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Well, look at the clock. I hand over to the main event. So it is over to


Tess Daly and Sir Terry Wogan. Have a great night!


ALAN DEDICOAT: It is the biggest night of the year. It is Children In


Need 2013. Now, please welcome our hosts for


the night, Fearne Cotton, Nick Grimshaw, Zoe Ball and to kick


things off, please welcome our knight of the realm, Sir Terry Wogan


and the terrific, Tess Daly. Good evening. Good evening. Welcome


to Children In Need 2013. It is very exciting in here tonight, Terry.


Wow! This crowd are brilliant. What a way to kick-off the night. What


about that, Terry? A big showbiz start for a glittering night full of


stars and this fair maiden is very lucky to have this knight of the


realm by her side. You flatter me, Daly. Must be nice to work with a


young man for a change. 'Tis true, though, my chivalry runs deep. So


much so I let you introduce what's in store tonight. Thank you sire(!)


This is what is ahead. Don't go anywhere. Children In Need 2013 is


going to be a whopper! Torvill Dean on Strictly, Call The Midwife,


One Direction, EastEnders, Catherine Tate in Holby, Harry Hill and much,


much more! What a line-up! The biggest and the best yet, I'd say.


Yes. For one night, Children In Need have also taken over Albert Square,


the home of EastEnders. We have moved into the Square. You never


know who might be popping up over the course of the night. Let's see


if Shane Richie, aka Alfie Moon is there. You are going to see Albert


Square like you have never seen before. Wow. Look at that. Good job


he's paid the electricity bill! Indeed. Next up, we have a fantastic


treat for you. This has been a huge success on Broadway and the West End


and tonight, you have all got a front row seat. Yes. Please, welcome


the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Matilda the Musical.


# Take out your hockey stick and use it as a sword


# We'll find out where the chalk is stored


# And draw rude pictures on the board


# If enough of us are wrong, wrong is right


# So we ought to stay inside the line


# There is nothing that the Trunchbull can do


# You didn't think you could push us too far


# But there's no going back now we are


# We'll be revolting children till our revolting's done


# We'll be revolting children till our revolting's done


# I will be tall enough to reach the branches


# I will be brave enough to fight the creatures that you have to fight


# Beneath the bed each night to be a grown-up


# I will be smart enough to answer all the questions


# That you need to know the answers to before you're grown-up


# And I'll play with things that Mum pretends


# And I will wake up when the sun comes up


# And I will spend all day just lying in the sun


# But I won't burn cos I'll be all grown-up


A big thanks to the cast of Matilda the Musical. Thank you. I'm going to


start by saying thank you. That might seem a little odd. Children In


Need is nothing without your support. You have been terrific


supporters over the years. This week, you have already been terrific


supporters to all those families affected by the terrible events in


the Philippines. Now, our thoughts, obviously, are with them. Tonight,


we are asking you to help disadvantaged children all over the


United Kingdom. That is why we are here. The short film we are about to


play shows how we have been spending your hard-earned money and why we


need to ask for your help again. As you will see, there is a lot of work


to be done. Wherever you live, wherever you are,


right now. Children In Need are helping change lives right on your


doorstep. You have given me and my little brother a chance to play


together. You have given us a chance to come closer as a family. To do


something I have never done before. Children In Need helped me when it


felt like I didn't have a future. I have made lots of new friends. You


have given us the chance to give these children the best possible


start in life. We can help them make the most of their childhood. You


have given us a chance to make a difference to these young people's


lives. Thanks to Children In Need I have a safe place to have fun with


my friends. A place where our little girl can get the support she needs.


A place where I feel happy. And I can have fun. A place that I call


home. Together we can build friendships. Build trust. Build


potential. Build hope. Thanks to all the money you have raised, Children


In Need has helped more than 450,000 children in the UK. Thank you. Thank


you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thanks to you... Disadvantaged


children's lives are getting better. We can't do this without you. There


are thousands of children and families across the UK who still


need your help. You can be there every step of the way. Helping young


heroes... And brave families. When life gets really tough... In the


saddest of times... You can help children smile. The big question is


what will you do tonight? So a lot of work and a lot of


children whose lives we can change and you can continue to support that


work by picking up the phone and calling 03457 33 22 33. Standard


geographic charges will apply. As well as picking up the phone, there


are lots of other ways to give - and here is how. You can donate to


Children In Need in all major banks and building societies, or at the


Post Office. You can visit the Children In Need website and give


using your debit or credit card. Just search for BBC iPudsey


on your usual app store. to BBC Children in need, PO Box


4000, Liverpool, L70 1EY. Good news. Tonight, we are going to


be saying thank you a lot. And all of you schoolchildren out there - I


know what you have been up to - you have been getting sponsored to bake,


to run, to host pyjama parties. You all deserve a massive pat on the


back. Who better to do it than England captain, Steven Gerrard, and


a couple of his Liverpool team-mates. All-around the UK,


schools have been getting behind BBC Children In Need in a big way. With


everything from bake sales, to sponsored silences. Indeed, here at


St Michael's Primary School, we are about to witness a special


fund-raising adventure, a sponsored walk with dinosaurs. The migration


begins after breakfast with the dinosaurs encouraged to walk in


pairs. It's a rare sight indeed to see young dinosaurs getting along so


well. Every penny will go straight towards the Children In Need


projects. So get involved. Lovely. "Totes amaze" - as myself


and Lady Wogan like to say! Now, I have some really exciting news. For


tonight only, JLS are performing - yes - JLS...


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE They are performing in Walford's


Albert Square for Children In Need. How does that make you feel, Terry?


TERRY SINGS: # It makes me wanna # Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh. #


CHEERING Is that your best JLS impression? It


is as close as I will ever get to them. I would rather have the real


thing. It is JLS! # Damn, the doctor's just finished


telling me # And that I should do the things


that # How could I without you


without you, oh # Tell me how to stop


this feeling spreading # I'm hoping somehow that you know


oh # They're telling me that my heart


won't beat again # They're telling me that my heart


won't beat again # There's a girl dancing dirty


over there # There's a DJ playing all our


favourite songs # You make it hard for me, girl


every time we're on the floor # Cos I gotta know that


tonight is real # Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh


OK # Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh


JLS! # I can't explain


what's gotten into me # Direct me to the floor


And turn it up some more # Direct me to the floor


And turn it up some more # Makes me wanna


Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh # Makes me wanna


Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh # She makes me wanna


Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh Come on!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'm loving a bit of JLS! Big thanks


to the JLS boys. They will be back later tonight in a battle of the boy


bands versus... Yes - versus McFly! A few McFly fans in the house. I


remember the days - I used to bare-knuckle fight Parky. What?


While The Two Ronnies took bets on the outcome. Nobody ever won. Them


were the days, right, Terry? Now it is time to find out what you have


been up to across the UK preparing for this year's Children In Need.


This audience is amazing tonight! You guys are amazing. The energy in


here is incredible tonight. A huge thank you to everybody around the


country for getting involved. Every single penny that's raised tonight


is spent on projects right here in the UK. You can tell us what


fund-raising you have been up to on our Pudsey Facebook page. You can go


online at Or follow us on Twitter - @BBC CIN. Get


involved! Well done. Welcome. Children In Need is supporting over


2,700 children's projects. There will be one near you. For instance,


there are six projects in Barnstaple, 13 in Hull, 22 in


Leicester. So, please, keep giving because we can't do this without


you. We need you. Here is what is coming up in the next hour. Coming


up: Double trouble for the Doctor. It's Torvill Dean. And the Best


Song Ever. Terry, guess what? It is the big day next Saturday, the TV


event the whole universe is talking about. What? Me back on the telly?


Presumably, everybody is saying, "Give that man a talkshow!" That's


what they will be tweeting. No, Terry. No.


AUDIENCE: Yes! Next Saturday on BBC it is the 50th anniversary episode


of Doctor Who, Day of the Doctor. Oh. Anyone can make a mistake. We


have had a word and the Doctor has materialised a world exclusive clip


just for us. Ready? Some day,


you could just walk past a fez. As instructed,


nothing has been touched. The glass in all these paintings


has been broken from the inside. As you can see,


all the paintings are landscapes. Something's got


out of the paintings. There's nothing here


that shouldn't be, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


I know what I'll be watching next Saturday night, with a TV dinner of


fishfis and -- fishfingers and custard. Doctor Who's favourite


dish, no less! Who said anything about Doctor Who, it is Lady Wogan's


signature bake! I hope you have your indigestion tablets ready. Now, we


are going to Albert Square where Shane Richie has some special


friends in the Queen Vic. Thank you very much. Welcome to the hub of


Children In Need, we are in the Green Room, which is the Queen Vic.


I'm joined by some pop heroes - I can't remember who they are - there


they are. Yes, thank you! I have some dodgy bird next to me who is


ready for a big dance tonight. I am. Don't you think you should get


changed? As I said, tonight really is all about our fund-raising


heroes. Will you please welcome Danny. This is Year 2 at White House


Primary and Nursery Unit Northern Ireland. They brought their teddies


to school. You are true heroes! Proper heroes. What have you got


there, Matt? This is staff dressed as children's characters. So far,


they have raised ?205. Well done. Well done, guys. Throughout the


night, we will be popping into the Queen Vic where we will have plenty


more guests. Coming up at 9.00pm on Children In Need is the big


EastEnders dance. Ready for it, sweetheart? I am. So from all of us


here, back to you Terry in the studio.


Good work, Shane. Didn't recognise you in the suit! We'll be live in


the Square later for a dance spectacular. It is unmissable. Next


up a true superstar with a great big voice, he's here to tell you about a


child whose life's been transformed by your generosity.


it affects every single aspect of his life.


At about 18 months we knew something wasn't right,


He was crawling commando-style and we were very worried.


In 2005 Tomos was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy,


Lots of physical things he hasn't been able to do.


He couldn't hop, he couldn't jump on two feet.


It's something he has to live with and deal with.


As he's got older, because his understanding of his condition


answering his questions has been difficult at times.


The questions that any person would ask, really, you know?


Tomos' life changed when a project in Cardiff,


showed him that he could do something he never thought possible.


Thanks to your donations, physiotherapist Gabriella


to experience the thrill of riding a bike.


A lot of children don't think they can do it,


and a lot of parents underestimate the children.


It's just a matter of finding the right bike.


It's a very nice job to have because you just see children's faces.


You can see straight away they are quite relaxed and happy,


and from week to week, they get more confident.


Pedal Power has enabled him to join in with other children


of all abilities and have a very fulfilling childhood.


We've been able to go on holidays with other families and children.


So it's made it an adventure for Tomos.


Riding a bike is something most children take for granted.


But for children like Tomos, it means so much more.


Someone asked him recently, what are you good at?


For a boy with Tomos' needs to say that, it says it all, really.


and even if you have cerebral palsy, you can still do it.


When he's on the trike, his little face lights up, you know?


Tonight, you can help more children smile.


I love that film. You can really see just how the money is being spent.


It is so simple but it makes a huge difference. ?25 pays for a one-hour


cycling session with Gabriela. If you like to help, please call 03457


33 22 33. It means a lot. Thank you.


Tess, thank you. Now, I believe my co-host with the comost is about to


slip into Strictly mode. Yes, for one night only we've got Olympic


ledge ends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean putting on their


dancing shoes for Children in Need. this is the Strictly Come Dancing


Children in Need special. Listen to that!


Lovely audience tonight, Bruce. Ah! Good evening,


ladies, gentlemen and children. ALL: Nice!


Yes! And it's nice to see you, Brucie.


Yes, well, it's Children in Need. Yes, it is. And we have an audience


full of children, from about three years old,


all the way up to 85. Do you mind, please? That's true.


And what a performance we have. we've got Olympic royalty


on the ballroom floor. Ice dance legends Jayne Torvill


and Christopher Dean! Yes! Well, they'll soon


be hitting the dancefloor And as well as putting


their reputations on the line, Yes, and by the way, we have


only three judges this evening because we only wanted


positive comments. So, we've locked negative Craig


in his dressing room. So, for the very first time,


it's no longer Torvill AND Dean Because it's time to meet


the stars... Don't lean so heavy!


Leaning forward. ..of our special show...


Heavy? Heavy?! Please welcome Jayne Torvill


and her partner, James Jordan. And Christopher Dean


and his partner, Aliona Vilani. Right...


CHEERING Oh, there they are. What a night!


I know! Looking good. How exiting. Christopher, we know, of course,


you're both dance experts on ice, but is our Strictly ballroom


just a little bit daunting? I have to say, this is not as slippy


as it should be! Jayne and Christopher are here


for one reason and one reason only, for the thousands of disadvantaged


children right here in the UK. There's no voting tonight,


by the way, will be chosen by our worthy judges


over there. Oh, yes! But...but we still want you


to pick up the phone. Yes, we do. We want you to donate


anything you can, Now, if you're wondering


what made Torvill and Dean discard their skates


for the Strictly ballroom, It was nice to see you,


to see you...nice. MUSIC: "Let's Face The Music


And Dance" I love you all so much.


But you are the special one. I should still


be out there competing. I need to get out there


competing again. 'This is BBC One.


Now time for Strictly Come Dancing.' Please welcome


to the Strictly dancefloor Jayne Torvill


with her partner, James Jordan, and Christopher Dean


with his partner, Aliona Vilani. MUSIC: "Let's Face The Music


And Dance" # Oh, come and dance with me,


my baby # Let's make love


and dance the night away # Each step will feel so fine


# And then you'll be mine # So, baby, when we hit the floor


You'll be asking for more # Let's make love


and dance the night away # Oh, come and dance with me,


my baby # Let's make love


and dance the night away. # MUSIC: "Ain't That


A Kick In The Head" # "Tell me quick


Ain't that a kick in the head?" # MUSIC: "Let's Face The Music


And Dance" Wasn't that marvellous?


Look at that. A standing ovation!


I bet you've never had that before! That was great.


What a reception you got. And whilst you get your breath back,


here's what our judges thought. Len, start us off.


You were nice on ice. But I'm telling you,


you're good on wood. I've got a bone to pick with you


two. and you got all those perfect


scores. I jumped up, hit the mantelpiece


and fractured my thumb. Let me tell you,


perfect scores at the Olympics. You'd get perfect scores tonight,


I'm telling you! Oh! Right. Well, this is going to be


a bit difficult! Right, Bruno, your comments.


Well, well, well! You both definitely


melted the ice tonight! Jayne...I thought


you were a nice girl. Christopher, you had the muscular


vitality of Gene Kelly Darcey, my darling. I can't actually


believe you're on this dancefloor. We are so fortunate


to have such star professionals. I just so enjoyed your strength


and your conviction in the Latin. I just love that attack


that you give it. And, Christopher, all the way


through you didn't fade once. So, it was one tiny mistake,


I didn't care one bit, because you followed it through


like a true professional, Wow, Brucie. Stellar performances


from both our stars! Marvellous! Thank you very much


to Jayne and Christopher. If you'd like to take your place


by the coveted Pudsey trophy. Now, remember,


there is no voting tonight, but Jayne and Christopher


really want you to help them raise as much money as possible


for Children in Need. Don't forget, every penny is spent


on projects right here in the UK. Now it's time to see


who is going to take home the Strictly


Children in Need trophy. It's time for the judges


to choose their champion. So, Darcey, ladies first.


Who's your winner? Chris and Aliona.


Congratulations, Chris and Aliona. One vote for you.


Oh, one vote for them. Right... Now, then, Bruno, who is your


Children in Need champion? Oh, one each. Once each.


Yes, it's neck and neck. That means, Len, as head judge,


you now have the deciding vote. So, who do you think


should be crowned the winner? because it's picking


the first among equals. And if I was to watch it again, I'm


sure my decision could be opposite. Huge congratulations to you.


Well done. Come and look at the trophy.


Come down here. Now... Very, very close,


I can tell you. How happy are you, Jayne?


I'm really thrilled. But I have to say,


I want to share it with Chris. Yeah, but did you ever think


you would ever It doesn't feel like we did,


but I guess we did. And I won! And you said


you're going to share it. I'll have it six months,


he can have it six. That's very, very lovely.


They're going to part share it. Huge commiserations.


Did you have fun? We had an immense time


and I have to say, the winners have to be


Children in Need tonight. you are the Children in Need


dancing champions of 2013! A big thank you


to both our wonderful couples and to you at home


for watching and donating. Yeah, please do give


everything that you can. It WILL make a difference.


It really will. Here they are, Olympicic gold


medallists and now Strictly Come Dancing winners, Jayne Torvill and


Christopher Dean! CHEERING


lovely to see you. Good to see you. Wow! How amazing were they both?


CHEERING They were brilliant, the pair of


you. You were victorious, Jayne, hold it high. You were quite happy


about that, but you weren't bad, Christopher. I tried. How long did


it take to prepare for that dance? Five days. What was it like working


with James Jordan and Aliona? Brilliant. I have to say thank you


for both of them for their patience. It is the first time James Jordan


has won anything with you. Well done, James.


CHEERING Let me touch that trophy. It's a beauty Terry. Why did you


take part centre She forced me. I can see who wears trousers. She was


desperate to get on the dancefloor and we had the most amazing time.


Thank you. It was for Children in Need. That's why we really did it,


so thank you. A huge thanks to both of you, Jayne Torvill and


Christopher Dean. CHEERING


Time now to say a heartfelt thank you.


Up and down the country, the lovely staff and customers of Boots


customers' faces ready to BEAR all...


In Children in Need's BearFaced fundraising campaign,


in which women nationwide ditch their make-up for the day.


If that wasn't enough, these staff members in Manchester


got jiggy with it by shaking their stuff zumba-style.


As well as shaking Pudsey's buckets, of course.


So, from everyone at BBC Children in Need,


we just want to say a massive thank you


to all the fabulous customers and staff of Boots, because...


Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, is anybody ready to find out how much


they've raised? A total, if we can. Oh wow!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE A nice round figure. Great stuff


that. Thank you very much and we'll put that towards our grand total.


Terry? Now, there's been an extraordinary


event in London this week, Children in Need Rocks concert masterminded


by our Take That heart-throb, me! No. Let's look back at last night's


fun and frolics. # Could this be the magic at last. #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE An awesome night and Gary's been a


very busy man, with the Children in Need Rocks concert, and the dinner


and he even turned on the Blackpool illuminations. I did that one year.


Did you? I did, I followed Red Rum, but I didn't do anything nasty on


the promenade. Let's find out how much Gary's raised with his


fund-raising efforts this week. CHEERING


How about that for a total! Sterling work, Gary. You truly are a Knight


of the Pudsey realm. Gary's been on a Children in Need project visit.


This is why he felt so compelled to support Children in Need again this


year. Zoe's Place in Coventry


is one of 15 children's hospices around the UK that is supported


by Children In Need. They care for very young children


with life-limiting conditions. I like these shoes. My little


four-year-old would like these. Jamie comes here and get to mix


with the other children. You can bring her here


and not worry about her? Absolutely.


It is a very special place. His main condition


is cerebral palsy. It is nice to come here


and know he will be safe and well looked after and they care


for him as much as we do. What we would do without them,


I don't know. As you can see,


he's a bit of a charmer, especially with blonde ladies.


Is that right? Great! He says, "I am Gary Barlow".


LAUGHTER He was nine weeks old when they


discovered he had no immune system. He had to live in hospital


for nearly two years. For him, all those years


without meeting other children, and it gives our family


a chance to be a family. How much does a place like this


need? The majority of it


is purely through donations. Without that funding, the families


would have nowhere to go. How often is it open?


At the moment, four days a week. The idea of somewhere like this


closing cannot happen. It can't. I've got to be honest, I was not


looking forward to today that much. It conjures up ideas


of it being a place with no hope. I have actually experienced


the total opposite. I think the children


we have met are inspirational. Their parents are fighters,


people getting on with life. I look at somewhere like this


and I am shocked, in a way, to find out how heavily


they rely on donations. It is up to us, to you out there,


to be as generous as you can. When you see these faces,


it makes it real, it really does. CHEERING


Thank you Gary. Children's hospices massively rely on donations. Please,


help us to support them. Call 03457 33 22 33.


Now as a tribute to our Children in Need hero Gary Barlow, 1,624


children all around the UK are about to perform his song. They've been


rehearsing for weeks. They are all heroes. All over the country.


They've also asked that you phone in to donate what you can whilst they


are singing, so please welcome the Children in Need Choir.


CHEERING # Some words, they can't be


spoken, only sung # To hear a thousand voices


shouting love # Don't you see right now the world


is listening to what we say? # Sing it louder, sing it clearer


# Knowing everyone will hear you # Make some noise


find your voice tonight # Old and young shouting love


tonight # To sing we've had a lifetime


to wait # You brought hope,


you brought life, conquer fear # Don't you see right now the world


is listening to what we say? # Sing it louder, sing it clearer


# Knowing everyone will hear you # Make some noise


find your voice tonight # Sing it stronger, sing together


# Make this moment last forever # Old and young shouting love


tonight # Some words, they can't be


spoken, only sung # To hear a thousand voices shouting


love and life and hope # Sing it louder, sing it clearer


# Knowing everyone will hear you # Make some noise


find your voice tonight # Sing it stronger, sing together


# Make this moment last forever # Old and young shouting love


tonight # Hear a thousand voices shouting


love. # Absolutely gorgeous! Wasn't that


stunning, Terry? Wow! Well done, you guys. Well done to all from Belfast,


to Hexham, Glasgow, to Wales - you are all heroes. Spectacular. Really


moving. Terrific. All those children have selflessly given up their time,


given us their talent to help other children. If you haven't already


donated, please do. Ladies and gentlemen, please show your


appreciation for the Children In Need Choir and Gary Barlow.


Terry, you know when you appeared on Room 101 as a guest? Remind us, what


pet hates did you put in there again? Well, health fads, TV speak,


other TV personalities. Food packaging. And interviews with


exhausted losers. Oh, right. How do you feel after the poor person had


come sixth in the race? That was the tip of the iceberg. Get it off your


chest! Frank Skinner asked the same question to three children in a very


special Children In Need edition of Room 101. This is fun.


I'm Frank Skinner and welcome to a very special kids edition


seven-year-old Alesandro from High Wycombe,


ten-year-old Gruff from Llanelli and eight-year-old Tess from Preston.


I like playing, with my mum, ten... I mean, badminton. Yeah.


Badminton's quite high up, isn't it? Yeah.


Is that what it says when you stand by the wall, it just says,


What's your special skill? My eyebrow.


What about you? What do you like? I like swimming.


I'm the fastest in Wales in my age. Wow!


But only my age, and there's not much people in Wales.


And what do you like, Tess? I like burp-jitsu.


I think we're going to start the show,


Toothbrushing. What don't you like about it?


So, you clean your teeth every morning and every night. Yes.


Two minutes. I think that's very long.


You'll never be able to work for the council.


So, Gruff, what would he like to put in Room 101?


Girls who don't want to go out with me.


Have you actually asked out any girls? No, I've been too scared.


You're the fastest swimmer for your age in Wales


and you're frightened to ask a girl out.


I know. What's the worst thing that could happen?


She'll tell all her friends and they'll all make fun of me.


And then all the boys will find out, probably,


and then they'll probably make fun of him.


Do you have a-a-a technique in mind?


Get your coat, darling, it's your lucky night.


but he completely forgot that we were going out after one day.


So, what does Tess want to put in Room 101?


Now, what is cool? Can you tell me? I don't know.


That's helped a lot, Tess(!) Thank you very much.


So, what do they do, your parents, when they're trying to be cool?


It's just a bit that they're too old to do it.


You know what? You're not going to win.


OK. So, we've now come to the end and I have to do a quick decision.


I think, toothbrushing, I know it can be a bit boring.


But you don't want to end up like me with horrible yellow teeth.


And I feel a bit sorry for your parents


cos I think they're trying their best.


I know parents can be a bit embarrassing


But I had a hard, hard time wanting to ask out girls


and then everyone laughing and all that,


so I am going to put girls who don't want to go out with Gruff


And that brings us to the end of this show.


Thanks very much to Alesandro, to Gruff and to Tess,


who are all here in aid of Children in Need.


Don't forget, you can lend your support


to the thousands of children in the UK who need your help by calling...


..and donating as much or as little as you can.


Our particular thanks to Gruff, Tess, Alesandro and Frank Skinner.


Gruff, I feel your pain! When I was a lad, girls never wanted to go out


with me, either. AUDIENCE: Ahhh! It is not true.


Tess! Now, later on BBC Two, there will be the surreal sight of One


Direction's Harry, Liam, Nile, Zayn and Louie propping up the bar in the


Queen Vic especially for Children In Need. Before the boys get stuck into


the pork scratchings, they are here with their huge hit Best Song Ever.


Go mad for One Direction! # Straight into my heart and stole


it # Through the doors


and past the guards # I said


"Can you give it back to me?" # She said


"Never in your wildest dreams" # And we danced all night


to the best song ever # We knew every line


Now I can't remember # How it goes


But I know that I won't forget her # Cos we danced all night


to the best song ever # I think it went oh, oh, oh


I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah # Said I had a dirty mouth


I got a dirty mouth # But she kissed me


like she meant it # I said


"Can I take you home with me?" # She said


"Never in your wildest dreams" # And we danced all night


to the best song ever # We knew every line


Now I can't remember # How it goes


But I know that I won't forget her # Cos we danced all night


to the best song ever # I think it went oh, oh, oh


I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah # You know, I know, you know


I'll remember you # And I know, you know, I know


You'll remember me # And you know, I know, you know


I'll remember you # And I know, you know, I hope


You'll remember how we danced # How we danced


One, two, one, two, three # How we danced all night


to the best song ever # We knew every line


Now I can't remember # How it goes


But I know that I won't forget her # We danced all night


to the best song ever # We knew every line


Now I can't remember # How it goes


But I know that I won't forget her # Cos we danced all night


to the best song ever # I think it went oh, oh, oh


I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah Wonderful. Good to see you. Wow.


First time you have performed that song here on U K-Tel vision. -- on


UK telly. You always come back and make time for Children In Need. Why


is it so important for you, guys? Just, you know, we grew up watching


it as well. It is something that if you grow up watching something that


is so important, we love getting involved. Yes. Good to have you all


here. Thanks for having us. You will remember me when I was a much


younger man! I remember when you had brown hair! Liam, look at me when


I'm talking to you. I would like you to introduce the next film. We are


so proud to be part of Children In Need. You will see what we are


talking about when we meet this next young lady. It is important to hear


her story. She is amazing. This is Josefina.


I like this picture. That was in school. That was before the


accident. I don't really remember much of my accident. It was like a


blank page. Everything changed. Two years ago, Josefina was in a house


fire with her dad and three sisters. All four girls were rescued, but


they lost their father. Her sister suffered minor injuries but Josefina


was in a critical condition and was in a coma for four months. Her


mother had died the year before, so her older sister was by her bedside


when she woke up. The thing that scared me the most was, like, I


don't know where I was. I see my sister crying. I didn't know what


she was crying about. She was like, "OK, dad died in a fire." Then she


was like, "It is OK, you will be fine. Everything will stay normal.


I'm here. It will be just fine." That was when I realised that I


ain't got legs and my arm. Josefina suffered 60% burns all over her


body, her lower legs, right forearm and fingers on her left hand were


amputated. I thought I lost everything. How could I walk without


any legs? Look at me, without a wheelchair, I can't move! Josefina


spent 18 months in hospital. After being given prosthetic limbs, she


began rehabilitation. To walk again, that was, like, that was the biggest


challenge I had. Sometimes, I don't feel very well, or I'm not very


happy. When you have no-one to turn to, you have to be strong. Two years


after the fire, Josefina joined a sports camp with a difference. Here,


children and young people of all abilities can play and compete in


sports together. Sometimes, doing things they never thought possible.


They welcome you with open arms. It is not just a camp, it is where you


can be yourself, like no-one will judge you for that. They make you


feel safe, they make you feel like a part of the family. The coaches, the


children, we love her. From what she's come from, and what she is


now, it is just incredible. I learned that even surrounded by


people who have able bodies, I can still be me. They can still treat me


as a normal girl, or as a normal teenager. So it is pretty cool. The


amount of energy she brings to the camp is incredible. I think she is


amazing. She's an inspiration to everyone. Good, good. Excellent. One


more. I want to become a parent, that's the thing I want to become


now. I want to prove to people that even if something bad happens to


you, you can always turn it around to be a good thing. You can make


anything you want of your life. No-one can hold you back. If you


don't believe in yourself, who will believe in you? Like, I guess I know


my future is bright and clear for me and I'm going to make it. Tonight,


you too can be a hero and change lives. Please call 03457 33 22 33.


Thank you. Josefina, you are brilliant and we


salute you. We look forward to cheering you on at the Paralympics.


Boys, tell everyone why they should get involved. It's stories like


Josefina that inspire everybody. She is incredible. Please, everyone, do


get behind the fantastic work being done by Children In Need in


supporting brilliant people like Josefina. Please, please, please


call 03457 33 22 33. Before I get mistaken for the sixth member, easy


enough mistake to make... No chance of that! I would like to thank you


and we will see you down the pub later. See you there. See you there.


One Direction, everybody! Thank you. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Let's find out what people have been doing where you are.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE don't forget, every penny is spent


on projects right here in the United Kingdom. Seven projects were funded


in Wrexham, 16 in Bolton and 87 in Belfast. In fact, wherever you live,


there will be a project somewhere near you. It is that time of the


evening. It is time for the first big reveal, a totaliser. Is anybody


ready for that, Terry? AUDIENCE: Yes! They are ready. Are


they ready? You ready? I think they are ready. I think they are. You


ready? AUDIENCE: Yes!


I think they are ready, Terry. That is a yes. Here we go. Can we get a


total, please? Make it good. ALAN DEDICOAT: The total Ralzed so


al -- raised so far - there it is - ?6,942,321!


Well done, Tess. Yes. In less than an hour-and-a-half, ?7 million. That


is fantastic. Incredible. We are up and running. Thank you so much.


There is a long way to go. We are having to bid a fond farewell to


Tess. AUDIENCE: Ahhh! How do you think I


feel? There is a black cab waiting outside on double yellow lines,


destination Blackpool. Yes, I'm off. I'm off to the bright lights of the


Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. Lucky woman. For the Strictly Come Dancing


spectacular tomorrow night at 6.30pm on BBC One. It is going to be epic.


Now, to speed you on your journey... Oh. A stick of Blackpool rock for


luck. And my name runs all the way through it! Ahh, thanks, Terry(!)


Give my regards to Darcey. I will. Thank you. And my phone number! I


will quickstep in Darcey's direction any time. Charmer. Ladies and


gentlemen, we will miss her. Keep up the good word. Tess Daly. Thank you


very much. Good night. So, you are saying, "Oh no, we are


going to have Wogan on his own for the rest of the evening." I need


another presenting partner in crime. The yin to my yang. The Laurel to my


Hardy. The cotton to my bud! LAUGHTER Do I hear grand entrance


music? # I don't care


# I love it. # You OK? I nearly carried off one of


your dancers. Welcome to Children In Need, Cotton? Thank you very much.


Thank you very much, Sir Terry Wogan. What an amazing night it's


been so far. Brilliant. JLS, One Direction, you saying "Totes amaze"


earlier. What does it mean? I don't know. What an honour it is to be


part of this night. There is so many treats in store. She's hit the


ground running again, folks. We still have all of this to come


tonight: Harry Hill and the Hairy Bikers, Call The Midwife, look who


is in Holby and Ellie Goulding. Once again, it is just so great that


so many stars believe in Children In Need and are all getting stuck in.


Now, Sir Tel, do you robe the '80s? Oh yes, the young man of '65 -


carefree, all my own teeth, bus pass! Also, it was a very good


decade for music videos, too. Really? Yes. Certainly was. None


other than comedy legend Harry Hill has re-created Aha's classic '80s


video - remember that? Take On Me. MUSIC: "Take On Me"


by A-ha # Take me on


Take on me # It's no better


to be safe than sorry # Take me on


Take on me # Is it life


or just to play my worries away? # You're all the things


I've got to remember # Take me on


Take on me # Take me on


Take on me # Take on me


You can always count on Harry Hill for the slice of the surreal.


Terrific stuff. What about Babs in the make-up room with Peter Andre?


Who knew? If you want to see how that was put together, you can go to


our website. You have not been the handling a


large prop training course! The man of the hour - Harry Hill!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE to Terry's sausage? You call that a


sausage, Terry! It's sausage time! I hate to say this, but I think you


have been well and truly stumped with that one! I have been sausaged


- I have been trumped by Harry Hill! It is a huge shame. That sausage


goes around the studio audience. Let's remind of how to donate. Over


to you, Harry Hill!le Don't just sit on your sofa


03457332233. Obviously if you have a mobile phone by you, by all means,


stay sitting on the sofa. This sausage is really getting out of


control! Thank you so much - Harry Hill,


everyone! You can give online.


That sausage is heading towards Mars!


Wow! As I said, it has a life of its own!


There'll be something for everybody in the audience!


Who is going to cook it? Well, thanks indeed Harry. Time for


another thank you, a momental effort from my extended family at Radio


Two. Once again,


Radio 2 and her listeners have been fundraising


and digging deep to make this year's


Children in Need their best one yet. Here's just some


of what we've been up to. Chocolate and charity mixed sweetly


together as Sir Terry himself hosted a star-studded gala night


performance of West End smash Tens of thousands of you


revved your engines and headed down to our annual


CarFest North and South, a family fundraising festival


packed full of petrolheads, pukka grub and pumping tunes,


all in aid of Pudsey. has been auctioning off


once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the response


has been incredible. Once again, Radio 2 listeners


have gone more than that extra mile, so from everybody at BBC Children


in Need, a huge, huge thank you. We couldn't be more grateful.


You are our heroes. As a parent, you'll do anything


to protect your child. But, sadly, there are times when


you can't help and you're powerless. In this next film, a wonderful


family tells us how they coped with a situation


that every parent dreads and how a project


funded by your donations I remember being presented


with these two babies The idea of twins


was just something special. And that's one of the reasons


why they found it so difficult when they had to be apart


for such a long period of time In April 2010, four days after this


photo was taken, Darcey became unwell


and was taken to hospital. "It's either a virus


or it's leukaemia." So, we were left there,


just sort of like with that thought. And he came back in


and he just said, "Unfortunately..." and that's


kind of the last thing I could hear, cos that was when our kind of world


fell apart. Within just 24 hours,


Darcey had started chemotherapy. The medicine made her very tired.


She lost the use of her legs. And then she started


to lose her hair. I remember a couple of times


having to hoover her bed, her bedding and her pillow


before she got in it because it was just


absolutely covered in hair. that I would hardly get


two words out of her and then Harrison would arrive


and he just lifted her completely. Darcey... Darcey...


It completely becomes your life. Absolutely.


It takes over everything. You can' can't go anywhere


or do normal things. They couldn't go to soft play


any more, and that was something


that they always loved doing. You kind of find yourself


at certain times feeling really low and thinking,


"My daughter's got cancer." the Parents Association


for Seriously Ill Children. They offer support


and organise fun family days out for children going through


a tough and scary time. Every other family there's kind of


going through the same thing. So, you know,


your daughter's got no hair, nobody's going to be looking at her


in a strange way and asking questions


cos there are lots of other families with children


in the same circumstance. After a two-year battle with cancer,


Darcy is now in remission. They've got a very special bond


that a lot of people never have. They might go totally different ways


but they'll always have each other. It was, like, sad, because she...


I couldn't play with her any more. And how do you feel now? Happy.


Because I can see my brother again. is perhaps a little bit tighter


for just that little bit longer. And we feel very lucky that


we'd got to the end, we'd made it. Tonight there are thousands of


children battling serious illness. You can be there to support them


and their families Again, staff and customers at the


Post Office have given it their all for Children In Need. These guys


will pedal for Pudsey, with an 85-mile cycle ride.


Branches like this have sold Pudsey goodies, like these paw prints. And


Pudsey gift cards. They are going to stop for a cup of


tea. They are joined by colleagues who are having a superhero dress-up


day. Let's do it!


I'm into Hull, where the cycle race finally finishes. I have taken a


special route along the way. A huge thank you to all of the staff and


customers at the Post Office. You are all heroes!


The One Show's ribbing Shau challenge has -- rickshaw challenge


has had a massive challenge. The grand arrival of Alex and Team


rickshaw. Here is the story so far. 2013 has seen the rickshaw challenge


get bigger and better than ever. Alex Jones has been joined by five


young people who have been supported by Children In Need projects.


Together they make up Team rickshaw. All Four Nations and 700 miles.


Think about what all those bullies would say now if they were watching


you. They overcame everything that was thrown their way and were


supported by their friends and family. Now, they are about to


complete the final leg of an incredible adventure.


So, here comal election and the team for the -- come Alex and the team


for the last leg. They have done it! I cannot believe they are at the


finish line! Isn't it amazing! Well done! You have fin crossed the


finishing line. How do you feel after this week? It has been an epic


adventure and journey. These guys have been incredible. They have


ridden every hour of the night, through all weathers, tackled huge


hills. Their resilience has captured the imagination of people at home.


They are an absolute inspiring group of individuals. It has been an


honour to ride with them. Are you shattered or are you doing OK?


Freezing, shattered, need a good meal. I will get you a cup of tea.


How have you found travelling through the country getting support


from the nation behind this amazing challenge? Amazing! People coming


out at 2am, still people there cheering you on. It is surprising


how much effort people go to give you a two-minute cheer. It has been


amazing support throughout the country.


??FORCEWHITE Amanda, how have you found it cycling with her? I have


found it great to have been given this opportunity. I have found it


great to work with these amazing people. It is incredible.


How has it been for you, Matt? I have watched every single member of


the team grow. When we say 700 miles - that is how far these people have


come - they set off from the Giant's Causeway last Friday and to be


standing here and to watch the relationship between parent and


child because that's what we did this for, you know. It is not just


the children that benefit from Children In Need, it is the whole


family. That is what the power of this challenge has been about and


getting through it together and some of the hills and the long nights


have all been worth it and, I mean, they are a testament to each other.


You need some really good news. Do you want to hear your Rickshaw


Challenge total? Yes. Let's go. You have raised ?1,354,4... NOISE DROWNS


OUT AMOUNT What bravery. What endurance. You


can always count on The One Show and its loyal viewers, so thank you. You


will recognise our next guest from hit television shows Broadchurch and


2012. Tonight, she's not here to frighten you. Or to make you laugh.


She's here to ask for your support. It's Olivia Coleman.


This next one is a tough one. Of course, some of the work we do is to


help families who have been through heartbreaking times.


But you, the British public, are amazing.


You keep giving, you're so very generous,


because it means we can keep helping families like this next one.


He liked doing most of the same things as me, and...


Cos I wasn't really a girly girl when I was younger.


I did like to go out and do stuff with him.


He was annoying, but I guess I was an annoying little sister sometimes!


He loved the idea of being a big brother


and she loved the idea of having a brother


In February 2011, Kieran went on a school skiing trip to France.


I took him with Zoe to the school to be picked up on the coach.


I said, "See you later, mate. Have a good time."


"Having a great time, really enjoying it."


And that was the day of his accident.


it's broken arm, broken leg, that sort of thing, you know.


And then we had a phone call from one of the teachers in France


saying that it is a very serious accident,


you really need to get over


This was seven, eight o'clock at night, I suppose.


We didn't realise how difficult it was to book a flight.


No. On the internet, on the phone, trying to find any flight.


So, five o'clock the next morning, we flew out to France.


And that's...that's when our life went downhill, really.


Kieran was involved in an accident when getting off the ski lift.


It caused his airway to become restricted.


Kieran was taken to hospital, where he was in a coma.


My mum and dad had to go in first and then I went in after.


I expected him to just have fallen over or something, being him.


We just wanted to try anything we could get him back to us.


You know, we had music playing through his iPod, reading to him.


They didn't think he'd be coming back out.


On the 17th of March 2011, he died in hospital.


We couldn't just focus on what had happened and Kieran.


We needed to make sure that Zoe's OK.


Your natural instinct, isn't it, to try and make everything better,


and we just couldn't, could we? No, no, absolutely.


No, it was taken out of our hands, wasn't it? Mm.


That's where Balloons came in, really, wasn't it? Yeah.


Balloons is a bereavement charity supported by Children in Need.


Thanks to your generosity, they can provide counsellors


like Naomi to support children who have lost a loved one.


We can't take away the pain of losing somebody.


But having somebody that you can talk to about things


I felt comfortable with being with her


to remember the person that they're there for.


Who are you doing your biscuit for? Dad.


It was nice, because you felt you weren't the only one.


that have gone through the same kind of thing as you.


It's lovely to see that she's really settled


and she's made friends in the new school, and it''s...


Yeah, she's looking like she's doing really well.


I think it showed us that we're not alone,


and have survived and come out the other side.


We've still got a long way to go yet.


We have settled, haven't we, a bit? Yeah, yeah.


Shall we let them go? Shall we? Yeah.


You expect those kids to be there and be planning your funeral,


And to have that whole part of our life ripped away from us


we wouldn't have coped without Balloons.


you are helping us to support more brave children like Zoe.


Our hearts go out to you, Zoe. You are a wonderful girl. Thank you for


talking to us. It costs ?400 to train a grief support worker like


Naomi. You can see how much she helped Zoe. Of course, I'm not


asking you to donate ?400 by yourself - of course not! Anything


you give, anything, will be appreciated. A penny or a pound. We


want to continue to support the hugely important work being done by


projects like Balloons. To do that, we rely on your donations, so,


please, call us on 03457 33 22 33. Thank you.


It is time for another thank you. Check it out.


I have come to say a thank you to the staff and customers of Greg's.


-- Gregg' s. How are you doing, Jason?


Hey! Pav! Nice to see you! Um, could you get me


some Children in Need cupcakes? Jason Donovan,


I'll get on it right away. Right. Do you want a cupcake?


Thank you! Could you give something


to Children in Need today? On behalf of everyone


at Children in Need, to all the staff


and customers at Greggs... ?953,000. That is wonderful. Close


to ?1 million. Children In Need wouldn't happen without your help


and support. Thank you. Definitely. Now, with 1950s-inspired medley -


shall we do this, Terry? I'm hoping... It is Call The Midwife.


# Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun


# Why does the rain fall from up above?


# Love is a losing game and love can be a shame


# Tell me why-ah ah ah ah ah, tell me why?


# Why does the rain fall from up above?


# Why does my heart skip a crazy beat?


That was fantastic. Thank you, guys. Wasn't that brilliant? If you


enjoyed that, it is now available for downloads with proceeds going to


Children In Need. All the details are on Thank you.


Fantastic. And after 10.00pm on BBC Two, we will be showing you an


exclusive clip from the Call The Midwife Christmas Special. Terry,


over to you. Well, I shall be with you as soon as the camera turns to


me! Thank you, Fearne. Now, here to introduce a very important film is a


Children In Need angel - and she's helped us before, the lovely Cheryl


Cole. Children In Need is nothing without


you. Many of these families have been through desperate times and


heartache. because they want others to be given


the same support they have received. In this next film, a wonderful mum


and dad share their story with us. But you will see


that even in the saddest of times, This is Harry.


He was born on 26th April, 2009. he was in my arms


and he was perfect, really. we noticed he had blisters


under his fingernails. We ended up taking him


to the local hospital. Harry was diagnosed


with epydermolysis bullosa, or EB, There was a milk spot on his chin


which became sore, and the wound spread all over


his face, from head to toe. Sufferers are often called


"butterfly children", because their skin


becomes so fragile. We could not handle him


like a normal child. You could not pick him up


under the armpits quickly, because you would shear the skin


under the armpits. It was a lot of rolling and lifting


with blankets and cushions. The disease also causes damage


to the mouth and throat. Harry was given a tracheostomy


to help him breathe. We walked in and you could see


that he was crying, That... It broke my heart.


Broke both of our hearts. Steph said to me,


"He's never going to say mummy". Harry had the most severe form


of the condition. He was unlikely to survive


his early years of childhood. In 2011, Harry had a little brother,


Cody. we noticed with Cody straight away,


there were blisters on his hands. With both Harry and Cody


needing round-the-clock care, the family were introduced


to Julia's House Children's Hospice. They offer respite


and end-of-life care for children


with life-limiting conditions. They rely on donations


for 90% of their running costs. Children In Need funds


wonderful nurses like Alex. they automatically say


it must be really sad. But a children's hospice


is completely different. You know in the back of your mind


that one day, these children are going to die


early. But we have fun with them


in the short life they have got. We used to say to Harry, "We are


going to Julia's house today". They put clingfilm


around the boys' bandages so they could still get involved


with messy play. They made a jelly island


with jelly babies, on sweets, so it looked like


they were on sun loungers. Little things like that, that they


used to make, it was brilliant. They don't do their job


just to pay the bills. They do it because they love


what they do. They love the kids


and helping families. There was just something


about their characters you could not help


fall in love with. They had a very special place


in everybody's hearts. Harry absolutely adored him,


loved him, helped feed him, He would go, "My baby,"


and show him off. He introduced him to everyone.


"This is my brother". I did not understand how strong


their bond was until they got ill. Earlier this year,


Harry and Cody caught flu. For most children,


this is not serious but for them,


it was life-threatening. Doctors said there was nothing more


they could do. He was taken to the bereavement


suite at Julia's House. It is an amazing room,


the most peaceful area of the house. It was literally seconds, then


he passed away in Steph's arms. Harry died on 13th March.


He was three years old. Two days later, his little brother


Cody also passed away. The only comfort we have now


is knowing they are together. If it was not for the donations, our


children would not have had a chance to go to such an amazing place,


and to meet such amazing people, and to feel loved,


right up until the day they died. Children In Need supports


15 children's hospices in the UK, Together we can help people, even in


the darkest of times. Here with the official Children In Need single -


and it is one of the best we have ever had - the wonderful Ellie


Goulding and Ellie has asked that you phone to donate whilst she is


singing. Thank you, Ellie. That was so


beautiful. Ellie Goulding, everyone. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Now, you can download the track - I can't do it again - download the


track with proceeds going to Children In Need. Details are on

:28:01.:28:03. Thank you. Thank you so much. We are about to take a


sojourn into the - I will say that again - in the resplendent rolling


plains of BBC Two television. Before we cross the airwaves, let's find


out how much we have raised so far. The totaliser, do your thing.


ALAN DEDICOAT: The total raised so far is ?15,702,605!


Brilliant. ?15,702,605. So flip over to BBC Two now. One Direction will


be in the Queen Vic. Go! Go!


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