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This programme contains scenes of repetitive flashing images (e.g.


Strobe lighting). How are you doing? I am Shane


Richie, here to guide you through the best bits of Children In Need


2013. We have Ellie Goulding, Gary Barlow, Doctor Who, the cast of


EastEnders, Strictly Come Dancing and apparently a boy band called one


direction. Sit back, relax and enjoy the best of Children In Need.


I need another presenting partner in crime. We are going to have a ball.


It is sausage time! Makes me Wanna. That was just the tip of the


iceberg. It is around one of Battle of the Boyne balance. -- Battle of


the boy bands. All right, I will get out of the


pub... Last night, we had an amazing response, thank you to each and


every one of you who gave money. It is still not too late to do it, this


is how. To give ?10 to Children In Need:


It is time for our first best bit. Two very special ice dance icons


graced the Strictly ballroom for Pudsey. Step forward, Jayne Torvill


and Christopher Dean. For one night only, it is Toril against -- it is


to -- it is Jayne Torvill against Christopher Dean. You are going to


love this. From the Strictly ballroom, this is the Strictly Come


Dancing Children In Need special. Please welcome your hosts, Sir Bruce


Forsyth. And Tess Daly. Listen to that. Good evening, ladies


and gentlemen, children, it is nice to see you come to see you... Nice!


And nice to see you, Brucie. We have an audience full of children. From


about three years old, all the way up to 85. I am in my second


childhood! And what a performance we have. For one night only, we have


Olympic royalty on the ballroom floor, ice dance legends Jayne


Torvill and Christopher Dean. They hit the dance floor in the name of


charity. As well as putting their reputations on the line, they will


also be facing our judges. By the way, we have only three judges this


evening because we only wanted positive comments. So we have locked


negative Craig in his dressing room. CHEERING


Please welcome Jayne Torvill and her partner, James Jordan, and


Christopher Dean, and his partner Aliona Vilani.




What a night. Welcome, Jayne and Christopher. Is it daunting? Very


daunting, this is not as slippy as it should be. Please welcome, Jayne


Torvill with her partner, James Jordan, and Christopher Dean, with


his partner, Aliona Vilani. CHEERING


APPLAUSE Wasn't that marvellous? A standing


ovation. I bet you have never had that before! What a reception.


Whilst you get your breath back, here is what our judges thought. You


were nice nice but you are good onward! -- you were nice nice but


you are good onward. The 84 Olympics, you got all of those


perfect scores, I jumped up, hit the mantelpiece and fractured my thumb,


that is how exciting it was. Perfect scores at the Olympics, you get


perfect scores tonight. This is going to be a bit difficult. You


both definitely melted the ice tonight. Jayne, I thought you were a


nice girl! I have kind of changed my opinion. You were so naughty and so


Ben D. Christopher, -- and so you had the style of Fred Astaire.


Darcey... I can't believe you on this dance floor, we are so


fortunate to have such professionals. I just enjoyed your


strength and conviction. I just love that attack that you give it and it


is beautiful to watch. Christopher, you did not fade once. If there was


one tiny mistake, I didn't care one bit because you followed it through


like a true professional. Very hard to choose between new two. -- you


two. Thank you very much to Jayne and


Christopher, if you would like to take your place by the coveted


Pudsey Trophy. Jayne and Christopher want you to help them raise as much


money as possible for Children In Need, every penny is spent on


projects here in the UK. Now it is time to see who is going to take


home the Strictly Children In Need Trophy. It is time for the judges to


choose their champion. Ladies first, Darcey, who is your winner? My


Children In Need champions are... Chris and Aliona. Congratulations.


Bruno, who is your Children In Need champion? My Children In Need


champions are Jayne and James. That leaves you with one each, it is neck


and neck. Len, as head judge, you have the deciding vote. Who do you


think should be crowned the winner? It is extremely difficult, picking


the first among equals. If I was to watch it again I am sure my decision


could be opposite. But my champions are Jayne and James.


CHEERING Huge congratulations. How happy are


you? I am really thrilled but I want to share it with Chris. Did you


think you would ever compete against each other? It doesn't feel like we


did, but I guess we did. I will have it for six months, he can have it


for six months. Did you have fun? We had an immense time and the winners


have to be Children In Need tonight. Absolutely. Congratulations. You are


the Children In Need dancing champions of 2013.


Coming up on Children In Need, the best bits. JLS, the cost of Matilda,


Doctor Who and one direction. -- the cast of Matilda. Albert Square


hosted a knees up with a difference. Please don't judge me on this. It is


for charity. Where is everyone? I think there is a party going on and


we have not been invited. Who needs them? Let's get our own party


started, shall we? # Like the legend of the Phoenix


# Our ends with beginnings # What keeps the planet spinning


# The force from the beginning # We've come too far


# To give up who we are # Let's make a vow and look up to




Night we had an incredible party for Children in Need, but raising money


for disadvantaged children over the UK is what it is really all about.


Especially for this one little boy, Tomasz.


Because his needs are so complex, it affects all aspects of his life. At


18 months, we knew something was not right. He was crawling. We were


worried. In 2005, Tomasz was diagnosed with


cerebral palsy and autism. Lots of things he could not do. Hop,


jump on two feet. It is something he has to live with and we deal with,


but it does get him down sometimes. As he has gotten older, his


understanding of his condition is developing. Answering his questions


have been difficult at times. The questions are that which any


person would ask, really, why me? Tomasz' life changed when a project


in Cardiff, funded by Children in Need showed him he could do


something he never thought possible. Thanks to your donation, the


therapists here can help the children experience the thrill of


riding a bike. A lot of parents underestimate the


children, but every child can cycle, it is just a matter of finding the


right bike. It is a lovely job to have. You can see the children's


faces. They are relaxed, happy, from week-to-week they get more


confidence. It's exciting. We have been very, very lucky.


Peddle Power, has enabled him to join in with other children and have


a very fulfilling childhood. Which is great. We've been able to go on


holidays with other families and children. It has made it an


adventure for Tomasz. Riding a bike is something most


children take for granted. But for children like Tomasz, it


means so much more. Someone asked him recently, what are


you good at? He said it was cycling. For a boy with his needs to say


that, it says it all, really. I can go around the world. And even


if you have cerebral palsy, you can still do it.


Look ahead. Good boy! Brilliant! When he is on the trike, his little


face lights up, you know it is fantastic. Life-changing.


I am hugely proud of him. Yeah.


Well, still to come we have McBusted. And One Direction, but


now, let's have a look back at a medley of musical highlights, Ellie


Goulding singing How Long Will I Love You and Gary Barlow's


Children's Choir, but first up, let's see the band that rocked


Albert Square and the studio. It is JLS!


# The doctor just finished telling me


# There is no time # Losing you could be the end of me


# That I should do the things that I wanted to


# How could I # Without you, without you


# Oh, cos you're the only one I let in


# Tell me how to stop this feeling spreading


# I'm hoping somehow that you know # Oh, oh-oh


# Let's just get back together # We should have never broke up


# Their telling me my heart won't beat again


# We should should have stayed together, when you left me it


stopped # They're telling me my heart won't


beat again # It's giving me


# Hey, hey, hey # Do you see what I see


# Put your hands in the air, baby # It's JLS


# Dance whying girl # Dancing dirty over there


# Do you see what I see # The way she moves


# I just had to stop and stare # Do you see what I see


# This is looking so easy cos you're beautiful


# You make it hard for me, girl, every time we're on the floor


# I want to kiss you cos your body # Tonight it's me


# Do you feel what I feel # Do you feel what I feel


# This is killing me cos # Do you feel what I feel


# Some people are falling in love # Do you feel what I feel


# Oh, oh, # OK!


# Oh, oh-oh # JLS!


# I can't explain # What's gotten into me


# My sanity is in the bus unjudged # I let her drive


# She is my guide # We're flying reckless tonight


# Direct me to the flow # Turn it up some more


# I'm getting it on # Direct me to the flow


# And turn it up some more # I will get it on, on, on


# She makes me want to # Oh, oh, oh,


# Makes me want to # Oh, oh, oh-oh


# Make these want to # Oh, oh, oh,


# London to Jamaica # L A to Africa


# She makes me want to # Makes me want to


# All around the world # London to Jamaica


# Around the world, yeah # L A to Jamaica


# All around the world # She makes me want to.


MUSIC: How Long Will I Love You.


# How long will I love you # As long as stars are above you


# And longer if I can # How long will I need you


# As long as the sea is here too # Follow their plan


# How long will I be with you # As long as the sea is bound too


# Wash up on the sand # How long will I want you


# As long as you want me to # And longer by far


# How long will I hold you # As long as you're father told you


# As long as you can # How long will I give to you


# As long as I live # However long you say


# How long will I love you # As long as stars are above you


# And longer if I may How long will I love you




So this place in Coventry is one of 15 children's hospices around the UK


supported by Children in Need. They care for young children with


life-limiting conditions. Good morning everyone! . This is


Jamie! Jamie! Well, I like these shoes. I think that my four-year-old


would like these. Jamie comes here. She gets to mix


with the other children. We know she is in great hands.


You can bring her here and not worry about her? Absolutely. It's a


special place. This is Alex. His main condition is able palsy. It is


nice to come here and note he is going to be safe and well looked


after and they care for him as much as we do. What we would do without


them, I don't know. He is a bit of a charmer, especially with blonde


ladies! Is that right? Great! He says, I'm Gary Barlow! No, you are


Charlie! He was nine weeks old when they discovered he had no immune


system, they said he would probably live six to 12 months. He had to


live in hospital for nearly two years. For having all those years


without meeting other children, to come here must be amazing.


They are so loving and caring and it gives our family a chance to be a


family. We love it. Shall I do some signing? It is an owl. How much does


a place like this mean? -- need? The majority is through donations. At


the moment it is open four days a week. It is getting less and less.


It is diminishing already? The idea of someone like this closing just


cannot happen. It can't. I have to be honest, I wasn't looking forward


to today that much. It is a hospice. It conjures up these ideas


of it being a place with no hope. I have actually experienced the total


opposite. I think the children we have met our inspirational. I think


the parents are fighters, people who are getting on with life and they


genuinely lean on this place. I look at somewhere like this and I am


shocked, in a way, to find out how heavily they rely on donations. So


it is up to us, up to you out there, to just be as generous as you


can. When you CVs faces, it makes it real. But we can help.


1624 children from all around the UK are about to perform his song,


Singh. They have been rehearsing for weeks, they are all heroes, so


please welcome the Children In Need choir.


# Some words they can't be spoken only sung.


# to hear a thousand voices shouting love.


# There's a place, there's a time in this life when you sing what you are


feeling. # Find your feet, stand your ground,


don't you see right now the world is listening to what we say?


# Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you.


# Make some noise, find your voice tonight.


# Sing it stronger, sing together, make this moment last forever.


# Old and young shouting love tonight.


# To sing we've had a lifetime to wait (wait, wait, wait).


# And see a thousand faces celebrate (together celebrate).


# You brought hope, you brought life, conquer fear, no it wasn't


always easy. # Stood your ground, kept your


faith, don't you see right now the world is listening to what we say?


# Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you.


# Make some noise, find your voice tonight.


# Sing it stronger, sing together, make this moment last forever.


# Old and young shouting love tonight.


# Some words they can't be spoken only sung.


# To hear a thousand voices shouting love and life and hope.


# Just sing. # Sing it louder, sing it clearer,


knowing everyone will hear you. # Make some noise, find your voice


tonight. # Sing it stronger, sing together,


make this moment last forever. # Old and young shouting love


tonight. # Hear a thousand voices shouting




Your money makes all the difference to disadvantaged children all over


the UK, so please make a donation. To give ?10 to Children In Need:


Next up, Harry Hill, who sets a surreal sight on an iconic 80s pop


group, aha. This includes Harry, the Hairy Bikers and a sausage.


# We're talking away. # I don't know what I'm to say.


# I will say it anyway. # Today is another day to find you.


# Shying away. # Are becoming for love, OK?


# Take on me. # Take me on.


# Are all be gone. # In a day or two. -- I will be


gone. # So needless to say.


# I'm odds and ends # But that's me stumbling away.


# Slowly learning that life is OK. # Say after me.


# It's no better to be safe than sorry.


# Take on me. # Take me on.


# Begun. # In a day or two. -- I will be


gone. # The things that you say.


# Is its life or just a play? # My worries away.


# You are all the things I've got to remember.


# You are shying away. # I will be coming for you anyway.


# Take on me. # Take me on.


# I will be gone. # In a day or two.


# Take on me. # Take me on.


# I will be gone. # In a day or two.


You can always count on Harry Hill for a slice of the surreal. Terrific


stuff. How about Babs in the make up room with Peter Andre? If you want


to see that was put together, you can go to our website. I wanted to


have a hold of the comedy sausage. This is my sausage and you have not


done big required BBC handling a large prop training course. It does


afford me a certain bottom. Let's meet the hero of the hour, Harry


Hill. Tickle, tickle, tickle... What do


you think of Terry's sausage? You call that a sausage? Here is a


sausage! It is sausage time! Next up, a fantastic treat. This has been


a huge success on Broadway and the West End and tonight, you have all


got a front row seat. Please welcome the Royal Shakespeare Company's


production of Matilda. In this world, there are winners and


there are losers. You are small, shrivelled, foul smelling and weak.


You are losers, children, and you always will be.


# Just because you find that life is not fair.


# It doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it.


# If you always take it on the chin and wear it.


# Nothing will change. # Even if you are little, you can do


a lot. # You mustn't let a little seem like


it. You. # If you let it get on top of you


you might as well be saying that it's OK.


# And that's not right. # We are Revolting Children in


revolting times. # We sing revolting rhymes.


# Revolting times! We are revolting! # Reare revolting children.


# Living in revolting times. # We sing revofling songs


# We sing volting rhymes # We are revolting!


# When I grow up, # I will be brave enough to fight


the creatures, that you have to fight beneath the bed each night


# # Each night to be a grown up.


# And when I grow up. # When I grow up.


# I will be smart enough to answer all the questions that you need to


know the answers to be foreyou're grown up.


# And what I grow up. # I will have treats every day.


# And I'll play with things that mum pretends, that I must not any way


# And when I grow up, # When the sun comes up and I,


# Will spend all day lying in the sun,


# And I won't burn because I will be grown up


# # Sometimes you have to be a little


bit naughty! You know the money you give really does change young lives.


Here is mir and you to tell you a little bit more.


I am honoured to introduce this film. It proves we can help children


in many ways. You are meeting Sam, who is brilliant and Ember, who is


pretty fabulous too. It has been hard to make friends.


I'm a bit nervous about introducing myself to new people.


People think because he speaks well, that there is no problem. A lot of


people forget that Sam is deaf. I have a condition which means that


you start off profoundly deaf, then you regain a little bit of your


hearing. It has been hard with triplet's. Sam was less confident.


So at parties, Isobel and Edward would go in there. Sam would say he


was not going. He used to be on his own. Idris Elbe used to felt like I


wanted to help him but I couldn't. Nights were tough. He was scared. He


didn't know where we were. I could not hear my parents talking


down stairs or the TV on. I could not sleep.


Sam's record was 27 times I put him back to bed. It was like that every


night. He was exhausted. And certainly when he started school.


There would be a yearly report. In that it mentioned he was so tired. I


can only imagine how difficult it is for him.


Two years ago, Sam met someone very special.


Good girl. Sam was so excited about having her.


Literally, that first week, I was stunned by the difference. It was


just fantastic. Ember is not just Sam's pet but one


of 750 highly trained hearing dogs in the UK. Thanks to you, dogs like


her can support Sam in their daily lives and alert them to dangers.


She does give him that security and safety. He has always been scared of


fire. He cannot hear the smoke alarms. If she hears it, she drops


the floor and waits for a response. Sam's confidence has improved hugely


since having Ember. He is very proud of her. In the past where he has


hung back, now he will step forward and say that is my dog, but the


biggest difference is the sleep. From the first week Sam slept


through. I could not believe having a dog sleeping in your bedroom could


make such a difference. She helps him have a happy childhood. That is


what every parent wants for their child.


It is kind of scary, what life would be like without Ember, without


hearing dogs. It changes my life a lot.


She does her job really, reallying well. She is 100% a part of the


family. She is brilliant! She is my best friend. I know she is always


there for me. She is just amazing. Thanks to you, Sam has a new best


friend that has made him feel happy and safe. Please help us start for


very special partnerships. That is why giving to Children in


Need is so important. But still to come, we have


Scandinavian pop group, Ulvis, but before that, their first public


appearance on British television, it is group, McBusted!


# It's all about you. # It's all about you, baby.


# It's all about you. # It's about you.


# Well its all about you baby. # It's all about you.


# It's all about you, it's all about... Ladies and gentlemen,


Children in Need, please, welcome for the first time ever, McBusted!


# One day, # When I came how many at lunch


time, # I heard a funny noise.


# I went to the backyard # It was one of those funny boys.


# There was my neighbour, Peter # He said being in a time machine


was one in a film we seen #.


# Yeah, yeah, yeah. # He said I've been to the year


3,000. # Not much changed,


# But they lived under water. # And your great, great, great


granddaughter, is pretty fine. # Let's go!


# Walking through the terminal, # I saw something beautiful.


# You left before the duty call. # Next time, getting on the plane.


# That's what I see you again. # I can't get you upgraded.


# That uniform you're wearing. # So hot I can't stop staring.


# You're putting on an awesome show. # The cabin pressure is rising


# # My coke has no icing now.


# Air hostess! # I like the way you dress.


# I feel much better. # If you will write me a love


letter. # But I mess my pants.


# Over France. # But I see you soon in the hotel


room. # Air hostest!


# You're an air hostess, I like the way you dress.


# Air hostess! # She restaurant me in the dark.


# She left me with a broken heart. # Now I am on my own.


# If anybody sees me. # Shine a light on her.


# If anybody sees her. # Shine a light on her.


# If anybody sees her. Yeah! Number one in 14 countries! 1 million


worldwide sales. 200 million YouTube views.


It's The Fox! MUSIC: What Does The Fox Say? .


MUSIC: What Does The Fox Say? . MUSIC: What Does The Fox Say?


Well, coming up soon, we have the hottest band on the planet, wait for


it, get ready to scream... One Direction! OK, that is enough. You


thought it was weird there but things got stranger, when Doctor Who


transported into Children in Need! Some day, you could walk past a Fez.


Never gonna! This is why we called you in.


Interesting... The broken flas? No, where it is broken from.


Look at the shatter palt earn. The flas on the paintings has been


broken from the inside. As you can see the paintings are


landscaped. There are no figures of any kind.


So? There used to be. Something got out of the paintings.


Lots of somethings. Dangerous. The place has been searched. There is


nothing here that should not be and nothing has got out.


Not now! Doctor doctor, what is it? Not now. I'm busy. Is it to do with


the painting? No, this is different. I remember this. Almost... , of


course. This is where I come in. Geronimo...


Your donations are real lifeline for disadvantaged children across the


UK. As a parent, you will do anything to protect your child but


sadly there are times when you can't help and you are powerless, and that


is unbearable. In this next film, a wonderful family tells us how they


coped with a situation that every parent dreads, and how a project


funded by your donations helped them in their time of need. 26 of June


2007. Darcey is fast asleep. Here she is.


I remember being presented with these two babies and thinking, wow.


The idea of twins was something special. They are incredibly


inseparable. The absolute best of friends. And that is one of the


reasons why they found it so difficult when they had to be apart


for such long periods of time while Darcey was poorly. In April 2010,


four days after this photo was taken, everything changed. Darcey


became unwell and was taken to hospital. The doctor sat down and he


said, it is either a virus or it is leukaemia. That is when his pager


went off. We were left there with that thought. He came back in and he


just said, unfortunately... That is the last thing I could hear, that is


when our whole world fell apart. Within just 24-hour is, Darcey had


started chemotherapy. The medicine made her very tired, she lost the


use of her legs. And then she started to lose her hair. I remember


a couple of times, having to hoover her bedding and her pillow before


she got in it because it was covered in hair. She could be so poorly


all-day that I would hardly get two words out of her. And then her


brother arrived and he just lifted her completely. Darcey... It


completely becomes your life, it takes over everything. You can't go


anywhere or do normal things. Darcey couldn't go to the nursery. They


couldn't go to soft play any more and that was something they always


loved doing. You find yourself at certain times feeling really low and


thinking, my daughter has got cancer. It just hits you. Darcey...


Yes. Look. Children In Need helped to found the


Association for seriously ill children. They help to organise


family days out for children going through a tough time. Every family


there is kind of going through the same thing. Your daughter has got no


hair, nobody will be looking and asking questions because her lots of


other families with children in the same circumstance. After a two year


but, -- battle, Darcey is now in remission. Thank you. They have a


very special bond that a lot of people will never have. They will


always have each other. It was said because I couldn't play with her any


more. How do you feel now? Happy because we are together again. The


way that I hold her or hug her is a little bit tighter, for just that


little bit longer and we feel very lucky that we have made it. Tonight


there are thousands of children battling serious on this. You can be


there to support them and their families every step of the way --


battling serious illness. If you haven't donated yet, please text


in. I promise you, you can make a difference. To give ?10 to Children


In Need: Those were the best bits, and thank


you to each and every one of you for making Children In Need the biggest


ever. From myself, it Shane Richie, from a very cold Wolford, this is


One Direction. # Maybe it's the way she walked


straight into my heart and stole it. # Through the doors and past the


guards, just like she already own it.


# I said, can you give it back to me?


# She said, never in your wildest dreams.


# And we danced all night to the best song ever.


# We knew every line, now I can't remember.


# How it goes, but I know that I won't forget her.


# Because we danced all night to the best song ever.


# I think it went over, oh, oh. # I think it went yet, yeah, yeah.


# Said her name was George arose. # And her daddy was a dentist. --


Georgia Rose. # Said I had a dirty mouth.


# But she kissed me like she meant it.


# I said, can I take you home with me?


# She said, never in your wildest dreams.


# And we danced all night to the best song ever.


# We knew every line, now I can't remember.


# How it goes, but I know that I won't forget her.


# Because we danced all night to the best song ever.


# I think it went oh, oh, oh. # I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah.


# You know, I know, you know I will remember you.


# And I know, you know, I know you will remember me.


# You know, I know, you know I will remember you.


# I know, you know, I hope you will remember how we danced.


# How we danced. # How we danced all night to the


best song ever. # We knew every line, now I can't


remember. # How it goes, but I know that I


won't forget her. # Because we danced all night to the


best song ever. # We danced all night to the best


song ever. # We knew every line, now I can't


remember. # How it goes, but I know that I


won't forget her. # Because we danced all night to the


best song ever. # I think it went oh, oh, oh.


# I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah. # Best song ever, it was the best


song ever. Thank you.


Tonight 's star-studded evening is nearly at an end, so let's see what


you have achieved. One last time, let's fire up the totaliser.


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