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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it's Children in Need 2015.


Hello and welcome to the Queen Vic here in good old Albert Square.


I'm Shane Richie and I'm here to guide you through the best bits


We had a right old shindig here last night.


As you know, Sir Terry was unable to present what would have been


his 36th year of steering the good ship Pudsey, due to ill health.


The brilliant Dermot O'Leary kindly stepped in to help.


Of course, we send Sir Terry our love


and will continue to do him proud, as we look back at the best bits.


Call the Midwife does Strictly Come Dancing, some familiar Eastenders


There's some brilliant music from Selena Gomez, Jess Glynne,


Ellie Goulding and the West End cast of the beautiful Beautiful,


plus, we've got Harry Hill's homage to TV and prepare to jump to


hyperspace as Children in Need bring you Star Wars!


The force is strong in this place. Come on! Feast your mince pies on


this. Let's make the jump to hyperspace.


Which one of you melts has taken my cup of rosy? What you doing? Just


hanging out in a phone box. Let's negotiate. Exterminate. Sorry. I got


a bit carried away. Last night's show produced


an overwhelming response. So, many,


many thanks to all of you who have It really is appreciated,


and there's still time to donate. Or to donate ?10 text


DONATE to 70710. Texts will cost ?10 plus your


standard network message charge and You must be 16 or over and please


ask the bill payer's permission. For full terms and conditions,


and more information, So, back to last night's show


and the glitz and glamour of Strictly, where it was nice to


see him, to see him - nice! Yes, the legend that is Sir Brucie


was back with the cast of Call the Midwife,


swapping their civvies for sequins. Ladies and gentlemen,


boys and girls... From the Strictly ballroom, this


is the Children in Need special. Please welcome your hosts,


Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly. Good evening, ladies,


gentlemen and children. Welcome to the Strictly Come Dancing


Children in Need special. And it's so nice to see you


back, Brucie. Isn't it, everyone? We have four stars from


Call The Midwife, ditching the hot water and towels


for a night of glitter and sequins. Ah, yes, it's time to meet


the stars of our show. Jenny Agutter and her partner,


Ian Waite. Jack Ashton and his partner,


Oti Mabuse. Laura Main and her partner,


Brendan Cole. And Stephen McGann


and his partner, Joanne Clifton. Yes,


four stars from Call The Midwife. Now there's no pressure,


but we do expect you to deliver. Tonight all four couples compete in


a special group performance. But they will be judged individually


and only one couple will walk away There's no voting tonight,


as our Children in Need champion Dancing for the Children in


Need Strictly trophy, Congratulations, thank goodness


none of you had a midwife crisis. Let me just say, first of all,


thank you all so much for giving up You've packed more in than a baby


can pack into a nappy, really. A nun, a vicar, a doctor


and a nurse, I have never felt safer Jenny, darling, I'm going to


start with you, elegant. I thought all


the port de bras was beautiful. Stephen, a bit of the Hunchback of


Notre Dame going on there, darling. But the positive side -


your thumb was down throughout, Jack, you were kicking and flicking


a bit like a rugby player, darling. Again,


you've thrown yourself into it. It's so daring to come out


with two very hard dances. Stephen, I have to say you get


a kink in your head when you smile. Now, it's time to see who is going


to take home the Children in Need The judges will make


a group decision. So while they confer,


couples please take your positions. Now then, judges,


it's decision time. We've had a discussion between us


and it wasn't an easy decision. Many thanks to Strictly


and Call the Midwife. Still to come on Children In Need's


best bits - the Children in Need Children's Choir, Scott Mills takes


a plunge, Harry Hill and... But first, we should never forget


what Children in Need is all about - From Dunfermline to Durham...


Coleraine to Caerphilly. Morecambe to Milton Keynes. Every penny you


give is spent on helping disadvantaged childrenment They


touch your heart. You can't put a price on that. When I see dillin


with Andy, I -- Dilyn with Andy I just see happiness. Because of your


donations Children in Need is there to help. Ti, was just like coming --


it was just like coming home. There's no place on the earth like


it. I wouldn't have survived without this. You help children face up to


illness, however tough it gets. I'm almost as fast as I was. You're


doing fab. So that they and the people who care about them can feel


better about tomorrow. Just making someone smile. It's so


simple. So simple. She's getting stronger. We love it. We love it.


Every child deserves a happy, safe and secure future. And the chance to


make the most of their lives. Your donations help young people be the


best they can be. I never thought someone just talking to you would


help that much, but it actually helps a lot. Across Britain, there


are so many children who still need your help. There is, however, hope.


You have the power to help. You can make a difference. A big difference.


Please help us. Call: Remember... Because of you, amazing things


happen Josie really changed Sam's life. Amazing things happen. The


look on his face is something I will never forget. Amazing things happen.


Amazing things happen. Because of you, amazing things happen. Thank


you. Donate online at


difference, so please, give, whatever you can.


# So don't you try and change your mind


# So don't you try and change your mind


You know, if you're blue and you don't know, where to go to, why


It is the EastEnders cast putting on the Ritz.


# I just got an invitation through the mails


# Your presence requested, this evening it's formal


# Nothing now could take the wind out of my sails


# Because I'm invited to step out this evening in


# If you're blue and you don't know where to go to


# Why don't you go where fashion sits


# Different types who wear a daycoat, pants with stripes


# And cut away coats, perfect fits Puttin' on the Ritz


# Dressed up like a million-dollar trouper


# Come, let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks


# For I'll be there Puttin' down my top hat


# Puttin' down my top hat Dancin' in my tails


Top hats off to the cast of Eastenders.


You know, Children in Need is a lot of fun but


helping disadvantaged children all over the UK is what it's all about.


This is the story of Sam and how his best friend Josie has


When things get tough, it's family we turn to, to hold things together.


But sometimes, that isn't always enough.


Sometimes you need someone new to come in and make a difference.


This film is about a lovely little boy called Sam and


Meet Josie and the family who have grown to


If we didn't have Josie, Sam would probably be moody, grumpy


When Sam was four, he was diagnosed with a muscle-wasting disease.


I was starting to notice I was falling over a lot more than other


people, and not being able to ride a bike or kicking balls.


He got to school and he realised that all the other boys and girls


He was very angry that he couldn't do the things that


I didn't want to go outside or talk to anyone.


That's when Josie came into Sam's life.


Specially trained for him by Dogs For Good - a charity supported


The first weekend home, the door to the kitchen opened


Look what I've done with Josie. " She'd helped him change.


For the first time in two years, she helped him dress himself


But Josie didn't just become Sam's muscles, she became his friend.


The change in Sam, it was like a weight being lifted


We went from being tense and stressed all the time to...


Josie brought that little boy back again.


In 2010, Sam and Josie won the prestigious


Josie's a hero to us and we know the impact she's actually had.


For other people to recognise it, it was really quite humbling.


I love Josie. She means the world to me.


There are so many children, like Sam, who could use a friend like


Josie, but training these puppies and matching them up with the right


families take time and patience - so, please, help us to support the


incredible work charities like Dogs For Good are doing.


# Wrapped up So consumed by all this hurt


# If you ask me Don't know where to start


# I know there's somewhere better cos you always take me there


# Tell me I'm safe You've got me now


# Could you take care of a broken soul?


# Hold the truth to my head Count one, two, three


# If it helps me walk away then it's what I need


# Every minute gets easier the more you talk to me


# Tell me I'm safe You've got me now


# You say space will make it better and time will make it heal


# I won't be lost forever and soon I wouldn't feel


# You say space will make it better and time will make it heal


# I won't be lost forever and soon I wouldn't feel


# Could you take care of a broken soul?


Now then, next up it's the fabulous Harry Hill,


who's going to escort you through the entire history of TV in an


Good evening and welcome to the history of TV in four minutes.


In at number three it's Denis Waterman.


# If you want to, I'll change the situation... #


I've been stuck in there for 40 years!


MUSIC: Theme to The Great British Bake Off


That's pretty much all you need to know about TV.


Still to come, we have Scott Mills, Ellie Goulding,


Beautiful the Musical and a whole constellation of stars...


# Da, da, da, da (STAR WARS THEME) in Star Wars.


You know your support really does make


This is the story of two amazing little girls called Phoebe and Erin.


Children in Need believes all children should be


no matter what has happened in their lives.


In this film, I'd like you to meet two little


girls who have been through some pretty tough times, but who still


managed to come out the other side.


Meet five-year-old best friends Phoebe and Erin.


The girls are in Newcastle for four days of fun and sport.


But it's not just sports that brought these two girls together.


Four years ago, Phoebe was fighting for her life in the transplant unit


Phoebe had become encephaleptic, which meant the toxins that were


building up in her liver were starting to affect her brain.


She said Phoebe wouldn't get through a week without a transplant.


Thankfully, Phoebe did get a new liver.


The Leeds Children's Transplant Team in the house!


She now competes for Leeds Children's Hospital


I love running and I like getting some exercise.


It was at the Games three years ago that she first met Erin.


At five weeks of age, Erin suddenly turned yellow, virtually overnight.


As the days were going on, we knew we were running out of options.


One day, one of her favourite nurses came in.


She said, "There's been a phone call.


Erin, too, was saved by a transplant.


But like Phoebe, her life now has many challenges.


And the Transplant Games help tackle a few of them.


She hadn't had a lot of contact with other children.


We only ever met other families in hospital, so to see other


children well and healthy and be able to do things is amazing.


Thanks to you, Children in Need pays for Malcolm.


He is the children and teens coordinator at the games.


Some of the experiences that children with transplants have had,


they are able to talk about that and share it with people who understand,


It's amazing for Erin to meet somebody else her


age who could understand everything that she was going through.


They wouldn't have met without the Transplant Games.


It's been a massive positive that's come from


The support that they all give each other, it's a huge thing.


Next up, it's the story of Carole King, an ordinary girl with an


extraordinary talent. From the East End to the West End -


# You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show


the world all the love in your heart # Them people gonna treat you better


# You're gonna find it, yes you will # That you're beautiful as you feel.


# Waiting at the station, with the work day wind blowing


# I've got nothing to do but watch the passers-by.


# In their faces I see frustration growing


# They don't see it showing, why do I?


# You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face


# And show the world all the love in your heart


# People gonna treat you better # You're gonna find, yes, you will


# That you're beautiful as you feel. # I have often asked myself the


reason for the sadness in the world # Where tears are just a lullaby


# If there's any answer, maybe love can end the madness


# Maybe not more than we can try # You've got to get up every morning


with a smile on your face # And show the world all the love in


your heart # Them people gonna treat you better


# You're gonna find, yes, you will # That you're beautiful


# You're beautiful # So beautiful as you feel


# That was indeed beautiful,


unlike the good old British weather which caused our fearless, well,


mildly terrified hero, Scott Mills, to relocate from the wet and windy


heights of the Blackpool Tower to the equally giddy


but slightly milder weather of the Olympic Park Orbit


for a quite extraordinary abseil. I'm the kind of guy that would only


go on the tea cups at the fair ground. Mills, what on this planet


are you doing? Get over there! I possibly have bitten off more than I


can chew. Have you fallen asleep in that tunnel? I can't see the end. I


can't look down, I nearly looked down How long's Children in Need on


TV for? Do you think you've got what it takes? No. I feel like I need to


put an arm round you, because the road to this has been very dramatic.


How difficult has it been to prepare not knowing where or if this is


going to happen? The thing is the location changed on Monday. I didn't


know where it was until later in the week. I've not been able to mentally


prepare for anything. I knew it was going to be high, I didn't know


where it was going to bement Get stuck in Scott. We're all behind


you. Good luck. Oh, no. I don't like it. He genuinely does not like it.


You can do it Scott, go on. Put your feet back a little bit more. My legs


are shaking. It's called Elvis legs. This is the perfect opportunity


because there's no wind. Straighten those knees. That's it! Perfect.


Just step right down. Big step. That's it. Well done. Again, walk


all the way down. Keep going. You're there now. Great effort. Keep


pushing that rope up all the way down. Look at the structure directly


in front of you and focus on that. I can't look. It's so windy. Please...


Really good effort, well done mate. Please give money to Children in


Need, please. Stop laughing, Brian.


This is worse than Strictly Come Dancing. So much worse. I am being


blown about. I do not like it. I cannot look. The wind is awful. You


could almost jump from this height. Do not be ridiculous! Who would have


thought I would be doing this off a tower? Mental! Come on.


You have done it. Have I? You have done it. Woo hoo! Oh, my word! What


an achievement! How was that? Or fall, the worst. But I have done it


and I have never felt so relieved in all of my life.


Still to come, the fabulous Ellie Goulding and...


You know what I'm talking about.


But first, one of my favourite parts of the show, the uplifting and


inspirational Children in Need Children's Choir.


# There's a voice inside my head saying


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# But these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most, yeah


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


# There's always gonna be another mountain


# I'm always gonna wanna make it move


# Ain't about what's waiting on the other side


Now here's a lovely film that's a great example of how Children in


Need can bring hope and happiness into a young child's life.


It's tough watching your child struggle to do something.


It's even tougher being a parent and thinking you can't help.


With a little help from Children in Need, you'll be surprised what


I want you to make a lovely little geezer called Logan


Logan was born very early at 28 weeks.


They found out that he had a bleed on the brain.


We later found out that it would affect his movement,


I think he was two when we finally got the diagnosis and they


I only asked the question once, "Will he walk?"


Maybe, one day, when he's older, he might just throw his sticks away


That was the day that I came home on the bus and I cried.


It was horrible seeing him struggle because I didn't know how


I just knew that there has got to be something out there for Logan


This is School for Parents in Nottingham.


It is a place for children who have motor disorders or develop


We walked through the doors and, for me,


Your donations help pay for Erica, who specialises in a technique


We started to teach him how to stand initially


We had to work through those tears and we had to help mum to be


Almost immediately, Erica would have him walking with his Kaye Walker.


Fast forward a couple of weeks and she's got him stood up with


The progress was coming thick and fast.


We were able to show him ways of doing things for himself, which


increased his independence which, in turn, increased his confidence.


At the end of the day, we all knew he had it in him to be able to walk.


The sessions that we provide, they only happen once a week


but the real learning is actually in the home environment.


What we need to do is to teach parents to become the teachers


I can only describe Erica as our guardian angel.


Somewhere out there, there's mums struggling like I was.


I just don't know where we would be without her.


I wouldn't be able to do all the things that I am doing now.


Still to come, Warwick Davis and our Star Wars special, but first


# I'm a pain, I'm a child I'm afraid


# I know that we don't look like much


# Matter of fact I always thought you were too cool for me


# All the nights we've been drunk on the floor


# We both know what they say about us


# But they don't stand a chance because


# Dark times, you can always find the bright side


# I'm amazed by the things that you would sacrifice


# How you cringe when you sing out of tune


# We both know what they say about us


# But they don't stand a chance because


# We both know what they say about us


Now the moment we've all been waiting for.


A Jedi Master, the Dark Lord and Peggy Mitchell.


A long time ago - last night - in a galaxy - well, studio - far,


far, away - it's just down there - it's Star Wars!


They want you to bring the Star Wars super fan onstage


Sir, I really think we need to hurry up.


Need a lift to the Children in Need studio?


If I give you a lift, would you help me push the Totaliser button?


Wait, how did you hear about the Totaliser?


Sir Terry is no good at keeping secrets.


I have a Hans Solo one back at home, I can nip back and get it.


According to my calculations, he can't possibly make it back in time.


Pass you shall not, and this Totaliser button press, I can.


I'm just letting you know, I am a huge Star Wars fan.


I should be the one to press the Totaliser button.


Not if you can't do a basic Yoda impression.


Maybe I can't do a basic Yoda impression, as you call it,


Which one of you is shaking my cup of Rosie?


Are you quite sure this is the right way?


I want to press that Totaliser button.


Someone who is a huge fan of Star Wars.


Yes, R2, I was expecting him to say, you're fired!


I'm afraid we are running really late for our appearance on Children


Oh, can I press the Totaliser button, please?


OK, if you're such a super fan, name all the Star Wars films.


Yes, R2, the stench in here is overwhelming.


It must be some kind of trash compactor.


Our only hope of pressing the totaliser button.


We made you a Millennium Falcon cake.


Have you eaten my Battenberg cockpit?


R2 is receiving another transmission.


I heard you were looking for the ultimate Star Wars super fan.


Before you answer, who got you into this business?


You've done something before you worked with us?


Is it something anyone has ever heard of?


About this button thing, I think I would be...


BB-8, you are the super fan we have been looking for.


That BB-8's a cheeky little fella, ain't he?


I know Sir Terry will be so grateful for all your support, as ever.


And a huge thank you to everyone involved,


Your donations are a real lifeline for disadvantaged


So, if you haven't donated yet, please text in.


Can we clean the bar, please? Everybody out! Clear the bar. Just


me then. What have you got in your pocket?


Yeah, sawdust. Here is the final total:


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