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rest of Children In Need. Tom Daley will be our guest. Have a great


weekend. Ladies and gentlemen,


boys and girls, get ready for the biggest night


of the year. Please welcome your hosts,


Nick Grimshaw... Good evening and welcome to Children


in Need 2015! Give it up for Pudsey -


what a mover! Now, as you can see, there's


a certain someone who is usually But due to ill health,


for the first time in 35 years, we


are missing our knight of the realm We send all our love to you - and of


course, we will try to do you proud. And he might not be a knight


of the realm - but he's


my knight in shining armour. ladies and gentlemen, please give a


very warm welcome to Dermot O'Leary! This is not how I thought Friday


night was going to roll! Watch the show, no, do the show! Thank you for


calling, honoured to be here, thank you for having me. Sir Terry, get


well soon, you are my hero, your shoes are big shoes to fill, big


size in 11 Irish brogues. What on it is to be working with Tess Daly!


After years of not being able to seek your show, it is not bad, the


dancing and staff! We've got a wonderful night ahead


of us. Just have


a look at what we've got in store! It is Children in Need 2015! Buckle


up, sit back and enjoy the ride! , got, Call The Midwife does Strictly.


EastEnders. Scott Mills takes on an epic challenge. Jess Glynne. Ellie


Goulding. Rod Stuart. West life meet Girls Aloud. Selena Gomez. Harry


Hill. Star Wars. And much, much more.


Children in Need strikes back! And a lot less evil!


Also joining us tonight for a very special challenge -


Their challenge was not waving! Helen Skelton is involved, you know


it will be hard-core. And throughout


the night we'll be enjoying our very Ah, yes,


you're talking about the Queen Vic. There's a very special Moon manning


the bar - it's Alfie Moon, We'll have a whole host


of famous guests propping up And keeping them all entertained -


Mr Peter Andre! And if you're thinking I'm


a tad overdressed - Right, I've got to get this place


sparkling so I'll see you in a bit! And


before we go any further tonight, we want to say a truly heartfelt


thank you to all of you at home. We can only do what we do because


of you. Thanks to


your fantastic support last year alone Children in Need was able to


help nearly half a million children Half a million children -


that's an amazing thing. Here's


a little film to tell you more. From Dunfermline to Durham,...


Coleraine to Caerphilly... Morecambe to Milton Keynes... Every penny you


give is spent on helping disadvantaged children. They touch


your heart. You cannot put a price on that. When I see Dylan with Andy,


I see happiness. Because of your donations, Children in Need is there


to help. It was just like coming home. There is no place on earth


like it. I would not have survived without it. You help children face


up to illness, however tough it gets. I am not as fast as I was. You


are doing fab. So that they and the people who care about them can feel


better about tomorrow. Just making someone smile. It is so simple. So


simple. She is getting stronger, we love it. Every child deserves a


happy, safe and secure future. And a chance to make the most of their


lives. Your donations help young people be the best they can be. I


never thought somebody talking would help that much, but it helps a lot.


Across Britain, so many children still need your help. There is


however, hope. You have the power to help. You can make a difference. A


big difference. Please help us. Call 03457 33 22 33. Remember,... Because


of you, amazing things happen. Amazing things happen. That look on


his face is just something I will never forget. Amazing things happen.


Amazing things happen. Because of you, amazing things happen. Thank


you. Fantastic work -


carried out by fantastic people. Children in Need supports over 2,500


projects - all right here in the UK. And we want that great


work to continue. You can support us by calling


03457 33 22 33 to make a donation. Standard geographic charges from


landlines and mobiles will apply. Or you can always donate online


at You've been so amazing so many


times before, and we hope that we And as well as picking up the phone,


you can give in loads of other ways. You can donate on the BBC Children


in Need website, using your debit or credit card, or with your PayPal


account. The indoor money at all major banks, building societies or


the post office. Send a cheque or a postal order to BBC Children in


Need. Or telephone to donate or tell us how much you have raised. Stand


the geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply.


Now, each year we have a little word about Gift Aid.


It's a brilliant scheme that means if you're a UK tax payer,


Children in Need can claim back 25 pence for every pound you give.


Which means even more help for the children who need it most.


So when you phone and our lovely volunteers ask


if you'd like to claim Gift Aid on your donation, you just say yes.


Time now for our first thank you of the night -


I'm talking to all of you amazing school children out there.


You've been doing yourselves and your families proud with


a whole load of sponsored runs, walks, bakes and silences...


Not that we're going to make a big song and dance


I am Rachel. I am Charlie. Schools have been raising money for Children


in Need. Doing things like this. A huge thank you to all the children


at Albrighton Primary School and all of you school kids out there


who've helped Children in Need. You are brilliant -


gold stars all round! Now, all of you Strictly fans out


there will fondly remember from last year's competition


a certain Scott Mills. Who could ever forget


that crab costume? Well, he was so disappointed not


to make it to Blackpool last year, Although I'm not sure he realised


quite what we had in mind. Hi, Terry Wogan here calling


Scott Mills. Your mission,


should you choose to accept it, is to abseil down Blackpool Tower


for Children In Need. Scott Mills,


do you accept this challenge? You couldn't do it


for a better cause and I know you're You can't really say no when


Sir Terry Wogan offers you up But now it's come to the day


of the training, I would probably do anything to get


out of this at this point. Seeing as though we are abseiling


off Blackpool Tower, again we I just missed out on the Blackpool


week of Strictly and a year later, I really didn't think I'd be going


like this. The hardest thing he would have done


on Strictly is put some tights on. Here, he's not going to


know what's hit him. Mills,


what on this planet are you doing?! Get over there,


think of Blackpool Tower. He's going to get his head


into that mud. I've possibly bitten off more than I


can chew. Mills, have you fallen asleep


in that tunnel? There's nearly light at the end


of the tunnel. I have the utmost respect


for the Royal Marines, I actually don't know how they do


this, they are absolute machines. I'm told Scott is petrified


of heights. I'm the kind


of guy that would only go Blackpool Tower is going to be 13


times higher than this 30-foot wall, We are going to make


you happy with that. I'm only on the ground and I'm


scared. I guess I just don't look down,


right? But he's properly stitched


me up this time. I can't look down,


I nearly looked down. How long's Children in Need on TV


for? That was one of


the scariest things I've ever done. Now I've just got to do it


at 400 feet. I've done as much training as I can


do now, I'm just hoping, please, Now, unfortunately, gale-force winds


have been battering Blackpool's Golden Mile all this week, which


means we've had to call off Scott's Not surprisingly,


Scott took this news quite well... Until he found out that instead


of the Blackpool Tower, he would now have to abseil


down the Orbit at London's Queen Beautiful! And if I was a different,


bitter presenter, I would say Scott would have to cope with a bad wind.


But that is not my style. And we'll see how he got


on with his new tall challenge It's time now for our first music


performance of the night from one She's been a great friend


of Children in Need. Showing her support again with her


brilliant song Army, here is # I'm a pain, I'm a child


I'm afraid # I know that we


don't look like much # Matter of fact I always thought


you were too cool for me # All the nights


we've been drunk on the floor # We both know what


they say about us # But they don't stand a chance


because # Dark times, you can always find


the bright side # I'm amazed by the things


that you would sacrifice # How you cringe


when you sing out of tune # We both know what


they say about us # But they don't stand a chance


because # We both know what


they say about us Massive thanks to the


magnificent Ellie. We'll have more music superstars


joining us throughout the night, including Jess Glynne, Years


Years, Selena Gomez and Rod Stewart. We also have the Children In Need


choir. And how this year's Children in Need


choir came together. Welcome to Children In Need, live


from Tower Bridge, starring Pudsey Bear and your host for the evening,


Riz Lateef. Hello and welcome to our Pudsey party at Tower Bridge, or to


be more precise, take a look on Tower Bridge, because we are just


hanging out 42 metres above the Thames, as you do. What a view.


Welcome to our fundraisers. Don't they look great? Also with us


throughout the evening is our house band from the musical Show stoppers


in the West End. They are improvisers, so let's test due out


on the subject of Dermot O'Leary, who stepped in at the last minute to


cover Sir Terry. # Dermot will help us out, he's the one it's all about.


# Dermot will help us out, he's the one it's all about. # he's the one


who thank you! More from them later, but you may have noticed that


there does seem to be a rather large bear missing from this party. Pudsey


is always on a mission, and he does like to make an entrance. Pudsey, in


2013, you've completed your Beefeater training at the Tower of


London. Last year, you flew into BBC headquarters on a London bus. This


year, we are raising the bar. But you must hurry, your training starts


at 0700 hrs. And Pudsey, queues and over the most sophisticated gadget


of them all, a selfie stick. You had better get going.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, shaken, but definitely not


stirred, please welcome Pudsey Bear!


Oh, Pudsey Bear, I've been expecting you. We have lots of lovely people


to meet. First, we have Reading girls school and a fundraising flash


mob dance. Is it true that you guys gave up your lunch breaks every day


to fund raise? Yes, we gave up our lunch to help raise money for


Children In Need. We do a flash mob dance. 200 pupils, test as


superheroes. Good effort. How much did you raise? ?700! Fantastic.


Meanwhile, look over here. We have the club league footballers. I'm


going to ask keirin to have a quick chat. You took part in a fun day of


football, playing in a wig. What was it like? Lots of fun. What about a


rematch next year? Yes. So, these boys, in these wigs, raised ?315.


Let's hear it for them. Well done. We would also like to say thank you


to BBC radio London, which has done its bit to raise money for Children


In Need. They hosted a soul night out. It was hosted by DJ Tony


Blackburn, the legend. It is a sell-out night at Cocoa in Camden.


The surprise guests were none other than the three degrees, who flew in


just for the gig. So how much did they raise? Here are the Motown


ladies to tell us. One, two, three. ?21,000! Fantastic. Join us later to


see how Pudsey gets on with his training to raise Tower Bridge.


Bye-bye. And thank you to each


and every one of you throughout But that won't stop us from trying -


so thank you again. And remember,


every single penny raised tonight is With over 2,500 projects throughout


the country, there'll be one For example, there are three


in Kilmarnock, 20 in Norwich If you'd like to tell us how you've


been fundraising, then get in touch. Search Pudsey Bear to find us


on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram at @BBCCIN,


using the hashtag #CIN. Let's get Children


in Need trending worldwide! The Children in Need party is only


just getting started, so restock the nibbles, replenish


the punch, because we've got all Coming up, the EastEnders caste swap


Walford for Hollywood! Scott Mills takes a lib of faith. Sir Bruce is


back. A monumental Star Wars special. And Jess Glynne sings


live! I cannot wait for our


Star Wars Spectacular - Next, I'd like to tell you


about an amazing place in Bridgend. It's a family centre for disabled


children called Y Bont. And you know, a bridge is


exactly what this project is. For 18 years, the people who work


there have guided countless Y BONT is is a really joyful,


happy place. It's a hub, not just for childcare,


but for the family itself. Y BONT offers day care for children


with a range of conditions, such as autism, down's syndrome and


some with life limiting illnesses. Your donations pay for Paula,


Y BONT's all-round mother hen Sometimes I see parents


for the first time. They come here


and they are desperate. They just want the best


for their child. They want their child to be able


to be happy and feel safe and Things were really, really difficult


when Tristen was first born. Without the support of Y BONT, we


wouldn't be where we are today. The way the staff are towards all


the children, it's fantastic. For Jackson,


Y BONT makes a massive difference. Before he came here he couldn't


walk, he didn't talk, My daughter is called Bethany,


she came to Y BONT I was very anxious, but Paula was


so reassuring. In Paula's 17 years at Y BONT, she


has helped around 2,000 families. I've been privileged to have


worked with so many wonderful They touch your heart,


they really do. To watch them reach their goals,


you can't put a price on that. Not just for the children, but


for the staff, parents, everybody. You can always go to Paula


about anything. She is just so proud of each


and every one of those children. I mean, to me, this isn't a job,


it's a way of life. She is obviously someone very


special, Paula. She's so wonderful, in fact,


that we wanted to meet her. I do my job the same as the other


people who work for us, by watching that video, you can see how much it


means to all our families and the children, and it does make a


difference in their lives, I love it.


Now, Paula, you're a remarkable lady who's helped hundreds


And a few of them would really love to say thank you in person.


Just a fraction of the people you've helped over the years.


It is wonderful, to think we have touched so many lives, it has all


been possible through the kind donations of all the people and


Pudsey Bear, so come on, UK! Jo, tell us what Paula has done


for you and Paula has supported us in so many


different ways, as a baby Bethany was so poorly, you were there in


hospital with balloons and gifts, financially it was difficult, but


you were there with the forms, help and guidance, and education, you did


it all, you are our guardian angel. Thank you. You are a special lady.


Luca, what would you like to say to Paula?


I would like to say a big thank you for looking after me and everyone


else. I would like to say to get well soon to Sir Terry Wogan.


Paula, all these wonderful people you've helped wanted to be here


I am overwhelmed, I never expected anything like this. What a fantastic


team we have got. How brilliant. Debbie was one of the first ones in


with Matthew. The Centre has made the difference to so many


children's lives. Can you believe they managed to keep it a surprise?


One of our first proteges. He was one of the first ones in, he has


done so well. I believe, Kettlan, you have


something for Paula, don't you? You are one of a kind,


making a difference You did very well, keeping a


secret! I find it hard to whisper! Good lad!


You are one of a kind, making a difference


Thank you from all of us here at Children in Need.


Paula, is there anything you want to say to the people


Each of you can make a difference, please pick up that phone and call


this number now. 03457 33 22 33. Thank you so much.


Give it up for Paula, and everyone from Bridgend!


I think we'd better go to a thank you film while we all pull


Boots stores have been selling goods for Children in Need. We are here to


say thank you to customers and staff and to lend a helping hand. Let's


get to work. Money well spent! Hello, everyone,


Little Mix here, thank you for donating to Children in Need. We


have got headbands, teddies, key rings. Thank you so much. Little


chance for your glasses. Please help this amazing charity, Children in


Need. Children in Need soon! This year,... You look gorgeous! A cheeky


self the! Thank you! How did she not twig, they can't


have been anyone left in Bridgend! Loads of them!


So let's find out how much Boots and their customers have raised.


Thank you to all the staff and customers who've got involved.


Come on, Dermot - you be Fred, I'll be Ginger.


But we do have a whole dancing troupe ready and waiting


Prepare to be amazed by the cast of EastEnders!


# I just got an invitation through the mails


# Your presence requested, this evening it's formal


# Nothing now could take the wind out of my sails


# Because I'm invited to step out this evening in


# If you're blue and you don't know where to go to


# Why don't you go where fashion sits


# Different types who wear a daycoat, pants with stripes


# And cut away coats, perfect fits Puttin' on the Ritz


# Dressed up like a million-dollar trouper


# Come, let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks


# For I'll be there Puttin' down my top hat


# Puttin' down my top hat Dancin' in my tails


As ever, a huge Children in Need thank you to the wonderful cast


Every year, they pull out all the stops.


This year, Lloyds have been supporting all of Children in Need's


And on top of this, their staff and customers have been raising


Here's Julia Bradbury to tell us more.


Lloyds customers and staff have been working tirelessly, raising money


for Children in Need. You have been peddling, raising money, climb the


mountain is. I have something to show you. Children in Need raises


money for different charities, some children who have benefited want to


say thank you. I have had brittle bone disease my entire life. I had


meningitis when I was eight, it has left me with a brain injury. I do


not get to play much, it can be hard. The charity arranged therapy


for me and my siblings and my mother to help them understand how I had


changed. My parents had met other people with the same condition, it


has helped them to know they are not alone. Thank you to's for donating


it will help lots of people like me and my family. Well done, everyone.


It makes me feel really good. It spurs you on for next year? Exactly.


And let's see how much Lloyds have raised.


Does that happen often? That is a big one! Bring it up again, that is


awesome! Come on! I want to see it again!


That is worth celebrating. Everybody has to erase that! -- raised that!


The pub's filling up and this lot's a little classier than


Take these two, for example, no strangers to the East End -


it's Call The Midwife's Laura Main and Jack Ashton.


We do get the phone call to do strip become dancing, you get excited, but


how did you feel? I said, I would love to do it, then


forgot about it. Then I had to do it. I had been thinking about it


ever since! I was so excited. What were rehearsals like? We did one


week of intensive training after we finished filming, we finished on


Friday, a wrap party on Saturday, and we were in on Monday. They


worked as hard. Thank you for being here, we will see more of them


later. We'll see more of Laura and Jack


later in our Strictly special. Now, here's someone who loves


a packet of pork scratchings Every year, the ritual challenge


goes from strength to strength. Is it different this year? Every year,


it is a fantastic week. But this year in particular for some reason,


it seems to have really caught the hearts of the nation. Everyone has


got behind it. The speeches have been fantastic. And I think we have


smashed our total, but there is still time to donate.


Later, we'll see Matt Baker and those six young riders pedal


right into the studio to reveal how much they've raised.


Keep on supporting them and let's help 'em beat last year's


And from one Walford resident to another.


Here's Danny Dyer to tell you about Logan - a very inspirational


It's tough watching your child struggle to do something.


It's even tougher being a parent and thinking you can't help.


With a little help from Children in Need, you'll be surprised what


I want you to meet a lovely little geezer called Logan


Logan was born very early at 28 weeks.


They found out that he had a bleed on the brain.


We later found out that it would affect his movement,


I think he was two when we finally got the diagnosis and they


I only asked the question once, "Will he walk?"


Maybe, one day, when he's older, he might just throw his sticks away


That was the day that I came home on the bus and I cried.


It was horrible seeing him struggle because I didn't know how


I just knew that there has got to be something out there for Logan


This is School for Parents in Nottingham.


It is a place for children who have motor disorders or develop


We walked through the doors and, for me,


Your donations help pay for Erica, who specialises in a technique


We started to teach him how to stand initially


We had to work through those tears and we had to help mum to be


Almost immediately, Erica would have him walking with his Kaye Walker.


Fast forward a couple of weeks and she's got him stood up with


The progress was coming thick and fast.


We were able to show him ways of doing things for himself, which


increased his independence which, in turn, increased his confidence.


At the end of the day, we all knew he had it in him to be able to walk.


The sessions that we provide, they only happen once a week


but the real learning is actually in the home environment.


What we need to do is to teach parents to become the teachers


I can only describe Erica as our guardian angel.


Somewhere out there, there's mums struggling like I was.


I just don't know where we would be without her.


I wouldn't be able to do all the things that I am doing now.


Make a difference to other children like Logan.


And you know, there are a lot of other children


who YOU could help tonight by calling 03457 33 22 33.


We really do appreciate your generosity.


And talking of inspirational children, we've got 1,661 of them


So here they are, singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus.


And the children have asked that you please donate whilst they sing.


# There's a voice inside my head saying


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# But these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most, yeah


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


From Great Yarmouth to Belfast, Keswick to Llandudno and


for the first time, Jersey - you're all superstars.


1,661 thank-yous to The Children in Need Choir.


Now, over the years, a whole host of stars have graced the Strictly


dance floor for our Children in Need specials -


including the BBC newsreaders, Torvill and Dean,


And this year, we have none other than the cast of Call the Midwife.


It's time to head over to the Strictly Ballroom.


From the Strictly ballroom, this is the Children in Need special.


Please welcome your hosts, Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly.


Good evening, ladies, gentlemen and children,


welcome to the Strictly Come Dancing Children in Need special.


And it's so nice to see you back, Brucie. Isn't it, everyone?


What a show we've got coming up today.


We have four stars from Call The Midwife,


ditching the hot water and towels for a night of glitter and sequins.


Now, I had to call the midwife when my son was born.


I got my wife, rushed her to the hospital and I


I kept saying, push, darling, push harder.


Because the sign on the door said "pull".


Let's get on and introduce our midwives, shall we?


Ah, yes, it's time to meet the stars of our show.


Jenny Agutter and her partner Ian Waite.


Jack Ashton and his partner Oti Mabuse.


Laura Main and her partner Brendan Cole.


And Stephen McGann and his partner Joanne Clifton.


Yes, four stars from Call The Midwife.


Now, there's no pressure, but we do expect you to deliver.


Tonight, all four of our couples will compete


But they will be judged individually and only one couple will walk away


There's no voting tonight, as our Children in Need champion


Len, Bruno, Darcey, of course, and Craig.


While there is no voting from home tonight, we still want you


Now, let's get on and see our Call The Midwife stars in training.


Hi, I'm Jenny Agutter and play Sister Julienne in Call The Midwife.


I'm Jack Ashton and I play the vicar, Tom Hereword.


My name is Laura Main and I play Sheila Turner and I'm


Who is Steve McGann and I play Dr Turner.


I thought I might assist you in the manner of a Doctor Watson.


We thought you might be a little bit nervous, so we decided to bring Call


We were hoping for some of the Strictly sparkle and glamour.


When the competition starts, the medical gloves are off.


I can see the competition is pretty high.


We're going to try our hardest and hopefully get most


Dancing for the Children in Need Strictly trophy,


That was marvellous, it really was.


Congratulations, thank goodness none of you had a midwife crisis.


While they do get their breath back, let's take a moment to thank our


singers, Hayley, Lance, Andrea and Tommy and, of course, Dave Arch.


And his wonderful, wonderful orchestra.


Let me just say first of all, thank you all so much for giving up


Only three days practice and you come out fantastic.


You've packed more in than a baby can pack into a nappy, really.


A nun, a vicar, a doctor and a nurse, I have never felt safer


Jenny, the perfect combination of beauty, timeless style and elegance.


Jenny, darling, I'm going to start with you, elegant.


I thought all the port de bras was beautiful.


Stephen, a bit of the Hunchback of Notre Dame going on there, darling.


But the positive side - your thumb was down throughout,


Jack, you were kicking and flicking a bit like a rugby player, darling.


Again, you've thrown yourself into it.


It's so daring to come out with two very hard dances.


Stephen, I have to say you get a kink in your head when you smile.


Thank you judges for your very, very kind words.


To coin a catch phrase, Brucie, didn't they do well?


Now who is going to be crowned Children in Need champions and who


Remember, there's no voting at home tonight.


But we really want you to help them raise as much money as possible


So don't forget, every single penny is spent


Now, it's time to see who is going to take home the Children in Need


The judges will make a group decision.


So while they confer, couples please take your positions.


Now then, judges, it's decision time.


On behalf of all the judges, Len, as head judge, can you please tell


Well, we've had a discussion between us and it wasn't an easy decision.


Huge congratulations, Laura and Brendan.


You're our winners of Children in Need does Strictly.


I'm so pleased everybody went right and we've hopefully put on


Huge commiserations to our losers, but as they say,


it's the taking part that counts, if you believe that.


Congratulations to Laura and Brendan, you are now


the Children in Need Strictly Come Dancing champions 2015.


Huge thank you to all of our wonderful Call The Midwife


couples and you at home for watching and donating.


And just to remind you, I'll be back for the Strictly Christmas special.


Well done to Laura and Brendan - our Children in Need champions.


And all of the CORBA midwife stars. -- call the midwife.


When things get tough, it's family we turn to, to hold things together.


But sometimes, that isn't always enough.


Sometimes you need someone new to come in and make a difference.


This film is about a lovely little boy called Sam and


Meet Josie and the family who have grown to


If we didn't have Josie, Sam would probably be moody, grumpy


When Sam was four, he was diagnosed with a muscle-wasting disease.


I was starting to notice I was falling over a lot more than other


people, and not being able to ride a bike or kicking balls.


He got to school and he realised that all the other boys and girls


He was very angry that he couldn't do the things that


I didn't want to go outside or talk to anyone.


That's when Josie came into Sam's life.


Specially trained for him by Dogs For Good - a charity supported


The first weekend home, the door to the kitchen opened


Look what I've done with Josie." She'd helped him change.


For the first time in two years, she helped him dress himself


But Josie didn't just become Sam's muscles, she became his friend.


The change in Sam, it was like a weight being lifted


We went from being tense and stress all the time to...


Josie brought that little boy back again.


In 2010, Sam and Josie won the prestigious


Josie's a hero to us and we know the impact she's actually had.


For other people to recognise it, it was really quite humbling.


I love Josie. She means the world to me.


There are so many children, like Sam, who could use a friend like


Josie, but training these puppies and matching them up with the right


families takes time and patience - so, please, help us to support the


incredible work charities like Dogs For Good are doing.


As the boys from One Direction said, training the dogs and matching them


Please help us to continue supporting


You can donate online at


Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply.


Tess, I'm always amazed that wherever I go at


this time of year, there's Children in Need fundraising everywhere.


So let's take a look at the Children in Need champs who've been


We've organised all sorts of their things. How much did you raise?


?1500. If you think it looks like a bit of a squeeze, spare a thought


found extra guests and what they have been doing. Here is a clue.


You are a bit young to be driving, but tell us how many you squeezed in


for your challenge. 18. This was in Enfield. How squashed was it? It was


tight. There is nothing mini about the ?300 these guys have raised.


Thank you so much indeed. APPLAUSE


Now, Pudsey, come here, because he has spent the day doing some special


training for a big moment later, haven't you? When he will be raising


Tower Bridge. And actually, I should say, he is


just one of a handful of people in the world who are trained to raise


Tower Bridge. You don't want to miss that moment. Are you looking forward


to the bridge opening later? Yes. Thank you to everyone here, everyone


watching and donating, and to those of you sending photos of what you


have been doing to raise money for Children in Need. You can keep


posting them on our Facebook page, where there is a gallery of lots of


pictures. Just above me on the corner of your screen, that is the


number if you want to donate. So from all of us here at Tower Bridge,


we will see you later. By buy. -- goodbye.


And don't forget, every penny you raise is spent on projects in the


UK. There are eight projects in Wrexham,


20 in Leeds and 38 in Edinburgh. Your money really does reach


every corner of the country. The time where a very good friend


of mine comes to take over Yeah -


well, I need all the help I can get! So please give it up


for the lovely Fearne Cotton! # Jump on it.


# I want to see that again. I am actually here. Thank you for


holding my hand all the way through. My pleasure.


at what's coming up in our bit, then?


Coming up, feel the force with our Star Wars special.


Rod Stewart rocks out. Scott Mills faces his biggest fear.


And Harry Hill is in the studio. Now, it's a sad truth that


millions of children in this For some


of them, things are desperate. Here's Martin Freeman to tell you


about a family living through To protect the family's identity,


their names have been changed. Stephen is an eight-old boy who


lives with his mum and dad at home. He finds it very difficult to


understand feelings and emotions Three years ago, Stephen was


diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has undergone chemotherapy


and a bone marrow transplant but I'm sad to say, a year after his


diagnosis, he suffered a relapse His parents have taken


the decision that Mum should give up Dad has also had to take unpaid


leave The family have now slipped


into debt. Through no fault of their own,


they're in a dreadful situation. They'd like to buy


a more suitable bed for Stephen. Right now, his mum


and dad have to lift Stephen in and A bed that is lower to


the floor would really help. Every child deserves a safe


and warm place to sleep. It's so simple but, in so many


families, this just isn't possible. A organisation, called Buttle UK,


provides emergency essentials for families living


in crisis or extreme poverty. They help families


when they really need it. I'm pleased to tell you that they


have provided a new and more suitable bed so Stephen now


has a better place to sleep. Daily life is still hard but,


in a small way, your money has Sadly, Stephen is just one


of 3.7 million children living These are children who lived really


tough lives and, the thing is, none Every year,


Buttle UK receive thousands of applications from families who


are in desperately to help. Because of your donations,


Children in Need is there to support Together, we can change things


for the better. Those families Buttle UK supports


find themselves in truly awful situations through no


fault of their own. If you would be so kind


as to call 03457 33 22 33, Now, the crew at Radio 2 are known


for many things, not least for having the very


best-looking DJs in the business... And when it comes to fundraising for


Children in Need, their listeners are


up there with the best of the best. We're about to say those


two magic words again. Once again, this year Radio 2


listeners have been generously supporting Children in Need. You


came out in droves to Chris Evans' family motoring extravaganzas, North


and South. There is so much to do. Are you ready for some more? We wind


and Steyn and with Sir Terry Wogan. Good of you to come to the best


pre-Christmas party of the year. Not just that, but you don't deep in the


Breakfast Show auctions, too. So under half of the BBC Children in


Need, I would like to say huge thank you all.


Let's reveal how much Radio 2 have raised.


And a special thank you to Chris Evans,


Fearne, it must be time for a totaliser by now!


Now, Dermot, are you a Star Wars fan?


I find your lack of faith disturbing. I have a bad feeling


about this, although together think we can rule the galaxy. Of course I


am a fan! He asked stars of the films Warwick


Davis, C-3PO and R2-D2 to reveal The thing is, Dermot,


they've gone missing. Warwick!


Where in the blazes are you? They want you to bring the Star Wars


super fan onstage for the first Totaliser of the


night. Sir,


I really think we need to hurry up. Need a lift to the Children in Need


studio? If I give you a lift, would you


help me push the Totaliser button? Wait, how did you hear


about the Totaliser? Sir Terry is no good


at keeping secrets. I have a Hans Solo one back at home,


I can nip back and get it. According to my calculations, he


can't possibly make it back in time. You shall not this


Totaliser button press. I'm just letting you know,


I am a huge Star Wars fan. I should be the one to press


the Totaliser button. Not if you can't do a basic Yoda


impression. Maybe I can't do a basic Yoda


impression, as you call it, Which one


of you is shaking my cup of Rosie? Are you quite sure this is


the right way? I want to press that Totaliser


button. Someone who is a huge fan of


Star Wars. Yes, R2, I was expecting him to say,


you're fired! I'm afraid we are running really


late for our appearance on Children Oh, can I press the Totaliser


button, please? OK, if you're such a super fan,


name all the Star Wars films. Star Wars 1:


Carry On Storm Trooping. Star Wars 2:


Carry On Building The Death Star. Star Wars 3:


Carry On Up The Dagmar System. Yes, R2,


the stench in here is overwhelming. It must be some kind


of trash compactor. Our only hope


of pressing the Totaliser button. We made you a Millennium Falcon


cake. Have you eaten my Battenberg


cockpit? R2 is receiving


another transmission. I heard you were looking for


the ultimate Star Wars super fan. Before you answer,


who got you into this business? You've done something


before you worked with us? Is it something anyone


has ever heard of? About this button thing,


I think I would be... Whatever.


Come on. BB-8, you are the super fan


we have been looking for. Jedi knight Terry Wogan,


we salute you! Ladies and gentlemen,


boys and girls - from Star Wars:


The Force Awakens, please welcome Warwick Davis, C-3PO,


R2-D2 and BB-8! Who'd have thought there were


so many fans dotted around the BBC? BB-8, you have the great honour


of starting the first Are you ready? Let's do it. I


believe that is the correct code. We shall now reveal the total.


That was all at Star Wars. That was something special. So good. What a


treat! Thousands of post office customers


and staff have raised money for Children in Need. They have put on a


fantastic performance for Pudsey. We will give them a special surprise.


We hope you enjoyed that. We are here from Children in Need to say


thank you so much for all of your fundraising efforts. You are all


heroes. Get back to work! APPLAUSE


and customers of the Post Office have raised.




And don't forget, every single penny raised this evening will go to


children in the UK who need it the most.


Let's take a look at how BBC Children in Need is supporting


Welcome back to our Pudsey party, overlooking London. Right at the top


of Tower Bridge. Pepsi has a bridge to raise in a moment. He will heads


of -- he will head off. Tonight, we are showing all the fabulous people


who have been fundraising. If you're thinking about picking up the phone


to call or text let's show you how the money you how the many Ukip


supports the projects that help so many children. -- money you give. It


has helped her to be so much more confident, dancing. She is so


energetic. She makes the dances so fun. When we found something for


her, that was it. No looking back. Takes a lot to be hit in the face


and carry on hitting back. Mental determination is a key thing to


have. I came to Wembley youth centre to box. I come here to develop


myself. You become more mature. Petty fights and scraps are not


worth it. This 17-year-old is here. How long


have you been going to the centre in Wembley? Ages. Around six or seven


years. It is designed to steer young people away from crime. Do you worry


what you would have been doing? If I had gone down that negative route, I


could have gone into gangs. It has really helped me stay on this


positive route. Thank you for talking to us this evening. That is


one example of how your donation has helped. I will rush over here to see


another. You may from the film and also Emily. How does dancing make


you feel? So happy. Being surrounded by friends and helpers makes me feel


like I can dance the way I want. You are the founder of this project.


Without projects like yours, some of these children would never get a


chance to dance? Absolutely. They would not have the opportunity to


dance and perform on a weekly basis. I'll go in to ask a very quick


question to Emily. -- Iowa going to ask. What to you like about it? It


makes her happy. Thank you for being here. A certain someone is nowhere


in sight. Earlier, Pudsey was training. Let's count down to the


bridge. Five, four, three, two, one... Go, Pudsey! We are going to


watch it from here. It is a stunning London landmark, opened way back in


1894. More than a century later it is being opened and raised four


Children in Need. That vessel coming through is the Lady Daphne. What you


think of it? Wow! While you watch, I'm going to say, thank you so much


for helping us to raise the roof and raise the bridge. Thank you to Tower


Bridge for having as an thank you to all of you for coming. A big thank


you to everyone who has donated. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


Goodbye. It's great to see your money


at work and the difference it makes to so many


children's lives here in the UK. There really are projects


in all corners of this fine land including two in Tamworth, 11


in Sunderland and 40 in Manchester. Is this by any chance one of


Sir Terry's old links? He has of boys more gravelly than a


driveway and smells lovely as well. It is the 1 and only, Mr Rod


Stewart! # I was just a little boy


without a care # I remember looking up


and seeing you there # I never wandered too far


from your side # Cos all the love I needed


was there in your eyes # We grew up in a war-torn city


with a cast-iron wheel # Broken lives, darkened streets


and twisted steel # But around our house


the sky seemed so blue # And on a wing and a prayer


we just muddled through # And we always kept the laughter


and the smile upon our face # In that good old-fashioned British


way with pride and faultless grace # I shall never forget


those childhood days # Tell me what it was


that made our family strong # As our defiant little island


weathered the storm # There never seemed enough


for my plate # You said be grateful


Say grace, don't complain # How can I ever thank you


for the lessons that I've learnt? # And the precious warmth and


comfort that I felt at every turn # And for those who


sacrificed their lives # I hear your stories


of rage and burning skies # And a nation


with its back against the wall # And we always kept the laughter


and the smile upon our face # In that good old-fashioned British


way with pride and faultless grace # I shall never forget


those childhood days We shall never surrender.


APPLAUSE Right about now, if you weren't


watching Children In Need, of course,


I bet a lot of you little ones would


be settling down to a bedtime story. Here's Ellie Goulding to introduce


you to a family who can do that I want you to meet a really


brave little girl called Tayen. Tayen's condition means she has


an uncertain future. Right now,


it has caused her to go blind. She has many challenges but,


with a loving family around her, Thanks to you, she can still do


something that seemed impossible Mummy,


I want to go on a roller-coaster. Tayen was 22-months-old


when she had her seizure. I wanted so very much to pick her up


and cuddle her. Doctors soon discovered what


had caused the seizure. Tumours were growing


in Tayen's optic nerves She needed chemotherapy to save


what little vision she had left. We were only six weeks


into chemotherapy when she lost it Nearly two years on


and thankfully the tumours are not But Tayen will never


be able to see again. Before her illness,


Tayen loved books. We really felt that love for books,


for her, had gone with her sight. Thanks to the Living Paintings


library, a charity supported by Children in Need, Tayen still loves


books as much as she ever did. There's an owl up there,


and a squirrel. All the pages are also Brailled,


which is great because Tayen can She knows that means something and


to feel the pictures, it brings the She will seek Lucas out if she


wants to do reading and they will A mouse took a stroll through


the deep, dark wood. Living Paintings has adapted over


200 kids classics, lending them to blind and partially


sighted children across Britain. We have no prognosis for Tayen, so


we treat every day as it's our last. To make those memories with the boys


and us as a family, it's amazing. To encourage her love of reading


books again, it's so precious. You can make a difference


to children like Tayen. ?34 gives a blind or partially


sighted child a year's worth of Please help us to continue


supporting them Standard geographic charges from


landlines and mobiles will apply. And of course, you can donate


online at It's time for another trip


over to Albert Square. And it seems Walford has received


a special visitor # Now on the sidewalk


one Sunday morning # And someone's sneaking


'round the corner # Could that someone


be Mack The Knife? # There'll be more


musical delights from Peter later. Now a man who,


remarkably, managed to make his way to the Queen Vic without


constant harassment from A-listers. It's a lively and here. This is like


any night in the Queen Vic. The singer is good, isn't he? Being in


EastEnders, I am not allowed to give away secrets from storylines but I


can't let you leave the pub to my without giving me a secret from the


new Star Wars film. Any thing, come on! Star Wars, episode seven, I am


in the film, and I am a fan. There was one day on set when the


clapperboard, which they bring out with information about the scene, I


remember seeing it said Star Wars. At that point, it hit me that we


were doing Star Wars all over again, which is where it started when I was


11. Don't say any more. Join us at 10 o'clock on BBC Two as


our knees-up at the Vic continues. Back to you for now, Fearne


and Dermot. Not an easy job propping up that


bar, but someone's got to do it. Now, earlier, we saw Scott Mills


train for his big abseil challenge. It's just as well Helen Skelton


was there to hold his hand... in London's Queen Elizabeth


Olympic Park. You genuinely just said, what if I


faint. How difficult has it been not knowing where or if this would


happen? The location changed on Monday and I did not know where it


was until later in the week so I have not been able to prepare


mentally for anything. I did not know where it would be and I


actually can't even look over there at the moment. Get over there and


get stuck in. We are all behind you. Good luck. , oh, no, I don't


like it. Walk back towards my arm. Your heels will go towards the end


of the platform. You can do this, Scott. My legs are shaking. It is


called Elvis legs. Keep shuffling those feet back. Throw your legs


out, Scott. I can't do it. You can. Good effort. Perfect. Straighten


your legs again. Push them straight. Lock my knees? Step down, a big


step. Well done. Perfect, Scott, well done. You are there. Great


effort. Look at the structure directly in


front of you. Focus on that. Yes. OK? Yes. I can't look. It is so


windy! Please! Please give money to Children in Need. Please. Stop


laughing, Brian! Oh, God! Help me! Help me! This is worse than Strictly


Come Dancing. So much worse. Oh, no! The wind. I hate the wind. Please


stop. I am being really blown about now, Brian. I don't like it. I


cannot look. The wind is awful. Scott, you have done the hard bit,


going over the edge. All you have to do now is enjoy the view. Sure!


Enjoy it. You could almost jump from this height. Don't be ridiculous,


Brian. Come on, Scott, you are a hero. Who would have thought it


would be windy in November at a tower? I don't like it. I feel like


the rope is slipping away with me, Brian. Just hold it a little bit


tighter, it is fine. Come on. Not long to go now.


Oh, my word! What an achievement. Bless him. You could feel the fear.


Scott Mills, bring it in! I can't walk. I am so proud. How was it?


Awful. The worst. But I have done it and I feel, I have never felt so


relieved in my life. There was a moment when I thought you weren't


going to go over the age. Do we have to watch it? Your legs were going


for it. At one point you said, I can't do it. How was that? It is


awful watching it back. You can see my legs were really shaking. That is


the worst bit, because you have to trust the rope. You are leaning


against nothing. I can't believe I have been that high. Look at the


picture. Please donate what you can, pick up the phone. I can't believe I


have just done that. I am kind of speechless. We are very proud of


you, and epic achievement. You have done a brilliant thing. Thank you to


the world Marines, and thank you to our new hero, Scott Mills. Well


done. And if you want to show your


appreciation, then please go online Yes, this is a desperately sad film,


but please be brave Next tonight, David Tennant wants to


introduce you to the story of a family who have had to cope with


the heartbreaking loss of a child, and how a hospice helped them


when they had no hope. Sometimes, though,


that is just not possible. In this film, you're going to meet


two amazing parents, Anne and Mark, With the support of your donations,


their life was made just a little bit easier


at the most terrible times. Robbie was nearly four when we got


the diagnosis of infantile Batten's It's a neurodegenerative condition,


so every seizure kills a bit And it was terminal, and he would


only survive to mid-childhood. Both Mark and I carried a faulty


gene, and at the time, I was already pregnant, with seven weeks to go


until I had Rosie. Anne and Mark


were told that Rosie could have So after three months,


she was tested. Rosie had infantile


Batten's disease as well. Home from the hospital, curtains


shut, phone off the hook... That was the end of the world,


really. Now we had these two


beautiful children that we This is Robin House,


a children's Hospice in Balloch Robin House offers respite care


for children and young adults with Because of your donations,


Children in Need is able to pay for When a family comes into Robin


House, often it's really difficult for that family to walk through the


front door, thinking that they're giving up, they're bringing their


children to somewhere where their child is going to die. In actual


fact, when they come to visit the hospice, they see that


our children come here to live. Anne and Mark first brought Robbie


here ten years ago, Every visit, he was enjoying


whatever it was we were doing with him at the time, what the staff was


doing with him, whether it was the Yes, to come up here,


to have fun with them. Eventually, you know,


it became obvious that he was nearing end of life,


so we wanted Robbie to be here. Although there were tears,


there was laughter in the tears Because we were where


we wanted to be. They said, "Do you want to wash him


for the last time?" So I did, and put on his favourite


pyjamas, and cosied him all in. He just looked as


if he was sleeping. I don't think we got


the chance to properly grieve for him, knowing that we still had


Rosie. We knew what was... Rosie spent another six years on


and off at Robin House. She was eight


when her time finally came. She was kind of lying here and I


said, "I think we'll take her out And when I did,


I don't even think it was ten happy to be in my arms again,


and she went, she passed very She came into the world with me and


she went out of the world...with And I thought, "Well,


she's with her brother now The Hospice is still here for Anne


and Mark, and someone else, too. They've been able to have two more


children, Roxy and Ruthie, knowing that they didn't have


the faulty genes. We'll never forget everything


Robin House did for us as a family. For Robbie and Rosie. Robin House


gave them... You know, people will say, "Robbie -


is that your name?" That's the date he was born


and the that's the day he died," And then I say,


"This is my daughter, Rosie, and that was the day that she was born,


and that was the day she died." And then they'll say, "Sorry -


I wish I never asked." And at that point, I'll say "No,


it's fine," because they're my kids Your help really does make


a difference. We send our fondest wishes to that


wonderful family and every other family across the land who have


suffered such a terrible loss. I have just stood in tonight and


have not seen any of these films before tonight. I am seeing them as


you see them at home. We are so proud to be able


to support Robin House. It is, as you've seen,


a place of smiles and laughter And like many hospices,


Robin House relies on donations to 70%


of their running costs are paid To help support them


and other projects Or you can donate online


at If you have been watching the One


Show this week, the Rickshaw Challenge has involved a 470 mile


The One Show team have hit the road again, along with six young


riders who have been supported by Children In Need projects.


It's their toughest challenge yet as they travel 470 miles


Let's say goodbye to Land's End, shall we?


It's been an incredible and challenging journey.


And for all six, an experience they'll never forget.


And tonight, the finish line is in sight.


Please welcome our remarkable Rickshaw riders - Amira, Elliot,


George D, Erin, Lucy, and George G with The One Show's Matt Baker!


It is so good to see you. I have been watching the whole story play


out on the One Show. It has been incredible. I was so excited to meet


you. How has it been, cycling with your new-found friends? Goodness


me. Bike rides do not get any better than cycling with this lot. It does


not matter the time of day. We have had starts of 2am and cycling all


day long. Each of them are brilliant in their own way. Whether we are


singing with George, smiling with Lucy or going for it with the two


lads. Tell us about the bond you guys have got. We have bonded so


quickly in such a short space of time. We have all made friends for


life. George Gee, you singing legend. We have loved watching you


sing. You have kept us so entertained with your singing. It is


a very long way to cycle. What has been the highlight? Being on a


rickshaw is a bit scary at first. Then I really enjoyed it. I had my


whole family out and everything. It was fantastic. Lucy, I would love it


if you looked down a certain camera for me. What would you like to say


to all the viewers who have supported you? It has been amazingly


cool. We have had loads of rain will stop we have had wind, all sorts of


weather. People coming out of the houses and just cheering us on.


Thank you very much for all your support. Thank you so much.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You are amazing! George, come back


here. This has been a tough and physical challenge. Have you enjoyed


bits of it? It has been the time of my life. We have worked with amazing


and incredible people. I feel like tomorrow I will miss it so much. We


have to do something incredibly important. We have to see how much


money you have raised. Let's get that total right now. It is coming


up. You deserve everything up any of


that. You do. Thank you so much. What you have done is absolutely


incredible. Thank you one more time to


the Rickshaw Team. And thanks to Matt,


Alex and all the One Show viewers. Now another thank you -


over to Louie Spence. I have got chocolate and I have it


all. My cake carped, ready for business. I am selling cake! And see


some cake for Children in Need? Would you like a cake? -- fancy some


cake. I do not know what is going on. I have been trying to sell my


cakes all day long. They have all been coming in here. You do not get


more showbiz band Pudsey. Not just money from cake sales. Customers and


staff up and down the country have been taking part in fundraising


antics. All for a good cause. If you can't beat them... Join them. OK.


So let's find out how much the good people at Greggs have raised...


They have helped me out of a hole or two in my time! Nice excavation --


nice! Now, Dermot - you're going


to enjoy this next item. It's classic Children


in Need. Will it be newsreaders


being all racy? Do I have to put on a dress


and sing? No, better than all of that -


Harry Hill is back with us. And tonight, he's going to condense


40 years of TV gold into just four


minutes - as only he can. So please,


everyone, give it up for Harry Hill! Good evening and welcome to


the history of TV in four minutes. In at number three, it's


Denis Waterman. # If you want to,


I'll change the situation... # I've been stuck in there


for 40 years! MUSIC: Theme to The Great British


Bake Off That's pretty much


all you need to know about TV. Thank you to the comedy


genius that is Harry Hill. Now, I'm proud to introduce


Dame Helen Mirren. Over the years on Children in Need,


we have introduced you to many wonderful,


inspiring and brave families. They have been through things


the rest of us simply can't begin Their grace and dignity


in the face of unspeakable pain is Now, we don't show you


these films to upset you. We show them because time after


time, you continue to help us to This is a very sad film,


but a really important one. I'd like you to introduce


you to 15-year-old Abbie. When Abbie was just 11, her father,


Brian, When you hear news like that...


It didn't feel real. It felt very surreal, because you


never expect it to happen to you. Brian fought hard


against the illness and he was still fighting eight months later,


when Abbie was chosen to run We really hoped that Brian would be


able to go and see that, but I can remember him


saying to me just before, It was a lovely moment


and it just made him so happy. It was only a couple of weeks


after that that he died, yeah. I think


about him pretty much every day. When my dad passed away,


me and my mum got a lot closer, She is extremely strong,


really brave, inspiring... Me and Abbie just said to each other


one day, you know, Just two years after losing her


father, unbearably, Abbie's mum When you told me, I felt really


numb and I was really scared. I can just remember you not


being able to breathe. Yes. And I said, "Abbie,


you need to breathe." Yeah. It was just such


an awful thing to have to do. I can remember my mum saying that


it wasn't curable I felt like all my strength that I


put to dealing with my dad and his death, I didn't feel that I


was strong enough to have to go When her father was coming to


the end of his life, Abbie had bereavement counselling here,


at Saint Gemma's Hospice in Leeds. You could make these for Christmas


presents... Abbie doesn't like to just sit


and talk, so we always do different activities, and so we've done lots


of creative things and some sewing and cooking and different things


that Abbie enjoys to do. So if I come in


and I'm a bit upset and I'm not really into talking, Nick can kind


of tell that, and try to help me to talk a bit more and get my feelings


out. You can tell when she's been


to a session. She'll come back and it's like


the weight has been lifted off her Although Abbie has other family,


including a brother who lives away now, the future


can sometimes seem daunting. I see Nick, and talking to Nick,


I kind of get more strength. And I know that


when my mum does pass away, Thanks to Children in Need,


Nick is there for Abbie Well, her mum has been


thinking about that. Before Brian died, we were friends


with Steve and Tracey, and Bethany, and when I found out that I was


terminally ill, you know, that they were happy to


take on Abbie. What we've talked about is that we


will do the right thing for Abbie and we will steer her


in the way that makes her happy. I'm really grateful that there are


people there that can support you in the future.


Yes. I suppose if I had anything to say


to you, it would be - work hard. And do me proud.


Yes. We are humbled by their bravery. We


know that you are both watching tonight and we send all our love.


Now, singing the Children in Need single, Jess Glynne. She has asked


if you can kindly donate while she is singing.


# Wrapped up So consumed by all this hurt


# If you ask me Don't know where to start


# I know there's somewhere better cos you always take me there


# Tell me I'm safe You've got me now


# Could you take care of a broken soul?


# Hold the truth to my head Count one, two, three


# If it helps me walk away then it's what I need


# Every minute gets easier the more you talk to me


# Tell me I'm safe You've got me now


# Could you take care of a broken soul?


# You say space will make it better and time will make it heal


# I won't be lost forever and soon I wouldn't feel


# You say space will make it better and time will make it heal


# I won't be lost forever and soon I wouldn't feel


# Could you take care of a broken soul?


You can download the official 2015 Children in Need single


or to your usual music download site.


After that fabulous performance, I'm thinking it might be time


Jess, we'd be delighted if you could stay with us for this.


It's nearly time to switch over to BBC Two.


So it's also nearly time to say goodbye to Dermot O'Leary.


It has been a blast. Sir Terry, I hope you are feeling better. I hope


we are doing you justice here. Thank you so much. Dermott, it has been a


pleasure. Get back here for 10:40pm. Switch over to BBC Two now to


continue the Children in Need night. And


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