep it.


It's Arlene Phillips. APPLAUSE


And as the drummer in McFly, he's currently storming Strictly


and shocking everyone by having a sense of rhythm!




Ed article


It's Harry Judd. APPLAUSE


So, we'll kick off with the Intros Round.


Noel and Claire, here are yours for Shaun.


And remember, it's the title of the song we're after.


I'm up with some of the new bands - Kaiser Monkeys I like, and...


He's so loveable, isn't he?!


I'm just glad to be out of the house, Katy, to be honest!


It's a night out for me!


Go for it!


# Dun dun dun dun daddle-da-daow!


# Dun dun dun dun daddle-da-daow!


# Daddle-da-daow, da-da-daa


# Duun dun-dun-dun


# Duddle-duh-duh-dun. #


It-It-It-It is, er, the, um...LAUGHTER


Fun Lovin' Criminals, Scooby Snacks.


Oh! Close?


As I look there at Claire and Noel,


I think they'd be a really good band called 12 Steps.


I look like evil and you look like good! From a children's story!


If you could get either side of Barry, on his shoulders,


you could advise him morally through the day.


Barry, have you ever actually...?


Your name isn't even Barry, is it? LAUGHTER


What's going on there?!


My name isn't Barry, but it'll be on my gravestone,


so I've just got to get on with it, really.


Does anybody want to see loveable Barry dance?


- Saturday Night Fever. - Saturday Night Fever!


You ready?


# Bam bam bam bam ba-ba-ba-baa!


# Bam bam bam bam ba-ba-ba-baa! #




I'm going to pass it over to Phill.


You know what it was? No idea. It goes...


# Dun dun dun dun daddle-da-daow!


# Dun dun dun dun daddle-da-daow!


# Waaow waaow... # I know that! But what was it?


# Duh-buh duh-buh dubba-duh-duh. #


EastEnders! No, no, no, cos what...


Duh-duh-duh... No, that's not how it works. OK.


If we get Shaun... Say something incredibly tragic.


I love you, Janine! Don't push me! No-o-o-o!


Duff duff duff-duff duff-duff-duff.


Arlene, I enjoyed your clip earlier that was shown in your intro,


where you choreographed Fame!, didn't you, for Children In Need?


I did, yes! Starring Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles.


Absolutely. And I made Adrian Chiles smile. Right.


Not a lot of people have done that.


I just banged my stick... Yup, I saw that. ..and smiled...


Like Gandalf. Yep. Absolutely!


..and hoped that my stick-banging would raise a lot of money.


Well, good. I have absolutely no idea what's going on!


Literally none!


I think it's about time somebody answered this question.


It's Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.


Yes, it is. You're absolutely right. Here's how it should have sounded.


MUSIC: "Sergeant Pepper'sLonely Hearts Club"


# It was 20 years ago today


# Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play


# They've been going in and out of style


# But they're guaranteed to raise a smile


# So may I introduce to you


# The act you've known for all these years


# It's Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


# We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


# We hope you will enjoy the show


# We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


# Sit back and let the evening go... #




So, that was the EastEnders cast singing the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


They look good - I like the new costume designer.


It's not a very well known song, so don't worry about it(!)


Paul McCartney recently launched a campaign to introduce Meat Free Monday.


It's going to be followed by Trumping Tuesday.


Phill and Harry, here are yours for Arlene.


And remember, it's the title of the song we're after.


Can you make sure the tempo's right?


They were not singing Sergeant Pepper's...


You're a control freak, Phillips!


What would have happened if I'd have done that in your dance studio and I got sticked?!


Is that what you do in your dance classes - you have a big stick?


Actually, you're not allowed to now, but when I was teaching...




When I was teaching...


You say that with a hint of regret! Yeah, it's never left me!


# Waowa-wowwa wowwa-wowwa Waowa-wowwa waowa-wowwa


# Waowa-wowwa waowa-wowwa Uh-uhh-uh-uhh uhh-uhh uh uh


# Waowa-wowwa waowa-wowwa Uh-uhh-uh-uhh uhh-uhh uh uh


# Waowa-wowwa waowa-wowwa


# Wah-wah-wah-wah wuuh-wuuh-wuuh


# Wah-wah wah-wah wah-wah Wah-wah wah-wah wah-wah


# Whadda-whadda bum-cha... # PHILL STAMPS FLOOR IN TIME


# Ba-ba ba-ba badda-badda ba da-daa Da-da da-da dadda-dadda. #


Enough tempo for you?! LAUGHTER


When it started, I thought it was Take On Me.


There was a lot of guts in it, a lot of beating! Mm!


A lot of rhythm. Yeah! A lot of stamping! Ooh!




I don't know. OK. Have you got any idea...


We know what it is. You know what it is.


I think Claire knows what it is.


I'm going to redeem myself for being so rubbish in ours!


No, you were good!


Poker Face, Lady Gaga.


That is absolutely right. Get in there! Come on!


And here's how it should have sounded.


# I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas plays


# Fold 'em, let 'em Hit me, raise it


# Baby, stay with me I love it


# Love game, intuition Play the cards with spades to start


# And after he's been hooked


# I'll play the one that's on his heart


# Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh


# Oh, oh-woah-oh-oh


# I'll get him hot Show him what I've got


# Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh Woah-oh-oh


# I'll get him hot Show him what I've got


# Can't read my, can't read my


# No, he can't read my poker face


# She's got to love nobody... #




Never mind Take On Me - shame on me, cos I even know the choreography.


It's no good, is it, Arlene? Tragedy. Yeah, that's it...


Oh, sorry! It's just a natural reaction - I can't help it!


What's it like, doing the reunion tour? Come on.


We haven't started the tour yet, but it's really exciting. Sold out!


What you don't know is me and Phill bought all the tickets!


We're going to be front and centre every night!


So, there we saw newsreaders Fiona Bruce, Kate Silverton,


Susanna Reid and Sophie Raworth singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face.


Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress was both impractical and unpleasant.


But on the plus side,


put it on a hot wash with some veg and you've got a delicious stew!


OK, next up, it's the Identity Parade, and it's open to both teams.


Phill's team, if you could come and join Noel, Claire and Shaun.


I know it's a break from the norm.


ARLENE: Where am I? I think you can go there.


All right? LAUGHTER


Oh, Christ! Hello, Claire from Steps! Hello, Phill.


Did you get my letters? LAUGHTER


They're the ones written in orange ink.


Yeah, you know he's not allowed to be this close to me? Yeah.




Phill, I don't want you violating your restraining order, so swap with Harry, please.


You need to be in the middle. LAUGHTER


I love you, Claire from Steps!


Wait a minute! There's nothing wrong with his eye - look!




Is he one of these welfare cheats?! He's a benefit cheat!


All right, I'm going to call a halt to this.


For the audience only, here are some of the Big Brother contestants giving their all.


# Go on now, go


# Walk out the door


# Just turn around now


# Cos you're not welcome any more


# Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?


# I will survive


# I will survive...


# I will survive! #


That was the cast of Big Brother performing I Will Survive.


But which one of our line-up is the hat-wearing, face-pulling Bubble?


Is it number one, Bubble?


Number one, Buble?


Number three, the Bubble's burst?


Number four, I'm forever blowing Bubble?


Or number five, Pudsey Bear?


Number five, we know about your eye.


Claire, I'm going to ask you.


Have you got a gut feeling about any of them?


Well, I'm kind of wondering if it's a trick question.


In what sense?


The Big Brother people, one of them dressed up as Pudsey.


Well, no, cos it's number two, but I take your point! No...


I want to ask Harry, because I think this series of Big Brother went out before you were born.


I think... I know it's number two, actually.


You all know it's number two?


Am I the only person who DOESN'T know it's number two?


Wouldn't it be lovely if Pudsey could win?


How magical would that be? All right, it's number five.


OK, are we all going to go along with this?


You all think it's number five? Yeah.


I mean, number two's going to be gutted we've not recognised him!


Yeah, yeah! We think it's number five, Katy Brand.


Pudsey's much bigger in real life than I'd imagined he would be.


Yeah. Noel thought that this really was Pudsey.


I mean, what's happening here?


It's like Gulliver's Travels. Who's this?!


Aww! You can pick him up!


Oh, no! That's just... Oh, look!


I feel like I've been evil - I want to give Pudsey a cuddle.


He is very cuddlesome. Let's see what he's all about. Come on!


Noel, Noel. You're going to frighten children when you do this.




Right, I'm going to have to call some order to this now.


Bubble's a busy man(!)


LAUGHTER No, no. Sorry, that was cruel!


Would the real Bubble please step forward.




Now teaching drama. Bubble, ladies and gentlemen.


Right, would Phill's team like to go back and take their seats?


You all right there, Phill?


And that brings us to the final scores.


Noel's team have one.


But Phill's team have two.




Well done, Phill's team.


And well done to you at home if you've already donated.


If you haven't yet, there's still time.




Or go online to


I've been Katy Brand and this has been Never Mind The Buzzcocks for Children In Need.


Good night.






I love


I love the


I love the Buzzcocks. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


You know, I do enjoy the Buzzcocks because we have history, you know?


Yes, we know this, Terry. That Noel Fielding is a very attractive woman.


He's very pretty. I'll tell you what I'm in the mood for, Terry - a


nice, big thank you. Always a disappointment. Your wish is my


command, my lady. Thank you. CostCo's sedrot a great day's fund-


raising begins with a hearty breakfast. All proceeds to Children


In Need, of course. APPLAUSE


Followed by thanking customers for their generous donations before


making sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Thank you. See


you. B&Q have been selling spotty goodies as well as hosting


community events. In Hampshire they invited pupils to do a spot of


colouring in before everyone went potty for the paint, bringing a


whole new meaning to DIY, decorate it yourself! A big thanks also to


the Rotary Club - throughout the UK - who have been hard at work with


their fund-raising activities. As have the Roundtablers, who have


been collecting since dawn today, with many still out there.


APPLAUSE I hope you noticed that I went into


a completely different outfit for you. This tie is spectacular.


a tie and a handkerchief. It was for you. Thank you. It's wonderful


to see such healthy-looking totals from our supporters across the


country. So many of you have got involved. We hear Carrick Youth


Club in Northern Ireland have raised �500 shake their stuff in a


disco for Pudsey. Well done! Well done. Now, being a teedge teenager


is an easy time of life. There's whole load of choices to be made,


and sadly, it's pretty easy to make the wrong ones. Alesha Dixon went


to a project funded by Children In Need which tries to get kids to


make the right choice instead of there's a little blue building


It was set up in memory of Brett was about 14


Basically, it was cos there and it started


And then it just went into harder and bigger things.


It was really hard for us as a family.


My mother went downhill really bad,- cos that's all she lived for -


for me and my brother.


I can remember the day he died as if it happened yesterday.


He turned 18 in the March and he died in July.


Brett died when he was hit by a train.


His heart-broken mum, Helena, blamed the tragedy


on his problems with drink and drugs,


and wanted to prevent other kids following the same path.


Convinced they needed somewhere else- to go, she set up KPC Youth Centre.


I'm here to see the project in action.


It's obviously the area the kids all hang out.




When you're a teenager, you want to be with your mates, you know.


Teenagers don't want to besitting at home with their parents -


they want to be out, hanging around.


And I guess we have to find a way of managing that.


Otherwise, that hanging around turns- to destructive behaviour.


And that's where KPC comes in.


Every week, youth workers like Karen get out onto the streets


and talk to the kids, offering them an alternative.


We're from KPC over the road - we're a youth centre -


and we were just wondering what you're up to tonight.


Where have you been? Nothing.


Just sitting on the street doing nothing. Yeah?


Jay here is only 13. By encouraging him to join now,


there's a much better chance he'll stay out of trouble.


I think that's wicked, it's given you something to do.


I hope to see you there tomorrow. Yeah.


Going to come tomorrow? Yeah.


'This place not only offers kids a cool place to hang out...'


Afternoon, everyone! '..but also teaches them skills


'to help them get on in life.'


Careful, Jay! You all right, Jay?


I see that Jay showed up from last night.


Right, what happens in this room?


That's where we have all of the games. The games room.


Everyone wants to find a solution to the problem


of how to keep kids off the streets.


Oh, I love it in here!


Well, here's a solution.


You do drama as well?


Youth crime is down 60% in this area. That's incredible!


KPC absolutely works. So that's great, then. Problem solved.


Well, actually, no.


Like youth clubs all over the country, KPC is struggling.


Six years ago, founder Helena passed away.


And since then, funds have been much- harder to come by.


KPC is facing closure.


They really, really need funding all the time.


It's like, my eldest, she's going to be eight in December


and she wants to come here,


but there's no guarantee it'll still be open.


So if Helena has grandkids, might not get to come to KPC.


So I find that really heartbreaking.


KPC needs your continued support more than ever.


Otherwise, everything that Helena worked so hard for will be lost.




It would break my heart


to think this place could potentially close down


after all these children have found the best support structure


they could possibly have, to learn life skills,


give them ambition, keep them off the streets.


That this could go, that would feel like we're going backwards.


It makes no sense.And I don't want to see that happen.


But we can't do that without your help.


So please call 03457 33 22 33. Every penny counts.


Thank you so much.




It costs


It costs �250


It costs �250 to keep that place open for a night, and they're


obviously doing a great job. Children In Need funds hundreds of


projects like this around the UK, so please help us continue to


support them. It does make a huge difference, and it keeps those kids


safe, so do call 03457 33 22 33. Yeah. Thanks, Fearne. We've got an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


entirely new crowd in. # When things go wrong


# It's all for you Mmm


# And it's dark in a cold December But I've got you to keep me warm


# If you're broke I'll mend you And I'll keep you sheltered


# From the storm that's raging on


# I'm out of touch I'm out of luck


# I'll pick you up when you're getting down


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# I'm out of sight I'm out of mind


# I'll do it all for you in time


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# Now


# I'm gonna paint you by numbers And colour you in


# If things go right we can frame it


# And put you on a wall


# And it's so hard to say it But I've been here before


# Now I'll surrender up my heart And swap it for yours


# I'm out of touch I'm out of luck


# I'll pick you up when you're getting down


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# I'm out of sight I'm out of mind


# I'll do it all for you in time


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# Don't hold me down


# I think my braces are breaking


# And it's more than I can take


# And it's dark in a cold December


# But I've got you to keep me warm


# And if you're broke I'll mend you And I'll keep you sheltered


# From the storm that's raging on


# I'm out of touch I'm out of luck


# I'll pick you up when you're getting down


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# I'm out of sight I'm out of mind


# I'll do it all for you in time


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now


# I'm out of touch I'm out of luck


# I'll pick you up when you're getting down


# And out of all these things I've done


# I think I love you better now






What a


The marathon fundraising spectacular continues with a special Children in Need edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, plus live studio performances from Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran and more music from One Direction.

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