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Welcome to Children in Need 2015 on BBC Two.


While BBC One have a breather, we are putting on our party pants and


dancing shoes. Peter, over to you, my friend. A bit louder. Any time


now. # Let me see what spring is like


on Jupiter and Mars. # What about that? Yes, Peter, we have


more of that later on. Peter, your music has really evolved


over the years, as has your fashion. What were you thinking when you had


this picture taken? What were you thinking then? It's shocking. I had


it on my bedroom wall, when I was a kid. That one there, look at the


Barnett on there. I can totally understand. Can you remember this


was taken? No, but can you remember when this was taken? Where did you


get that? You would have done Glenn Medeiros proud. What's scary about


this one, look at the puppy fat, I was only about 15 then. There is a


kicking off in the back of the Vic. Look at me there, I was a baby.


Early Alfie Moon, look at the shirt I was wearing. I didn't know if


anybody has mentioned this, you have to help out in the pub, OK? I have


some guests that one drinks, I'm relying on you. We will hear from


Peter bit later on. Yes! Now, very busy. We have the familiar face, he


is still here, has been here for the last few hours, Warwick is still in


the house, everybody. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


How can I put this, OK? You are about to start in probably one of


the biggest franchise movies in the history of films, OK, starring


alongside Harrison Ford, Mark Hammett, the biggest film everyone


has been waiting for it. The question I want to ask is, are you


doing panto? Yes, I'm in Bristol this year. I'm doing Snow White and


the seven dwarfs, playing the handsome prince. Nothing wrong with


that. Your highlights tonight? Apart from you and me, Bonnie was great


doing the dancing stuff. Terrific. Ellie Goulding, Rod Stewart. I


remember dancing to Rod Stewart when I was about ten, two if you want my


body and do you think I'm sexy. We have the video! I'm only kidding. A


quick highlight of being in Star Wars? I was 11 when I was first in


it. 11 years old, so going onto the set for the first time and seeing


Harrison Ford and the actors, they were the characters to me, not the


actors, they were brilliant. The next movie? It's exciting, I'm a


fan, it's exciting to be a small part of it. I can't say anything


about it. Can someone get him a drink? A nice round of applause for


my pal, Warwick. Look who's coming here, Nadeem, how are you? Madine


and Shane, a round of applause, welcome to the Vic. Have you been


out in the cold? You're my favourite from Girls Aloud. It was Kimberly


but it is now. Who is your favourite Westlife? Mark. You have got


together to do this duet, which you will perform later in the show. How


did happen? It happened quickly, I asked her to do it and she loved the


song. Did you write the song? Yes, over in Denmark. It hasn't two weeks


later, really quickly. You have known each from the past. Of course,


Girls Aloud, for years. This is her 19th time on Children in Need. Yes,


collectively. Have you an exclusive? It was amazing, the last time we


were on we did the single for Children in Need. We have both done


the singles for Children in Need. You didn't do a single? We were


never asked. Girls Aloud though. I'm so sorry about that! You are


performing later, we look forward to hearing the single and you are going


head to head in a bit of a challenge later on. I hear, yes, questions


will stop don't fall out, OK? You have to watch this, come -- it's


coming up later on in the main studio. In case you are wondering


what's coming up later on, feast your mince pies on this. Pucker up


for some PD eights with Tom Jones and Rob Brydon. Welcome to the night


with Children in Need. Wow, we have loads to look forward to. He's


taking a break from his bar duties, as we get into the swing of things


with a song from his new album, it's Mike Powell, Peter Andre. -- it is


my friend, Peter Andre. # Come fly with me, let's fly,


let's fly away # Come fly with me, let's fly,


let's fly away # Come fly with me,


let's float down to Peru # In llama-land


there's a one-man band # Come fly with me, let's take off


in the blue # Weather-wise,


it's such a lovely day # Just say the words


and we'll beat the birds # It is perfect for


a flying honeymoon, they say # Come fly with me, let's fly,


let's fly away all right fellas, do your thing,


come on. # Weather-wise,


it's such a lovely day # You just say the word


and we will beat the birds # It is perfect for


a flying honeymoon, they say # Come fly with me, let's fly,


Rat-macro yes, that's what we've got to do.


Let's hear it for the band. I've just clocked out of the corner of my


eye the lovely lady, your dance partner, give round of applause to


Jeannette. APPLAUSE


I thought you were frankly from Saturday. -- Frankie. She is


Jeannette, from Friday. You have been working for a long time, is it


the first time you have seen him singing? Yes, I've seen him singing


before but not front row. It's nice. Not nice seats, I apologise. It's


nice to see him in his element because I see him terrified, so to


see him really embracing this is so nice. Look at you, what's it like in


rehearsals, I know in the past I spent time, he doesn't stop singing?


He does thing all the time so I get my own personal serenade. I having


him in rehearsal. We have so much fun. I will hear more from you


later, fantastic. Give a nice big round of applause to Peter and


Jeannette, in the Queen Vic. -- Jeannette.


with two brilliant little girls as the stars.


Here's BBC Sport's Ore Oduba to tell us more.


Children in Need believes all children should be


no matter what has happened in their lives.


In this film, I'd like you to meet two little


girls who have been through some pretty tough times, but who still


managed to come out the other side.


Meet five-year-old best friends Phoebe and Erin.


The girls are in Newcastle for four days of fun and sport.


But it's not just sports that brought these two girls together.


Four years ago, Phoebe was fighting for her life in the transplant unit


Phoebe had become encephaleptic, which meant the toxins that were


building up in her liver were starting to affect her brain.


She said Phoebe wouldn't get through a week without a transplant.


Thankfully, Phoebe did get a new liver.


The Leeds Children's Transplant Team in the house!


She now competes for Leeds Children's Hospital


I love running and I like getting some exercise.


It was at the Games three years ago that she first met Erin.


At five weeks of age, Erin suddenly turned yellow, virtually overnight.


As the days were going on, we knew we were running out of options.


One day, one of her favourite nurses came in.


She said, "There's been a phone call.


Erin, too, was saved by a transplant.


But like Phoebe, her life now has many challenges.


And the Transplant Games help tackle a few of them.


She hadn't had a lot of contact with other children.


We only ever met other families in hospital, so to see other


children well and healthy and be able to do things is amazing.


Thanks to you, Children in Need pays for Malcolm.


He is the children and teens coordinator at the games.


Some of the experiences that children with transplants have had,


they are able to talk about that and share it with people who understand,


It's amazing for Erin to meet somebody else her


age who could understand everything that she was going through.


They wouldn't have met without the Transplant Games.


It's been a massive positive that's come from


The support that they all give each other, it's a huge thing.


We believe that every child needs a childhood to have fun


And the Transplant Games does just that.


Please show your support by calling: 03457 33 22 33.


Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply.


Or you can donate online at


So of course, Children in Need would be nothing without all


Whether you pick up the phone to donate or fundraise


Who have we got here? Welcome to the show. How are you? You have a tray


full of ice cream. How did you go about raising money? There was about


20 ice cream vans across the country who got together to hand out free


ice cream. How long have you been doing that? It has been going on for


four years and getting bigger and bigger. We have made ?4500 this


year. In total it is about ?7,000. 20 vans altogether across the UK.


They are all the same. Get them down on you. I could be here all night!


Hello, Lisa. Is it strange to be in the Queen Vic? It is strange for me


as well. You have got this contraption, tell me about this and


how you raise money. We decided to hold a drive in movie. We made 50


cars out of cardboard boxes and sat children down to watch the film. How


much did you raise? Just under ?300. Give them a round of applause for


these people raising a lot of money. We had a glittering array of stars.


Look at these lovely faces. Please welcome Russell Grant,


Louis Smith, Let's hear it, everybody. Frankie,


you are my favourite Saturday. Thank you. Thank you so much for being in


the Queen Vic. Is it your first time? Is it strange? A little bit.


It is like the Tardis. You have done a wonderful job on strictly. You


know now that you have done the show, do you carry on dancing?


Everybody says, I have had a wonderful time and I will carry on


dancing for ever. Did you carry on? Don't be ridiculous! I was hopeless


and I am never dancing again! I do dance around the kitchen sometimes.


You are a mother now. Do you often get to go dancing? I have not done


any. You get convinced that you're going to do it but I don't want to


do it with anyone else now. Who was your partner? Kevin. We are still in


touch. Flavia and I are still in touch. Musical chairs is happening


later. When they told me about it I could not believe it. When was the


last time you played? I literally can't remember. That will be fun. I


was about six. I went to Margot Ingleton's birthday party. I am


practising most weeks just in case this happens. CHUCKLES


We are raising lots of money this year. Don't let me down, what is


your prediction? What makes you think I can predict anything. It is


in the stars! That is what you do. Well, I don't know. All I'm worried


about is what I'm here for. Why are we here? The musical chairs. Once I


found out what you were doing, it's very fun, but who do you think is


going to win? We might have a sneaky bet. This one is very competitive.


Really? ! It's going to be a tough competition and we are looking


forward to it. Give them a round of applause. We look forward to seeing


them tonight. This is what happened at Wembley on a fantastic big night


out. Feast your mince pies on this. Tonight we are going to be bringing


you some brilliant exclusive performances from our show here


at Wembley. To start it all off,


we've got a group of lads who have # She maxed her credit cards and


don't got a job # She pays for gas with all the


change in her car # It's not the end of the road,


yeah, we've all been there before # And it goes oh, oh, oh,


# Oh, oh, oh, oh! # He's walking home cause he can't


pay for the bus # He needs a dollar but he ain't got


enough # It's not the end of the world,


yeah, we've all been there before # And it goes oh, oh, oh,


# Oh, oh, oh, oh! # Hey, everybody - we don't have to


live this way # Don't have your rent and it's the


first of the month # Your bank account has got


insufficient funds # We can't afford to give up,


we gotta make our own luck # Work every weekend just to get out


of town # Everyone says that you'll just


turn back around # And what's ironic to me, the ones


that don't ever leave because they # Hey, everybody - we don't have to


live this way # Oh, oh, oh


# Oh, oh, oh, oh # Hey, everybody - we don't have to


live this way # Yeah, we don't have to live this


way! #. Ladies and gentlemen,


here with his brand-new single, # I got demons, I got demons, I got


demons # I close my eyes and talk to God


and pray that you can save my soul # I look to you to shine a light


before the darkness takes a hold # And I won't break,


and I won't run # I got demons,


I got demons tryin' to get to me # I'm only human, so underneath my


skin the cuts run deep # I just need a little time to work


'em out # I got demons, I got demons I got


demons # I got demons, I got demons, I got


demons # I can hear them now and then when


I try to make a stand # They try their best to pull me


under # We are rulers of our minds, yes,


we are # I know that there's an angel


watching over me # I see your wings are open wide,


yeah # And I won't break,


and I won't run # We're only saved when we come


undone # It's just the way that we're


made, oh # I got demons,


I got demons tryin' to get to me # I'm only human, so


underneath my skin the cuts run deep # I just need a little time to work


them out # I got demons, I


got demons, I got demons # I got demons, I


got demons, I got demons # I got demons, I got


demons, I got demons Now, ladies and


gentlemen, exclusively for Children in Need, let me please welcome The


Shires! # Well, they'll say it's way too


cold for cut-off jeans # And they won't be drinking


moonshine, but G and Ts # Dancing with sweet country girls


all night # We can build our own Nashville,


underneath these grey skies # And people will come, they'll come


from far and wide # They'll leave their village greens


and their big cities behind # We can build our own Nashville -


it's about time # Won't get that Southern sun, we'll


be dancing in the rain # Every single night, we'll do it


again and again # Kissing those country boys in the


dark # We can build our own Nashville,


underneath these grey skies # And people will come, they'll come


from far and wide # They'll leave their village greens


and their big cities behind # We can build our own Nashville -


it's about time # Oh, oh, oh, oh


# Oh, oh, oh, oh # It's about time


# It's about time # We can build our own Nashville,


underneath these grey skies # And people will come, they'll come


from far and wi-ide # People will come, they'll come


from far and wide # They'll leave their village greens


and their big cities behind # We can build our own Nashville -


it's about time We do love a good old song


and dance on Children in Need. Next, to tell you about a project in


Northern Ireland, that has song and Earthlings,


join us on our secret mission. A visit to the theatre can


bring magic into all our lives. But for children with profound


and multiple learning difficulties, like these at a special school


in Lisburn, What if the theatre


was to come to them? Replay are a touring company,


we jump in the van and we bring the van to schools, community centres


wherever the show needs to go. There are lights,


stars and there is room for boats. The children are moved


into the bubble and there is Because of you,


Children in Need makes it possible for Replay to stage sensory


performances at special schools all She's got dravet syndrome,


which is severe epilepsy. It is hard because


when Orla takes a seizure you don't know if she will ever come out


of it, if it will be her last. The children I teach in school


have profound difficulties. Most of them would have severe forms


of epilepsy, they would have global developmental


delay, they would have autism, they Our current show is called Closer


and Closer is a really fantastical journey into space and that kind


of fantasy unlocks something There is just something really


important in giving them those She struggles to see and has no


verbal speech but inside the bubble Miriam enjoys the play group


because she enjoys noise, music. Towards the end of the show we sing


the children's names to them in a cappella and it can be


the most beautiful experience. The funding that we get


from Children in Need is absolutely vital to continue us to give


the children these experiences. If any children deserve


the opportunity to have these wonderful experiences, it's these


children that we work with. This is therapy, it is joy


and magic all rolled into one. You can make it happen


for other children too. Wow, how cool is that? If the child


can't come to the theatre, take the theatre to the child. Absolutely


brilliant. Please help us to help more children have an experience


like that by calling 03457 33 22 33. Thanks so much. Each and every one


of you make those events possible, so please keep up the good work and


please keep on donating. Now, we have a Queen Vic regular, Bonnie


Langford is in the house! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Hello, Bonnie. I have just been told, so far we have raised on


children in the tonight, a whopping ?23 million! How good is that?


APPLAUSE Keep donating, everybody. Now,


Bonnie listen, top hat. You were brilliant. You were great, when you


kicked your leg you nearly took out the front row. You were fantastic.


How long have you been in the show? On and off since April and now since


August, and back on screen. We have the executive producer here, can we


talk about Christmas storylines. Is amazing. Can I tell you something?


Cat and Alfie are back. I thought I would get a chair when I said that.


It's a big storyline coming up. Everyone asks me because you do a


lot of theatre, what do you prefer, theatre or TV? I loved doing both, I


love being here in Eastenders because you never know what is


coming next. That's one of the things I found hard to get used to


is the fact you don't know what's going to happen. It's really


exciting, when you go to the help desk and they give you your scripts


and you think, what's going to happen? I read them and go, I can't


believe that. You don't know about being killed off in March then? I'm


joking! I'm joking! And come back to life again! I used to watch, when I


was a little boy. Twins! We looked great for 62! Alvarez at you have


done, what's the best thing you have done in your career? What's a


turning point? Turning point? This is a turning point. I was in


Broadway when I was ten. I love Cricklewood Broadway. That was


pretty good, with Angela Lansbury. I did Spamalot, which was fabulous.


Thank you for being here tonight. I will see you at work on Monday.


Bonnie Langford, everybody! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


As I move across the bar and I say hello to a lovely lady that has hit


the charts with a storm. Jess Glynne is here, folks.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I spoke to you earlier. You find it


really strange, being in the Queen Vic? Do you find it weird? I'm so


excited. Do you watch the show? Yes, I have grown up with it. You are


busy. I want to ask you right now, your favourite character ever in


Eastenders, bearing in mind who is talking to you? Alfie? Yes, nothing


wrong with that, love. The Children in Need single, how did it come


about? I wrote the song and the guys at Children in Need heard it and it


touched them and they were like, we'd love to have it as part of


Children in Need this year. It's amazing, it's such a personal song


for me and I find amazing that can share that with everyone else doing


Children in Need. We have something in common. What's that? I did the


Children in Need single as well. I have to big myself up, OK? Thank you


so much for getting involved. Jess Glynne, everybody.


APPLAUSE We have got the winner of... Laura


won the Strictly Call The Midwife dans off. I didn't know how I'd feel


so proud. I think you gave it to the biggest fan. Congratulations, give a


big round of applause. Now, it's time to say a big round of -- it's


time to say thank you to more incredible Children in Need


fundraisers. This year, the CEO set himself a sponsored endurance


challenge. We are doing an 1100 mile trek around the country to see the


welcome break websites. We have raised staggering amounts of money.


Children need is part of our DNA, part of what we do. We love it and


to raise so much money for the children is awesome. DFS customers


and staff have been supporting Children in Need again this year.


They have got a relaxing incentive this time. We have them in the store


and we want people to take their weight off their feet for Children


in Need. They have been donating by entering the Pudsey prize draw. We


enter them into a drawer once a month and whoever wins wins a sofa,


for free. Brilliant work, guys. Unfortunately our time on BBC Two


has come to an end. I know, but the Queen Vic is still open for business


and the next round is on me! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


We are going to switch back to BBC One, where Selena Gomez and the cast


of Kinky Boots will be performing and we will see you back here later.


See you, folks. APPLAUSE


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