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can! The money will help children are just like the inspirational


Team Rickshaw! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time for


Children In Need 2012, from Television Centre, and what a night


we have in store! One Direction, Dr Leona Lewis, a Strictly special,


Pudsey and Little Mix and the news newsreaders do Top Gear, Team GB


and much, much more. And here to get the party started,


please welcome the fabulous Fearne Cotton, Sir Terry Wogan and One


Direction. This programme contains flashing


images. Welcome to Children in Need 2012.


Calm yourselves. I'm really trying. But there is so much amazing stuff


coming up and this crowd here are going crazy for one reason...


But there is another reason. Could it be One Direction?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


# And we know it too # Yeah, we will keep doing what we


do, just pretending that we're cool # Children in Need


# Let's go crazy, crazy # # Until we see the sun


# I know we only met, but let's pretend it is love. # # Tonight


let's get some # And live while we can


# Tonight let's get some # And live


# Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy # I know we only met


# And never, never, never stop for anyone


# Tonight, let's get some


# And live while we're young


# Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


# Oh, oh, oh, oh


# Oh, oh, oh


# Oh, oh, oh, oh


# Tonight let's get some


# And live while we're young


# And, girl, you and I


# We're 'bout to make some memories tonight


# I wanna live while we're young


# We wanna live while we're young


# Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun


# I know we only met but let's pretend it's love


# And never, never, never stop for anyone


# Tonight, let's get some


# And live while we're young


# Crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun


# I know we only met but let's pretend it's love


# And never, never, never stop for anyone


# Tonight, let's get some


# And live while we're young


# Wanna live, wanna live, wanna live


# While we're young


# Wanna live, wanna live, wanna live


# While we're young


# Tonight let's get some


# And live while we're young. #






Thank you


Thank you so


Thank you so much boys, that was brilliant and for all of you fans


out there, they will be back later to do one more song for us.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yes! Yes! They will be back later. Never fear,


they have guaranteed me they will be back!


LAUGHTER Mind I paid them well. Now tonight,


as you know by now we are going to be asking you to help us support


disadvantaged children over the UK. You have been amazing so many times


before and I hope we can count on your help once more. Here at


Children in Need, we know that children are vulnerable and the


news in recent weeks has been an awful reminder of how true that can


be. We have been supporting child victim of all kinds of abuse,


including sexual abuse for many years and we will continue to do so


and we support support children in a wide range of different


circumstances and they all have something in common - they all need


your help and they are all children. Here is a short film to tell you


There are thousands of children who need your help and tonight if we


pull together, we can make a huge difference.


Children in Need can offer support to children children who need it


the most, but not without you. I couldn't go out. I always had to


be staying in the house. I believe that every child deserves a


childhood. Bullying isn't just name calling, it can shatter confidence


and leave a child feeling completely alone.


People didn't like me because I was different.


Almost a third of the money you give goes to help children living


in desperate poverty. Thousands of children are living in


fear, fear of violence and abuse. For children who have lost a parent


or a sibling, I can't take a way the pain, but Children in Need can


offer a helping hand. Children in Need is there for


families when they need it the most It is something you never even have


to contemplate, but you you couldn't make it any better for


Harry than it was. Children in Need support fantastic


young heroes. I was scared and confused that I


was determined to fight it. You give children the strength so


they can be braver. I had no hair. It made me happy.


Every year your money makes a difference to disadvantaged


children in the UK. These children can't say thank you


to you personally... But We can. Thank you.


Thank you. The sad truth is these children still need your help.


I promise you, every pound you give will make a difference.


Please call and let Children in So there is a lot of goodwill out


there and a lot of work to be done and with your help we can continue


to help the children who need it most.


Yes, that's right. Together we can do something brilliant tonight.


Don't forget every penny is spent on projects right here in the UK.


You can't miss the number. It is If you can't phone, there are many


other ways you can give. You can pay in your fund-raising


money or donate to Children in Need in all major banks and building


societies or at at the Post Office. And you can visit the Children in


Need website and give using your debit or credit card or your pay


pal account. You can send a cheque CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


The Government's Gift Aid scheme means if you are a UK taxpayer,


Children in Need can claim back 20 pence for every �1 you give at no


no extra cost to you which means more help for the kids who need it.


You had no idea that you were a financial expert, Fearne. I am!


When you phone and our lovely volunteers if you would like to


claim Gift Aid, what do you say? AUDIENCE: Yes.


Correct. I am glad we didn't rehearse that.


Now, Terry, I have been thinking, in many ways you do have something


of the Time Lord about you. Well, because I'm witty,


knowledgeable, dynamic... Well, yes, and because you have been around


forever and no one is sure how old you are.


Simplicity itself. Anyway, you have put on weight.


LAUGHTER The rest of you pay attention. Look


at me when I'm talking to you. Feast your eyes on this very


Welcome to a Children in Need episode of Doctor Who. This is one


before the Christmas special. Hi. Don't worry, she won't be


watching, she is in LA. Exactly. Roll the minisode. Roll


In London in the time of Queen Victoria, there were many tales of


a remarkable person known as the Great Detective. I refer, of course,


to Madam Vastra and her extraordinary adventures, her


beautiful assistant Jenny Flint and What? There are accounts of a


fourth member, a shadow figure whose assistant was only sought in


the direst of emergencies. I am so gad you came. We have news, I think,


of particular interest to you. There was a a meet meteor shower in


the south-west, I think it is as a result of alien intervention. 24%.


Well, this could just be meteors, but it is worth looking into. There


is a very pleasant tearoom in the area. There is a professor who is


claiming he is going to split the world. I think we should


investigate. I mean, he doesn't actually have a giant drill and he


is not actually a professor and he was a bit drunk at the time and


singing a bit, but it is never too early to investigate a drill.


have declared war on the moon. quiet.


For too long the the moon has hung in the sky. It has gained an


advantage. There is no one living there.


It is clearly time to act. They won't suspect a thing.


Who won't suspect a thing? Moonites. Why do you keep doing this? What is


the point? I have told you, I keep telling you, I don't do this


anymore. I have retired. There is a man on Parade Street


with an invisible wife. Maybe he just doesn't have a wife.


You are wasting your time. Merry Christmas.


I think he means it. Yes, my dear. I rather think he does.


Damn moon. There you go, the Doctor Who has


retired. This Chris marks the Earth will face -- this Christmas, the


Earth will face terrible, terrible danger and will anyone be able to


per said the doctor -- persuade the doctor to save the day? Yes.


See you later for the very first showing of the Christmas trailer.


See you later. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We have


another special documentary coming up to you soon and you will get to


meet his new companion. The excitement. Anyway, there are


three important words we are going to be saying again and again


tonight. Please and thank you! now an enormous thank you to you


lot who go to school. You are Schools all over the UK have put in


a huge effort to raise more money for Children in Need.


So to say thank you, we decided to give WestLodge Primary School a


treat. Good morning, everybody. Good morning.


We have some very special teachers. Who you like to know who these


teachers are? ALL: Yes.


Little Mix. Guys, let's do some fund-raising


for Children in Need. Schools all over the UK have been


showing their spots and raising lots! Like a garten.


Your cash is vital for helping kids over the UK.


So keep up the good work. To all the schoolchildren who raised money


for Children in Need, we salute you!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Children of the UK, we salute you. Well done to


all the fund-raisers. And to all of you who wore pyjamas to school this


week. It sounds like heaven. Thank you to you as well.


You don't want to see me in my pyjamas! We didn't ask to.


We are even bigger, either that or the wardrobe have given me a small


pair of trousers! We had to do something really big, a choir of


over 2,000 children. Frightening! Singing live and in Unison, across


the entire nation... Fingers crossed. Let's see how the


preparations are coming along where Thank you very much. You will get


to see and hear some of those London school children. Here we are


at the Tower of London which is looking fantastic and all evening


we will be celebrating some of the wonderful people across London who


have been raising money. Hang on, Mark. Aren't we missing a


I am really glad to see Pudsey has made it out of the Tower in time.


Let's welcome him and everyone that's that's braving the ice. Also


with us, you can probably hear, our house band. Here is a group of


young people who have made a tremendous effort for Children in


Need. Why have you been dressed in your pyjamas? That was because we


have all been trying to raise money for Children in Need.


How much money has the school raised? �340.


Give yourselves a round of applause. Where are you from? We are from


Enfield. What have you been doing? A 24-hour


sponsored bounce. They have raised �2,300. Let's head


over to the other side of the ice and Mark is with a young man who


has been zg doing something we would find rather difficult!


That's true. This is Ross. He has been taking part in a sponsored


silence. Since 8pm, he hasn't uttered a word. I am hoping he will


remember how to talk in a moment. Mum, this must have been your idea?


Yes, definitely. How quiet has it been around the


house? No noise. Du want to take -- do you want to


take it off? What are going to be your first first words? I am glad


it is over. How much have you raised? �229. That's what I love


about Children in Need, so many novel ways to raise money.


I want you to meet a lady who runs an exercise dance group. Let's look


at what they have they have been up Tell us how many of you were there?


There were over 300 Latin vibe enthusiasts.


You had an extra member? We had Pudsey. He was fabulous. He was the


star of the show. Tell us how much you raised?


raised �2,553 and there is more to come as well.


Well, thank you very much. You have agreed to show us a few of your


dance moves with a little help from our house band. Off you go, ladies.


Thank you To everybody in the capital who has donated. We will


hear from more people later on in the show. Stay with us. See you




I know all my family have been out at their children's schools raising


money and it has been happening over the country. Now, if you have


been zg your bit for Children in Need, we would like to hear about


it. Tell us what you have been doing, on Facebook or Twitter.


impressed Terry, I didn't think you were up on the text savvy skills.


Easy girl, don't tell anyone, but I'm making it up as I go along


along! I guessed that. Let's look at what we have in store


tonight. Coming up:


A Pudsey v Pudsey dance off. Doctor Who meets his new cam pan.


Aled Jones and the Children in Need Choir.


Will you sing live in front of millions of people? Yes!


Some favourites in Strictly Come Dancing. Ann Widdecombe, Russell


Grant cheek-to-cheek, oh come on! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE There is so


much to look forward to. You have got Moranan Widdecombe, great. You


don't look too impressed with that one. More One Direction later on.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Girls aloud performing together which I am


excited about. Now Terry, we are about to talk Countryfile and the


calendars, but before we do, please promise that you you won't


embarrass us by trying to get your photo in again? Of course not, but


last year's effort was pretty good. LAUGHTER


There it is. Well, look, Terry, top marks for trying, I will give you


that. Top marks for trying. Perhaps I need to step it up a


level, this time. Really? Do you have to?


LAUGHTER This is happening. Look at this! I


am not quite sure that you have grasped the tone of the calendar,


but shall we just move on? Do you want to look at that again?


Yes, we do. And next year I intend to have a Countryfile nude calendar.


It will be with you, Tess, John Craven.


We are definitely moving on. Here to fill us in on this year's


effort, we are joined by Countryfile's John Craven.


Thank you to you and all the Countryfile.


Not at all. Tell us g this year -- tell us


about this year's calendar? 50,000 of our viewers sen in pictures of


the -- sent in pictures of the British countryside and we picked


the best 12. It is easy to get hold of one by going on to our website.


Lovely. It is ideal for a Christmas


present? A lovely Christmas present. Shall we see how much money that


calendar raised? Not that money matters! Let's have a look at the


total. And we are only half-way there.


�557,000, that is great. You do better every year.


Last year it was �1.2 million and I think we might beat it this year if


everybody buys one. John, thank you very much. You are


a wonderful supporter, thanks to Countryfile.


Goodbye. It will be lovely next year when we


all take our clothes off! LAUGHTER


You can forget this idea, it is not going to happen.


I bet we wouldn't get any money for it anyway. So if I were to say


Fearne to you the names of Cheryl... CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Nicholas,


Rihanna, and Keith... LAUGHTER


What would you think? I think you were trying to name the


members of girls of Girls Aloud, but failing.


There is no Keith? There is no The the girls are going to be on in


less than an hour. Be still my beating heart!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Now, this next film is about a This is mum's bedroom. Here is my


mum. My mum is funny and she tells jokes. She always makes me laugh.


My mum has this thing where her legs are always leaking and it is


not nice. The glands in my body store all the fluid. It makes me


look very, very overweight. I am virtually bed bound really. This


family has a lot to deal with, as well as the mum's illness, two of


the brothers have autism. So dad gave up his job to be a full-time


carer. The last time they were able to go out was over four years ago.


I always had to be staying in the house because my dad had to look


after me mum and my dad had to look after us and it was hard work.


But last year, Sebe joined the friendship project funded by


Children in Need. This is how he met Lyn, a volunteer, who once a


week helps Sebe experience the things that most children get to


experience. He He gets to play in the park. He


gets to play with other children. He is funny. He makes us laugh. It


is the highlight of the week. Are these for me? The best thing


about Sebe's day is coming home to mum.


Did you have a nice day? Good. I missed you.


When I come back, I tell mum all about what I did. It always makes


her have a smile on her face. He looks forward to Saturday


knowing that he is going out somewhere and he is not just at


home with me and his dad. You want to spend time with your


kids, but at the same time you want them to do the things that other


children are doing? They want to go out and enjoy their life. Here is


me going down the slide. Here is me at the park.


Thanks to your generosity, Sebe, not only has a new friend, he has a


childhood. I love this, My Life In The


Friendship Project. Please call now and change someone's life. Thank


What a lovely little boy. Now, listen �28 pays for our trips out a


month for a child like Sebe, so please pick up your phonement here


is the number. -- phone. Here slt number. It is very easy to call:


And help us to put a smile on other children's faces too.


Now, Strictly Come Dancing, it is a firm favourite with the presenty


Lady Wogan in our house. Myself, I am playing sue is a sue duke yo.


They are all good. 'this is the Strictly Come Dancing


Good evening, ladies, and welcome to Strictly


It's nice to see you, to see you...




And as it's Children In Need, we have an audience of children!


AUDIENCE: Woo-oo-oo!


So I'm going to start with a little joke for Pudsey.


How do you get a bear to eat his cheese?


Go on, how do you get a bear to eat his cheese?


Come on, bear!




I think I'll quit while I'm losing.- Yeah, come on then.


Right, let's get on with the show.


Now then, we have two superstar Strictly celebrities


waiting in the wings,


dying to get back here in the ballroom where they belong.


That's right. They may not have lifted the Glitterball Trophy,


but they were our People's Champions


and tonight, rather than dancing for your votes at home,


our Strictly Come Dancing Children In Need Champions 2012


will be decided by our awesome foursome, the judges!




Yeah, they got the power!


And remember that tonight everyone is dancing


to help change the lives


of disadvantaged children around the whole of the UK.


We're all hoping it's going toencourage you to pick up the phone


and donate whatever you can to Children In Need.


The number to call is...


And thank you very much.


But who are the mystery couples?


Let's find out.


Evening, sir. Evening.


Mr Grant to see you.




Ah, Mr Grant. I've been expecting you.


Miss Widdecombe.


Ann Widdecombe, Russell Grant,


back on the dance floor, my dream has come true.


They told me it was going to be returning champions.


Is everyone else busy?


People of Great Britain!


This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime,


unmissable event.


'We have seen them before, we know what they can do.'


What are you doing?! And that's not very much.


Er, yes...they're game.


Russell does understand rhythm, Russell did actually dance.


I brought to the Strictly dancefloor everything except dance.


We look fabulous!


Russell Grant, a great big bundle of joy.


He is quite musical and he's really theatrical.


He's not going to come out of a rocket again, is he?


If Darcy's looking for a Swan Lake,


actually she might get it.


I can flap! 'When Ann Widdecombe was on the show, whatever happened,


'you were entertained.'


I remember her being dragged along the floor at one stage.


The floor has never been so shiny!


I'm hoping that viewers will think


my routine is, erm, out of this world.


She's hungry for it now. She might give Russell a run for his money.


Two megastars.


Who dares wins!


Ann Widdecombe, Russell Grant, head-to-head, cheek to cheek?


Ohh, come on!




Please welcome two couples who always got more laughs than votes.


Ann Widdecombe with Anton and Russell Grant with Flavia.




MUSIC: "Hernando's Hideaway"from The Pajama Game


MUSIC: "Heaven Must BeMissing An Angel" by Tavares


MUSIC: "Better The Devil You Know"by Steps


MUSIC: "Boogie Wonderland"by Earth, Wind & Fire




It was absolutely marvellous. Let's hear what our judges thought.


Well, I so wish I'd been there when- you were competing in your shows.


Come on, what about it? Oh!


That was absolutely...


I can't think of the next word.


It was absolutely marvellous. Let's hear what our judges thought.


Darcy, my darling.


Well, I so wish I'd been there when- you were competing in your shows.


I did miss a lot. Do you think I'd be a good ballerina?


You have the neck, actually.


You hold your neck. No, no, she has poise.


Well, I was working from the neck down.


What about the other pair?


It is beautiful, I mean, you're excited, that's what I love to see.


If anybody can enjoy it as much as you do,


I'd like to watch it every time.




OK, Len? Well, they're like boomerangs!


You know, we've chucked 'em out and then back they've come!


Let me say this. Good sports.You've come out for Children In Need,


and wonderful. Well done to both of you. Bruno?


Truly a performance of devastating impact!


Forget about Nureyev and Fonteyn!


Grant, Widdecombe!


King Kong and Godzilla of dance!


LAUGHTER Horrendously entertaining!


Very difficult to pick. Angels and demons!


Craig, will you give us your views on both couples?


Russell, timing, rhythm, all very, very good,


very exciting to see you back.




Although your first look was a little scary, it reminded me


of Bette Davis, darling, in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?


Which was a bit irksome.


And Ann, no sign of improvement,


and I would go as far to say a complete dance disaster!


Right, thank you so much, judges. Come on in, darling.


I've been watching. Good sports.


Ann, was tonight just an excuse to get back with Anton again?


It was an excuse to see you again! Oh! You never know, Bruce!




Ooh, I got the full force there. You did indeed!


Thank you very much, Ann and Russell.


Please would you take your positions by the trophy


and best of luck to you both!


Now remember, there's no phone vote tonight


but Ann and Russell still really want you to call and help them


raise as much money as possible for Children In Need.


Don't forget the number.


Thank you. Keep ringing that number.


Now it's time to see who is going to take home


the Children In Need trophy.


Each judge will vote for their favourite couple.


In the event of a tie, head judge Len will have the deciding vote.


Time for the judges to choose their champion.




So Craig, who do you think deservesto lift the Children In Need trophy?


For me, the best dancers,


Russell and Flavia.


Congratulations, that's one vote for Russell and Flavia.


Darcy, who's your champion of choice?


For me, it is


Russell and Flavia.


Another vote for Russell and Flavia.


That's two votes to nil,


so if Bruno now makes you his champion,


that means Russell and Flavia, you are our winners.


Bruno, who gets your vote?


I will go for a couple that I think is strictly unforgettable!


Ann and Anton.


Ooh, Ann and Anton! Back in the running!


Two votes to one.


Well, Len, it's crucial. It's all down to you.


What's your decision? Well, I thought they were both great entertainment,


but by a gnat's whisker,


Russell and Flavia.






That means you have won! Come on.


Oh, absolute...


Out of so many competitors,


how do you feel about winning against those two?


Well, it's lovely to be able to win this


because I want to give that to Flavia.


Ah, well that's lovely. I do!


And what a partner. Commiserations to our losers.


Thank you so much for being a good sport and for taking part


and for raising money for Children In Need.


Congratulations, you are


the Children In Need Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2012.


There we are! Russell and Flavia!


Come on, hold it, both of you. Be proud, be proud!


A big thank you to both of our wonderful couples


and to you at home for watching and donating.


Please give whatever you can and remember...


BOTH: Keep giving!


Come on! Keep giving, come on.








CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You know I haven't seen anything quite like


that since I had cheese before bed. It was Russell's make-up, it was


terrifying. A great effort though. Coming up soon is the miracle of


modern technology we like to call the Children in Need Choir. Over


2,000 kids across the country will be singing live in just over ten


minutes time. OMG! LAUGHTER


Singer and presenter Aled Jones He'll lead 2,500 children


and get them to sing live together tonight.


2,500 children all singing at the same time


in 15 different locations in the United Kingdom.


This could be a nightmare.


Back in September, Aled was tasked


with getting choirs from across the UK


quite literally singing from the same hymn sheet.


I've been told that some of the best singers in South Wales


are in this room right now. Is that true?


ALL: Ye-es!


I like that.


ALL: Get ready, get set and here we go!


Hi! ALL: Hello!


Will you join me in a massive choir to sing


live in front of millions of people on the night of Children In Need?


ALL: Ye-e-es! Phew!


But before he could begin,


Aled had to make the most important choice of all, the song.


Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon& Garfunkel is such an emotive song.


It's all about, you know, if times are bad, if you're crying,


I'll dry those tears for you,


and that's the sentiment of the whole evening.


To make it feel and sound epic, Aled enlisted the help of the


BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and top musical director David Arnold.


Not only is it a wonderful pop song, but somehow,


it manages to translate to a children's choir,


so it's the perfect choice.


With the backing track laid down, it was time for Aled and the choirs


to start the hard work of rehearsing.


What's the hardest bit of it for you guys? Erm, high notes.


The high notes.


Everyone thinks Bridge Over Troubled Water's


an easy song to sing. It's not.


It's really rangy, which meansthat it goes very low and very high.


SINGS: # Down


# This one opens up all those notes. #


And everyone knows it. If you mess up, the whole of Britain will know.


# And friends just can't... #


That's the one, it should go... # And friends just can't... #




I'll leave that with you.


With so many choirs,


Aled had to rely on the help of some very special choir masters.


Are they nervous? They are nervous but very excited too.


They will sing their little hearts out.


2,500 singers performing together.


If they're out by one secondit could be a disaster. Oh, don't.


Getting there. He's not sure, he's like, "Mmm."


I keep having sleepless nights thinking, "Have I done this?


Have I done that?" They've learned the song.


Hold onto each other. They've got the moves, now can they pull it off?


All we need now is a little bit of luck on the night.










Is this


Is this going


Is this going to


Is this going to work? Worry not. It is all under control.


I need to say thank you to Westlife's Nicky Byrne who has


offered to do it for us. I have been given the day off from


Strictly so I'm swapping the paso doble for pies and doughnuts and


spending the day with lovely people who have been raising dosh for


Children in Need. It starts here in the bakery.


They have been making Pudsey Bear ginger ginger breads and Children


in Need cupcakes to sell out there in the store.


Thank you. It is down to you the customers to get involved and put


pounds in Pudsey's pocket. Can we have a donation? If you think it


ends here, you would be wrong. Have a look at this. Staff in the north-


east, even iced their own buns when they did a dip in the North Sea.


It is freezing. To all these fabulous staff and the


wonderful customers of Greggs, from all of us at Children in Need, we


salute you. See you guys. APPLAUSE


Thanks to Nicky there. Let's see how much they have raised.


�1 million. That's a nice round figure. We will put that to our


grand total. Great stuff. Now, we are all scared by the word cancer


and that's for us, the thought of one of our children getting it is a


nightmare, but it happens and when it does, the children concerned


amaze us with their resilience, their brilliant families rally


round, but sometimes they need a bit of extra support. Here is Alex


Brave is used too often. It's easy one of the bravest little girls


wasn't it, before you were ill? I went to hospital


I have not used that word for a long time, the c word - cancer.


We always knew Ellie was in for a really rough ride with this tumour.


It was the size of a grapefruit on her liver.


Last year, Ellie was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer.


When her therapy started,


I think that was when it kind of hit her the most.


It made me feel down and ill and not very good.


It made me sick.


I remember we'd sort of bathed her one morning


and the hair just fell out in my hand, and that is when I broke down.


It just kept on coming out in clumps and clumps.


She then started to realise that this is a big thing.


It was a tough and scary time.


But thanks to your donations,Ellie had some extra-special help.


The first time that I met Anne, she- was taking to me about what I had


and, um, what I was going to do and- what she was going to do to help me.


I looked at this little girl and thought, "You'll get through this."


But I don't think at that point


she thought she could get through the day.


Anne is a play therapist from the Kids Cancer charity.


My job is to help children deal with


all the other emotional things that come along.


They can feel really upset or scared or just angry about things.


So we made a box so that she could have her memories.


She could open them up,


have a look at them but also close them.


This was a headband, cos I had no hair


and people thought that I did when I had this on.


It made me happy.


'I was a little bit scared because I needed'


a big operation to get the tumour out


and to have a happy life, they said to me.


I don't know if I would wake up or not,


cos some people say they go wrong sometimes.


After six hours of surgery,


removing three-quarters ofher liver, Ellie's now on the road


to a full recovery and, a few months- ago, she started dancing again.


Ellie's been through an awful lot


but has come out the other side with just enthusiasm for life.


It's been a privilege to be alongside her


and go along that journey with her.


I couldn't have done without her at all.


You know, she's been kind of like a rock, if you like.


She helped me like 100% cos she was always there for me.


Your money gave Ellie the support she needed


through a very scary year.


Please call now and help other children like Ellie.


Thank you.




So what


So what an


So what an inspirational little girl, Ellie. We are delighted she


is in remission and keeping well. Ellie, keep up that dancing, you


are brilliant. �50 pays for an hour's session with a play


therapist like Ann, would you be so kind to to pick up the phone and


make and donation. You can help. Or you can give online:


I don't care how you do it, I just want you to do it. Just give. Thank


you. Now, Terry, hello. I thought hu


gone. I'm back. I appear to have


butterflies as well as a baby in my tummy and joining me now is the


equally nervous Aled Jones, everyone.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Aled, OK, it is choir time.


It is choir time. Over 2,000 children across the UK


are hopefully just about to sing live for Children in Need. Aled,


you do look a little bit tense? am. In 15 different low locations


and I have got faith in them and they are going to smile loads.


Sonchts the preparation has -- so the preparation has gone well? They


are fearless, it is just me. You are looking pale, but


determined? I wanted to look like you.


You will never reach that height. So here they are. This is a huge


challenge. I agree, this is frightening.


It is. I saw this in rehearsal, if I don't burst into tears, I will be


lucky. Wishing you all the luck in the world, it is the Children in


Need Choir and really the children would like you to give highly they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


How could you not be moved by that? That was absolutely wonderful.


Amazing. Well done, guys. Aled, put it there, son.


They were fantastic and they worked so hard all across the country.


They have done brilliantly. Well done, guys. You look relieved


Aled. You have got come colour back in your cheeks! Can I go and lie


down in a darkened room now? will ply you with maidens and drink.


Hold on tight everyone, there is lots, lots more to come tonight.


The return of Girls Aloud. Pudsey takes on Pudsey.


Look who is in Albert Square? have got other plans. What's that,


jellied eels? Team GB and a a whole lot of Tom Daley.


APPLAUSE I am very much looking forward to


seeing what Lord Sugar, that old rascal gets up to in Albert Square.


Now over the past weeks, my old pals, my old muckers at BBC Radio


two have been fund-raising for Children in Need, they are


wonderful supporters for Children in Need. For that, we have to say a


This year, Radio 2 and our listeners have been hitting the


fund-raising trail harder than ever before to try and put as many


pounds in Pudsey's piggy bank as possible. Here is what we've been


up to. Some of our theatrical DJs took took over the West End to


raise money, money, money in a one off performance in Mama Mia. Big


names gave up their time for a Weekend Wogan Live. This lot stood


up for Pudsey. And all week the Breakfast Show have been topping up


the totaliser, auctioning off once- in-a-lifetime experiences. In the


summer, you came in your droves to car fest, our family fund-raising


festival. It has been non ston, but none -- non non-stop, but none of


it would have counsel counted -- counted if you hadn't parted with


your pounds. On behalf of Children in Need, we salute you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Chris Evans and his listeners raised a mind


blowing - over �3 million. Well done all my friends in Radio 2.


That's astonishing. Radio 2 gets better and better


every year. They are wonderful supporters of Children in Need. I


am very proud of my old station. Now, Terry... Don't start with me


again. I said you might be likened to the


Time Lord, if you are likened to the time Time Lord I guess that


makes me your cam uponian. You might be on to something there,


you are like the Bonnie Langford to my Colin Baker... That is good.


Matt Smith is getting a new co- star? Of course, I did. They keep


me abreast of everything. I am a loyal viewer and I have a direct


line to the tar TARDIS. It is time for a pre-view of the Dr Who


Here is a look at the Doctor Who Christmas trailer which is the


first episode to feature Miss Jenna Louise Coleman.


You played a different character and I got turned into a DALEK. You


couldn't be the same character at Christmas because that would be


impossible. No way.


Roll the the trailer. There is a man called the cap


doctor. -- Doctor. He lives in a cloud on the sky and all he does


every day is stop all the children in the world ever having bad dreams.


Am I going to have a nightmare tonight? We find something brand-


new in the world, something you have never seen before. What's the


next thing you look for? Doctor. The doctor doesn't help people.


What's your name? Clara. Listen to me, the snow is feeding


off your thoughts. This will be the last day of


humanity on this planet . CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Great stuff


there. Thanks, Doc.


Thanks again to everyone at Doctor Who for letting us see it here


first. For the past week our friends at


The One Show have been on the road with the Rickshaw Challenge. Let's


see how they got on. # You are insecure


# I don't know what for # You are turning heads when you


walk through the door # Don't need to cover-up


# In the way you are that # Everyone else in the room can see


# Everyone else but you # Baby you light up my world like


nobody else # The way that you flick your hair


gets me over worked # You don't know #


# That's what makes you beautiful qurb


Donate now. The more you donate, the bigger my


The more you donate, the bigger my smile gets.


Fan tast Fantastic. What a wonderful effort. Here they are,


Alex Jones and Matt Baker and the incredible Team Rick saw.


-- Team Rickshaw. Well done guys.


How are you? Very good. This was an astonishing achievement.


Matt, you did this on your own last year, so how was it seeing these


guys take part this year? Let me tell you, rickshaw can be pretty


lonely on your own. With this lot, there is never a dull moment. We


have had a ball. I am just so proud of them to see them standing here


now, still smiling, it seems 411 miles isn't enough for them. Look


at them! What's your favourite part of the challenge? There is too many


moments to mention. We have had a super time. When there is a few of


you out there on the rickshaw, you are talking about stuff whether you


are up over 2,000 feet or over the Severn Bridge. It has been a week


to remember. I remember last year when you were


on your own, you nearly went mad, didn't you? Yeah, I did.


Nearly? Don't mention that! Darren, was it 441 miles, right?


think it was 411, wasn't it? Let's not be picky about it!


So Darren, I mean that's a lot of stamina needed for that. How did


you find it? It was hard. I'm not going to lie, but it was really


good when you got to the end of it because you had a massive sense of


achievement and you had everybody cheering you on so it is good to


look over it. I bet. What wonderful memories. And


Lauren, how did you find it? found it amusing and absolutely - I


was really moved by everyone's efforts. We got on so well together.


I just had the best time of my life. It must have been lovely in a gang


and making friends with these guys and having the camaraderie? Yes, it


really was. And Alex, you had a go on the


rickshaw, right? Well, me and Matt rid. I did bits, I am not good on a


bike. I was hindering them really. No, they were great. Just seeing


them them come together and the support for each other kept them


going. They really captured the heart of the nation, they have


raised an incredible amount and left Matt and I speechless a lot of


the time because of the determination and the grit to get


to the finish line. You burst into tears practically


every night? I was a wreck. I was a wreck. I needed tissues constantly.


Alex, what about next year, on your own? I knew that was going to come.


If I say something now, is that set in stone? It is legally binding.


I think it will be me and Matt together. Will it?


When you see these kinds of calls coming in and you think, you go out


there, you put a bit of effort in and you see the reaction it gets


and how generous people are, how can you not have a go if it is


going to help so many people just like Team Rick saw, they went --


Team Rickshaw. Is there anything you would like to say to the people


watching tonight? We should do a big group thank you for the


donations and the generosity. Let's give them a proper Team Rickshaw


thank you. ALL: Thaw.


-- thank you. We need to see how much money you guys raised. Let's


have a look at your total. Wow!


The money is still coming in as well. That's a great starting point.


Incredible. God knows what we will make next


year when you do it, Alex. I will do something, it is my turn


in fairness. You better. As long as you do it with me.


If we're spared! Truly astonishing, we can't thank


you enough. It is fantastic. Wonderful, wonderful effort and


that amount of money. It will make such a difference to so many under


privileged children. Now, Fearne, I am hearing there maybe rumblings of


discontent backstage... Oh god, what? I thought it might be your


stomach. One Direction lads are getting irate with John cavp John


Craven because he only brought four copies of his Countryfile calendar.


Harry has missed out. This can't happen. I'm going to have to go and


grab curling tongs and sort this mess out, but I will be back Terry


Wogan. You take the sunshine with you.


I will. See you later. Thank you, Fearne.


APPLAUSE Thankfully, I thought she would


never go! Not true. She has been wonderful, I


will be joined by another fabulous co-host, but before that, it is


time to find out about Children in Thanks very much, Terry. Welcome


back to the Tower of London and some of our fund-raising heroes or


as you can see in this case superheroes complete with a Bat


Mobile. Let's look at them in How did you come up with this idea?


We have done a bath of beans and Snow White and this year it was


superheroes. How long did it take you to make


that? It wasn't me. It was one of the other guys and it took him four


days. There is a few raised eyebrows


along the way? Only all the way so it wasn't so bad. Yeah, everywhere


we went, there was raised eyebrows and children like, "There They


are.". How far did you have to do it? We walked about seven miles.


And how much have you raised, Shrek? We should raise over �2,000


for tonight. Fantastic costumes. I feel rather


under dressed. An impressive effort. What about you, Mark? You can


picture me in one of those, but what about one of these? How about


our our quartet here? Now, Andrew, I understand you have


walked 20 miles dressed like this? Yes, I have.


You must have had funny looks? There was a few, but everyone was


supportive. Where was this? Bromley and


Orpington and my local areas. Well, as you can see the choir are


still in full voice and the money, well it is still coming!


# # That's what makes you beautiful 20 miles, that's one brave man.


Thank you to him and the thousands of Londoners who have been going


that extra mile to raise money for Children in Need, whether it is


dressing up, donating from the comfort of your own sofa or doing


something that has been sweeping the nation this this year and


that's the Great British Bake Off. Here are some office workers.


have held two competitions for Children in Need. We had a Pudsey


rainbow cake and Pudsey cookies and and loads of cakes and cookies and


we brought a sample tonight for Pudsey. They are Pudsey cup takes.


They look fantastic and you even had a judging panel? Yes. They had


a hard time deciding. Lots of cake was eat nn the process.


-- eaten in the process. We had an office bake off. How much


did you raise? �218. Fantastic stuff. Thank you very


much indeed. Those cakes look rather good. Did you save one more


me? Thank you very much. Let me just - absolutely. Anyway, oh I am


getting a cup of tea here. They are spoiling me. While we enjoy this,


don't forget that number: 03457 33 22 33. We will see you after a


Welcome Welcome back. Now there is still lots more stars to come like


Girls Aloud. Sues Susan Boyle, Lord Sugar. I am getting power crazed


here. The truth be told, I am not a little scared. I am not sure I can


handle such an unruly bunch myself. So I am going to need someone with


a firm hand to help keep me and them in check. So welcome to the


person who keeps dear old Brucie under control, the belle of the


ballroom. It is Tess Daly. Hello my darling. I have got these


firm hands warmed up and they are ready to keep you in line, Terry.


Are you having fun, everybody? AUDIENCE: Yes.


It is a pity you didn't get dressed up. Just to match the set.


I am so excited to be here. What an amazing night.


Up until this year, there was only one Pudsey in town. Our iconic, eye


patched Children in Need bear. but that changed when a young lady


called Ashleigh shot to fame on Britain's Got Talent with her


performing dog also called Pudsey. So what shall we do then? Sue them?


LAUGHTER Take them to court for plagiarism?


Well, rather than shun this young upstart, our own dear Pudsey has


taken him under his wing or even his paw if you like. So that's a


paw? Yes.


# I like to move it, move it # I want you to move your body


# You can move it nice and sweet # I like to move it, move it


# Yeah, I like to... # # Move it, move it


# I like to move it, move it Yeah, I like to


# I like to move it, move it # I like to move it, move it


# I like to move it, yeah I look to # I like to move it, yeah I look to


# Move it # Well, that was a match made in


heaven. Now, Tess you are going to have to get that pair on Strictly.


Consider it done! The big moment has arrived. I thought the big


moment was when you arrived? you are a charmer, Terry. Ten years


ago, five girls took the British Government music scene by storm.


You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the country who hasn't


had a little bop to one of of their track. -- -- tracks.


They have been wonderful friends to Children in Need over the years. I


knew them when they were about three!


LAUGHTER We are honoured, they have not only


chosen us for their first performance in three years, but


they have recorded the official Children in Need single. Yes, they


have. I love this band. The waiting is over. They are live. It is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


return of Girls Aloud. # Down with the rhythm


# Never giving in when the sun's so high


# Gotta feel that heat When you call say bye


# Down with the rhythm on another street


# Gotta let this go cos I feel so free


# Never giving in cos I need you here, ah ah


# Go girls g-g-go go go


# We girls gonna take control


# You boys better know, know, know


# We girls gonna run this show


# Go girls g-g-go go go


# We girls gonna take control


# You boys better know, know, know


# We girls gonna run this, run this


# All I want is something new


# Something I can hold on to


# I don't wanna talk


# I just wanna dance


# Baby, let it drop


# Catch me if you can


# Cos we're the leaders of the pack


# Take a walk on the wild side of life, life


# Take a walk on the wild side of life, life


# Head over heels we're outta time


# Take a walk on the wild side of life, life


# Bring it back to the other side


# Feel the beat deep underground


# Boy, tonight it's getting loud


# We can go, go anywhere


# We don't care Let me take it higher


# We can do, do anything


# Play the game and maybe you'll win


# Boy, tonight you can't hold me back


# Do what I want Yeah, I like it that


# We girls gonna run this, run this


# All I want is something new


# Something I can hold on to


# I don't wanna talk


# I just wanna dance


# Baby, let it drop


# Catch me if you can


# All I want is something new


# Something I can hold on to


# I don't wanna talk


# I just wanna dance


# Baby, let it drop


# Catch me if you can


# Cos we're the leaders of the pack


# Boy, you better watch your back


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Tell me, can you handle that?


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Boy, you better watch your back


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Tell me, can you handle that?


# Cos we're the leaders of the pack


# Boy, you better watch your back


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Tell me, can you handle that?


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Boy, you better watch your back


# We're the leaders of the pack


# Tell me, can you handle that?


# Cos we're the leaders of the pack. #






Brilliant. Absolutely


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thank


Thank you.


Thank you. Thank


Thank you.


Thank you. CHEERING








CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I think they are a little bit excited to see you.


Does it feel like you have never been away? Strangely. It really


does. But it is good to be back together? It is special to be here


tonight. You have all grown so big since I


last saw you. You have got a long history with Children in Need. You


have been terrific. So why did you get involved with this, apart from


the fact that it helps kids, of course? It is a really special


thing to be a part of. We feel very, very fortunate that we can be and


we are thrilled that the single is for Children in Need.


Thank you. On behalf of the children, thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What was it like getting back on stage? Did you


find that you were all friends again? Or did you find, "I never


liked her." We couldn't wait to get back to go, but it is nerve-


wracking too. You see that mistake I made there as I'm supposed to


walk forward. Those nervous things. You didn't remember the little


disagreements that you had over the years? We have fallen back into our


roles straightaway. I don't believe you. You must have


had your arguments? It might be more fun backstage if we did, but


we don't. There is no drama. Wardrobe envy!


You all dressed to match? Kimberley, have you been showing the girls


your new zance your dance moves? have. Pashia had to come down to


rehearse. Hee has been rehearsing every


second she has. We have seen a sneak pre-view.


I can't wait to see it tomorrow night. We know that you are going


to come back and sing for us again tonight. We would be delighted if


you could stay with us for the first totaliser of the evening.


Anyone up for a total? AUDIENCE: Yes!


The total raised so far for Children in Need is �10,807,462.


APPLAUSE And it is not even even 9pm yet and


we have got �10 million for Children in Need. The lovely Girls


Aloud aren't just here for a bit of singing. There is a lot of work to


be done tonight. It is important stuff we want to talk to you about


children who live in poverty. I am I am sorry to say it is a real


problem, 3.6 million of our young people are living in tough


conditions. They are hungry, they are told and as you are about to


see, some of them haven't even got a bed to sleep in at night.


It's not right, but in 2012 there in the UK whose families are so poor-


In these stories you're about to hear the names have been changed...


in the UK whose families are so poor- they can't even afford a bed.


In these stories you're about to hear the names have been changed...


..but sadly, what they're facing is real.


Lucy is 12 years old and lives in a flat with her mam


and two-year-old sister.


Lucy doesn't sleep on a bed like most girls her age -


her family all sleep together on old blankets on the floor.


Life is a real struggle for Lucy and Mam's suffering from depression


and Lucy's always upset and is getting into trouble at school.


Six-year-old Molly lives in a small flat


with her four older brothers and sisters.


Molly's oldest brother looks after the whole family


because their dad isn't aroundand earlier this year their mum died.


They're pulling together, but day-to-day life is tough.


Not only dealing with heartbreaking loss,


they're also struggling with debts.


But the hardest thing for Molly is bedtime.


She shares a bed with her older sister


because she doesn't want to sleep in the same bed her mum died in


and they can't afford a new one.


Ella is 17 years old.


It was her birthday last week, but she didn't go out or see friends.


She was at home caring for her mum


who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.


Money is so tight that they can barely cover bills and food.


Ella's had to drop out of college


so she can spend all day with her mum and look after their home.


On top of everything Ella has to cope with,


she hasn't had a full night's sleep- in over a year.


They only have one bed so Ella sleeps on a broken sofa in the lounge.


It's really uncomfortable and makes every day even harder.


Every child deserves a safe and warm place to sleep.


It's so simple, but in so many families this just isn't possible.


But there is a glimmer of hope.


An organisation called Buttle UK,


which is supported by Children In Need,


provides emergency essentials.


Like cookers, fridges and beds


for families living in crisis or extreme poverty.


Thanks to your donations, Lucy... Molly...


..and Ella can all sleep in a bed tonight, safe and warm.


But every year Buttle receives thousands of applications


from families who are in desperate need of your help.


So, please, call now.


It really can make a difference.




Thank you,


Thank you, girls.


Thank you, girls. I am sure like me you find that deeply upsetting. You


know, there's a lot of talk about the deserving and the undeserving


poor, but no child deserves to be poor, no child should be in poverty.


Every child's right to have a warm bed at right. We need to change


this, it's shocking. Together we can. We know times are tough but,


sadly, that's when the most vulnerable members of society feel


it the most and that's why your help is so desperately needed. So,


at the risk of boring you with numbers again, please call 03457 33


22 33. Last year we made a ton of money and in total over �46 million


was donated by to you Children in Need. It's never going to be enough,


but we have to still keep trying and that's what we are going to try


to do this year and every other year for Children in Need. Remember,


every penny you give goes to help Britain's underprivileged and


vulnerable children. Thank you.


We are here tonight to raise as much money as possible for and we


promise it will make a difference. Right the party is only just


getting started. Strap yourselves in and look at the delights we have


coming up in the next hour. In the next hour Lord Sugar visits


EastEnders. I am here to talk about entrepreneurial spirit and I don't


mean dodgy vodka. Susan Boyle is here. Chris Moyles, as you have


never seen him before. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Loving the Gangnam Style. Later on I shall do that until my heart's


content. Go on then! We haven't made enough of the fact we have


made �10million for children in immediate -- Children in Need in an


hour and a half. Amazing. Is it going to be as good as last year?


hope so. What matters is we raise as much as we can for children. I


am sure you are aware I am a music aficionado, with eclectic tastes. I


love the classics. (Apprentice theme music) I also love


contemporary stuff like this. (EastEnders theme music)


I am guessing this is going somewhere. I am barely following it


myself! We are about to find out what happened when three unlikely


lads from Walford tried their chances at scoring a job with the


frightening Lord Sugar. That can't be easy. For the last eight years,


Lord Sugar has been searching for an apprentice. His latest quest


brings him to a famous part of east Right, these CVs, they don't look


much. This is �250,000 of my money. Who is my first muppet? Alfie? At


the pub? Good. I might need a drink after this.


Yeah, all right, keep the noise down! Oh, hello, mate. Um... You


are not the VATman? Do I look like a VATman? I am here to talk about


entrepreneurial spirit. I don't mean dodgy vodka. Alfie Moon. When


do I start? Start? I have your CV here. Barman at the Queen Vic, bar


manager, landlord at the Queen Vic. You don't get out much. I have been


to Spain. Ola! I heard you ended up in the nick there doing paella.


Pubs, prisons. Where did you get this CV? In a raffle? I am the Dell


boy of business. That's me, isn't it. That's who I am. You are no


chancer. You are no Del Boy. This place should be making millions.


There's not another pub for three miles in the area. Yeah... I am not


interested. Ta-ra. Listen, with your money I could turn this place


into a household name. What money? No, hopeless. Alfie in business,


easier to get Dot Cotton to break dance. Who are you? I am on the


phone. I work in creating interconnectively between homes...


You are a postman? Yes, yes I am. We used to own the Argie Bargie.


Here is you my plan, chicken vindaloo by post, delivered within


ten working days. Ten days old? You want to give that to West Ham


players, make them run faster, son. They'll be blowing more than


blinking bubbles. I am not interested.


I got a little job for you. Sorry, who is the other one? Tell me it's


not Welhard. Ian Beale. I have some turnips here. I just met some.


Walford's own businessman. You have a catering business, right?


Um... I gave it to my daughter for free. What about the chippy and the


cafe? Them, as well. Why would I want to go into business with


someone who keeps giving away businesses? I have other plans.


What's that, -- jellied eels? I am not interested. I was a businessman


of the year? Really? I have a certificate once from the Jewish


Lads Brigade and a BAFTA. No, this is hopeless. There's no business


around here. You know what, you got more chance of selling Phil


Mitchell a cone. I thought the East End was full of entrepreneurs.


not going to tell you again. Do one! Lord Sugar doesn't need you


bothering him. Go. What are you up to? Just keeping them at bay. Don't


know what they're like around here. Smell money a mile off. That's why


you need someone like me around, you know, got the local knowledge.


You wouldn't be interested in my high end business appealing to


clientele. You are right but I could use you looking after my car.


Billy, you're hired! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


It's about time Billy Mitchell got a lucky break. A big thank you to


Lord Sugar, the EastEnders team for making that happen. Impressive


acting skills from Lord Sugar. Great to see many faces getting


involved in Children in Need this year. Let's look at how the money


they've raised is being spent where Thank you, yes the money you have


raised goes to help children and young people across the capital who


need it most. In fact, one charity's based a stone's throw


from the Tower of London which is where we are this eco. -- this


evening. Wur one of the youth leaders, tell us about work you do.


We provide a youth service for young people in the area that are


able to come along and get involved in activities and meet friends in a


safe environment. You are one of the teenagers, what did it do for


you? I have become more sociable and I par take in different courses


such as first aid and child protection training. This has


helped me through the career in becoming a teacher. Thank you for


talking to us this evening. As we have seen throughout the night,


people have gone to quite amazing lengths to raise money. Look at


That was an ambulance service. That's an amazing idea. It was a


very good idea. A lot of effort gone into it. Yes, indeed. How much


are you hoping to raise? So far we have raced �2,600 but we hope to


raise more. That's an amazing job. Thank you. From one test of


endurance to another. Mark. Yes, what about this for a


challenge? This is Dan and you are going to be climbing Mount


Kilimanjaro. That's a big effort. Are you feeling good about it?


really excited. A bit nervous. Yeah, hopefully it... You are going over


Christmas, that's tough. Yeah, plan is to reach the summit for new year


and see in 2013 from the top. luck. Congratulations. It's about


time I got rid of that and Pudsey and I showed off some skills. We


are on our way, Riz. Yes, carefully does it. Here is


someone who might have a few tips. Cheryl, you are from Alexandra


Palace Ice Skating Club and you are you are doing something spectacular.


We have an amazing gala tomorrow. We are doing something that nobody


we think has ever done before, we are debuting it tonight. It's


Gangnam Style on ice. That was a great pitch. Thank you very much.


Your club will be taking to the ice to show us some moves that it's


fair to say have become quite a phenomenon. It's been a busy night


here. Thank you for being with us. Just to say, how much has the Tower


of London and everyone here raised this evening? A fantastic amount


tonight. �3,778.44. That's tremendous. Thank you very much.


You know, an incredible effort, it's fair to say. That could go up.


Hello! The buckets are still out here, they're still raising money.


Please keep digging deep. Thank you so much for your money. Every


single penny and pound does make a difference. Please keep donating.


Pick up the phone if you are at home and ring that number and give


generously. One final thank you to everyone here at the Tower of


London and the ice rink and to everybody across the capital who


have been doing incredibly things to raise money for Children in Need.


We will leave you here tonight with something that we mentioned earlier.


The Alexandra Palace Skating Club doing a rather famous dance move.


From all of us here, enjoy the rest APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


. Everyone is giving their all tonight for for Pudsey's great


appeal. Time now are to another thank you. Here is Peter Andre to


If you guys have been shopping in you may have seen the staff working


To say thank you, I'm going to throw- a Mad Hatter's Tea Party,


right here, right now.


First, you have to look the part.


It's not very hard, is it?


These guys have been encouraging their customers to show their spots


and bake lots.




You've got the goods to make the grub, you look the part.


All that's left to do is to party.


# Bonkers... #


One for you, sweetheart.




One for you.


To all the staff and customers of Asda, "We salute you!"












A big


A big thanks


A big thanks there


A big thanks there to Peter Andre. Let's see how much they've raised.


Come on! Oh, yes! Amazing. Thank you so much to


everyone who contributed. You are marvellous. We thank you for that.


Terry! Tess.


LAUGHTER That was an ad lib. Children should be able to trust


adults. That should be a given. Our role is to protect them. Sadly, as


we know, there are times when adults abuse that trust. The film


we are about to show you, three workers of Children in Need funded


projects who help and support children and victims of sexual


abuse, tell us the dreadful effect abuse has had on young lives but


It's never easy listening to how with your help we can make a


is so horrific that they don't There is a silence, there's a web


and sexual exploitation and we need to break that silence.


Abuse takes no prisoners, so within- every race, religion, creed,


culture, colour, socio-economic class, child abuse is there.


It can happen to anyone


and it can happen to young men and young women and boys and girls.


But it's not just when it gets out on to the news -


it is happening daily to young people.


It is a very, very secretive world


and it's one where the young person- finds it extremely difficult


to believe that they are not in the wrong.


It can have a profound impact on confidence and self-esteem.


They can't smile the same...


They could cover their eyes, they could not speak for three months...


Self-harming, drug and alcohol use and depression.


It's a very, very difficult thing to see a youngster


who can't be in a room with othersor can't have their back to the door


because of what might - or who might - come in that door.


We need to establish places where they feel safe


so that they can have that luxury of time invested in them


to be able to talk about what's happened to them.


It is not a quick fix.


It's a very, very long and brave journey


that those young people undertake.


The most important thing is about talking


and talking to people that you trust.


There are moments within each day - and I call them magical moments -


where you do get that glimpse of a life to come,


a life that can be, and that's what we thrive on and work towards.


Even if we feel awkward or it's really difficult


to talk about things, it's so, so important that we do.


Children In Need fund voluntary organisations


who work with these children.


Without it, those organisations wouldn't exist.


As much as anything, we owe it to society


for young people to fulfil their potential,


to be whatever and whoever they want to be in the future.


We have a responsibility.


The grant from Children In Need has helped save children's lives


and without that we couldn't do the work that we are doing.




Thankfully there


Thankfully there are


Thankfully there are many charities who help child victims of abuse and


with your help Children in Need can continue to support projects at


many of them. Please call 03457 33 22 33.


Thank you. Now, time for something really special. I know I am saying


that a lot this evening, because a lot of what we have is very special,


but when they told me we were going to have a dancer on tonight's show,


I thought lovely. A bit of Michael Flatley. No, our dancer this


evening is Chris Moyles. But he is not alone. This is amazing. Through


the magic of modern technology, he is going to be joined by two of the


best-loved stars in British showbiz history. Get ready for this. You


won't believe your eyes. This is fantastic.


# In this world where we live there # So much joy you can give


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


# Let your arms be as war # Let your arms be as warm


Chris Moyles! Look at the man. Look at you. I am stunned, amazed.


Really? Words cannot describe how I feel about you. Look at you, in a


suit. I know. I never thought I would see new a suit. Not out of


court anyway. That was for the benefit of those who may have come


in, in the middle. That was a hologram. I mean, you had to learn


to tap. I had to learn, yeah, to tap dance. Would do you it again?


Tap dancing? It's not easy. Now I I appreciate how good Bruce is, you


know at the beginning of Strictly. Wow. But no, that tap dancing, I am


not a natural tapper. I wouldn't say that! But it was good fun. I


got to learn. Was that the biggest challenge? Absolutely. Because the


rest, if - it's just a bit of swaying and singing. You were


swaying in time with Ernie. How did you know what he was doing? You are


on your own really. The hologram is there. Literally, I know every sill


abell of the song, I sing is in my sleep, in the shower. What an


amazing thing to do. It's been brilliant. I loved it. Thank you


for asking me to do it. Chris Moyles. Thank you, Terry.




Wow! Wasn't that fabulous? Surreal, but very fabulous. Our thanks to


Joan Morecambe and Doreen Wise who findly agreed -- who kindly agreed


to let us turn the great Eric and Ernie into holograms. If you want


to see how we put that together you Every year, BT staff make


from providing the telephone lines, They're holding a teddy bear's


Hello. Can you tell me where theTeddy Bear's Tea Party is? Upstairs.


Which floor? Can I go to the 34th floor, please? Yes.


To raise cash, staff have been invited to bring in their kids


To raise cash, staff have been invited to bring in their kids


for a fun day up the tower.


Hello, BBC Children In Need. Hello, BBC Children In Need.


If you pledge tonight, you won't bespeaking to these wonderful people


but you could be speaking to our Children In Need volunteers


like Susie here from Newcastle or Kayleigh from Warrington.


They're lovely!


All the staff here at BT always give- 100%.


From all of us at BBCChildren In Need, "We salute you!"




can go to Thank


can go to Thank you


you to


you to all


you to all our


you to all our volunteers who make it possible for your donations to


get through and help children who need it. Every penny is spent right


here in the United Kingdom. That's right. Now as you know, every year


on Children in Need night we tend to take over the BBC Television


Centre in its entirity. And they let us. They don't like it, but


they let us. It's good of them. have to report that tonight there's


one studio with the audacity, the sheer brass neck to be making a


different show this evening. That's around the corner where they're


recording the new series of Not Going Out with that cheeky ferret-


faced northern scallywag, Lee Mack. We can use the magic of television


to look in there now and see how If I hadn't have cleaned


they're getting on. I reckon she'd have


When he finds out you've poisoned his prize-winning carp


I'm going to lose my big contract and it'll be all your fault!


Don't worry, Lucy. I've got a plan


that's going to make him think someone else killed his carp.


I'll pretend to be a Tibetan monk whose beliefs


make it impossible for me tocause harm to any living creature.


And Daisy, I want you topretend you've killed a carp. Right.


No, hang on!


KNOCKING Oh, no that's him!




You're not Mr Namasaki.


No, I'm Mr Terry-Knocky. Apologies for interrupting


but I just popped in from the studio next door.


Wonder if you'd like to make a modest donation to Children In Need?


Sorry, we're in the middle of making- a comedy show at the moment.


Well, you learn something new every day.


I always thought Not Going Out was a tragedy.


But anyway, dig deep, I'll be on me merry way.


I'm playing a fictional character, I don't have any money. Look.


Oh, hope this isn't the joke about the elephant with the white ears.


I'll have you know we're a family show


and don't make me send Pudsey around to keep an eye on you.


Just the one eye, obviously.


You must have something to throw in the bucket.


What about this young lady?


Well, you're welcome to try but I don't think I'll fit.


Oh, my God! It's you!


I love you!


Welcome to the club, Lucy.


She isn't called Lucy. None of this is real!


She is an actor and she is an actor,


and I am an actor.




You're pushing it, aren't you?


Why don't you make yourself comfortable, Sir Terry?


Oh, Lucy, Terry, please.Listen, Terry... Sir Terry from you!


Can you just go, please?


Yeah, why don't you just turn around


and walk straight back out that door?


OK, so I killed your fish!


But what are you going to do about it, Mr Namasaki?


It's not Mr Namasaki.


Oh, sorry! SIR Mr Namasaki!


I'll tell you, I'll go when you contribute to Children In Need.


Terry, I haven't got any cash!


None of this is real, it's a sitcom!


Look, these books, they're not real!


This fruit, it's not real.


This vase, right?




OK, the vase is real.


You don't have to donate by cash.


You can also donate by phone.


The all-important number to call is 03457 33 22 33.


On behalf of the children, thank you.


Oh yes, don't worry about my sitcom!


Why don't you give out a phone number for a good Chinese takeaway as well?!


The Oriental Experience! 0208...


Lee has another phone number


for someone who gives a good Oriental experience, don't you?


Never mind that!


I'm sorry, Terry. We have to crackon, so if you don't mind, thank you.




Right, can we carry on, please?


Quick, we need to do something!Mr Namasaki will be here any minute!


In fact, I think that's his car now pulling into the car park!


What are we going to do?


You don't get rid of me that easily, you know.


Terry, you're giving away the magic a little bit.


We're supposed to be 20 floors up!


Right! Give it here!


Put some money in there, please. Thank you.


Let me through with your big knees! Put it in! Thank you.


Stick it in the bucket.


Stick it in the bucket, thank you very much.


You took some out of the bucket.


Put it in the bucket, thank you very much. It's for a good cause.


We're trying to get rid of a six-foot Irish squatter.


I know how we can raise money. Maybe we could sponsor Lee to have a bath!


Full of baked beans? No, just a bath!


You know, I once had a bath full of baked beans for Children In Need.


It was really painful, I think next time


I'll definitely take them out of the tins!


Right, there you go, Sir Terry.


If you'd like to take your bucket and leave, that would be fantastic.


Away you go, marvellous. OK? Happy?


But they're not...they're not the richest bunch, are they?


Tell me about it.


We had to reduce the box set to 2.99.


Thank you.




Kill my fish!


You bring dishonour to yourself and your family!


No, I think you're mixing me up


with the one that looks like the shaved Chuckle Brother.


You...! No, no, no, please.


Thank you. OK.






Back to you in the studio.




Very good.


Very good. I


Very good. I like it when Terry gets back to basics and gets the


buckets out. Now, as a mum, I find this next film very sad. I think


you will, too. Please, please watch it because it shows in the darkest


of times that we can support Becoming a parent


All that love, all those dreams families who need the help the most.


But sadly, sometimes life The film we're about to show


but everybody involved wants you to see it.


It's about a very brave family and their very special mum, Lynne.


Life was very rosy.


We went on lovely holidays together...


Everything was wonderful.


You know, how can you be that happy one day and it's all gone the next?


Lynne is married to Dave.


She has four children - David, Katie and twins Christopher and Michael.


We didn't understand, really.


We thought she was just... "Oh, she's just got poorly,"


but then it started to get worse and worse


until the doctor said that she's got cancer.


In 2008, Lynne was diagnosed with breast cancer.


I just thought I was going to be one of those people that recovered,


but as I got sicker and sicker,


and especially when it moved to my bones and then to my liver,


that now is completely out of the question.


Earlier this year, Lynne was told she only had a few months to live.


We just didn't know what we were going to do at all.


It was frightening.


The thought that, obviously, the kids have to know,


but how do you tell them?


We sat the children down on the settee and Dave and I were here


and I explained that Mummy's illness was getting worse


and that I was, in fact, going to die.


They told us that Mummy was not going to be alive for much longer.


Well, she might or she might not, so...


It's quite hard as well, so...


It's the hardest thing, I can honestly say, I've ever done.


And I still...


It still breaks my heart.


I feel that I've done my children an injustice.


Hello! Hi!


Hi! Did you have a good day? Oh, you're soaking. I know.


Obviously we don't know how long we've got together. But it's...


It's just the children that you really worry for.


How it's going to affect them.


Coats off, then. Hang them up. There you go.


Had a good day? 'Obviously they had concerns.'


But they didn't feel they could approach anyone with those concerns.


Hi, Julie! Hello!


Which one have I got? Michael or Christopher?


Christopher! I knew it was. How are you guys?


This is Julie, a bereavement counsellor funded by Children In Need.


Rubbish, actually. Just rubbish.


'Julie is one of my lifelines with those children.'


I wish I could put into words what she's done,


not just for the children but for the family.


Well, it could be a thingamajig. Union Jack. A Union Jack.


They were struggling sometimes at school,


they were struggling sleeping and all those kind of things.


'Once we were able to talk about it,- things got better.


'And children talk best when they're doing something.'


And how is everything else?


Well, mum's doing quite well. Is she?


She's not having a good time with her foot,


her walking's gone a little funny.


'Julie helps me get over my worries.'


I'm just worried if she falls over or anything.


She's like a friend as well, cos she is a friend.


I can't fix it.


But I can at least be there with them.


She's made my life easier to accept my illness.


And to help my children accept the illness.


This time I've got with them now is good time. I'm not worrying.


I want them to carry on.


I want them to carry on.


I want Dave to do all of the things that we were going to do together.


I know they're going to be sad, I know everything's going to be tearful,


but then they've got to get on with it.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward.


Hello! Hi.


Hello! Ooh, did you bump heads? Are you all right?


Lovely to see you!


Do we need more tables? There's a space over there.


This is a group where all the children


have lost somebody close to them.


Today's aim is to just make them realise they're not alone.


We don't want to move on and forget.


It's about keeping those very, very special memories.


I'm just painting my mummy with the colours that she liked.


She always wore pink slippers.


Yeah, she used to wear them a lot.


The kids asked Julie, "How long will you be with us?"


And she said, "As long as you want me."


It's important that we're in there for the long haul


and I promised Lynne we would be.


Please help us to support other incredibly brave families like this one.




Thank you.




Now performing


Now performing for


Now performing for children all over the United Kingdom tonight,


# Somewhere over the rainbow # In a land that I've heard of


# Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue


# In a land that I've heard of Once, once in a lullaby


# Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue


# And the dreams that you dare to dream


# Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue


# And the dreams that you dare to dream


# And the dreams that you dare to dream


# Really do come true


# Some day I'll wish upon a star


# And wake up where the clouds are far behind me


# Where troubles melt like lemon drops


# Away above the chimney tops


# That's where you'll find me


# Somewhere over the rainbow


# Skies are blue


# And the dreams that you dare to dream


# Really do come true. #






Susan Boyle.


Susan Boyle. Wonderful.


Susan Boyle. Wonderful. Thank you to Susan for supporting us again


this year. If you phoned tonight already, then thank you. If you


haven't, what's keeping you? Call 03457 33 22 33. It could not be


simpler. We have made it easy for you. Every penny will go to


Britain's underprivileged and vulnerable children. Trust me.


That's a promise. Here are some of the other people we have to thank


If that's not enough, the staff have been doing a kreuzy congo to


raise lots of wonga. Children in Need!


And a big shoutout to the National Union of Students who teamed with


universities and colleges for the Pounds for Pudsey Scheme. Students


have been surprising shoppers in APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Tremendous. This summer we all saw the nation come together more than


ever for the Olympics and Paralympic Games and tonight we are


hoping the nation will unite again to get behind this year's Children


in Need appeal and we are thrilled that Team GB have come on board to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


help and I promise you this is not �683... �684...


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING . Brilliant stuff. Terry, Zara


Phillips. Do you think you could do Gangnam Style? I was born to dance.


Give it a go? I will give it a try. Cue music.


That's a dance? That's a dance. We had the lasso down. We were good at


It's captured the imagination of the world. Thank you so much. We


need to you keep giving. Your money is so important. Thank you very


much. We have had brave families telling us their stories over the


years on Children in Need and time and again we felt humbled and


privileged that they've been prepared to share their most


private pain with us in public. I want to talk to


None more so than in this next film, It's called Rainbows


it's almost entirely dependent But you can't put a price on


They bring light to We're truly grateful


We're also truly grateful tothe family you're about to hear from.


What they've been through is absolutely heartbreaking.


They want to tell their story to say thank you.


We had Tom, our first child, in 1994 in September.


When Thomas was first born, he was demand feeding


and not sleeping and all the sort of normal things that babies do.


But coming up to around five months, he wasn't doing all


the developmental things that he should have been doing.


There was an awful lot of hospital appointments and tests.


It was then decided that he had cerebral palsy.


When Thomas was four, there was a new addition to the family - Harry.


Although I was nervous about having- another baby,


he did seem a lot, lot stronger but when we started thinking there


was something wrong with Harry as well, it was just heartbreaking.


With the chances of both children having cerebral palsy


being so slim, they were re-examined.


Both Thomas and Harry were diagnosed with a very rare


neuro-degenerative disease.


The illness was terminal.


It was devastating news but the family stayed strong.


We went on holiday with them many times, did lots and lots of things.


Tried to be as normal a family as we could be.


In 2004, Thomas died in hospital aged ten-years-old.


We had to hope that Harry could understand that his brother had gone.


And that was very hard because, um,- he couldn't ask us any questions.


He'd look up outside towards the sky.


Because we told him that Tom had gone to heaven and we'd look up...


We realised that, yeah, we'd just got to enjoy everything.


We did as much as we could do with him.


We had a really, really great time.


As Harry's condition deteriorated, the family needed more support.


This is when they came to Rainbows hospice.


I thought it might be a bit more like a hospital.


Um, but it's anything but.


Rainbows provide respite


and end-of-life care for children with life-limiting conditions.


Thanks to your generosity,


Children In Need are able to fund a play specialist, Lindsey.


It's not a place of sadness, it's not a place of gloom.


It's a place of happiness and fun and laughter.


They have a lot of time to be together, to be a family.


As a parent, all you want is the best for your child.


We knew he was going to get that here.


We trusted them and they never failed us.


For Harry, there was no better place on earth.


He's got his music therapy, he's got... The art room.


Yeah, the play specialist. He's got- nurses that, well... Doted on him.


Even up to the last music therapy session, Harry could not move


any muscle or finger or anything in his body but he just managed


to tickle the chime bells with his little finger, didn't he? Yeah.


It's just such a small thing but it- just brings home how much


that meant to him.


Two days later, on the 17th December- 2010, Harry died at Rainbows.


He was 12-years-old.


Something you never want to have to contemplate


but you could replay it over 100 times


and you couldn't make it any more better for Harry than it was.


We held a celebration of life service


and a number of the Rainbow staff came along to that.


And it was lovely and just what you- would expect from them.


After you've lost a child...


they're not afraid to show their emotion.


You know that they feel it for you too.






With your help, Children In Need can-support other children like Harry,


and the people that love them the most.


Please call...


Thank you.




So, those


So, those are


So, those are the magic numbers. As you saw, Children in Need funds the


play specialist at the hospice who really helped Harry and his family


through a traumatic time. With your support, we can help other families


through the most terrible of times. Please help, if you can. We need


all the help you can give us. So, time for a song, you cry. I have


the very thing for you. Singing Beautiful Cos you Love Me. Guess


# That I'd be so content # Right now the whole world


# You don't love me # I'm beautiful cos you love me


# Knowing that you will keep it And it won't change our feelings


# Every mark on my body


# You know every inch of me


# All the parts that I used to hate you glorified


# There's a new meaning to freedom when I'm with you


# Right now the whole world could call me ugly


# So what? To you I'm not


# You don't love me cos I'm beautiful, uh-uh


# But baby, but baby, but baby


# I'm beautiful cos you love me But baby, but baby, but baby


# Beautiful cos you love me


# Beautiful cos you love me


# There's a new meaning to freedom when I'm with you


# So right now the whole world could call me ugly


# So what? To you I'm not


# You don't love me cos I'm beautiful, no


# But baby, but baby, but baby


# I'm beautiful cos you love me But baby, but baby, but baby


# Beautiful cos you love me But baby, but baby, but baby


# But baby, but baby, but baby


# But baby, but baby, but baby. #






Girls Aloud!


Girls Aloud! Can


Girls Aloud! Can I squeeze in? Wasn't that beautiful? Thank you,


ladies. I wasn't expecting you back so quickly. You came in the midst.


They're spoiling us tonight. Celebrating your 10th year


anniversary. Hard to believe they've been around ten years.


Amazing. I don't know... Don't be cheeky! It's six against one here,


Terry. Not a chance! I will take them on one at a time. Celebrating


ten years together. What's been the career highlight? Can you single


anything out? It's been, there's so many highlights. We have always


done a lot of stuff for Children in Need and we had our second number


one with a Children in Need track. So, there's so many things.


many number ones have hu to date? think four. I don't keep check.


top tens. Let's hope the Children in Need single is another number


one. Come on! Now, Kimberley, you are joining me tomorrow. Don't look


nervous, for the Strictly special at Wembley Wembley tomorrow. It's


going to be amazing. You are working harder than anyone else,


you are singing with the girls and you are dancing with Pasha. I know!


It's going to be a fun night. is it going. It's coming together.


It's exciting. Our performance is really exciting this week. It's a


samba. Yes. She's going to be good at the samba. Right? Party dance.


She can shake it. We have seen you shake it. You can see Strictly


tomorrow BBC1 at 6.30pm. We have already raised under �100,000 for


ticket sales for Children in Need. Isn't that brilliant? APPLAUSE


We have seen fabulous entertainment tonight, it could be time for a


total. What do you reckon? What do you think audience? Are you sure?


CHEERING Certain you want to see a total? You might be disappointed.


All right then. Let's have a total! Let's have it. I don't think you


will be disappointed. The total raised so far for Children in Need


is �14,702,462! It has to be better than this. You haven't come this


way to sing twice for just a paltry �14 million! No, no, no. But thank


you for joining us. It's been a pleasure to have you. APPLAUSE AND


Don't forget Girls Aloud the official Children in Need single is


out Sunday. Before you go, would you mind reading out the number for


us? Camera there. Together! Like the singing, together! 03457 33 22


Brilliant. Thank you very much. Terry, I have a few tweets to read


out. Lord Sugar has tweeted and says, Chris Moyles very good


Strictly next year. I said that. Did you really? Right, Chris. See


you there. Gary Barlow, loving Children in Need tonight. Thank you.


Leona Lewis, Girls Aloud dresses are so cute. I love elegant would


be more appropriate. She meant the orange ones before. Cute and


elegant. Thank you, ladies. We are coming to the end of the first part


of BBC1. Tess, not a moment too soon, you are leaving me. You don't


mean it! No. Of course not. I am heading off to Wembley. I can't


miss the bus. Children in Need will move to BBC2 and I will leave new


the capable hands of Fearne Cotton. She's only lined up the biggest boy


band in the world! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Hello again. Guys, I do believe that you have


flown in specially for Children in Need this evening. Is that right?


Yes. Yes, it is. Where were you? America. And things are going


amazingly for you out there in America. Thank you, it's been a lot


of fun. Last year for us has been amazing. You have done one track


for us already. One more to come very shortly everyone. One


Direction back on this stage. Thank you lads. Terry, back to you.


So, can't wait to see the One Direction boys soon. Can we?


CHEERING It's time to say thank you and goodbye, Tess and good luck for


Strictly tomorrow. We will be back on BBC1 in half an hour after the


news. Please, turn over to BBC2 where judging by the decibel level


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