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This programme contains flashing images.


Local and welcome to the best bits of Children In Need.


We are joined by ones of fund-raisers who have been doing


their bit for Pudsey. What a line up we have for you, with


highlights from the fundraising extravaganza and special perfor


mans, here is a glimpse of what is coming up.


On the programme. Cast members from Waterloo Road join our Children In


Need choir. We have amazing performances from


Susan Boyle, the talented Nina Nesbitt and the boy band of the


moment One Direction an our celebrities step into the kitchen


for an intense cooking challenge, plust plus there is plenty of the


best bits from last night including Torvill and Dean do Strictly. We


will show you how your donations make a difference across Scotland.


Every penny you raise helping children and young people here in


the UK. So if you haven't done so already please give to Children In


Need. It is so simple and one text can make a difference to someone,


perhaps in your community. To donate ?10:


and the text number will be on screen for the whole show. Thanks do


you, BBC Children In Need is currently funding more than 2


thousand -- 2700 projects across the UK. Now yesterday, Sir Terry and the


gang introduced brilliant acts doing their bit, kicking off our show we


have last night's UK TV exclusive performance of Best Song Ever, it is


One Direction. # Maybe it's the way she walked


# Straight into my heart and stole it


# Through the door and past the guards had been just like she


already owned it # I said can you give it back to me?


# She said never in your wildest dreams


# And we danced all night to # The Best Song Ever


# We knew every line # Now I can't remember


# How it goes but I know # That I won't forget her


# Kos we danced all night to # The Best Song Ever


# I think it went oh, oh, oh # Yeah, yeah, yeah


# I think it goes... # Said her name was Georgia Rose


# And her daddy was a dentist # She said I had a dirty mouth


# I got a dirty mouth # But she kissed me like she meant


it # And I said


# Can I take you home with me? # She said never in your wildest


dreams. # And we danced all night to the


Best Song Ever # We knew every line


# Now I can't remember # How it goes, but I know


# That I won't forget her # Kos we danced all night to


# The Best Song Ever # I think it went oh, oh, oh


# I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah # I think it goes...


# You know I know, you know # I'll remember you


# And I no, you know, I hope you'll remember me


# And you know, I know, # I'll remember you,


# Know you know # I hope you'll remember


# How we danced # How we danced to...


# How we danced #5u8 night # To best song hefr


# We knew every line # Now I can't remember


# How it goes but I know # That I won't forget her Kos we


danced all night to the best song hefr


# And we danced all night # To best song hefr


# We knew every Lynn # Now I can't remember


# How it goes but I know # That I won't forget her


# Because we all night to the best song hefr


# I think it went oh, oh, oh # Yeah, yeah, yeah


# I think it goes... # Best Song Ever


# It was the Best Song Ever # It was the Best Song Ever. #


APPLAUSE I am joined by some of our fantastic


fund-raisers and I mean fantastic, this is Lauren, here, with a


beautiful smile, can I tell them a bit about you. Not so long ago she


was knocked down bay car, she was very seriously ill, you were in


intensive care, you had to be taught to walk and talk again. And you know


what this young lady spent her time doing? Raising money for Children In


Need. Aren't you amazing? Yes, you are. What have you been doing?


Creating Christmas cards to... To raise money. To raise money for


Children In Need. But you have been through so much, why haven't you put


your feet up and thought, well, let other people do it? Because, because


I have wanted to give something back. Can I get a hug? You are


amazing. Thank you. APPLAUSE.


Now... To the lovely ladies now, who have been having a ball at Green


Field Park Care Centre, you have been having a ball how? We raised


some money by having a big Tea Party and dressing up. We had a Hallowe'en


party, we got Pudsey, so our total is ?94.94. Thank you to the


residents. Bethany; this is Bethany. Can you explain the amazing feat you


did? I shaved my hair off for Children In Need.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. You may well be astonished. How long


was it? It was an Afro so it was out to here. There are lots of ways of


raising money, that was brave Andras tick, why did do you that? There is


loads of children that are more or less fortunate than me and I thought


it was time to give something back to the children. Can I have another


hug? What did I say? Thank you, thank you to everyone here in the


studio. And to you at home, for all the work that you do, all year


round, your donations really do change lives. Here is Newsround


reporter Martin on Children In Need and the Ladybird Development Group


who are making a difference to a special young boy. Some children


have a difficult start and need help to support them. I want to introduce


you to a brilliant wee boy called Archie who lives with his mum Miriam


in Lossiemouth on the North East coast.


Archie is a ball of energy, he is always on the go. He has two speeds,


on or off and there is nothing in between. He is great fun as well.


Oh. It is hard work drinking juice. Archie was diagnosed with a rare


genetic disorder affecting his jaw and giving him a cleft palate, and


with other problems has lifelong implication on his ability to


communicate Hearing your child has something that may affect them for


the rest of their life, it is the worst news that any parent could


have. The doctors don't have a crystal ball. They can't say this is


how his life will be, when he is two, four, ten, they just don't


know. Archie sleeps with a mask at night


as his airway is prone to collapsing. It meant he could only


have his cleft palate operated on a year ago. Up until that time, he


could not speak at all. The surgeon has said that when she


repaired the cleft palate the structures in his mouth were very


feet, so there is a chance he will struggle to speak, even though he


has had his ears and cleft palate fixed. There is no guarantee he will


be able to speak clearly, as we would expect. When you have a child,


who has medical needs, or special needs, it can be isolating. You are


not only coming to terms with being a parent, but you are coming to


terms with how to provide the best that you can for this child. That is


hard. Mum has learned basic sign language


to teach Archie but Archie struggles to be understood by other children


and adults. He need more support than a


mainstream nursery would likely be able to provide. That was good. Do


it again. Ten months ago, Archie's mum found


out about the Ladybird Development Group, a Children In Need funded


specialist nursery, for kids with additional needs.


At the centre children get one-on-one care from highly trained


staff who work intensively with preschool-children with the ambition


to prepare them for mainstream education, where ever possible. What


day it is today? Today it is Wednesday.


Archie has five sessions a week at the centre, working on his speech


and language. You want your child to have opportunities to do the best


they can do, and to be happy, I think that is what any parent wants.


Archie has come on in leaps and bounds since he got here through his


play and his interaction with the staff and the other children.


He is a completely different child to when he came. So now, hopefully,


he will be able to move on, and feel comfort -- confident to go into


mainstream nursery. When somewhere like this group comes along, you are


not alone. There are other people who get it.


There are the people who care about your child, and can help you to kind


of find your way through things, through the different specialists


you will meet, and even just different services that are


available to you, that you don't know about, because you have never


done it before. I think Ladybird has opened up a New


World of opportunities for Archie and for me. It is really just, it is


kind of giving us a community, somewhere where people understand,


you know, what we are going through. Children In Need's vision is every


child in the UK has a safe, happy, and secure childhood and the chance


to reach their potential. And people give up their time to help raise


money to make this possible, and they try to have fun along the way.


So Edinburgh based chef Tom Kitchin, a host of Scottish celebrities plus


some very generous and brave diners set out to do just that. How did


they get on? Let's find out. These well-known faces agreed to


take on a tough challenge. Cooking atom kitchen's restaurant in an


attempt to raise money for Children In Need.


Come on Des! After a lightning speed demonstration they will attempt to


cook and serve food to Tom's high standards.


Our celebrities have been divided into two team, in the Red team,


cooking mussels and roe deer we have Katrina Shearer and Kirsty Wark and


their waiter is Des Clarke. In the Blue team, cooking risotto


and halibut Susan Calman and James more on the are in the kitchen with


Sanjeev Kohli front of house. The winners will be the team that


secures the most votes for one of their dishes. Enter some discerning


diners. With an added twist, as well as having voting powers to decide


the winner, that -- the diners will also decide how much to donate to


Children In Need based on the standard of cooking. You're not on


Newsnight now. Time to get some orders in. Should I go for the


halibut? Yes. I have no hidden agenda. Now speaking. Two risottos,


two mussels. Now it is Chef's turn to feel the heat. For halibut is.


Two risottos. I don't envy them. There are 50 dishes to be cooked in


total. Crispy ox tongue. Not deep-fried. Tom is not taking any


prisoners. You have to go faster. They are ready for their main


course. Come on, guys. I have nothing to say but I'm going to


shout. Anything for attention. We will start address on Susan's


command. Start address. Very enthusiastic. You need to be more


controlled. This is serious. You have to take it out and say it was


yours. This is not acceptable. Newsreader. Table two, nothing to do


with me. My restaurant... It looks pretty hot in that kitchen. We will


find out which team won the challenge of bit later on. Now let


me introduce you to a very special group of young people. They have


come from schools right across the borders to join forces and perform


at Scottish Children In Need in the choir. With help from our


choirmaster there are put through their paces, rehearsing, training


and learning hard and putting in extra effort after school and at the


weekend. Let's take a look at why Children In Need means so much to


them. Today, 123 children have come here to rehearse with the


choirmaster. They are coming from 17 schools all across the borders. I


can guess that is a bigger choir than ever before. They are so


incredibly dedicated. They have been in school all week, working really


hard with their own teachers and music teachers and then they come


here at the weekend and they give us absolute energy, complete


dedication. It is really wonderful to see. 1000 voices shouting love


and light and hope. We will get louder and then it will be a


crescendo. THEY SING. All these children are fantastic


fundraisers for Children In Need, and singing in the choir is just one


of the things they are involved in this year. 16-year-old Joel has been


volunteering for a Borders -based charity funded with your donations


which provides essential support for young people. I'm really enjoying


the choir because I know it is helping raise money for charities


like these, and without the money that Children In Need are bringing


in, then charities like this one cannot operate.


It is important to raise money because some kids are not as lucky


as us and have less resources and have had quite a bad childhood.


Rachel is making the most of the short break in the rehearsal to


raise even more money. I have got Pudsey Bear biscuits. You can donate


however much you have. Terribly over 5p. -- Professor


the school had a bake sales and we raised ?249. It is good raising


money. Sometimes you just wonder about all those other people who


don't get as much as you, and then if you raise money for then it makes


you feel good. Last night, they sang as part of the spectacular UK wide


singalong, so let's enjoy the moment when 2000 children came together to


perform Gary Barlow's fantastic Sing. So hear a thousand voices


shouting love. There's a place, there's a time in this life when you


sing what you are feeling. Find your feet, stand your ground, don't you


see right now the world is listening to what we say? Sing it louder, sing


it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you. Make some noise, find your


voice tonight. Sing it stronger, sing together, make this moment last


forever. Old and young shouting love tonight.


To sing we've had a lifetime to wait. And see a thousand faces


celebrate. You brought hope, you brought life,


conquer fear, no it wasn't always easy. Stood your ground, kept your


faith, don't you see right now the world is listening to what we say?


Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you. Make


some noise, find your voice tonight. Sing it stronger, sing together,


make this moment last forever. Old and young shouting love tonight.


Some words they can't be spoken only sung.


To hear a thousand voices shouting love and life and hope.


Just sing. Just sing. Just sing. Just sing.


Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you. Make


some noise, find your voice tonight. Sing it stronger, sing together,


make this moment last forever. Old and young shouting love tonight.


Hear a thousand voices shouting love.


That was marvellous. Come through. That was truly marvellous. Come


here, Findlay. How are you bearing up? You sound fantastic. I have a


release or throat at the moment and I feel that force but I somehow


managed to put up with it. -- a bit hoarse. You are a super trooper in


my book. Conserve your voice, you will be fine. How are you're


enjoying your entry into showbiz? I love the dance moves. At one point,


Charlie did a thing and we called it Charlieography. Shall we bring on


the boss? Come on down, Andrew. They sound fantastic but I'm going


to give the viewers a little insight into your technique. What is the


thing you're doing in rehearsals to them focus? Do it for us. We will do


a live demo. Get it all out of the way, and then focus. That is great.


That will be used in classrooms up and down. They sound wonderful. They


have been brilliant, and then for the last three weekends they have


joined us. We worked them really hard, they focus has been fantastic,


we have reaped the rewards of that. Don't you think? The good news is we


will be back later for another performance. Won't we? Yes! Andrew,


rate job, thank you. -- great job. To donate ?10 to


rate job, thank you. -- great job. To donate Children In Need, text...


Later in the programme the choir will be joined by members of the


cast of Waterloo Road, and they will sing Emile Sande's Wonder. Still to


come, Susan Boyle will be raising the roof and we will find out which


of our celebrity teams has produced the dish of the day. Plus we have up


Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt. We will also be telling the story of a


young life that has been transformed. And if you missed any


of the entertainment from last night, don't worry, it is just a


click away on the iPlayer. Or you can stay here because right now we


have the Children In Need Strictly special. Saturday night would not be


complete without some glitz and glamour. When Torvill to contravene


on the dance floor they could only been one winner. -- took on Dean.


APPLAUSE My Children In Need champions are...


Chris and Aliona. Congratulations, one vote for you.


Now then Bruno, who is your Children In Need champion? My Children In


Need champions are Jayne and James. One each. It is neck and neck. That


means Len, as head judge you now have the deciding vote, so do you


think should be crowned the winner? It is very difficult, because it's


picking the first among equal, if I was to watch it again I am sure my


decision could be opposite, but my champions are Jayne and James.


APPLAUSE. Well done.


We can't tell you enough that donating to Children In Need makes a


huge difference to people's lives. Here is Emeli Sande with a story


that highlights an issue every family hopes they would never have


to face. I would like to introduce you to a young Scottish boy Sam and


his family. He has severe autism. Last year his family breached


breaking -- reached breaking point. Sam's very loveable, when he smiles


it lights the room up. He is on the lower half of the autistic spectrum


so no speech, limited understanding. You have to speak in very short


sentences when you speak to him, so that he just grasps the main points


of the sentence. You can't use too many words when you speak to him. It


just gets too overwhelming for him. He has different noises for


different thing, so he has happy noise, sad noise. 18 months ago his


behaviour became very distressing, he started banging his head some


times to the extent of needing hospital care. It was really severe


injuries he was giving himself. He would bang his head on the floor,


the wall, concrete paving slabs. Mirror, where ever he saw hard


surface, he would walk up and just crack his head off it. Are you


hungry? Sam was trying to bang his head up to 300 times a day and often


succeeding A protective helmet didn't help as he would pull it


aside. It was a desperate situation. We thought he would kill himself in


the end with it. After six months of Sam hurting


himself his mum and dad were at breaking point.


We felt that we couldn't cope with Sam any longer, and that the safest


place for him would be residential care where he would have one-to-one


care. The decision is just heartbreaking, as parents you know,


you feel that you have, you have failed.


Facing the reality of breaking the family up, Sam's mum and dad had one


last hope. They were able to secure Sam a place at saint Crispin's


afterschool club, supported by Children In Need. Sam started to


going to two hours of the afterschool club four days a week.


It provides him and other children with additional needs, the


opportunity to have fun in a calm but controlled environment. With one


two one attention the project workers the children know and trust.


Within a couple of weeks, we realised that he was just a happier


boy. Since he started at club he has so much more confident. He is


happier when he meets new people. He likes the attention. He enjoys


trying out new activities, so it was nice seeing how much his confidence


has grown. Sam going to afterschool club has been a godsend for him. He


has happen yes, he mixes with us -- he is happier, he mixes us with,


prior he didn't, he wanted to be on his own. The club has made the


difference between Sam living with his family and being in residential


care. Sam has huge challenges in his life. As parents, our priority has


always been that he is happy. To see him happy and fulfilled there, you


can't describe it. It is a lovely feeling. He is happy again.


Please donate: Isn't it wonderful they found a way


to stay together? You know, it shows you the power of Children In Need. I


am joined by some people who make it all possible. Some move more of our


fabulous fund-raisers including these people from Belmont House


School. Run us through what you have been doing Today we had a superhero


day so the pupils came dressed as a superhero, then we had a talent


show. We had a bake sale and we had soap the prefects today. So lots to


do and you raised? A total of ?1504. APPLAUSE.


You may think that there is only one Children In Need show, I have to


tell you I think we have some competition. Who do we have here? We


have, oh, Fern, and who do we have here, that is frightening. Put it


away. Put it away! That is much better. Where are you from? I am


from St Nicholas Primary School. You have been doing your own Children In


Need show, how much did you manage to raise? We managed to raise


?673.08. With your Children In Need show.


Now, this high school are regular fund-raisers for Children In Need.


Is that correct Yes it is a big thing, we want to give back and


every year we try and make the most money we can for Children In Need,


doing loads of different thing, bake sale, leg waxing, dancing,


everything we can. I love how you point to him all the time. He did


the dancing, the leg waxing, the baking, did you beat last year? Last


year's total was the highest, it was ?1400 but we managed to beat it with




A big round of applause, well done do you.


Now have we got a treat for you. It is time for a performance from one


of Scotland's biggest stars. She is a huge supporter of Children In


Need, so with the students of the Royal Conservatoire Choi, please


welcome Susan Boyle. -- Choir.


# When I am down # And oh my soul so weary


# When troubles come and my heart burden be


# Then I am here in the silence # Until you come and sit awhile with


me. # You raise me up


# So I can stand on mountains # You raise me up


# To walk on stone -- stormy seas # I am strong when I am on your


shoulders # You raise me up to more that I can


be # There is no life, no life without


# Each precious heart # So imperfectly


# But when you come and I am filled with wonder


# Sometimes I think I see eternity # You raise me up so I can stand on


mountains # You raise me up to walk on stormy


seas # I am strong when I am on your


shoulders # You raise me up to more than I can


be. You raise me up so I can stand on


mountain mountains # You raise me up to walk on stormy


seas # I am strong when I am on your


shoulder shoulders # You raise me up to more than I can


be. # You raise me until I can stand on


mountains # You raise me up


# To walk on stormy seas # I am strong


# When I am on your shoulders # You raise me up


# To more than I can be # You raise me up to more than I can




what a sound, Susan.ing my sent. That was wonderful -- magnificent.


Thank you for giving up your time to join us tonight. I know you are a


huge supporter, can I ask what it means to you? It is a real on nor to


be performing in front of so many young people for such a good cause.


We are indebted to you, thank you once again, thanks to Susan and the


students choir. Let's hear it P .


APPLAUSE ? Over the last 20 years Children In


Need has funded more than 4,500 projects across Scotland. And that


is all down to you, as boney Tyler has been telling us you are all


hero, more of you get involved in fundraising, but for some people it


has become a tradition, they live and breathe Children In Need


dedicating time and effort into organising evens and inspiring


people to donate. Here is the story of one such hero. This year as with


any other, this academy is jumping with fundraising activities for


Children In Need. And the driving force behind all the action is


Deputy Head Teacher Eleanor MacLaine, you could say a woman


obsessed. I think about Children In Need all the year round. I think


about it 365 days a year, it is the heart of what I am thinking about


and I am planning and plotting, what will we do next year. I am


passionate about the the bear. The bear is always there for me. Me


motivation for Children In Need is making a difference.


With Eleanor at the helm, over the last 17 years the academy has raised


over ?123,000. The secret to raising a lot of money in my opinion is to


give people something for their Monday. So if you give me 50 pence,


you may get half an hour's entertainment. You may get a nice


healthy dance class, you maybe try to beat my goalie. We have raised


over ?123,000, and that is 50 pence, in this school our slogan is pennies


make pounds. Eleanor is retiring but she makes sure she has created a


lasting legacy of fundraisers at the school. I'm doing a sponsored


silences. I have been given special permission to speak to you but for


the rest of the day I am not allowed to speak. I love raising money for


Children In Need for the children out there that really need the


money. I am wearing orange because it is good to do something for a


good cause. Last year we raised ?10,000 for Children In Need and I


think we can raise more than last year. Be even have former pupils


coming back to help. I left a long time ago but it was always Mrs


Maclean who did everything. If it was not for her they would not have


raised anywhere near the money. It is very rewarding to be involved.


When ICI pupils engaged and motivated, desperate to make a


contribution, that is good. -- when I see my pupils. Amazing. Eleanor


and some of her students are joining us. What an amazing job you have


done. Inspiring young people. Can you tell us how much you have raised


over the years? Over ?133,000. Yasmin, you have something to say.


On behalf of everyone at Loudoun Academy with like to thank you for


inspiring us and we will be with you when you retire. We have a little


gift for you. You do the honours. Eleanor, let's hear it once again


for Eleanor. Fantastic. Time for something very special. It


is one of the catchiest songs around. It is Ylvis. This is a


performance of the viral hit what does the Fox say. Dog goes woof, cat


goes meow. Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak. Cow goes moo.


Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot. Ducks say quack and fish


go blub, and the seal goes OW OW OW. But there's one sound that no one


knows. What does the fox say? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!


Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringedin- g!


Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringedin- g! What the fox say? What the fox


Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! What the fox


say? Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo--


tchoff! Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo--


tchoff! Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo--


tchoff! What the fox say? Big blue eyes, pointy nose, chasing mice, and


digging holes. Tiny paws, up the hill, suddenly you're standing


still. Your fur is red, so beautiful, like an angel in


disguise. But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by


mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse? How will you speak to


that h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse? What does the fox say?


Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!


Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! What the


fox say? A-hee-ahee ha-hee! A-hee-ahee ha-hee! A-hee-ahee


ha-hee! What the fox say? Ooooh. What the fox say? The secret of the


fox, ancient mystery. Somewhere deep in the woods, I know you're hiding.


What is your sound? Will we ever know? Will it always be a mystery,


what do you say? You're my guardian angel hiding in


the woods. What is your sound? Will we ever know? I want to, I want


to, I want to know! Earlier in the show, we brought you


the first part of the Children In Need cooking challenge. Six


celebrities were sent to work in Tom Kitchin's kitchen. The challenge was


to set about cooking up a storm and raise money. It is time to find out


how they got on as we serve up the finale of the Children In Need


cook-off. It is the red team versus the blue team, battling it out to


get the most votes to win the dish of the day prize. What do the diners


think? Superb. Absolutely fabulous. Not to drive. Moisture. That is


lucky because the diners are deciding how much to donate based on


the standard of cooking. Feedback so far has been good and I haven't


dropped anything yet. Table two are gagging for it. Very high


standards. But Tom's new chefs are pushing him to the edge. Red team,


is this finished? Yes. For such clever individuals you have memories


like slaves. What is wrong with that? It was green and it was wild.


Competing to win the vote for the best dish is not necessarily


bringing out the best in everyone. I cannot see. Hurry up. With the


diners vote imminent, some more of their feedback is coming into the


kitchen. Table one complaint that one of the dishes did not have


sagely. Table three love the food but they did enquire as to what that


might be. She said it might a toe. It is time to reveal which meal won


the vote. The red team's deer or at the blue team's halibut. Today's


winning dish is the halibut. That was incredible. Let's welcome


one of the team members, the fabulous Des Clark.


That looked like stress. Full of they took it seriously. This is a


Michelin-starred restaurant, you have Tom saying he wants high


standards, I arrived late, I got five minutes, in broken French. I


did not have a clue. Trying to take orders, and then I have got Kirsty


Wark barking at the saying we had better win. At least if the comedy


career does not work out you have something to fall back on. I


definitely had. It was all for a great cause. Do you know how much


you raised? ?4000. Wow! Thank you. Thank you to Tom kitchen for his


amazing staff, and the diners and the celebrities. Let's hear it again


for Des Clarke. You can do your bit for Children In


Need. To give ?10 just text. Up next is very talented young singer who


wanted to donate her time to Children In Need. With the Fleetwood


Mac classic, it is Nina Nesbitt. If you wake up and don't want to smile.


If it takes just a little while. Open your eyes and look at the day.


You'll see things in a different way. Don't stop thinking about


tomorrow. Don't stop It'll soon be here. It'll be better than before.


Yesterday's gone. Yesterday's gone. Why not think about times to come.


And not about the the things that you've done. If your life was bad to


you. Just think what tomorrow will do. Don't you look back.


Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Don't stop. It'll soon be here.


Yesterday's gone. Yesterday's gone. After All I want is to see you


smile. If it takes just a little while. I know you don't believe that


it's true. I never meant any harm to you. Don't stop thinking about


tomorrow. Don't stop. It'll soon be here. It'll be better than before


.Yesterday's gone Yesterday's gone. Don't you look back. Don't you look


back. Don't you look back. Don't you look back. Don't you look back.


Don't you look back. Don't you look back. Don't you look back.


Another fundraiser we have to mention is 19-year-old Martin from


Paisley, he was part of the one Show's Rickshaw Challenge. He took


on the gruelling challenge to cycle 700 miles starting out in Northern


Ireland, passing through Scotland and ending up in London. The raised


over ?1.3 million. What an amazing achievement. Well done.


I am joined by Pete from Parkour. You are funded by Children In Need.


Tell me a bit about what you do. We got funded by Children In Need to


buy this equipment and facilitate this type of training. We are also


doing a fundraiser back home. So you are funded by Children In Need but


also fundraising for Children In Need. Definitely. Anything we can do


for Children In Need. We are very impressed by what you do. Thank you


very much. This is the guides from Clarkston in Glasgow. They have been


doing something called a Flashmob. The music starts and we start


panting to a routine in the city centre. It was in town. -- start and


sing. How do people react? They are surprised. Did they react very


generously? We raised ?985. Where are you from? We are from a nursery


group. We have 32 nurseries. It is for children. They are troublesome.


We have moments. We have done messy days, charity football matches, we


have had lots of fun together. The children had lots to do. If the


audience cannot see it, please tell us how much you raised. ?10,633. We


are almost at the end of the show but we want to bring you one more


film that makes it clear why your donations are so important.


Some children have to live with the challenges of difficult conditions


every day of their lives. Our final film tonight follows Christopher,


who was born with spina bifida. The money you donated to Children In


Need has helped him in so many way, not least to overcome the feelings


of being left out that he sometimes has. Here is Christopher to explain.


I my name the Christopher, I live in Glasgow and I am eight-year-old. My


legs don't work, so when I am at home, I shuffle about, just on my


bottom on the ground. Ready? Set. Go. I always beat my daddy at the


racing. If I see him cheat he's going down, down, down. Christopher


keeps his family on their toes. We like wrestling. Christopher has


spina bifida, it means he has a fault in his spinal column that has


caused damage to his nervous system. Christopher has one of the most


severe forms, he is paralysed from his waist down. Timing you. I use my


hands to push along instead of using a wheelchair.


Yay. Well done. 20 seconds. A winner! Christopher has hydro


dehusband which means fluid can collect on his brain. I have a shunt


in the side of my head. It moves the fluid away from his brain, if it


block, it can be life-threatening. If it doesn't work properly, it will


make me unwell. A big cuddle. He is the only child at his school who


uses a wheelchair. They all have feet, they legs work but mine don't.


He has lots of friends but playtimes can be difficult and make


Christopher feel alone. Sometimes I don't have anyone to


play with. People play games that I can't play. It is maybe not a game


for wheelchairs. There is a place where Christopher


always has friends to play with. Somewhere where his disabilities


don't ever let him feel left out. Children In Need has been funding


the spina bifida association which runs monthly groups across Scotland,


where children and their families can get together, to help stop them


feeling isolated. When I am at the club I am happy.


It is so much fun having your friends to play with, and new people


to meet that I've never met before. Christopher is welcoming to new


people, it is great to have him here, his puts everybody at ease and


encourages them to have a good time. Without your donations, groups like


these wouldn't be able to don't give children like Christopher the chance


to forget about their disabilities and simply have fun. Watch out,


somebody coming through. If the spina bifida club isn't there, I


would be annoyed. I would miss people might want to play with me. I


love it here. And we thank Christopher for sharing


his story with us. It goes to show with the right help and support you


can overcome all sorts of challenges, in fact Christopher is


here in the audience tonight. So let us give him a great big cheer.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I do believe he is blushing! If you


want to help make a difference to the lives of children and young


people in the UK, then this is what you do.


There is just time for one final performance, and we return to our


fabulous Children In Need Scotland Choir, this time they will be


singing with members of the cast of Waterloo Road, no less, on screen we


gnome as Imogen, Rhiannon and Barry Barry, but in real life they are


Kirstie, Rebecca, Joe and Carl. Give them a big round of applause.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The fans love us here. Kirstie?


Everyone has their own reason for taking part in Children In Need,


what is yours? I think this is such a great charity and it is great this


is the, they are able to raise awareness and when children raise


money. Thank you. You have had how many rehearsals with the choir? We


rehearsed once, which was last Sunday but it was incredible and the


choir are amazing. They sound incredible. They are old timers,


look at them. Have they been giving you help? Absolutely, these guys can


groove, so they have been helping us with the dance moves. The dance


move, I am looking forward to that. I have heard you sing before. I am


looking for something special. We all are. We are not that good. We


have never done this before, I promise you, we are looking forward


to it. I wish you all the best of luck. Get yourselves ready for your


big moment. APPLAUSE


Just before these guys sing for us, remember, you can catch last night's


Children In Need entertainment on the BBC iPlayer and to find out more


about the fantastic work that Children In Need does go to the


website. We would like to say a special thank


you to every one of our fund-raisers across Scotland, and to all of you


at home who have given so generously. Every penny you have


raised and donated goes towards helping children and young people in


real need. Right here in the UK. If you haven't donated, remember, you


still can. It is so easy and we will be so grateful. It is time for our


final performance, it is the Children In Need Scotland Choir,


together with the members of the cast of Waterloo Road. And their


wonderful rendition of the Emily Zane song Wonder.


# I can beat the night # I'm not afraid of thund ebb


# I am full of light # I am full of wonder


# Oh, oh, oh I ain't falling under # Oh, oh, oh we are full of wonder


# Though our feet might ache # The world's upon our shoulders


# No way we're gonna break # Because we are full of wonder


# Whoa, oh, I ain't falling under # Oh, oh, we are full of wonder.


# This light is contagious, go tell your neighbours


# Reach out and pass it on # This light is contagious,


# Go, go tell your neighbours # Just reach out and pass it on


# This light is contagious, go, go tell your neighbours


# Just reach out and pass it on # This light is contagious, go, go,


tell your neighbours # Just reach out and pass it on


# Every turns wrong # And darkness falls upon you


# Just try to singalong # This is a message


# You are full of wonder # If your heart turns blue


# I want you to remember # This song is for you


# And you are full of on ebb er. -- of wonder.


# Oh, oh, I ain't falling under # Oh, oh, oh


# We are full of wonder. # Oh, oh, oh, I ain't falling under


# Oh, oh, oh # We are full of wonder #.




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